Scams have sullied India's global image

Scams have sullied India's global image

Monday, 30 May 2011, 09:31 Hrs   |    38 Comments
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Scams have sullied India's global image
Bangalore: Rise in scams and corruption scandals has sullied India's global image, according to a survey of 175 German companies operating in the country.

While a majority of German companies do not consider reducing investment in India because of corruption or policy problems, over a third (37 percent) of the managers are reassessing the investment risk due to "governance deficit."

The Indo-German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) which has conducted the survey said that a vast majority of 85 percent of all managers felt that recent scams have damaged India's global image.

"Future investment decisions may be scrutinised more carefully, should India fail to tackle these issues," IGCC Director General Bernhard Steinruecke said.

He said investors clearly expect the Indian government to curb corruption and revive reforms for ensuring robust long-term economic growth.

However, the survey sounded positive as well for the Indian economy.

Eight out of 10 managers in German firms expect the Indian economic growth to match or exceed that of China within a decade.

"Among these optimists, about half forecast the economic expansion rates in Asia's two giants (India and China) to converge within the next five years," it said.

Indian economy grew by 8.6 percent in 2010-11, while China was world's top performing economy posting 10.1 percent expansion in 2010.

Strong business performance is a key reason for the German companies to plan substantial new investment.

About 44 percent of the survey respondents indicated plans to increase their investment activity over the next three years.

"FDI inflows are bound to receive an additional boost from new German companies setting up factories and offices here," the IGCC Director General said.

The survey found that the German companies are also hiring aggressively in India.

More than 37 percent intend to grow staff by 20 percent or more this year, while 25 percent plan to increase head counts by 10-20 percent, it said.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(38)
1: Yes there should realize the reader to RSS my feed to RSS commentary, quite simply
Posted by:hooher tod - 06 Sep, 2011
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Posted by:phoebe123 - 30 Jun, 2011
3: No, scams have confirmed the true india. We've been corrupt at least from the days of chanakya. We should be ashamed and we change our values.
Posted by:Ragni - 05 Jun, 2011
Very True Ragni.
Athar Mohammad Aarif Replied to: Ragni - 08 Jun, 2011
5: Dear AP state residents and Indian readers

A public appeal from a resident of AP state outside India

I have read some positive news and negative news from AP state

Positive news is young guys from Karimnagar dt named Varun ,,mahaboob nagar district named Bhargav Reddy and West Godhavaris Prithivi Tejas all studied at Vihayawada or sorroundings and got IIT-JEE india wide 8th ,,9th and 1st ranks respectively

Negative news is ,,Telugu film producers are gambling 1,000 of crores on Big budgeted films with huge loss in 2010 annd same in 2009 ,,while Tamil film industry spends only 60 percent less than Telugu film industry and produces far better films

Why waste so much money on films ,,while people from Telangana ,,kadapa ,,east ,,west godhavari dts are going to dubai paing huge sums to brokers to arrange work visas

Instead ,,if those telugu film producers ,,divert the much needed capital to good venture funds like TIE Indus entreprenuers ,,they will help set up some Clean green tech campanies in Telangana or Kadapa or even Urban waste disposal and power generation

While telugu film producers burn 1,,000 of crores on films ,,some indians from AP are queueing up in Australia to buy coal planst with millions ,,while in AP[ Telanagana vs ap Sentiment continues

Why waste money like that ,,atleast use engg firms or venture funds ,,there is greater chance of success and jobs creation is anyone listening at all all are jelaous people and less prudent and high risk gamblers who are wasting precious resources
AP has some bright young kids who can change the course ,,if a Karimnagar guy ,, a mahaboobnagar guy and a west godhvari guy can be friends and do combined study to score IIT top ten ranks in all India 2010 years ,,why not AP citizens do it

So many dramas with bad politics in AP and simply all bad brokers in politics ,,I hope someone is observing in Telugu film industry or in AP and pays attention
I was shocked to see real estate mafia ,,rowdies in Hyd city and bad producers in film industry ,,wating thousands of crores ,,also iam appalled at all irrigation projects not on time in ap and did not yet yeild any benefits to farmers ,,why is so mucgh waste of money ,,sri Ramoji Rao garu ,,please put some sense into telugu film producers ,,all elders in ap plz change the things in ap for better ,,I do not want my state to be victim of bad selfish politics at all
Please create jobs do not gamble money on films with no story line
while all telugus are paying money to arrange work visas through brokers ,,if we invest in ap those people will find jobs and will stay in India and ap ,,DO NOT WASTE THE MONEY PLEASE USE IT IN A BETTER WAY WITH SO MANY YOUNG GUYS WITH IDEAS ARE NOW AVAILABLE IN INDIA
Posted by:rama anne - 05 Jun, 2011
6: I could not resisting this write up ,,even though it does not relate to the news ,,having seen all news that came from AP state recently ,,I find this news very poistive and something to ponder that is why Iam posting

