Ramdev opposes bringing PM under ambit of Lokpal Bill
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Ramdev opposes bringing PM under ambit of Lokpal Bill

Tuesday, 31 May 2011, 09:21 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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Ramdev opposes bringing PM under ambit of Lokpal Bill
NEW DELHI: Differences appeared to have cropped up in the civil society over the demand for inclusion of the Prime Minister and higher judiciary in the Lokpal Bill with Baba Ramdev opposing such a move.

The yoga guru, to whom the government deputed the topmost tax official to convince him on the steps taken by government against black money, wondered at a press conference in Sehore how top positions like the Prime Minister and Chief Justice of India could be brought under the ambit of Lokpal.

At the same time, he said that he did not want to go into the controversial issue and involve himself in a public debate on that.

Baba Ramdev, who lent support to Anna Hazare in his campaign against corruption when he went on a fast in Jantar Mantar, however, refused to call off his own fast from June 4 till government conceded all his demands.

Reacting to Baba's comments, Arvind Kejriwal, one of the members of the joint committee on drafting the Lokpal Bill, said they would try to convince him about inclusion of the Prime Minister in the Lokpal ambit.

He said probably the yoga guru may not be aware of the full implications of the issue and they would try to convince him why it was necessary.

Kejriwal said if the Prime Minister was kept out of the Lokpal, then there could be ten departments under him which would straight away come out of the anti-corruption watchdog.

Then other ministers can also ask the bribe-givers to pass on all the bribes to the Prime Minister who enjoys immunity. "If the Prime Minister becomes corrupt then nothing can be done about it," he said.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(11)
1: i think this news clip does not merit
and discussions as the BABA has been
misquoted and misunderstood

The media is trying its best to create
a divide & they are paid to do this so
lets not give this much credence and
focus on getting the rascals to book

Lets not have the typical indian crab
instinct to pull down others before he
can even take the next step

ordinary people like us donot have the
competence to manage a simple building
society matters and this Phenomenon Baba
has taken the challenge risking his life
for you and me so give him support and
not misread or fall prey to the biased
media people who are downright corrupt

Posted by:andy - 01 Jun, 2011
2: The commmitte is drafted by Civic bodies ,,Ngos and RTI activists what whatever we could practically notice and on a broader term ,,the points and suggestions are valid ,,and merits discussion

However stage 2 is to use this broad draft as a basis and the poeple involved in fine tuning this draft has to be Constitution Law experts like sri Arun jaitley ,,no Do not abuse me ,,iam not at all a BJP suppoter ,,I just took his name as an example ,,then Supreme Court Judges ,,eminent citizens like sri Kalam ,,sri Inder Kumar Gujral ,,all political parties with their reps ,,retired chief justice ,,Professors of IITs and IIMs and Indian private sector like sri premiji ,,sri murthy and sri Tata

Things that have to be sorted out are ,,how we will have laws to curb corruption and yet ,,Freedom of speech and right to defend is also granted to the accused ,,please note democarcy should entail freedom to defend to every Citizen etc
So with such a group of gathering ,,in perhaps a roun table conference ,,that may stretch to a couple of meetings ,,step by step ,,it can be fine tuned and made ready for the parialment ,,this has to be done with consensus ,,Ok coming to people like us ,,we should trust the Group ,,as the best we can do is ,,we have made the Group to be experts ,,as diversified as possible with eminent personalities from within Govt ,,retired civil servants ,,judges ,,Business men ,,Rti activists ,,Law experts on constitution ,,all political parties reps ,,artists ,,scientists ,,professors
Then we can just sit back and wait for the experts to arrive at a consensus and yes we can trust them 100 percent
Posted by:rama annne - 01 Jun, 2011
3: All of you please know that Baba ji has not opposed the inclusion of PM and the CJ of India,in fact he has said that this is a serious issue and this should be decided only after lot of delebration.

And a piece of advice to Mr.Edwin, please do not comment like this about such a respectable personality like Baba ji , it only reflects negatively on you. If you spit on moon only your face will get dirty but nothing happens to the moon.
Posted by:Navneet - 31 May, 2011
4: Baba Ji,
We strongly feel that he does not know anything except for yoga. Why is he opposing inclusion of PM and Judiciary officials? Why is he going for fast on to death? Who provoked him to go for that?
What is his separate agenda? Who is backing him? He himself has lots of properties in and around, to safe guard those he is trying to weaken the Jan lokpal bill. Most of them were not supporting this guy? He suitable for Yoga only.

