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'No conspiracy in U.S. moon mission'- Chandrayaan

Wednesday, 02 September 2009, 10:42 Hrs   |    12 Comments
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'No conspiracy in U.S. moon mission'-  Chandrayaan
Panaji: In a considerable downer for space conspiracy theorists, Chandrayaan-1's terrain-mapper camera has recorded images of the landing site of U.S. spaceship Apollo 15 and tracks of its lunar rovers that were used by astronauts to travel on moon's surface nearly four decades ago, a scientist said Wednesday.

Prakash Chauhan of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said the images captured by the hyper-spectral camera on board Chandrayaan-1 debunked conspiracy theories that have claimed that the Apollo 15, the fourth U.S. mission to land on the moon was a hoax.

His remarks came during his presentation at a conference on Low Cost Planet Missions (LCPM) here titled "Chandrayaan-1: TMC and HYSI data analysis for Apollo landing sites and Mare Orientale".

"We managed to identify the landing site of the Apollo 15 shuttle on the basis of the disturbances on the moon's surface. Our images also show tracks left behind by the lunar rovers which were used by the astronauts to travel on the moon's surface," Chauhan, who is presently attached to the Space Applications Centre at Ahmedabad, said.

"Lunar dust is dark. The disturbances left by the spacecraft and the rovers have caused disturbances which are easily distinguishable. The disturbed surface is bright," Chauhan pointed out.

He said that the images sent back by Chandrayan-1 adequately debunked conspiracy theories that the Apollo 15 mission was a hoax.

"Chandrayan's images serve as an independent corroboration that can help dispel doubts about the NASA mission," he contended.

Chauhan, however, admitted that while Chandrayaan's low resolution camera was not equipped to capture images of the footprints left behind by first astronauts on the moon - Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin - a lunar reconnaissance orbiter equipped with a high resolution camera launched by NASA could capture the images in the near future.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(12)
1: Some people say that the moon mission is a waste of money. USD 80 million translates into USD 0.08 (=Rs 3.90) per person in India (pop 1 billion). Therefore Chandrayaan is cheap to the tax payer. What India needs is to have a manned moon landing that would electrify and unite the nation. This will allow us to showcase our technological prowess and allow investments to come into other technology sectors. This would lead to jobs not only for the technology workers but other sectors as well. A technology company will need clerks, cleaners, food caterers etc who would enhance the supply chain not just the technology workers. I urge all of you please don’t listen to idiots who say that poverty needs to eliminated before launching rockets. Poverty will be eliminated BY launching rockets. The same people who oppose the space program today are the ones who opposed computers in the name of saving jobs for the masses. They will keep opposing technology enhancement in order to ensure that there are no job losses.
Looking at it at another perspective, the race to claim extraterrestrial land has begun just like how the European powers of 1400s raced to conquer the new world. The first Portuguese ships that came to India returned pretty much empty handed, but they followed up and held Goa till 1961. The UK were latecomers but see how much they conquered. Our Mughal empire could have taken over Australia with the military might they had but Britain sailed right past India and today Indians need to apply visa and are being beaten up there. One day China is going to conquer the moon and mars and they too will require Indian citizens to apply for visa. They may waive the requirements for Pakis and may even grant them some territory. Imagine the Paki flag on the moon and mars.
Let us know your thought on how we can conquer the moon and mars.
Posted by:Indian - 07 Sep, 2009
2: This page is real fun..It starts with a Chinese guy trying to promote his countries Meeechun chooo Moon.(I just hope and pray that their space ship doesn't have performance issues like other made in china products, They expire without warnings, Xiamen you might be brain dead by the end of this comment after all "Made in China" ) I'm really cool and proud with china going in for a manned mission and i feel so much more inferior to china since they have to send a mechanic along with their space ship at least we have the technology to control it from down here.No sir you win the challenge we Indians will wave good luck to Chinese.Xiamen Grow up.Information is good no matter which country gives it, we are not at 2008 Olympics where the first man to moon wins the moon to himself.

Then topic then shifts to Atmosphere on moon.All right speculations can be made and agreed i wont judge that but me trying to talk about atmosphere on the moon is the same as me trying to figure out if Bush farted when he had to leave the white house.I got to be there to know it.Belief is cultured and we are all fed information and we choose what we want to believe,Please dont try to ponder your belief system on to others, people are getting killed for the same reason (referring to Terrorists) Free will rules.

