Prithvi launches Telecom Churn Management Solution

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 28 April 2011, 10:54 Hrs
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Bangalore: Prithvi Information Solutions, the Hyderabad based Information and Communication Technology Company, has launched a proprietary Telecom Churn Management Solution "UnChurn" in India. Churn is the proportion of subscribers to a service who cancel it but are replaced by new subscribers over a given period of time. With the growing competition and introduction of Mobile Number Portability, average telecom churn is estimated to be around 3 to 3.5 percent per month in India. Currently, the methods used to predict churn are rudimentary. UnChurn is an Advanced Solution that will help telecom companies identify reasons for churn, build decision models to help improve top line and bottom line by minimizing churn. UnChurn will help telecom operators to identify the customers who are likely to leave and understand "why" the reason for changing their operators. This will be measured under three parameters, Network Driven churn, Peer pull driven churn and Competition Driven churn. Using the state-of-the-art Advanced Statistical and Artificial Intelligence, UnChurn solution will analyze customers' propensity to churn, their usage patterns, their payment patterns, and their potential lifetime value. The solution takes into account different aspects of customer's susceptibility to churn, including the history of people those who have churned in the past and build a data model that generates an easy-to-understand reference numbers (scores) assigned to each customers. UnChurn is an end-to-end customer retention solution which supports the whole process of managing churn right from gathering and warehousing data to predictive churn modeling to reporting and distributing actionable results to decision makers. The new Churn Management solution can improve profits, lower acquisition costs, increase customer loyalty, increase higher average revenue per user and improve return on investment. UnChurn will help the operators take suitable measures to save up to 30 percent revenue losses and the cost of customer acquisition.