Netxcell launches Single IVR

By siliconindia   |   Thursday, 28 April 2011, 08:22 Hrs
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Hyderabad: Netxcell, a telecom application provider, launched an advanced technology platform, Single IVR (Interactive Voice Response). This system enables corporate, telecom subscribers, automobiles and anyone using the system to multiple IVR. The different platforms where IVR is used are in the entertainment industry for televoting on television game shows. It is used by pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to conduct clinical trails and manage large volumes of data that is generated. The technology is useful in automobile also for hands-free operations. The customers can configure all their IVR requirements on their platforms. For this they do not require a separate IVR system for customer service, song downloads, caller ringback tone and other value added services. In corporate, they help in re-directing calls to relevant customer service agents to enable them to better serve their customers. They have also emerged as an alternative to using call centers where the costs are huge and recurring. It replaces the need for agents, supervisors and training to a call center team and therefore cuts down significantly on costs and time to market. The features of Netxcell Single IVR are that they have differential billing for different services, have 3G enabled with video capability, are highly scalable, have speed recognition, can text to speech conversion and have reports for understanding customer's requirement. The Single IVR helps in generating higher revenues owing to lesser revenue share to individual IVRs and also provides consolidated reports with customer profile which could help in understanding the actual interest of the customer. In the case of multiple IVR for different services, telecom operators not only separate hardware components and excess network usage.