PM invites NRIs to return home
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PM invites NRIs to return home

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 26 November 2009, 09:31 Hrs   |    40 Comments
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PM invites NRIs to return home
Washington: Considering the term "brain gain" to "reverse brain drain", Prime Minister Manmohan Singh thanked the Indian-American community for their contribution in building bridges between India and the U.S., and invited the Indians worldwide to return home.

"In the past few years we have already experienced what has been called a 'reverse brain-drain'. I would prefer to call this 'brain gain' or, indeed, a meeting of minds," the PM said during his integration with prominent members of the Indian-American community. Prime Minister Singh highlighted the 'Five Es - economy, energy, environment, education and empowerment' - forms a critical part of the "next phase" of the relationship between the two countries.

"Let me take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all Indian Americans and non-resident Indians who wish to return home to India in one capacity or another," said Singh. The Prime Minister further noted that Indian-Americans no longer had to make a choice about whether to work in India or America. "Modern technology and our flexible policies have opened possibilities of working in both places," he noted.

Singh noted that both nations could be described with metaphors like 'salad bowl', 'melting pot', 'rainbow' and shared values and interests would make it easier for Indians and Americans to work together. "This is what makes it easy for Indians to adapt themselves to the U.S. and, dare I say, for Americans to adapt themselves to India," he said. "I hope you will be the bridge that will continue to connect our two nations and societies."

Singh described his visit as "stimulating" and "fruitful" while laying out the five Es that would take their relations forward over and above the existing agenda of defence, security and counter-terrorism. The Prime Minister also underlined that the relationship between India and the U.S. was not born out of "crisis" but carried the potential of being mutually beneficial, which made it long-lasting.

"Our relationship is not born out of a crisis or any one concern; nor does it exist in the context of any other relationship," the PM said. "It derives its vitality from recognition of the enormous potential for mutually beneficial cooperation." A prominent Indian-American, who has been here for 42 years and now heads the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin, told PTI that the community viewed the Prime Minister's trip as a historical benchmark in Indo-U.S. relations.

"Let me take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all Indian Americans and non-resident Indians who wish to return home to India in one capacity or another," Singh said at the event on the evening before he leaves Washington after being hosted by U.S. President Barack Obama in the First State Visit of his administration.

A noted lawyer and Senior Policy Adviser in the Obama administration, Preeta Bansal, described Singh's visit as a "success". "These State visits are about building personal relationships and it is these relations that are invaluable." Also, the Director of Policy in the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rajen S Anand, noted that out of the several State Dinners that he has attended in the past, the one on Tuesday was, "best in terms of decorations, entertainment and grace of the first lady."

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Reader's comments(40)
1: I remember, when I was 24, a fresh Computer Science Engineer just out of college, India - July 1998, and I couldn't find a decent job. I asked why? With B.Tech. Computer Science with the knowledge why I have to suffer?& The jobs I did were for blood sucking private companies, and all govt jobs were dream because of heavy quota which favors low educational quality people from certain caste of the society only.
I felt being treated as step son of my own motherland.
Now, since I have proved my worth, you want me to come back... NO WAY... I will go anywhere in the world but have no feeling of going back to India which treated me like I wasn't Indian when I lived there.

You be good where you are, I am good where I am.
Posted by:x-Indian - 18 Dec, 2009
2: yeah, yeah we come there and you feed chiken priyani to terror.
Posted by:w3c93p - 02 Dec, 2009
yeah, yeah you want Indian monies to remain in Europe and America and you suck the blood of India like leaches. And stuff you tummy with Indian priyanis
the whole India will change for the best starting from poor/downtrodden to the highest Indians

Kamal Indiana Replied to: w3c93p - 03 Dec, 2009
4: Change India for once and for all.

PM MMS can't change the Indian constitution and political system by himself. This is the responsibility of all Indians and NRIs to be politically aware and active.
Actually it is not the politicians who are responsible but I strongly believe it is ALL the general and common people of India including every single Indians who are responsible for every negative and positive phenomenon which takes place on the Indian Territory.

Who will take the initiative? We don't know. That’s the answer comes in everybody's mind. So what is the solution of essential Indian dogmatic problems? Think and react positively to change the India throughout.

