Recession hits IT guys' marriage prospect

Recession hits IT guys' marriage prospect

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 30 October 2008, 05:41 Hrs   |    32 Comments
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Hyderabad: The economic recession in India has brought the IT professionals' marriage to a halt. Contemplating on the IT slowdown and the job insecurity, parents of brides-to-be are no longer in the strive for grooms employed in the IT companies.

Parents are resorting to non-IT professionals as in the conditions of the employees can fluctuate. "It fluctuates. Day-to-day it can change," says Sharda Singh, a mother of a would-be-bride. Witnessing the various news on the IT slowdown one of the would-be-bride's father commented, "I'm very afraid of its effects." Parents have grown outwardly reluctant to approach for any proposals from any employee part of the IT sector, as they fear the uncertainty that has creped into the sector with the global economic crisis.

The prediction of National Association of Software and Service Companies, of slower IT export growth, the prediction of analysts of cuts in dollar revenue by some outsourcers has brought in more insecurity. However, there are signs of hope with Europe and Asia turning out to be bigger clients for the Indian IT companies like Tata Consultancy, Infosys Technologies, Wipro and Satyam Computer, thus reducing its dependency on the crisis inflicted U.S.

Though the reaction to the IT insecurity has come off late, but parents of to-be-bride have always been controlled by the urge to select grooms with stability and high salary. Infact they didnot even consider new entrepreneurs as prospective grooms for their daughters.

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Reader's comments(32)
1: I am well endowed. Large unit. Male package. Woman always want me. Big brains no match for physcial stamina.
Posted by:babu - 30 Oct, 2008
2: sab log IT ke piche q pade hai bhai :)

No one know where IT will reach in future..................
Posted by:Gajendra - 30 Oct, 2008
3: I agreed with comments
baseless topic :)
Posted by:Gajendra - 30 Oct, 2008
4: Please bring some valuable articles.....this is the personal thinking. we should not go by personal thinking. This crsis has affected each and every sector not just IT Sector. After six month when market will grow then they may change their mind.
Posted by:Manas Bhanja - 29 Oct, 2008
5: I think this recession is not going effect "THE BEST" programmers. It's really a high time that the Youth should realise what's the hidden fire in them. Not just IT industry is being hit hard, even many others fields are affected badly. So, don't worry about marriage...
Posted by:Raaki.... - 24 Oct, 2008
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Posted by:KANE - 21 Oct, 2008
7: Bakwaas article. Put some meaningfull articles now..
Posted by:Dilip Sharma - 21 Oct, 2008
8: ya,companies have to reduce t pay, giving oppurtunites to all sft pfnls. they r easily growing such us broiler chicks... result every one know. we are making a restless 40 group in soon. it is not healthy for any continent to village
Posted by:vhinu - 20 Oct, 2008
9: Today's youth undergo severe pressure professionally and socially. This is not a healthy trend. Money alone cannot ensure happiness in life.
Posted by:Prabu - 20 Oct, 2008
Posted by:GOPINATH - 20 Oct, 2008
11: Isn`t it up to the bride and groom to choose, rather than economics determining whether its right?
Posted by:Ravi - 20 Oct, 2008
12: Sad to see that our Nation's culture is still living in the 12th century mindset.
Posted by:ejj - 20 Oct, 2008
13: Its insane to completely change our perception to a total community.I agree that there had been a significant turbulence in the global IT sector.But this doesn't mean that the entire sector is going to stumble.If we have a look at the intrusion of this IT into our lives, its in all stands.It had reached a sustainable point that its highly impossible to imagine our day to day life with out it.Also if we examine the recent trend, more and more fields are taking the advantage of this sector.So there is a lot of growth promised in this sector.Every field is bound to ups and downs.Its important to be wary in this transition so that we can minimize the damage instead of completely leaving it and let it deteriorate further. We had seen a similar crisis in the fall of millenium that everyone in similar anticipated a complete falloff.But in an unprecedented fashion, the IT sector had stabilized itself and had grown in an extravagant fashion that it became the most coveted across the globe.Many people from established sectors made their way to this lucrative field. We cannot deny these facts and simply rule out that the sector is insecure.Had it not been this sector, can we imagine the fate of all those drawing bigger checks today.Also the Indian economy is receiving a significant inflow from various streams like tax payers,direct foreign investments from this sector.We can see a lot of people whose lifestyle had been significantly changed.We can also see many and many finding their fortune in this.
So instead of reprimanding what had happened and further deteriorating the situation,its duty of everyone to take their initiatives to let this sustain and workout to be more stable and more promising as ever.
Posted by:Munisekhar - 20 Oct, 2008
14: "All the Glitters are not GOLD". Likewise, IT is not the only job for bread
Posted by:Imran - 20 Oct, 2008
15: Stupid analysis. waste of time
Posted by:Sudhie - 20 Oct, 2008
16: In this economic crisis nobody can surely say which market will be effected next
Posted by:Eshu - 20 Oct, 2008
17: This is definitely not a good news. But as the bride's parents they have to be assure about their child's future. Selecting an IT or Non IT guy doesn't make any sense. Cause marriage made in heaven and destiny will take us ultimately towards it.
Posted by:tatha - 20 Oct, 2008
18: perhaps you dint read todays newspaper, General motors firing 300 employees...No industry is spared...
Posted by:Renjith - 20 Oct, 2008
19: hai....if you are avoiding IT professionals.......Go on search for people in Automobile industry,its in the peak than IT industry.....Even they are earning more money than IT people nowadays....

