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'Power-packed' jeans: Fear not pickpockets

Saturday, 17 July 2010, 05:14 Hrs   |    53 Comments
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'Power-packed' jeans: Fear not pickpockets
Varanasi: Imagine a pickpocket trying to steal your wallet but getting a 220-volt jolt! Wearing a special pair of jeans - designed by a Varanasi school dropout using basic scientific principles - might just help avoid a hole in your pocket.

The jeans have been designed by Shyam Chaurasia, a resident of Uttar Pradesh's Varanasi district. That's not all, with slight modifications, according to him, you can make all your garments "power-packed".

"You just need to fit a small battery-operated kit in the garment that you want to make power-packed," Chaurasia, 21, told IANS. Varanasi is around 300 km from Lucknow.

"While I designed the kit to counter pickpockets, the same can be used very conveniently in other clothes, primarily in women's T-Shirts and other garments. It could also give electric shocks to molesters," added Chaurasia, who left his studies after failing twice in his high school examinations.

And if you thought the battery-driven kit requires a good amount of investment, you are wrong. "It's just 300 and its upgraded version can be developed just by spending around 100 more," said Chaurasia.

The kit developed by Chaurasia comprises thin copper wires, which appear as normal stitches on the back pockets of the jeans, capacitors that collect and store electricity, electromagnetic switches, resistance and a 3-volt battery - all packed inside a plastic case of spectacles.

"Whenever you want to use the kit just attach the two thin wires of the jeans with the hand-held kit that stores the battery and other small electronic items and switch it on," Chaurasia said.

"Those who try to put their hands into the jeans will get an electric shock and remove their hands quickly in a reflex action," he added.

"Those wearing the jeans need not worry as they will not get any kind of electric shock while wearing the garment even when the switch is on," Chaurasia said.

"It's the rubber coating inside the pockets that make the jeans completely safe for the wearer," he added.

Explaining the working of the kit, Chaurasia said: "It works on the same principle as an inverter. It changes the DC (direct current) into AC (alternating current) which renders the shock of 220 volts."

"Electromagnetic switches, capacitors and the battery have been connected in such a way that these make the 3-volt current generated by the battery rise to 220 volts," he added.

Chaurasia's kit has become quite popular in Varanasi where people are visiting him to get a kit designed for their personal use.

"Though I have decided not to design any kit for the people approaching me, I am eagerly waiting for a company or an organisation that could help me produce the kit on a large scale," said Chaurasia, who teaches students at a private school here how to make science models.

"If that happens, I am sure the kit would get takers from across the country," he added.

He has already developed several innovative items, including a helmet gun with a wireless trigger. Last year, Chaurasia had developed a 13-barrel helmet gun, which can fire in all directions.

He has many admirers in Varanasi. "It's just great. Chaurasia is in a real sense applying the practical knowledge of science. He will definitely become a role model for many students," said Ankur Kumar, an engineering graduate and resident of the Sarnath area in Varanasi.

Aviral Asthana, who aspires to become an engineer, said: "Chaurasia has shown all of us how innovative items can be made not only by experts or scientists but by commoners. He would definitely give a competition to the experts if he gets proper guidance."
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(53)
1: Mr.Shyam Chaurasia, this is a good innovation congrts! ! !Hope you would have done all the real-time experiment on your product even in all conditions (rain / snow) before launching it in your local market. Anyway, wish you all the success and pls keep all your good works only to India and our country men. I mean don’t ever sell any of your formulas to other countries plss.