Bring and a Political and Social revolution in India.
Posted by:Mr. Kamal Indiana - 01 Dec, 2009
5: Mr. PM
Please don't Speak Obama side, Poor NRI, They enjoying Their life in Out side. PM need to understand real India.
there is good road,At least electric power not stable there.
Posted by:Sulfi - 28 Nov, 2009
6: What we will do there
The system followed in India is worst
we are enjoying much here
No way to retun to India
Posted by:Rumesh Kanth - 26 Nov, 2009
Dear PM,
Fisrt of all I thank you for showing your courtesy towards poor NRI & understood the importanec of NRI talent.But Before calling NRI to India plan something in term of infrastructure. People are living abroad not because of money I beleave they are living abroad more for peace of Mind & good quality of life which we cannot compare with Indian l9fe style thanks.
sidheshwar gadkari Replied to: Rumesh Kanth - 27 Nov, 2009
8: Dear Prime Minister:

Your call for halting Brain Drain and inviting NRIs to return home and participate in the country's all-round development.

This is a timely call.

Brain drain has been a matter of much concern to the developing countries. People trained at high cost in developing countries are drained away by advanced countries where they contribute to their growth at a time when they are desperately needed for the same purpose at home. Before trying to halt brain drain it is good to understand the psychology of our scientists abroad. It is not that the Indians abroad do not want to come back to our country. In fact quite a few with a brilliant record have returned with special skills and experience which have been put to good use. But some come back and also left disillusioned. They say it is not the lack of comfort or salaries that drive them away but it is the environment lacking in the required degree of flexibility, freedom, flow of thought that suffocates them. There is also lack of proper system for ready recognition and rewarding of merit. What is called for then is a change in our approach a change in our vertical, hierarchical system of management and a change in environment that would permit bringing the best of our men.

In a democratic system, control of mobility is not acceptable. Further for a young scientist going abroad means a period of adventure and expanding his horizon which in turn, has its own advantage. In countries like Japan the scientists do go abroad but come back because the conditions at home are made conducive to their quick return. It is here we have to look into. Relationship between human resources and behavior of economies may be molded by social system and the pattern of education.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP)
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 26 Nov, 2009
9: These are the words of Obama not of MMS, u see Obama needs employment to his own country men not to expatriates or NRIs. Obama is telling thru the mouth of MMS, why MMS did not express his concern over earlier? Doest he not aware all about NRIs, just think this point of view, how US wanted to kill us from our back....
Posted by:julia - 26 Nov, 2009
10: Most of us try to find a lame excuses, because we don't want to go back to India.
But think, if all the knowledge/experience you have acquired in abroad and India. All of you NRIs relate your knowledge/experience together and set up 'NRI-organisations' in all the cities of India. Imagine you could be the leaders of India and will be leading India into a bright future, into an ultimate superpower of the worlds.
Posted by:Kamal Indiana - 26 Nov, 2009
Reality is different, If you think govt seeks real solutions!, then look here, its form NRI professional:
Desi Replied to: Kamal Indiana - 26 Nov, 2009
12: PM MMS is not enjoying his position at the mercy of Sonia. Voters do not vote Sonia but they voted Congress Political Party. And Sonia is not capable/competent at all to become the Prime Minister of India.
Posted by:Kamal Indiana - 26 Nov, 2009
13: i dont think MMS idea to invite NRI a optimestic. first he should think to get rid of corruption, poverty, and huge population. The life of NRI is much better in other countries
Posted by:msi - 26 Nov, 2009
14: Sounds like Indian politicians playing psychology, mimicing what plays in US, such as money to bring mother scientist to get back to work, but reality in India is completely different, on ground nothing much changed from decade ago compare to other countries, I guess growth is just limited to SENSEX and exporter companies by providing cheap labor!
Posted by:Indian - 26 Nov, 2009
15: Seems PM MMS is missing NRIs..... What to do here, face issues every day. Watch dirty politics.
Posted by:Prakash - 26 Nov, 2009
16: Not sure about what exactly happened between Obama and MMS(Man mohan singh) but i can say onething, Does this really worth .........NONONONONO.....Here we are not keen to develop our country just focusing what is global environment...Still, we are struggling with our internal states political fights..Thats why india always called as developing country and In each and every step we need help of US and other countries...Indian leaders are not capable enough to take any decisions as per their strength coz they are 0 which is their strenght =0. Just bulshit..
Posted by:Lalit - 26 Nov, 2009
17: As usual, this seems just statement. I was writting to almost all major state govts and center about how we can change healthcare specially after many outbreaks, in return, no even thanks, or never care to see our website to see what we can do, this is the reality.
Posted by:Bharatiya - 26 Nov, 2009
18: I would just laugh ha ha ha ha.........Its a great sardar idea to invite all Indians back home....Dear Mr.PM Will you please be more specific what will we do there?
Posted by:chandrasekhar nair - 26 Nov, 2009
Mr Chandrasekhar- you are right...please dont think too much abt this invitation and stay wherever you are.
There are enough persons here who think like you. We are a developing nation and will find other ways to progress. How long it may take-We are committed to succeed and do not require any help.
vishwas Replied to: chandrasekhar nair - 26 Nov, 2009
It seems you're not matured yet who does not know how to address your elders. First learn manners before writing anything which is being read by everyone. I am sure you address your parents with due respect.
Narinder Replied to: chandrasekhar nair - 26 Nov, 2009
I don't think that MMS meant every NRI. It is his duty to request back NRIs. Don't attach to much importance to lip service requests
Subra Kondaveeti Replied to: chandrasekhar nair - 26 Nov, 2009
"Let me take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all Indian Americans and non-resident Indians who wish to return home to India in one capacity or another," said Singh.

