Patni tops customer satisfaction

Patni tops customer satisfaction

By agencies   |   Tuesday, 22 August 2006, 07:00 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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MUMBAI: A recent survey by Forrester Research, Inc. crowned Patni Computer Systems Ltd with the title of highest customer satisfaction. The survey, "Ranking Supply Chain Management Tools and Services", was conducted in June 2006 and awarded the company with the highest customer satisfaction rating among Indian offshore supply chain solution providers.

The study examined the satisfaction involving the supply chain software and services, as well as plans for additional investment, of 167 supply chain decision makers in North America. 64 percent of survey respondents said that they would recommend the company to others.

While accepting the honor, Milind Padalkar, senior VP and Head, Enterprise Solutions of the Patni added, "We are committed to entering each customer engagement with the objective of becoming a trusted partner. Our ongoing investments in the people, tools and methodologies essential to building relationships that can transform a customer's business have been duly recognized by our customers."

Providers of offshore outsourcing model for IT services including Offshore Software Development, Software Outsourcing, global IT sourcing, IT Solutions, Patni Computers has a successful global track record of building and implement end-to-end supply chain solutions from both leading ERP vendors and vertical application providers.

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