Posted by:Rohith - 23 Jul, 2010
2: while he has done great works, but the statement "he aspires to become an angineer" looks little funny, since he failed twice from high school... ( just on a lighter note).. but he has got brains, no doubt.. he took the principles each of us knows and uses daily, and is able to convert into something commercial and so useful. Kudos ! ! and keep it on, best of luck !
Posted by:deepak jain - 21 Jul, 2010
3: You have proved that it is the interest of the person & not the bookish learnings will take one ahead.I guess India now has to think over about its educational cirriculum...wat is the use of being "a jack of all & master of none" ...?..ofcourse by this I dont mean to stop studying
Posted by:Smita - 20 Jul, 2010
4: I feel that such type of innovations should be encouraged. Organisations shall come forward to use such things for positive output. Can we get further details to see such talents.
Posted by:SANJAY TRIPATHI - 20 Jul, 2010
5: Oh man, this person has created such a buzz here. Bt does any bdy realize that Mr. Chaurasia haz not invented ny thing new, instead he has just attached and ALREADY EXISTING toy that gives a shock to the person when touched to the already existing jeans. jai ho ...!
Posted by:Wangdoo - 20 Jul, 2010
6: I congratulate Mr Chaurasia.thoughts of techniques make easier to man's daily life, every One Or some more One can think like you We need not import goods or any duplicate items from china,So Indians are always Talented From Others. I Wish to all your success.
Posted by:phanikar - 19 Jul, 2010
7: All things good and my best wishes to Chaurasia.

One question i wish to arise. Suppose if the person (thief) wearing shoe's or chappal's then how he realise the shock.
Posted by:saravanakumar - 19 Jul, 2010
8: what happens when we put hand into our own pocket to take the wallet? will the shock system identify our hand from that of a stranger?
Posted by:Ameen Ahsan - 18 Jul, 2010
hahaha Gud Question.
Sartaj Replied to: Ameen Ahsan - 19 Jul, 2010
that's the purpose of the switch..
rhej Replied to: Sartaj - 16 Aug, 2010
11: Thanks Mr. Chaurasia at last by your hard labour and strong determination we have finally got an equipment which will allow us to sleep without fear of pick pocket during the course of journey and during the que for the movie ticket.
Posted by:Pawan Singh - 18 Jul, 2010
12: You have challenged the creativity of the pickpockets
Posted by:kambam - 18 Jul, 2010
13: Good and Effective finding really useful in our country
Posted by:vmd - 18 Jul, 2010
14: I congratulate Mr Chaurasia. Yet, he needs to improve upon his innovation to make it as a"shock proof" kit for the wearer of jeans because when his pocket is wet for some reason or the other, he himself might get electric shock while a pick-pocket tries to steal from pocket. I am sure
Mr.Chaurasia will achieve this improvement.

Posted by:M.SRINATH - 18 Jul, 2010
15: Thats a very good idea Mr Chaurasia...try to approach some good companies n even upload your video on youtube or any networking site or even you can upload the animated version of your work...........that will attract more investors..
wel wishes for your future...
Posted by:Arpit Soni - 18 Jul, 2010
16: sir U hav made a difference.Congrats
Posted by:manoj - 17 Jul, 2010
17: grt idae and i see this innovation as another safty kit for women!
Posted by:Rohit Pahalwan - 17 Jul, 2010
18: Great idea Mr chaurasia, but there are so many drawback in this type of invention like:
1.The thief or pickpocket will never be barefoot.
2.During rain the wearer itself gets continuous shock instead of the pickpocket gets shock for a very short time.So it is more dangerous to wearer then the pickpocket.
3.you must remember to switch of the apparatus every time you put you hand in your pocket for fetching money.
Posted by:P K GUPTA - 17 Jul, 2010
19: actually i was waiting for long time, that inovative creatoin by any indian, what chourasia has done. today i m very happy, couse whole world will follow indian inovator...............mr.chaurasia
Posted by:Prashant Kumar - 17 Jul, 2010
20: The idea is excellent. Need people or organization to take it up to next level of acceptance. India is NOT short of ideas, but have huge shortage of business entrepreneurs or industrialists to invest in them.
Example-1: Can we not have a small diesel engine driving a cutting disc which can cut the grass, the poor people backbone can get some relief. They work whole day for Rs.50 then end up breaking up their back bones.
Example-2: We may have many metallurgists or steel companies, yet India does not have proper nail cutter or scissors or an kitchen knife
Posted by:sreeram - 17 Jul, 2010
Strange yr.... all of these things, nail cutter or scissor or knife r awailable in our India, which india r u talking about...
Vishal Aggarwal Replied to: sreeram - 19 Jul, 2010
well abt grass cutting equipment they are available in market and abt breaking bones the thing abt breaking the bones of poor ppl if a cheaper do-it-ur-self technology comes they wont even get 50 bucks!
Rohit Pahalwan Replied to: sreeram - 17 Jul, 2010
23: Interesting Article.