Every Andhra Politician and every AP person as well as Indian readers should read the EEnadu article todays June 6th 2011
It shows that three students each from diverse districts one from West godhavari named Prithvi Teja secured IIT-JEE 1ST RANK ,,WHILE KARIMNAGAR student Varun secured IIT-JEE 9th rank and MahabbobNagar District Bhargav Reddy secured
secured IIT-JEE 8TH RANK ,,ALL these students studied at Vijaywada and sorroundings and also all three did combined studies and are close friends who will join Mumbai IIT ,,may be some AP politicians observe this news ,,and see how we can forge UNITED AP what is your opinion friends
Also if students from Karimnagar ,,Mahaboob nagar and West Godhavari can come together at some Vijayawada or Gudivada college ,,may be these young guys can also show the way ,,by creating jobs ,,with some capital pooled together from all regions of AP ..may be it will foster friendship and trust
All AP Film producers ,,also should note that ,,some money instead of being spent in crores on lavish Film sets ,,can be diverted as Venture Capital to these kids when they graduate from IITs to help setup some iinovative producst in green tech or urban tech like waste management or even agri tech
I have read some news that Telugu Film producers spent thousands of crores on just 3-4 telugu films that incurred loss ,,while everyome wants to make money ,,it is not prudent to burn money like that on films without story baseline or innovation ,,Tamilains do it with 50 percent or 60 percent less budget with better story ,,may be Andhra Film producers should learn them
Use the money you have got by setting venture funds that will establish some companies in Telangana and create jobs ,,let the IIT grads from all regions of AP manage these companies
Year after year Telugu film industry is turning out hundreds of films with huge budgets ,,it is time to rethink why spent so much on films ,,why not on some venture fund to help telangana region ,,seeing so much turmoil in ap we all should realise these facts for sure
Posted by:rama anne - 05 Jun, 2011
7: Dear Indian readers

1.Peace and Stability

2.Development and improvement in standard of living

3.Tackling corruption

Please observe the world around you the first two are very important and vital ,,the third point tackling corruption is important ,,I see everyday some member in the JAN Lok Pal bill giving press statements ,,which may defeat the purpose ,,rather engage all Ngos ,,retired civil servants ,,judges both serving and retired ,,Professors at IITS and IIMS ,,all political parties ,,actors ,,business men like sri Narayana Murthy sri Premiji ,,and run the draft through them ,,discuss ,,red draft ,,and again run through them ,,once we have a good support across the spectrum ,,we can then present it to parialment and get it enacted ,,but this is a process with patience and we all should be objective and maintian our maturity and have clear set out goals
Please also bear in mind that Govt is as vital in a democracy as it is as vital to curb corruption ,,even inside Govt there are good and hardworking people too ,,to be fair we did have imporovements in airports ,,sea ports and some highways ,,we now have to focus on rural india and see UIID ,,PURA projects get off the ground and do not have leakages
Posted by:rama anne - 31 May, 2011
8: Hi Nisha
we are not Cowards ,,we are objective oriented and we should work step by step ,,yes JAN Lokpal Bill will work in cutting down the corruption ,,the problem in India is politics is laced with Cunning and Foxy personalities ,,but having said that ,,we also need Govt as much as we do not need Corruption
Unfortunately Indias case ,,there are many enemies also lurking around to create and forment trouble inside our boders ,,read the lates issue of India Today ,,that has the cover page story on Dawoods Empire ,,besides this ,,we are in a Globe where there is relentless pressure applied on International stage regarding oil prices and other factors that lead to inflation as we spent a substantial amount on such commodoties
Also ,,we should be united in taking out corruption ,,that means we have to preserve peace and let India keep its growth rate ,,we also have to be united and objective ,,fortunately there are a few good poeple in supreme court and even govt too ,,we also have Dr Kalam ,,sri Murthy of infy ,,and sri Nandan Nilkenni ,,we have to take their advice and have to be united ,,for the cause ,,Iam sure we can get the bill passed and when implemented it will curb corruption for sure ,,but all this has to be done in a peace ful manner ,,objectively and with clear goals ,,giving statements everyday in media will not achieve much ,,rather it will create divisions ,,so let us listen to good citizens across all spectrums ,,actors ,,intellectuals ,,supreme court judges ,,private industry ,,professors ,,all other eminent citiznes ,,and we can achieve the result for sure ,,there are people who are mischevious and also people who are looking to create trouble ,,so we have to be ever vigilant about this ,,at every stage we have to consult good citizens ,,intellectuals ,,actors ,,judges ,,etc and go step by step and we will get the result
Also be positive and look forward to progress in India ,,believe in yourself and indias growth and things will be better ,,to be fair ,,we have now new sirports ,,sea ports and some highways ,,these are all developments too ,,now we have to focus on Rural sector with PURA and some state ministers like Sri Sachin Pilot is working to get broadband to Rjasthan ,,UIID project is progressing with active enrollments across country ,,so inside govt there are good people and working hard too
so do not think we are coward or taken a step back ,,no Jan Lokpal bill is an ongoing process and it will be passed by parialment when consensus is reached by all parties
Many many NGos ,,good indian citizens who want to see india develop and vouch for farmers and all other sections are also working silently to help bring change so be positive and spread the positiveness ,,it is important that we maintian our growth rate as well ,,also important to maintain peace and realise that we live in a volatile neigbourhood and we have to be very vigilant as well
Posted by:rama anne - 31 May, 2011
9: COWARDS "deserve" corrupted leaders and public servants.

