Online learning better than classroom learning?

Online learning better than classroom learning?

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 21 August 2009, 02:24 Hrs   |    13 Comments
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Online learning better than classroom learning?
Bangalore: Students in online courses learn more than those in traditional college classrooms. According to a recent report prepared for the U.S. Department of education, by SRI International, on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face to face instruction.

Online learning for students and for teachers is one of the fastest growing trends in educational uses of technology. It has become popular because of its potential for providing more flexible access to content and instruction at any time from any place. The study states, "The study's major significance lies in demonstrating that online learning today is not just better than nothing - it actually tends to be better than conventional instruction."

Initially more than 1,000 empirical studies on online learning were identified, after which the researchers concentrated on 51 independent studies that offered a way to measure online and classroom learning methods. The study found that, on average, online students would rank in the 59th percentile of all college students, while average classroom students would be in the 50th percentile.

Although advances in online education have really made it a real alternative to traditional studies thanks to tools like video streams and rich media content as well as better collaboration and communication tools, this doesn't mean that online resources will replace the classrooms anytime soon. The report underlines the fact that it is not making a case for online studying.

"Despite what appears to be strong support for online learning applications, the studies in this meta-analysis do not demonstrate that online learning is superior as a medium. In many of the studies showing an advantage for online learning, the online and classroom conditions differed in terms of time spent, curriculum and pedagogy," the report read.

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Reader's comments(13)
1: This at the most can be called as online home tuition. But what is the main ingrediants that are missed out ? Can it make anyone economically independent ? The key issues are not answered as to how it can transform ones life.
Posted by:shankar - 21 Aug, 2009
2: suppose a student want to prepare for some competetive exam like.....IIT-JEE, AIEEE, GATE, SAT, GMAT..etc..

if he goes to some metropoliton city like delhi and banglouru....for one year he will spend average one lakh rupees.

now he can simply purchse a computer of 10,000 like p4

and broadband connection 800 per month of airtel

and can acess best of faculties at home.

can attend online interactive classes

plz see

Posted by:awdhi - 21 Aug, 2009
3: I agree that online learning can't be the main learning methodology, but it can be a huge advantage to the students. In India, economically there are various class of populace. The present online learning is expensive to most of them. But we can always change the online learning system. We can find ways for offline interactive learning. Today in India if at all we consider, the basic e-appliances strength is pretty good. Hence we can find a solution for reaching all kinds of people. I would rather wish to call this as technology based learning than calling it online learning. I didn't find any dedicated educational services companies in India, like in USA, UK or Australia etc... expect for a start-up (Bright Scholar Education) in Bangalore. The company has a strong network of software professionals, teachers, professors and other experts. They are really doing a very job in the educational sector with various learning options. I think they are going to reach the India's total populace in the process of learning through various means of technology platform. I think India will definitely change in the coming years.
Posted by:Vinod - 21 Aug, 2009
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ashutosh Replied to: Vinod - 21 Aug, 2009
Hi Vinod,

Even SiliconIndia is giving an online course, they are doing a great job. Its an unique model. I am a student of it in fact. If you get time just check out the model

Sharath Replied to: Vinod - 21 Aug, 2009
I agree with you..

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ashutosh Replied to: Sharath - 21 Aug, 2009
7: The matter reached alarmingly dangerous levels and no one is bothered about it.Online learning should be an added advantage and not the main learning methodology.For instance, the pass percentage in AP Engineering Colleges in First year this academic year 2008-2009 was so poor, Imagine 25% passed all the subjects.If you take the statistics of the outgoing students, the pass percentage is not more than 40%.It also doesn't mean that those who have scraped through are not competent enough.There might be many other factors, but usage of technology inside the class room is a major hindrance in "Learning".Many teachers use Power Point Presentaions.Even some teachers do not do rough calculations and leave it to the fate of the student ot understand.Unless you put your thoughts to work with a pencil and paper, for instance in Engineering Drawing, it is very difficult to learn everything online.Online learning will become a value addition only when it suppliments conventional learning.
Posted by:Murty - 21 Aug, 2009
I agree with you..

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people can save time and money by using online education
ashutosh Replied to: Murty - 21 Aug, 2009
9: On account of online learning the tools and many other technological improvements are there, which are have to be really appreciated in the current trend. But it would support the self interested people who are naturally love to learn in this circumstances. In India, Online education for the Lower middle family holders are impossible as the income level of the family is already in low condition. How would they spend money to take the course online by spending some money in the surfing centre or get a connection in the home. Infact they have more grasping power and interest to learn new things. Classroom are traditional way of learning but it facilitate Indian students to learn more. Probably having the partial online combined course would have imparted in the classroom learning. Classroom type of learning can be progressed to involve and combine new methodology of study by combing the online course. It would mutually help and boost the interest level of the learner and meet the poor people also get learned out of it.
Posted by:Suba - 20 Aug, 2009
10: Hmm this is interesting. Its like this in my opinion- If you are taking an online course with no one to monitor how diligent you are, obviously interest to take and do the online course must have come from within you and hence better results are ensures.
Posted by:ayshaa - 20 Aug, 2009
no online learning is not good. It ok if you are not able to attend classes by any other means.
alex Replied to: ayshaa - 21 Aug, 2009
12: I'm surprised that there is little mention of quality. Even in 2010 some 'e learning'is little better than turning PDF pages.
Like any type of training, e learning must engage the learner, encourage the learner to interact, be challenged and so actively think about what they're learning. Only then are they likely to a) truly understand b)remember.
If the e learning also has an element of fun as well - great!
Posted by:Steve Wilson - 10 Jan, 2010
Good point Steve. A lot of the e learning I see is boring and badly designed. Good quality e learning is worth the price.
Jane P. Replied to: Steve Wilson - 10 Jan, 2010