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Parents beat 7 year old girl to death

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 09:31 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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Allahabad: In a cruel feat of rage, a seven year-old girl was beaten to death in Allahabad by her parents, accusing her of theft. "The girl named Chunni, who was the youngest among five siblings, was alleged to have stolen 1,000 from the house," the police said.

The father, who is an auto-rickshaw driver had found that an amount of 1,000 kept in his wallet was missing and accusing the little girl of the theft, he began beating her with sticks. The mother, who works as a Class IV employee at a local hospital, joined her husband in the act till the child died. The neighbors, who were horrified at the sight of the girl being beaten up by her own parents, brought it to the notice of the police.

The police found the child's body neatly wrapped in a piece of cloth, which her parents were apparently planning to dump at some unidentified place. They arrested the couple under the testimony of the girl�s elder sister.

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Reader's comments(7)
1: This is for the second comment you have made.Please stop behhaving like a pevert. People like your mentality is the roots of all problems. If you tackle social issues with hatred then there will be more problems than solution.

The problem here is not only the pverty,but the illeteracy.Please try to educate (not only the academics but the values)to as many people as you can,& we can surely avoid such incidents. Diganta
Posted by:Diganta - 28 Apr, 2009
2: Yes , we do understand that it is wrong thing that the parents have done , but the reason behind this is poverty , where they do lots of effort to earn , and finally if it happens in this manner , unfortunately it leds to this kind of misery
Posted by:Shivlila - 23 Apr, 2009
3: First take the father out to the town square or to a mall, strip him down, tie him to a post and give him 50 lashes from a whip pre-soaked in brine. After the 10th lash you will see intelligence creep into his eyes, after the 20th lash, realization and after the 40th lash....wisdom. The remaining 10 should be given "on the house". Then take the mother and do the same thing.

No man, groups of men or entire nations have the right to *Initiate* the use of physical force against another. If they do so, then the force that can be used against them in *Retaliation* can be of any magnitude.
Posted by:EnEm - 22 Apr, 2009
Its all depreesion in India. More the population less the source of income. Still we dont have any strict law to stop this. Private Jobs Rs. 5000/-, no govt job.
gaurav Replied to: EnEm - 23 Apr, 2009
yaa.these parents should be severely punished.they should understand that girls are beautiful gifts to us given by GOD so take utmost care of them then only the girls will take care of all around them during their whole life.i.e.husband,parents in law,children,etc.if they will get love then only they will be able to give love to all these.

n we all r human beings we r here to commit mistakes.if we r perfect than there is no place for us on this Earth n we will get place there in heaven.so this kind of knowledge should be spread all over that if someone commits mistake he or she should be made understood that whatever they had done is wrong.not like this killing such a small child who have not even entered the teen world.
Manish Shukla Replied to: EnEm - 22 Apr, 2009
6: really horrible! parents should be punished
Posted by:pavani - 22 Apr, 2009

Punish the crime not the criminal. Education, better minimum standard of living conditions, among other things will elevate the Indian public out of their self-styled and criminal tendencies harbored in their minds.

Education: Will provide the parents an opportunity to learn about lives, giving respect, among other things.

Living conditions: Rising above the poverty level, will remove the deep sense of loss, this father would have had, that made him really mad. Of course, he will repent and feel sorry - No use now [many would say].

Many of us fail to realise what the father would have had in his mind - most likely he would be drunk, the mother would have returned from a household washing dishes and dirty clothes and got a mouthful from the employer.

I am in NO WAY justifying what the man did. Just asking myself, how could this have been avoided.

MMA Replied to: pavani - 22 Apr, 2009