Keep suffering. Born coward, die coward.

Good governance is only for brave people.

Keep watching the show.
Posted by:Nisha - 31 May, 2011
10: I don't agree that only India is most corrupted country. Its very common in all countries. But only the news coming out from our country because of the democratic constitution. We have the free rights to check to ask and to say...etc.
How many have these rights in other countries. Acting like democratic countries but no one has the courage to say about their leaders or officials in other countries.
It doesn't mean that we people can't do anything about this, we need strong law and we all are expecting our supreme court to look this disease as early as possible. Jai hind
Posted by:sidhique.P.U - 31 May, 2011
you stupid fellow, corruption is the highest in India. Have you not read that in Swiss banks it is only Indian's money that has been stuffed. We are all responsible for having elected and bribed rouges in our country.
indian Replied to: sidhique.P.U - 31 May, 2011
Its justified one of the courupt is you yourself.

No language to express for those .. Holes for whom our name & fame has blown away..
Sher Singh Replied to: sidhique.P.U - 31 May, 2011
13: yes dear friends

Corruption still exists in India ,,so is over population along with poverty and illeteracy and maoists in a volatile neighbourhood
Problems a plenty ,,challenges a plenty ,,but yet we also have growth rate of around 7 to 8 precent ,,and other positive things as well like ICT sector ,,some good institutes like ISRO ,,etc
so how do we keep growth ,,but yet get rid of problems in a democracy ,,does hartals ,,strikes and rasto rokos will solve it ,,or even do more damage ,,they will do more damage so how doe we go about ,,we already have Jan Lokpal BILL ,,we have eminent Chief justice retired and serving on peoples side ,,we have dr Kalam ,,we have a few good parialmentarians like dr singh ,,sri satsih pilot,,santosh hegde ,,sri murthy and whole dynamic private sector like Mittals ,,mahindra etc ,,so we are not alone ,,everyone is thinking for the better ment ,,let us support the Jan Lokpal bill ,,and get it to implementation stage and let us be patient
meanwhile let us be positive ,,I mean did you all not agree ,,more jobs are accessible in new delhi by sorrounding areas youth in metro ,,airport etc ,,some IIT seats are now accessed by kith and in of aam aadmi of india ,,UIID cards are now issued and in progress for citizens of India ,,various other Infra projects are up ,,we are also debating everyday and revamping our education sector as well ti make it suitable to Indian society ,,so let us be positive and objective towards our goals
Posted by:rama anne - 31 May, 2011
14: It is as simple as that the scam and nepotism is finished
if the strong it s young brain can bring back the money lost