Posted by:PC Dadhich - 17 Jul, 2010
24: hi we are into the field of technology and are related to technical colleges since last 12 years and want to talk to mr chaurasia.
how can we get his contact details.
Posted by:jagdeep sachdeva - 17 Jul, 2010
25: heis d real RANCHHODDAS CHANCHAD.......
we r proud of u .........
great man.......heads of to u .........
Posted by:Rajnish - 17 Jul, 2010
i think u mean to say " hats off to you" ?
nik Replied to: Rajnish - 20 Jul, 2010
27: all the best for the future amn... keep it.....
jai shri krishna ji..........
jai shri hanuman ji..........
Posted by:maninder - 17 Jul, 2010
28: hi mr.chaurasia am karthi from chennai.. how shall i get this type of jeans in chennai.. will u sell in chennai.. tell me if it is selling in chennai in which place... thank u..
Posted by:karthi - 17 Jul, 2010
29: this is real RANCHHODDAS CHANCHAD.......
al d best buddy keep it up.....
u will achieve ur aims of ur life....
Posted by:Ankit Jain - 17 Jul, 2010
30: well done shyam...best of luck for future and do not forget to get patent for your inventions.. :)
Posted by:kunal - 17 Jul, 2010
31: get going ......a need to implement such ideas by DRDO.........plz help our DRDO to get ideas and innovate more n more thing for peoples security.....its very better that u havent given ur idead to people since they might miss utilize it sooo..........get going wd gadgets best f luck.............
Posted by:sahil - 17 Jul, 2010
32: There is a need for recognition of such talents and are to be properly guided and there's no doubt abt it that they'll make our country feel proud with new innovations....
well done CHAURASIA..keep going.......!
Posted by:GURU PRAKASH S - 17 Jul, 2010
33: Bravo Mr. Churasia! You've proved that formal education system is not enough to judge potentiality and intelligence of a person. We wish u innovate more such wonders. God bless you.We r proud of you
Posted by:Dr.I.Goswami - 17 Jul, 2010
I agree if you observe most of the failures or dropouts are taught by teachers who are incapable of motivating the students and such teachers are the biggest culprits of producing citizens who fail recognize their talents and respect themselves and since they donot respect themselves they donot respect the family-society-state - country.They abuse-litter-and do alsorts of disrespectful things to take out their frustrations.MASS TEACHINGS MASS CLASSES (containing 45 to 50 students in a class)Should be BAN. In such over crowded classroom INDIVIDUALITY IS FIRST THING THAT IS MURDERED IN A CHILD .This should be banned from our education system.
Tazeen Hussain Replied to: Dr.I.Goswami - 18 Jul, 2010
35: thanks mr chourisia really u r a er. without any enginering card bt really we all of er. community proud on u...............er. harsh ......a engeer with social engineering
Posted by:er. harsh pandit - 17 Jul, 2010
36: Mr.Chaurasia has been very innovative...........though the model might not be fool proof and would require lot of test before using it. I think instead of criticizing him and finding faults in the invention we should encourage such people.
At least they are using their mind in some constructive things.