But people please choose a good guy,Either in any field doesn't matters...Money doesnt make many
Posted by:james - 20 Oct, 2008
20: It Has to happen, as all core enginners no way working for there core branches.... All were thinking IT is the only sector where they can earn a lot (finacially). People failed to analysis wat is wat.. Being an Engginer we shoud analysis the things and move further.
Posted by:Sandeep Kodandapani - 19 Oct, 2008
21: Needless analysis i think
there is no way of comparing the situation.
People should try and understand the basics, i mean to say that (for parents of Bride) being in an IT company is not the only criteria to marry their daughter. There are a lot of others which go unnoticed which are more important and relevant reasons.
Now they say that its not safe to marry a boy in IT sector sometime if in case the market gets stablized than they completely opposite statements coming out.
I think they need to get their basics right and than decide the right guy to marry their daughter. Mean that I am not an Non-IT gut who is commenting.
Regards For
Bride's Parents
Posted by:Sainath - 19 Oct, 2008
22: Sad to know this is happening. Today it is IT and tommorow it may happen to be steel industry or some other sector. I don't understand what is more important, Getting a wrong guy with a right job or a right guy not at the right job?
Posted by:vikas - 19 Oct, 2008
23: oh... anyways more poeple are into IT field so they have other choice!

-- Shilpa

I use how about you?

Posted by:Shilpa - 19 Oct, 2008
24: Cost of living,especially in the metropolitian cities has increased due to the rise in IT sector and it has been difficuly for a common man to live in these cities.
Posted by:ranjith - 19 Oct, 2008
25: Any profession has thish effect in this global economy change why blame only the IT sector. This is because they are seen in many. All the best to people who are working.
Posted by:Rajkiran Pissay - 19 Oct, 2008
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Posted by:sunil - 19 Oct, 2008
27: Stupid Analysis, I dont know from wher they got this report...Do you have something to provie this report
Posted by:Anil Chalageri - 19 Oct, 2008
28: Its a real time to think about ones career, when other great opportunities are thr why not to choose those, no risk, secure future, no investment, etc etc ask me for more details.
Posted by:Sunil - 19 Oct, 2008
29: Like Laxman said, this should be a lesson for the bride side parents. Because they are the one having full control on these kinds of vast changes.
Posted by:Imran - 19 Oct, 2008
30: I guess its a good lesson for all Parents who are looking out for a IT employee. After the IT it was so very difficult for others to get a girl for marriage as everyone were prefering for a IT Damad.

Way to go guys
Posted by:Laxman H K - 19 Oct, 2008
31: that's a sad situation..
Posted by:manish - 19 Oct, 2008
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