by scam, no doubt nobody can defeat India in near decades
Posted by:Dr KARUNAN KANNAMPOYILIL - 31 May, 2011
15: Welcome to renaming ceremony of our country on coming 15th August at Red Fort New Delhi.We call it SCAMINDIA...sounds a pretty european name . Pls dont thank me..its courtsey Raja , Kalmadi , Kanimozhi , Shibu Soren , Balwa,Morani , Sukhram,N.Rao , babus,netas & so on.we are cribbing for our every day livlihood , waiting for discout sale , going to Big bazar to save on our ration & toilet rolls & these nuts eat up savings of millions in one transaction.Not shame on them , Its shame on us , we have allowed them to become monsters , we have allowed our servants to become or masters , cruel kings . Lets rise now & raise our voice so that it becomes VOICE OF INDIA
Posted by:VOICE OF INDIA - 31 May, 2011
Voice of India
imagine the life in trouble torm Libya ,,or even Iraq or for that matter after asian financila crisis whole Thailanad currency was like a waste paper etc
Compared to that ,,we have strived ,,survived and clocked a growth rate of 7 to 8 percent ,,I do not think it is all rosy or as bad as projected be positive and objective towards solutions and we will solve them
rama anne Replied to: VOICE OF INDIA - 31 May, 2011
17: Let's fight corruption. It's not all that difficult...
Did someone ask you for a bribe today? Do something new: Report it in an anonymous and safe fashion. Measurement and publicity about corruption will help reduce it.

Lets count to counter corruption:
Posted by:corruptometer - 31 May, 2011
18: Hi Ruk
I agree with you ,,only Indians can understand corruption and also it has to be same Indians to tackle it ,,Bollywood can make a 1000 movies on the subject and we can also try to explain a 1000 things to foreigners ,,in the end we have to solve the corruption
Jan Lok Pal bill is the only way without violence and proper in a democracy ,,but differences remain ,,I feel still Indian Govt is as important as Lokpal bill ,,some say even defense should be under the preview ,,I disagree defense is discreet and cannot be in media open and on web forums ,,perhaps the tender bid amount and scope can be open for scrutiny and the actual transactions after the procurement has done and paid to third paries ,,but the decsions to buy any products should be left to the defense and we should trust them
So far Non Violence has helped shape our country ,,and we did not do that badly ,,as of now too we should strive for the Jan lok pal bill to pass and implement at the same time should be peaceful and focussed in our approach ,,we should not allow undesirable elements to hijack or create troubles
Posted by:rama anne - 31 May, 2011

In such situation what we have to do? If we are not doing...?

Anna Hazare alone could do something. Now they are playing this Great man like a football. Each day we are seing this shameless game. This is their strategy. What we have to do?

Unite the youth, we need revolution. A change to curruption. Dont compare India with any other country, we dont need any certificate from any other countries. We dont want to care. But we have to build our country by eradicating these viruses.

Now it became very common. Slowly we will loose all our ethics. Its our unawareness, our silence makes these i diots grow.
Posted by:ruk - 30 May, 2011
20: the biggest joke is Germans giving certificate

what about Siemens disclosing before a commission ,,that it paid bribes in more than a dozen countries that it operates in

Standards and procedures have to be uniform ,,you cannot divide world into First world ,,third world and just dismisss of everything as ,,only in developing countries

All bailouts to the tune of trillions happened in USA for banks ,,Greece ,,Portugal ,,Spain and Ireland

Greece ,,Ireland ,,Portugal and Spain have taken a bailout that adds to a Trillion Dollars ,,with this money some 800-900 millions poeple in developing countries can be improved to have better standard of living

We have to accept and report in a way that ,,covers Corruption as something not specific to a country ,,but present on a wider world ,,otherwise ,,it is pointing corruption as a fact ,,but just focusing on some countries or a specific country which is also not correct at all
This sustained focus also is doubtful because ,,India is growing now
Posted by:rama anne - 30 May, 2011
india is growing now. true. the number of vehicles have quadupuled in the last one year in pune alone. today i was on my way to my work place in rajiv gandhi infotech park where india's top minds congregate everyday. the people who travel to this palce are all from that middle class of which every one talks so high of. they are educated, engineers and professionals, are working with (for) top companies of india and abroad, and threfore one assumes that the most civic conscious and responsible indians.

i was stuck in a traffic for about half hour. the cause: this same affluent indian society who thinks that they are superior and needs to be ahead of the other in the race to get ahead to their office (life). if only they had followed the trafic rules and followed the two lanes assigned to them they would probably have rached 20 minutes early. instead they opted to go faster and in the process took up all four lanes of the road which include both sides of the road thus creating a traffic bottleneck. neither they nor the others (but every one was trying to get ahead) could therefore go any where.

why do we do this?
why do we break the traffic at will?
why do we need to be ahead of the peroson who is ahead of me in the line?
why cant i wait?