Well done Mr.Chaurasia we are proud of your inventions.
Posted by:nitesh - 17 Jul, 2010
37: Is it like i have to switch the button every time i fetch my wallet, then what if i accidentally forget to switch the button OFF.
Posted by:Ajit - 17 Jul, 2010
38: Not a big deal. It’s nothing new to raise 3 volts DC to high voltage using a small oscillator driving a step up transformer to the two wires in the pocket. It’s absolutely impractical and as dangerous to the wearer as well as a thief. Such devices have to pass through vigorous tests to mark them as safe, especially when one intends to wear it on the body. Take care please and don’t just get carried away with what you hear or see. It may cost a life for a poor heart person.
Posted by:ganajivenmanraj - 17 Jul, 2010
39: dont u think that the pockets are not only for pickpocketrs to put hand in and the person wearing will nver put his hand in his pocket ................ or will always take care of switch off the battery before using his pockets or will always move away from the traffic area so that no one would get electric shock if by mistake anyone touches
Posted by:karan - 17 Jul, 2010
40: Excellent work by chaurasia this is the time of 'three idiots' & 'taare zameen par' .Many of our so called engineers do not have this application based understanding whic Mr. Chaurasia has exhibited. Great job done. Institutions should encourage logical & application based understanding of concepts studied in class. Excellent work Mdone...
Posted by:pushpendra malik - 17 Jul, 2010
41: Weired idea....

In the first instance, why carry cash in the purse.
Second instance, why put it in back pockets only.
Third instance, why be so irresponsible towards any sensations that we don't even know someone is picking the purse away.

What happens to the rubber coating when we wash the jeans ?

I am not discouraging Chaurasia, but this is very vague.

In this country inventions done by common man goes to dustbin. Remember Ramar Pillai ? but what is government doing today by inventing biofuel with Jatropa plants. In spite of this, we still pay high prices for fuel, who is smart here ? Government or people ?

This is India dear.

Posted by:KA Prabbu - 17 Jul, 2010
This is only for one day. We comment it "very good" "wonderfull" "fentabulous" etc. Ramar ka koi patha nahi. Our government and beurocrats are the agents of capitalists. Nothing is going to happen with our present system of Democracy. We can take out only three letters C, R and Y from Democracy and cry.
vinod Replied to: KA Prabbu - 18 Jul, 2010
mr.Prabhu , u r perfect. Govt ready to encourage this type of inventions, middle men are obstacle. never the less we have to wish and support the inventor.
vgs.kalathiyan Replied to: KA Prabbu - 17 Jul, 2010
44: Excellent work.keep it up.
Posted by:balaji - 17 Jul, 2010
45: I think its really a innovative idea. But still have to do lot of testing and experiment on it and after that only have to make use of it.
Posted by:Prasad Pawar - 17 Jul, 2010
46: this is very innovative kind of ideas and it is good also as from this the pick pocketers should captured easily
Posted by:NAKUL - 17 Jul, 2010
47: I think If somebody wear this jeans & go out in rainfall I am sure will get electric shock ... so better do experiments on machines not on clothes Mr Chaurasia .
Posted by:Mazhar - 17 Jul, 2010
Mr.Chaurasia seems to have a logical science based mind the point might be missed if we start debating the product. He would make an ideal apprentice and needs help to put together a C.V. and post to on the web. He also needs help to approach companies looking to invest in future generation of engineers who are innovative in their thinking and not just wanting youngster who have degrees but sometimes have no entrepreneurial skills.
Robyn Ranu Replied to: Mazhar - 17 Jul, 2010
Good Job man....Keep doing it..
Mohamed Naseerkhan Replied to: Robyn Ranu - 17 Jul, 2010
gud idea innovative thinking . keep on
aneeh padmanabhapillai Replied to: Mohamed Naseerkhan - 17 Jul, 2010
wat happens if the thief is wearing rubber slippers or something of that sort?
ravi Replied to: aneeh padmanabhapillai - 17 Jul, 2010
Its a good invention.Congrats Mr Chourasia! In S.India Chain snaching us very rampant, find an answer to protect hapless women.
varadaraj Replied to: ravi - 18 Jul, 2010
I appreciate and feel this small ideas has to mature. In our country there must be an organisation which will encourage and help such ideas to well spread in market.

but here i got small question. what if the pant gets wet by rain water. and how do u know the shock follows safety norms. To my knowledge 8 joules of electric shock is limit as per norms.

but yes.. good start. only thing is it needs to mature.
Yogesh Replied to: varadaraj - 18 Jul, 2010