Refresh old desktop PCs, save up to $2083
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Refresh old desktop PCs, save up to $2083

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 24 July 2009, 02:42 Hrs   |    43 Comments
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Refresh old desktop PCs, save up to $2083
Bangalore: A new study reveals that firms can gain an additional 92,935 through productivity by refreshing their old desktop PCs with laptops. According to the study conducted by Wipro Research in India, firms can also benefit from power savings amounting to 5,442 per year by switching from old desktops to laptops. Overall, by refreshing an old desktop with a laptop the firm gains 92,935 plus 5,442 that equals to 98,377 per PC per year.

Switching to laptops would also result in eliminating the need for UPS - thereby providing firms with an additional 3,550 in savings through UPS capital and running costs, resulting in a total power saving of 5,442. Over 50 percent of respondents feel that new applications, service packs, updates and patches are the major reasons for increase in maintenance effort every year. Anjan Choudhury Chief Technology Officer of Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) said,"At BSE, we have taken a decision to refresh desktops and laptops every four years with a warranty for the whole period from the manufacturer so that cost of ownership is minimized."

Today, due to the rising security threats, firms are enhancing their infrastructure to be protected. According to the survey, 52 percent of companies experiencing security incidents run with older PCs running older operating systems. Just over half of the survey respondents felt that security incidents increased with the age of a PC. With all these benefits available, it needs to be seen how many firms will replace their old PCs with brand new laptops.

The study was conducted among 50 firms in India that had more than 1000 PCs, by making use of a two step data gathering technique. First a survey questionnaire of 45 questions collecting 400 data points on PC management practices and costs was conducted followed by face to face or telephonic interviews to validate the survey. The study polled firms which on an average have 6861 employees, 3609 desktop PC users and 1184 laptop PC users.

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Reader's comments(43)
1: I completely agree with Bijoy Babu Yohannan.
And it is foolish to compare Laptops with Desktops, just because there is a comparable price range.
ACER LAPTOP I bought last year just lasted 14 MONTHS .
It costed me Rs 30,000 .
You think that is cheap ?

But a PC I bought at just Rs 14,000 with a AMD processor, is running for over 4 years now, and I just had to replace the SMPS once for just Rs 500.

Yes, power consumption in PC is more, but that is the only drawback. We cannot rely to do our business on Laptops like ACER, which did not just Start-Up one fine morning.
Posted by:Avishek - 24 Jul, 2009
LONKA UPENDER Replied to: Avishek - 27 Jul, 2009
you will sales u r computer or laptop
anbu Replied to: Avishek - 25 Jul, 2009
i need leptop please contact me... 9351385660 and 9251153463 bikaner
Mubaaraak Replied to: anbu - 20 Aug, 2009
I can. Will you buy?
Contact Plz.
Avishek Replied to: anbu - 26 Jul, 2009
6: The overall idea is good... but one must not rule out that, as costs of the notebooks spiral downwards, there is significantly also an impact over the quality and stability of the computer products available in the markets today. A desktop purchased 4 years before might still be in top notch condition as compared to the new generation ones.. I would like to point out a fact... after using so many laptops.. as laptops become cheaper, laptop manufacturers have the tendency to invest very little over the design and stability of laptops bringing down their life to maybe jst 2 years .. even if it supposed to last for 5years use. Take for example.. Acer laptops... they are very cheap and available at throwaway desktop prices... however, a lot many of them go down from their initial performance in maybe jst 2-3 weeks of normal usage. The only laptop manufacturers who seem to have done their homework well seems to be DELL with an excellent customer support in place.. of course that too would be at a price... but I don't think an initial investment in something better at the beginning for better results expected in the future is a bad idea.
... Well but that is just my opinion!
Posted by:Bijoy Babu Yohannan - 24 Jul, 2009
7: Must be true only for Computers. Try changing an old kingsized into a new sleek one, and the cost in terms of alimony will be huge. No savings. Only suffering.
Posted by:Jaim - 24 Jul, 2009
8: Totally illogical article (and the survey). Not possible at all. It is very easy to fool consumers with such surveys which do not take into account all the factors these days.

PCs work like new for at least 5-7 yrs. Laptops would loose on performance in 2-3 yrs max. Not comparable at all.

