New virus infects ATM , steals money from banks

New virus infects ATM , steals money from banks

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 30 March 2009, 03:27 Hrs   |    13 Comments
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New virus infects ATM , steals money from banks
Moscow: Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) may not be a safe way of transaction anymore as a new software virus has been found out which infects ATMs to steal money from bank accounts of their users. Doctor Web and 'Kaspersky Lab, two major anti-virus software producers have discovered such virus in the networks of several bank ATMs, which is able to collect information from bank cards.

This is a malicious program intended to infect and survive in ATMs. It is possible that new software will appear, aimed at illegitimately using banking information and removing funds," an official of the Kaspersky Lab was quoted as saying by RIA Novosti news agency.

According to the official, the virus is a Trojan which is able to infect the popular American Diebold brand of ATMs, used in Russia and Ukraine. Judging by the programming code used, there is a high probability that the programmer comes from one of the former Soviet republics.

The computer security experts say the number of infected ATMs is minimal but individual bank cardholders will not be able to detect whether an ATM is infected or not. However, banks can run security software to find out if their machines are at risk.

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Reader's comments(13)
1: IF it is true .please tell me where i will safe my soon as possible.
Posted by:Binayak sinha - 30 Mar, 2009
nothin is impossible friend
parameshwer Replied to: Binayak sinha - 07 Jun, 2009
Dude......withdraw all your money else you will be in limbo...
Just For Fun Replied to: Binayak sinha - 01 Apr, 2009
its impossible to track the account numbers and no virus can affect ATM the are connect through satellite signals
prasanna kumar naik Replied to: Binayak sinha - 31 Mar, 2009
5: A New Unethical Business trick by the so called anti virus companies to promote their business.
Posted by:Security is meant to create problems - 30 Mar, 2009
bhomik zala Replied to: Security is meant to create problems - 31 Mar, 2009
yes u said right.
vinu Replied to: Security is meant to create problems - 30 Mar, 2009
8: Very rightly put by SaaZ there, one should't panic with this, as an rather read between lines carefully. Its very much clear here that the predicament is not here in India!

Happy ATM'ing!
Posted by:Ravindra - 30 Mar, 2009
9: So beaware when doing transaction through ATM.
Posted by:Rekha - 29 Mar, 2009
Correct. They clearly mentioned that the number of infected ATM is minimal. So dont spread the rumours.
Harry Baker Replied to: Rekha - 29 Mar, 2009
Dear Rekha,
Do not pass rumour it is mentioned that " American Diebold brand of ATMs" in russia and ukraine. be reponsible.
SaaZ Replied to: Rekha - 29 Mar, 2009
naksh Replied to: SaaZ - 29 Mar, 2009
All bullshit news..Its just rumoured by Antivirus companies trying to sell their products.
hacker Replied to: naksh - 15 Apr, 2009