Don't you read "ALL NON RESIDENT INDIANS" between the lines?
chandrasekhar nair Replied to: Subra Kondaveeti - 26 Nov, 2009
23: In this Internet world. My belief is that weather indians go back to india or not is a secondary thing. But they all should strive for a cause where present people in India should not think, worry, have craze or idea of going to other countries. Since we can contribute being in other countries as well. As said in some of the comments, india exports Human resource(weather it is sad or happy it is true). So we have to strive for the thinking.
Posted by:KIran - 26 Nov, 2009
24: Dear all
I would say something on this now. I had returned to India recently.
a) In India the foreign currency inflow is three times more than that comes under FDI
b) the govt gives lot of concession for FDI
c) They encourage FII to bring money thro tax heavens
d) When a person goes to overseas he creats a vaccum in India for another person
e) He brings foreign currency inflow to the country
d) Then why donot the govt consider this has human resources export - because it is in huge volumes - and give the benefit of the exporters of other items enjoy
e) Indian exporters are given good benefits to do so
f) After your return you will be charged for your income after comp of 180 days in India
g) Your salary will attract income tax at the rate of 30% or more
h) each and every benefit is taxable
g) What you get in return from the govt is

PM is enjoying his position at the mercy of Sonia and he has every right to say that.
But think twice before embark on return
Posted by:A Gnanasekaran - 26 Nov, 2009
The Government of India has spent huge amounts of money in building infrastructure for education. After utilizing all these facilities and getting highly qualified, the person is supposed to give some thing in return to the country by way of service. But some leave for greener pastures the moment they become eligible for employment. For a medical doctor the government spends upwards of 2 million rupees in providing the educational infra structure. Hence it is a great loss to the country when a medical doctor migrates to another country.
Nair Replied to: A Gnanasekaran - 09 Dec, 2009
PM MMS is not enjoying his position at the mercy of Sonia. Voters do not vote Sonia but they voted Congress Political Party. And Sonia is not capable/competent at all to become the Prime Minister of India.
Mr Kamal Indiana Replied to: A Gnanasekaran - 30 Nov, 2009
India is rich of techi. people and I am happy to what Indian system has provided to me. Around India there are many countries which are growing as we grow( S Korea, China, some south east countries). If you take the case of South Korea it is advancing because citizen of Korea are working for their company and developing great & advance products to the market like Samsung, LG & Hyundai etc... I worked one of those companies and I know their work style and work ethics.
Many Indians are in US, UK, OZ and many countries who are brilliant in their own field. If those brilliant people come back to India and establish companies in India and concentrate on development of technology and products for India (not outsourced projects). This make India not only independent and we can become super power. Present condition we just develop great products for other companies and they earn money a lot but technology is not grown in India. When something goes wrong in some other country India is also effected. To become a super power we should be independent and should be in a position to give jobs to other countries. This can only happen we develop great technologies to own companies and sell those to the world.
Sunil Reddy Replied to: A Gnanasekaran - 26 Nov, 2009
Right said, there is a technologies, but problem is corruption, is products useful or not it doesn't matter I guess in India! look at:
Rise Replied to: Sunil Reddy - 26 Nov, 2009
Look at power supply conditions in various states like Punjab. Every young man from wish to go abroad why ?
Because the there is mess of systems. Laws are there but its execution is lacking due to interferance of politicians who have full control over the Indian Economy. Manmohan Singh may be a king but without powers to enforce his economic policy because its ministry has inducted ministersl like sharad pawar who has taken prices of essential goods to sky level. Petroleum minister under whose rule prices are ever increasing of petroleum products and who has bank accounts in Swiss to which money is deposited directly by producers of such products.

Not to speak of power supply in Punjab light not power is switched off early in the morning and put on in the evening for the enjoyment of beaurocrats to sleep under AC.

I visit India every year to do my business there but our computors are not working there. If working printers are not working and akali minister says, " How can I bring power from Canada"

Moreover, power is switched off intermitently without notice to public.

Manmohan ji, Put stipulations for Punjab Government to ensure 24 hours power supply to people then we can think about returning back to India.

if Gujrat Government can arrange solar power then why not the Punjab Government.