if we can ask answer such simple questions in life i think a lot of corruptions sould automatically come down.

shaji joseph Replied to: rama anne - 30 May, 2011
Hi Shahji
what you have said is probably true ,,and we have to work towards breaking up such behaviour ,,order with chaos is in india as I have noticed growing upto

But on a seperate note ,,do you agree that New Delhi Metros introduction and systems with a decade plus in operational service ,,is clean and well mainitianed and the same public also use it

I have just browsed reliance airport metro express link and have seen that the custom service manager ,,at the station brought school kids in 8th standard to ride the train and they were asked to do short drama about travellers and facilities (you can go its website and see the photos) ,,probably such introductions and new generation ,,will change the order in choas satte to a more order in order state of affairs
rama anne Replied to: shaji joseph - 31 May, 2011
Deepak Replied to: rama anne - 30 May, 2011
24: Corruption is not specific to India ,,only focussing on India is double standard and shows worst Human Behaviour of double standards

1.Australia ,,wollongon ,,strathfield council took bribestoo

2.Fifa exec also took bribes

3.Israel also has bribery allegations against a minister

4.nuttal in queensland also had bribe allegation
GFC is also badly managed and more hurtful than bribery which took place on wall street
Posted by:rama anne - 30 May, 2011
25: Corruption is grown in India every department.Starting from schools to higher study colleges. now the season for getting very decent bribe from public in the name of capitation fee. For this scam all public and politician are fully supported all over India. If you want medical seat you have to pay at least 40 lacs as capitation fee and 8 lacs yearly fees. See where India goes. If you want LKG seat for any children you have to pay at least Rs 50k .Which Lokpal bill will remove these type of decent corruption. After finishing the higher study the present student will start getting decent bribe by cheating public.
because already they paid very decent bribe to the colleges.this is india fate
Posted by:Indian - 30 May, 2011
Indias education sector is having different problems than you project here ,,also how much do you need to pay as a fee in Uk or USA or Australia if you want to a bachelor course in law or medicine it is no less than 200,000 dollars for a year ,,still this is also very money
I do not think capitation fee has given rise to bribery or corruption at all ,,Corruption happens in the context where it is done between two parties to gain something of a value which is not otherwise possible
Already Govt engg colleges ,,Recs ,,IITS charge very less fees with full subsidy ,,also Govt schools upto year 12 also cost very less in India and many people who studies in them also came up in life if you really want to improve education ,,it is about quality of syllabus ,,relavence ,,exam pattern and teachinng besides practical labs equipped with Good apparatus ,,ultimately when one gets a job ,,it is again a different race to display your skills and get promotion so what does this article about corruption has got to do with your statements about some LKG seat i have studied in St Johhns Gannavaram ,,the bros conduct entrance test and discourage donations ,,they have a dozen schools across AP in all towns and admit pupil based on the test,,and impart quality education ,,discourage such schools who demand that sort of money
rama anne Replied to: Indian - 30 May, 2011
we are in what we call in a catch 22 situation. to give bribe or not. giving bribe is bad and is in a way giving legitimacy to a corrupt system. not giving bribe means that you will never get to any where because every one around you is giving. do we have a middle path? can one person stand up and say that i do not want to give or take bribe? he or she is harrassed , humiliated and relegated in life positions. i do not wat to be a party to the corrupt indian system. so i stand alone to be a looser. i become part of that corrut system and i am giving it the legitimacy and i am creating and extending the corruption. I have no choice but being a mute spectator. i do not have the courage and connectivity of Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare to go on a hunger strike. I am an average indian who runs from pillar to post to sustain and maintain a famiily. where do i have the time to react and resist.
shaji joseph Replied to: rama anne - 30 May, 2011
Shaji Joseph
your plight amd my plight are similar so is many in sub saharan africa and else where
Anyway coming to India ,,change is underway ,,some say no change ,,some say too slow ,,some seem to frustrated ,,but yet change is underway in India ,,and progress will reach its citizens
to this too some might some say ,,it will never happen or even show me the change
But to anser these questions ,,Only Govt of India ,,has to do it ,, AADHAR scheme ,,Lokpal bill by civil socities ,,Right For Education ,,AAkshaya patra are all in this direction ,,do not think you are alone in the battle to have good governance ,,there are many like you in India educated and everyday goto sleep thinking what they can do to better fellow Indian lives ,, some also NRis elsewhere ,,many people are volunteers in UIID project ,, also you raised some new delhi people not obeying rules on roads and suddenly to baba ramdev
Anna Hazare is also ordinary man ,,he is as poor as you and an ex army man ,,who is also working very hard at that age for betterment of fellow Indians ,,there are numerous others too like Justice Santosh Hegde ,,some Chief Justices in Supreme Court of India ,,retired civil servants across the country ,,be positive and be hopeful ,,and believe in Indias story and moreover belive in yourself
what is your profession ,,are u a farmer if so ,,avail satellite data ,,liase with local govt ,,and be positive and look forward to life in India ,,India is better in some respects ,,though lacks in other respects ,,our central govt is also working hard to implement schemes and build infra to bring better standard of living
rama anne Replied to: shaji joseph - 31 May, 2011
29: India is not alone in this as this is common culture throughout the world whether the country is developed or developing or under developed.