Posted by:Harsha - 06 Sep, 2009
3: All that is okay but i still have a question in my mind about the photographs which were taken by the US astraunouts were not disclosed by them. The pictures about what they saw on the moon. the one who knows the whole matter will understand about what pictures i m talking about.....Pls if anybody knows the truth and the exact information pls let me know....!
Posted by:vinay saraogi - 04 Sep, 2009
4: this looks fully bogs to me as it has been proved by NASA and other scients across globe that moon's surface if covered with a a thick layer of dark dust and there are heavy dust storms on moons surface almost every day and its very unlikely for chandrayan-1's camera's to capture the tracks of moon landing apollo after 4 decades... and there was no such landing on the first place.. its clear that the US hoax is now being covered by Indian scientists... is it how ISRO trying to please NASA for some kind of help/colaboration from them?
Posted by:hate hoaxs - 02 Sep, 2009
You dim whited idiot - the moon has NO atmosphere - how can there be ANY dust storms? Your stupidity makes it very telling of your educational gaps and scientific ineptitude. Where did you get your mediocre education? God help us tolerate people like you who have no clue or wherewithal.
Arun Seth Replied to: hate hoaxs - 02 Sep, 2009

"All this matters to NASA because, by 2018 or so, astronauts are returning to the Moon. Unlike Apollo astronauts, who never experienced lunar sunrise, the next explorers are going to establish a permanent outpost. They'll be there in the morning when the storm sweeps by.

The wall of dust, if it exists, might be diaphanous, invisible, harmless. Or it could be a real problem, clogging spacesuits, coating surfaces and causing hardware to overheat.

Which will it be? Says Stubbs, 'we've still got a lot to learn about the Moon.' "
John Replied to: Arun Seth - 03 Sep, 2009
Arun Seth - you have to first understand that you should not make such ill-tempered statements here. The blog posted by hate hoaxs is not a stupid or idiot's statements in any dimension. If you think so then you are responsible for using such grumpy words against your so beloved and respected NASA scientists. You sound like you are in complete love with what America and Americans have got to say. What is referenced by 'hate hoaxs' in the blog is just what is stated earlier by NASA and other scientists. So it's clearly a conspiracy of NASA and Indian scientists. Having said that, don't think that I am under estimating the capability of our Nation in science and technology but I am only bringing into light that our scientists are still bending under pressure from America - who wants to play the big brother role in every ones life in every corner of the world. Can't you see it's so ironical in the statements released by ISRO that they did not have the right camera on board the space shuttle to take correct pictures but will be fulfilled by the future launch by NASA. Let me tell you, India and ISRO's statements are completely controlled by America. The statements are the words that America has put into ISRO's mouth and spitted out. The common people like us have a difficulty in understanding the power game and get ferocious, loose control and fight against our own people if the guy makes a negative statement about America. None of us have any clue that America's moon mission and the achievement that they are boasting is for real or fake. I am also not underestimating the technological strength of America as I myself have witnessed a couple of space shuttle launches from Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Canavaral in Florida but what has been stated as achieved may not be true. America will make such bug statements because they always want to be at the top of acheivements in all the scientific discoveries and inventions in the World. I wish you develop at least a fraction of Love and Passion for our own Country as you have for America.
I am sure these lines will trigger more anger in you but don't waste time in writing any response to this because you are making a painful comment once again.
Mahan Yodha Replied to: Arun Seth - 03 Sep, 2009
its' not about the love or passion for any country the fact (which hate hoaxs) has correctly explained is that the moon's gravitational field is only one-sixth compared to earth,which is not enough to have air(of any composition ) and without atmosphere there cannot be any dust storms.
Vaibhav Gupta Replied to: Mahan Yodha - 03 Sep, 2009
9: these theorists will always be there.. creating a rackus is everyone's food of joy.. it should have been ignored right at the time they said.. or else they should have been sent to moon to verify it.. Its only the jobless people who keeps such conspiracies on.. send them to Moon, at least Earth will be lighter and then those who for Moon exploration would be able to say that 'life exist in moon'.
Posted by:manil - 02 Sep, 2009
There is still not enough evidence to prove man landed on moon. Mr.Chauhan is talking like little kid telling stories. There is not scientific or logical reasoning behind what he is stating. Everyone knows India was going to have this satellite taking pcitures of moon's surface and it is stupid enough to hear that we didnot have high resolution cameras fixed yet. Now we have to wait till US send another satellite with high definition camera. I dont agree with Manil either bcoz if man could land in moon, why 40 years later still noone can sent a satellite to take a good picture ! Strange....
Abraham Replied to: manil - 02 Sep, 2009
We have a manned program and you DONT. We did not give permission to India to go into China territory like Ladakh and the MOON. So stay out. Our astronauts will plant our flag on the moon and your space people can start buying tissue to cry in front of the tv when that happens. By the way the tissue and tv that they will use are MADE IN CHINA products.
Xiamen Replied to: Abhinav - 06 Sep, 2009
"Will" it needs lots of it............get some..50 years very long time buddy..Challenges are mades by cowards...Chinese are expert on that.You should better consontrate in your inner betrayels.
Abhinav Replied to: Xiamen - 05 Sep, 2009