Pervasive corruption tarnishing India's image: PM

Pervasive corruption tarnishing India's image: PM

Wednesday, 26 August 2009, 10:18 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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Pervasive corruption tarnishing India's image: PM
New Delhi: Emphasizing that corruption was a canker that was tarnishing India's image, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Wednesday urged officers of the country's premier investigating agency CBI to collectively stamp out the scourge that was affecting public life.

"The urgent need to combat this menace cannot be over emphasized. Corruption distorts the rule of law and weakens institutions. It hurts our economic growth in a variety of ways, apart from hindering our efforts to build a just, fair and equitable society," the prime minister said at the biennial conference of the Central Bureau of Investigation and its anti-corruption bureau.

"The poor are disproportionately hurt because of corruption. We have some of the most ambitious and wide ranging programmes in place to help the poor and the deprived sections of the society," he said referring to the grand social sector programmes costing millions of rupees.

"However, there is a constant refrain in public discourse that much of what the government provides never reaches the intended beneficiaries -- whether it is subsidized foodgrains for the poor, loans, fertilizers or seeds on concessional terms for small and marginal farmers or the benefit of employment programmes for the unemployed," he added.

"This should be a matter of serious concern for all of us collectively."

In an impassioned speech that delved extensively on corruption, Manmohan Singh underlined a multi-pronged approach for fighting sleaze.

While maintaining that the country was commended for its secular values, independent judiciary, a free press and the pursuit of inclusive growth, Manmohan Singh said: "Pervasive corruption in our country tarnishes our image".

"It also discourages investors, who expect fair treatment and transparent dealings. As the country grows and integrates with the world economy, corruption continues to be an impediment to harnessing the best of technology and resources.

"The malaise of corruption, so sapping our efforts to march ahead as a nation, should be treated immediately and effectively. And all of you present here today can contribute substantially in this war against corruption," he said.

Highlighting a roadmap for weeding out corruption, the prime minister said the battle had to be fought at many levels and called for systemic improvement.

"The design of development programmes should provide for more transparency and accountability. Systems and procedures which are opaque, complicated, centralized and discretionary are a fertile breeding ground for the evil of corruption," he said.

The prime minister exhorted CBI officers to pursue high-level corruption aggressively and urged them not to let "the big fish" get away easily.

"There is a pervasive feeling that while petty cases get tackled quickly, the big fish escape punishment. This has to change. Rapid, fair and accurate investigation of allegations of corruption in high places should remain your utmost priority."

Pointing out that people reposed immense trust in the CBI, especially when big crimes take place, the prime minister also pointed to the partiality of the investigating agency on some occasions.

"I would say that the people have great faith and expectations from you. This is evident from the frequent public demand for a CBI investigation especially when a serious crime takes place. I urge the officers of the CBI to do their utmost to live up to this expectation. There have been occasions in the recent past when the conduct of the bureau has come in for severe public criticism," he said.

"I would like the CBI to have a critical look at itself and introspect deeply with an end to further improve its functioning."
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(11)
1: I met a JE of PSEB and asked him about why action is not taken against the power thefts and the answer was that they know it what the problem is to recover the dues/penalty which causes trouble to them when everythings comes on record and execution of order put them in trouble like in case of police who let the thief free on the ground that the thief does not anything to pay to police.
Posted by:AK Aggarwal - 27 Aug, 2009
2: Italy pleasing Singh(IPS), Indians are still fool to belive you. These advices are for other and not for you. You made that Bofars Italy Mafia excape form CBI. Your and Sonia's Family in Italy made enough for generations in Nuke deal. Average Indians may not know you. But upperd vala still watching you and PC(P.Chidambaram) who made enough in stock market in his previous Ministery and every one knows you are part of it and protected PC
Posted by:8mtz72 - 26 Aug, 2009
Not only this our petroleum minister and agriculture minister have not shown honesty in respective products they have control. See how much grain is being wasted on ports and open storages and prices of petro products are hiking to give benefit to reliance.
AK Aggarwal Replied to: 8mtz72 - 27 Aug, 2009
4: First of all, I really give Thanks to our PM that he at last reallise the Fact, but we very well known this fact since last 20 yrs. Indian CBI Officers are all well educated and intelligent, only they got pressure from Politician side, Politician trying to diverted their responsibility. Why Govt. delay for Bhuta Singh's Son case. Because most of Politician and their Realatives can do fraud in our Nation. So How our CBI performed their job, First of all PM himself try to clean this types of fraud NATHA from their party than after say some thing regarding this matter. Once the people see any one case regarding that Higher catagory people get beyound the jail, than after they believe on such a comments. I think this is a Political Stunt of Congrees.
Posted by:VINOD - 26 Aug, 2009
Abhi to Lalu ko kush nahi hua and Jai Lalitha is also roaming freely inspite of ...........................
CBI is used to take revenges.........................
controlled by politicians.
AK Aggarwal Replied to: VINOD - 27 Aug, 2009
6: The law must be tightened, if any repsonsible person, be an normal employee ora higher ogfficial or a politician commits a fruad/corruption apply the stringent law strictly. Stop the culture of electing uneducated filth to be our politicians. If because someone's action people die then hang or stone these officials to death regardless of their cadre or position, this will prevent from others to coomit such crimes/corruption. In India every citizen has to get the essential things and the rich's income must reach the poor so stop corruption!
Posted by:Bhagt Singh - 26 Aug, 2009
Perfectly sound advice but ye to ek hi thali ke chate bate hai. He is no more an economist. Wo sab jaanta hai but he
is under pressure of supporting parties.First example will be to handle KASAB otherwise be ready for another KANDHAR as doubts has been created by PM himself about impending attacks on airports.
AK Aggarwal Replied to: Bhagt Singh - 27 Aug, 2009
8: At least some one at PM level acknowledges and seems sincere about tackling corruption.
Posted by:Siddharth Kalelkar - 26 Aug, 2009
CBI should be an autonomous body like FBI with more teeths.
AK Aggarwal Replied to: Siddharth Kalelkar - 27 Aug, 2009
10: A very good point raised by the PM, hope the amount of corruption decreases in India soon with the help of tougher laws..
Posted by:Jack - 26 Aug, 2009
Laws are already there but its enforcement is restricted by politicians. We need its execution which is not practical in India unless there is one party rule either Congress or BJP.
AK Aggarwal Replied to: Jack - 27 Aug, 2009