Baba ji don’t spoil the bill ?
Posted by:Sekhar - 31 May, 2011
5: This guy is good for yoga only. He is trying to show he is more powerfull than Anna Hazare. He told this recently that he has more followers than Anna. By doing such fast agian, he is weekening the lokpal movement. Guys please don't support this man. Let us take one issue at a time. Let lokpal bill passed first.
Posted by:Wilfred Edwin Fernandes - 31 May, 2011
6: some matters regarding defense like the actual decisions behind the purchase of equiptment and the process should be secret ,,however the actual Tender amount ,,and the bid process should still be open ,,likewise ,,after the purchase ,,the actual Financial Transactions should be open to Comptroller and Audit General

As far as the PMs office is concerned again ,,the national security matters and decisions ,,Trade decisions should not be open to the public ,,but however all other matters that pertain to Civil ,,like all licenses ,,tenders etc can and should be open to have transparency and ascertain the Cabinet approval process ,,however intially the files can be accessed by the Jan Lokpal Committe and Supreme Court Of India ,,media should be briefed outlining the process steps and aims
Also it will be good ,,if all the members keep compusre and restrain from giving statements to media ,,for some more time ,,I feel still the draft should be rotated among the Judges both retired and sitting ,,Civil Servants ,,MPs ,,political parties ,,Professors at IIts and IIms and Private sector like sri Murthy ,,sri Mittal and sri Mahindra and even Bollywood actors like Sri Amitabh Bachan and sri Anupum Kher etc ,,the feedback should be listened very carefully ,,all points clarified and noted down ,,after all things have been smoothened out and most have agreed on the Draft ,,then it can proceed to the parialment floor for passage of the bill
We trust all our eminent citizens like Dr Kalam ,,sri Murthy ,,sri Amitabh Bachan ,,sri Nandan Nillkenni ,,sri Anand Mahindra ,,sri Azim Premiji ,,all professors of IISC ,,IITS AND IIMS ,,if all these poeple agree to the draft ,,then people of India ,,will also stand by the draft ,,so let us be methodical and go step by step
Posted by:rama anne - 31 May, 2011
7: Every indian official should come under lokpal bill who spending public money. This will include Prrime Minister, Judiaciary, Civil services etc... This bill should cover 99.9% officials accountable for spending public money and areas where corruption exist. No person on this land should be above the law or left unchecked.
Posted by:Venkat - 31 May, 2011
Fully agreed. No loopholes should be left in the bill. Ye saale neta bahut harami hain. Zara si chhoot bahut bhari pad jayegi.
sanjay sharma Replied to: Venkat - 31 May, 2011
what kind of a language man that too with a disguised name ,,watch your language and motives man ,,no need to use such a language ,,use your freedom to make a point not to abuse people
rama anne Replied to: sanjay sharma - 01 Jun, 2011
well said venkat
I think still sensitive issues like from whom we procured oil or why Indian airfoce had procured certain equiptment should be secret ,,but the tender amount or bid process can be open ,,likewise the actual financial transactions acessible by Comptroller and Auditor General and the Supreme Court and Jan lokpal committe

Pms office cannot disclose the background why we made a trade trip to Africa or Latin America etc ,,so this dsitinction can only be clearly spelled out with the help of previous government and ex Pms and Ex Fms like sri Inder Kumar Gujral ,,sri Yashwanth Sinha ,,retired Civil Servants
The Jan Lok Pal committe only gave Broad points ,,but the actual finer details can only be evolved with the insiders of Govt and eminent citizens like Dr Kalam ,,sri Murthy ,,Supreme Court Judges ,,Constitutional law experts etc ,,so let us trust them and leave the job to them ,,meanwhile let us stand by them
The more cross sections are represented ,,the more better ,,even artists like sri Bachan ,,sri Anupum Kher ,,IIT ,,IISC ,,IIM professors all should be consulted
rama anne Replied to: Venkat - 31 May, 2011
11: Baba Ramdev should clarify why he's opposing about the inclusion of the Prime Minister in the Lokpal Bill.
Posted by:James - 31 May, 2011