Reason is simple: No/penalties penalties on those involved as those involved are 'white collar' criminals who can 'buy' their way out through plea bargaining/corruption.

The greatest financial scams came from US whose financial professionals are the gurus of scams and others learn and adapt quickly.
Posted by:Gursharan Singh - 30 May, 2011
30: Getting rid of corruption is definitely the most important and difficult thing in our country
This is a very smart recruiting plan, if you need some help Preparing for interviews then check out

And like us on facebook to get free updates:

Posted by:Jaya - 30 May, 2011
shame on you
you are psting 1000 of times are u a recruiter monitoring this website ,,this is not a sales web site for promotions you should post your suggestions on Job search websites or better in the relavent section if this site has one not defintely here we have seen u 1000s of times posting the same thing again and again and are sick of this message
rama anne Replied to: Jaya - 30 May, 2011
32: With India's population having quadrupled in only the last few decades, the cancer of corruption is only growing bigger. When your read that most politicians have criminal records and that the court system is totally dysfunctional, one can only wonder. It may be a few generations before either it gets fixed or the system falls apart under the weight. It was mind-boggling to read that a politician who was worth 10lakhs 8 years ago is now worth 350 crores in AP. How about that?
Posted by:Chandru - 30 May, 2011
MY Indian Friends I want to share something to you if you will not stop corruption right now in your country then believe me you will face more problems then Pakistan.we are facing problem only due to this corruption at initial level people took this is Huge Problem in Our society.You have stop it at every level.If you didn't act now then it will grow like a cancer in your society.
Irfan Ahmed Replied to: Chandru - 30 May, 2011
I think Chandru raised a relevant point. A politician, before becoming a minister or a CM was worth a few lakhs at the most. But after becoming minister his/her net asset rises to multiple of crores. Why income tax department can't catch them or no other politician points a finger to them. They cooly enjoy the gain of this mysterious wealth.
Nalinaksha Mutsuddi Replied to: Chandru - 30 May, 2011
35: indian character is always sullied
and looked with suspicion all over
the world

Computer pros salvaged our image to
some extent but by and large no one
trust indians

we donot have a single ally or friend
in the world even small countries like
nepal , sri lanka, thailand look down
us with disdain and suspicion

Posted by:Andee - 30 May, 2011
i agree with u. No one is going 2 save this country as majority of people from up to down are corrupt n Indian constitution goes with majority(according 2 the law).Sad but true.
Sunny Replied to: Andee - 01 Jun, 2011
I see so many ads hating corruption in our country. Have you really seen the scenarios in other country. Every place is plagued by corruption to some extent. Even US has formalized corruption called lobbying. It looks nice from outside just because it has lots of natural resources and cheap workers from China and India, who contribute biggest to the progress of this country. The only reason India is facing corruption problem and scams is because of illiteracy and peoples indifference they do not care. I keep hearing "Every politician is same so it doesn't matter who wins". If you are not willing to exercise your right, someone else definitely will take advantage of it. When did anyone of you above paid bribe to get your work done at lower price. Pay bribe and get less bill and save money. Everyone wants to earn without effort. Then why to blame only politician.I am not a politician and hate most of them but I just wanna point out that we have shortcomings in us too.
Rohit Replied to: Andee - 30 May, 2011
corruption is almost at peak in India. Have you not read that in Swiss banks it is only Indian's money that has been stuffed. We are all responsible for having elected and bribed rouges in our country.Indian character is always sullied and looked with suspicion all over the world

Computer pros salvaged our image to some extent but by and large no one trust indians in the world
r.b.l.nigam Replied to: Rohit - 31 May, 2011