I didn't know SI had edvertisements.
Posted by:Pareen - 24 Jul, 2009
9: hi I have an old pc with 512+128ram & 80gb to replace it?
Posted by:arjun - 24 Jul, 2009
you want old pc's cantact my number 9894911626 (anbu)
anbu Replied to: arjun - 25 Jul, 2009
I am Javed,
Curantly i am living in pune,
I want old pc's.
pls help me
Javed Sayed Replied to: anbu - 27 Jul, 2009
by paying some amount up 10,000 u can get new one by replacing it
arms Replied to: arjun - 24 Jul, 2009
Hi Arjun,
Your Old Pc can easily be upgraded to a Newer version. The Motherboard, CPU(Processer), RAM and HDD can be replaced for not more than Rs. 10,000/- Max. if need assistance contact me at UNITED TECH
Manish Bhatia Replied to: arjun - 24 Jul, 2009
ANBU Replied to: Manish Bhatia - 25 Jul, 2009
Hello Manoj Bhatia, where to contact you.
I need a new PC.
sks Replied to: Manish Bhatia - 24 Jul, 2009
cont ph number 9894911626
anbu Replied to: sks - 25 Jul, 2009
17: Hi, I\'ve an old pc with duo core processor,80 gb hd,512+128 ram,intel original motherboard,17\'\' crt monitor... I want to replace it with a latest 1.. hw to do it
Posted by:ziya - 24 Jul, 2009
Hi Ziya
If u r in delhi contact me. Ill help u with the upgrade.
Arvind Replied to: ziya - 25 Jul, 2009
Hi Ziya,
Your PC can easily be upgraded. Since you have right CPU(Processor)and Motherboard in place what you need is higher HDD, atleast 1 GB DDR2 RAM and Monitor TFT are available in various sizes starting from 15". Total expence will not be more than Rs. 8,000/-
Manish Bhatia Replied to: ziya - 24 Jul, 2009
20: i have two old pc one is p3 another is celron. can i exchanged laptop.
Posted by:bichtra nanda kund - 24 Jul, 2009
Surely Bichtra Nanda Kund, Everything has some price may be old.You old Desktop can easily be sold for atleast Rs.2,000/-. And as discussed in the article a new device adds Power to you efficiency. Please feel free to contact me for any further details. AT UNITED TECH.
Manish Bhatia Replied to: bichtra nanda kund - 24 Jul, 2009
22: I have an old pc P3. It is not working now
how can i replace to new laptop
Posted by:sumanth - 24 Jul, 2009
Hi sumanth, Everything has some price may be old.You old Desktop can easily be sold for atleast Rs.1,000/- to Rs. 2,000/-. And as discussed in the article a new device adds Power to you efficiency. Please feel free to contact me for any further details. AT UNITED TECH.
Manish Bhatia Replied to: sumanth - 24 Jul, 2009
khujli khujau
champakali Replied to: sumanth - 24 Jul, 2009
25: u cannot compare the performance and the cost of the laptop and desktop.
it is beneficial only for large scale organisations...
Posted by:khalid mohd - 24 Jul, 2009
i want this
selvam Replied to: khalid mohd - 24 Jul, 2009
Small Saving become large so we cann't ignore it
vikas Shukla Replied to: khalid mohd - 24 Jul, 2009
thats not correct -its compairable as there are various laptops models availbale under 30 thousand that suits every requirement-desktop to laptop is a technology advancement and if its saving time energy and cost + all advanatages one should shift
geo Replied to: khalid mohd - 24 Jul, 2009
29: We have an old pc P4 i replace with refresh old desktop and save.
Posted by:f hussain ansari - 24 Jul, 2009
30: I too have one old PC & Laptop. How can I get these replaced with refresh PC & also save.
Posted by:Pankaj Singhal - 23 Jul, 2009
Hi Pankaj, As discussed in the article a new device adds Power to you efficiency. Please feel free to contact me for any further details. AT UNITED TECH.

Manish Bhatia Replied to: Pankaj Singhal - 24 Jul, 2009
32: have a one old PC P-IV can i replace with Refresh old desktop PCs, save up to Rs. 100,000
Posted by:durai - 23 Jul, 2009
sure by buying a new one, dumping the old one
even wipro in its office won't do this
only it is a study report
sreeni Replied to: durai - 24 Jul, 2009
read the article carefully........., before getting excited.
Sumeet Replied to: durai - 24 Jul, 2009
35: I have a one old PC PII can i replace with Refresh old desktop PCs, save up to Rs. 100,000
Posted by:Amit Vij - 23 Jul, 2009
Surely Amit, You can replace your old PII to a new Computer. Everything has some price may be old.You old Desktop can easily be sold for atleast Rs.1,000/- to Rs. 2,000/-. And as discussed in the article a new device adds Power to you efficiency. Please feel free to contact me for any further details. AT UNITED TECH.

Manish Bhatia Replied to: Amit Vij - 24 Jul, 2009
37: what will be do with PC's * monitors etc ? Is not It will waste electronic garbage & very bad for our Environment.
Posted by:Ranjeet - 23 Jul, 2009
No it will not. It's generally given to people in rural areas and cyber cafes in Tier III cities. They will benefit and ultimately it's a win win situation.
deepak Replied to: Ranjeet - 24 Jul, 2009
39: Saving Rs. 100,000 per year on a PC can be a very helpful solution to companies that are facing the economic slowdown, where cost cutting is significant. Hope this trend picks up in India and more savings are reported by the companies here.
Posted by:Dev - 23 Jul, 2009
for the same amount of money spent a laptop cannot compare to a desktop. For a high performance laptop we need to shell out much more, which definitely does not result in savings.
But ya for an employee with a laptop its more convenient as he can easily work from a remote location like his home. This actually is a double edged sword :)
Regardless I guess its a good move.. laptops are anyways cooler than their desktop counterparts
dyno Replied to: Dev - 23 Jul, 2009
Wipro doing well to promote their Laptop products recently launched. Coming to the cost of laptop, there is still a gap. Laptops are not still affordable at the cost of 25K or higher. So ultimately switching to laptop directly increased the captical cost of Rs. 5K per machine, consider a 1000 machine company and we are talking about the capital cost 5 times more than savings... so I am sorry I dont agree. Rather upgrade a PC with new hardware. replace your CRT monitor with LCD, that would save capital cost and productivity with new hardware will increase.
Mahendra Sharma Replied to: Dev - 23 Jul, 2009
Yes, I agree with other points such as UPS investments, power consumption etc. But factors like e-waste, initial capital cost equates to what we gain. So more or less, this does not yields a big impact on savings. As Mahendra sharma says, using LCDs may reduce the cost a bit in the long run.

In our office we keep the window blinds open and switch off the lights to save energy.
Rajesh Sundaram Replied to: Mahendra Sharma - 24 Jul, 2009
do it in stages over a 24 months period one( firms) should be using 80% laptops
geo Replied to: Rajesh Sundaram - 24 Jul, 2009