Rail freight management outdated

Rail freight management outdated

Tuesday, 25 August 2009, 02:23 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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New Delhi: India's railway freight management system is outdated and needs a massive technological upgrade, according to Knowledge Commission Chairman Sam Pitroda.

"There is a huge potential of technological improvement in the Indian Railways, for example our freight management system is outdated, 10 years behind others," Pitroda said here Monday.

"The railways have mainly used the fibre optic network running over 60,000 km for telecom purposes over the last decade. It can also be used for ticketing, freight management and vendor services which require IT capabilities," Pitroda said on the sidelines of the International Railway Equipment Exhibition 2009.

The railway ministry is expected to invest $45.9 billion in the 11th Plan (2007-12) - triple the amount envisaged in the 10th Plan period (2002-07).

The plan outlay for 2009-10 alone envisages an investment of $7.6 billion. These investments will mainly be used for import of electric and diesel locomotives over the next three years, new corridors, and electric and diesel locomotive and coach factories.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(4)
1: A good rail infrastructure is crucial for a growing economy such as India's. India already has an extensive network but what it lacks is a fast rail network. In Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Japan there are very fast passenger and freight trains. Eurotunnel will take you between London and Paris at 230MPH, Virgin Trains tilting Pendolino trains will take you around track bends without slowing down and get you to your destination much faster. Europe's double decking high speed intercity train fleet gets people from A-B so efficiently that's it's a viable alternative for business a pleasure to flying. A fast rail network would enable more of India masses to commute between major cities on the daily basis and massively mobilize the work force. A high speed freight network between the major metros of Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai would reduce costs in the long run, boost business efficient and enable more raw materials to be moved around India. Over all, speed extensible rail reach is the key to India rail infrastructure.
Posted by:K. Bhattacharya - 25 Aug, 2009
2: comtinuosly we are tryig for working harder but there is immediate requirement of our overall tech ,infra, and cost effective, better customer services
Posted by: satyendra kumar panday - 01:03 PM Aug 25, ' 09
Posted by:pandey - 25 Aug, 2009
3: comyinuosly we are tryig for working harder dut thrre is immediate requirement of our overall tech ,infra, and cost effective, better cuseomer services
Posted by:satyendra kumar panday - 25 Aug, 2009
Thanks for your feed back guys, I got good info from this article, I will impliment them.
-Laloo Yadav
Laloo Replied to: satyendra kumar panday - 25 Aug, 2009