They can spare money to combat terrorism in states and not in arranging funds for creating infrastructure for voters.
Aashok Replied to: Sunil Reddy - 26 Nov, 2009
Should we focus to become a super power or have power to sustain. All India needs is provide proper living to people. Give services that they deserve. We should not run the rat race you win you are still a Rat.

And, on going back to India, yes we are been exported to serve. Remember the experience invested will return more. Give your effort and innovate for the well being. Humanity will win and India today is in need of it. Come let us go home. That is where we belong to...
Keshava Prasad Replied to: Sunil Reddy - 26 Nov, 2009
31: We should be more than happy, on the improvement of our country, I don't know why people look at the negative points only, Why don't we look at the growth of our country and be proud of it....
Posted by:anil - 26 Nov, 2009
This growth is now reflected in papers due to introduction of computors work in India in most of the offices while you get the email ID of wife of Sukhbir Badal which will not work even to have communication with her regarding her constituency work.In India the statistics reveals that black money is more than 7 times in circulation than the white one and the data is not reliable. When we get a PAN card from UTI it bears the photo of someone else on your card. The photo on your voter ID is not legible while you have no surname on your cards resulint in problems to get registered for other online services including passport.
It needs a lot of literacy programs in India and which
you find in developed countries even like ELSA
Aashok Replied to: anil - 26 Nov, 2009
Dear Friend, I fully agree with you. But when you comeback you will be charged at the rate of 30% of your salary as Income Tax and inreturn you get nothing. Things are improved a lot and no one can deny that. But at the same FM always wants to rob the comman man and employed people. And all soaps for those people who contribute for their elections - i.e big industrial houses.
A.Gnanasekaran Replied to: anil - 26 Nov, 2009
Thank you for your comment. I agreeto your say.

Dipak Bose
Dipak Bose Replied to: anil - 26 Nov, 2009
35: Different Minds differs Hypothesis
Posted by:Aditya - 26 Nov, 2009
36: Still the PM would prefer to call this 'brain gain' or, indeed, a meeting of minds." Shame !
Posted by:Rishab - 26 Nov, 2009
37: we are ready to come back. what will we do there. Again to get exploited by our IT employers. Unless there is no control over them, it will be hesitation. Here we get nothing but atleast money.
Posted by:ng63 - 26 Nov, 2009
I had R2Ied in 2005 after living in USA for 13 years. It's been just been great so far. We get best of the both worlds. We get food, family and festivals in India in addition to the belongingness. I agree, we do not get as much money but happiness is much more which matters a lot in the long run. As far as IT employers, they are same everywhere. But, if you find good position and prove your value, you can get things in your way. The main thing is to become like Indian again in India not a USA guy in India complaining about every thing. So come on NRIs, I know your heart is always in India. Do what PM says, come back to where you belong :)
Rohit Replied to: ng63 - 26 Nov, 2009
Hi i struguled to get the job in india for 2 years then i went to foriegn. i got the job within 3 enjoying my life here but missing my parents.The most of my friends joined some companies through back door.I have faced many problems.If any company will advertise for one job there are 1000 people will for the job.I agree indian life is good .If i return to india i need to find the job again.So
i want to stay here for somemore then will plan to return to india.But i love my country.
santhu Replied to: Rohit - 26 Nov, 2009
Can the Indian economy provide employment for all the NRI's if they were to return to India? I'm an Indian and proud to be one. And the reason why I'm working overseas is because freshers are not entertained by employers. They don't understand the very fact that these freshers will one day become the backbone of their establishments and are the future of that industry. They are lazy and are too narrow minded to sit back and to think of ideas as to provide training facilities for these freshers and get them employed. Thus the unemployment ratio keeps increasing and all the talent and brains the INDIAN ECONOMY requires to avoid down turns remains unemployed and the economy crumbles.
I'm sure every citizen wants to do his bit for the growth of his Country. But is the Government ready to accept it? or Was it just a formality, an open invitation to get the media talking for a while?
I'm an Aviation personnel and I just graduated about a year back. I know there are many other like me who would like to contribute to the India Aviation Industry and who also want the Indian national carrier Air India and all other Indian registered Airlines to be one day known as The BEST service providers. But is the nation ready for the change? Are we Indians ready to live it up to that standard? If we want to see our Country progressing if we want to see the difference, lets start it with ourselves - BE THE DIFFERENCE. You want a better standard of living, start living a better life from today. If each one does it INDIA would be a better place.


I Hope this government can bring about a revolution that would lead India to a better tomorrow.

GOD bless INDIA!
Shibin Abraham Cherian Replied to: santhu - 27 Nov, 2009