Nasscom advises HRs to stop poaching
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Nasscom advises HRs to stop poaching

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Nasscom advises HRs to stop poaching
New Delhi: Nasscom has come out strongly to oppose HR practices of poaching via 'strong' employee referral programs. IT-BPO industry directly employs about 2.3 million employees. IT companies often resort to poaching for meeting short term demand of employees, as they bag projects. "Often we have seen IT companies resorting to very 'strong' employee referral programs to meet their short-term project resource obligations. This leads to exit of entire teams from other companies working on important projects," Nasscom President Som Mittal said to Economic Times.

The Nasscom committee on 'Ethics and Corporate Governance' discussed this situation and was chaired by Infosys Chairman NR Narayana Murthy. "We at Nasscom are asking our members not to resort to poaching. They should ask for an employer relieving letter as a mandatory HR best practice. IT-ITeS employees should also serve their entire notice periods," Mittal added. Often IT companies don't even ask for previous work experience documents in a bid to meet their short-term project requirements. They hire employees in hundreds from other companies by giving them attractive salaries.

Nasscom also advised companies to follow a whistleblower policy and appoint an ombudsman for addressing the ethics concerns. "The scope of whistle blowing should extend to external relations (i.e. customers, partners, competitors, vendors, other external agencies, statutory/others and society at large) as well," it said.

Nasscom's Ethics and Corporate Governance committee formed after the Satyam debacle has members like Genpact President and CEO Pramod Bhasin, Mastek board member Ashank Desai, Zensar CEO Ganesh Natarajan, ex CVC Chairman N Vittal and S Ramadorai, Vice-Chairman at TCS.

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Reader's comments(18)

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Posted by:Saurabh - 04 May, 2010
2: It looks pretty to say companies should ask experience letter and other docs at the time of joining....
But practical thing is when companies recruit they dont have time for Time for all this becuase they recruit only when project is hampered at most and its critical situation. untill they use to sleep and think that with less candidates they will earn more.

And even companies are not in a position to give a candidate sufficient time so that he can serve his previous companys' notice period...

things is applicable to all companies... its business rule and it should be known to nasscom also that HR cant change this.....even if they wish...because otherwise profit will trumble....
Posted by:ashwani - 29 Apr, 2010
3: I think instead of these silly comments by nasscom, they should make it mandatory for companies to provide experience certificate (whether a notice has been served or not, the experience cannot be taken away, right?) as well as correct salary and other certificates from the company itself in due time.

Employees should get a predefined set of documents like
1. experience certificate
2. release letter
3. form 16 / 16A

on their last day of work.

I know people who left (with due process) in May but they have to wait until next year April to get their FORM 16. Meanwhile, they cannot even declare their previous earnings correctly in the new company.

Also, NASSCOM should look into matters where employers are forcing bonds onto employees - like two year bonds in Satyam, or in some companies like TCS, if you go onsite for x months, you have to come back and work for x months in India. What is NASSCOM doing on these aspects of ETHICS? Do they not know that during these "bonded" periods, employees are just exploited.
Posted by:Kaushik - 29 Apr, 2010
4: Masscom is slowly becoming a stooge of the companies.

How can an entire team leave working on an important project for another company unless they are unfairly treated in their present company?

What about the "ethics" of the companies that exploit their employees and don't remunerate them adequately?
Posted by:Kaushik - 29 Apr, 2010
Sorry, it's NASSCON (I misspelt it).
Kaushik Replied to: Kaushik - 29 Apr, 2010
Misspelt it again. It's NASSCOM.
I hope they won't issue an ethics motion on me. :-)
Kaushik Replied to: Kaushik - 29 Apr, 2010
7: There is no Ethics when companies show huge profit but slashes jobs and cuts IT labour laws....NASSCOM has nothing to about this...
Posted by:Ankit - 29 Apr, 2010
Very well said, Ankit.
I completely agree with you.
Kaushik Replied to: Ankit - 29 Apr, 2010
9: gud NASSCOM, but who is going to listen?
Posted by:wills - 28 Apr, 2010
10: Mr Murthy is trying to bring this policy great kudos..... I was an ex infoscion and to get my experience letter i had to pay my 3 months salary even though i am on bench and my DM is such bullsh*t guy that he will find me a 2 months proj during my notice period. Already Indian corporate firms are dealing their employees like slaves and this policy will still help them further
Posted by:hithendher - 28 Apr, 2010
This is because of these unethical policies that I went back to Operations from Consulting (non-technical) profile in an IT company. Just to announce, today I refused the offer from CEO of an IT organisation and went back to international operations at double the salary I was offered by the IT company. From Operations to Consulting to Operations. Jai Ho!
Nish Replied to: hithendher - 28 Apr, 2010
12: It is another way to harass employees....These bulshit NASSCOM companies fired people without even proper notice during recession. Now they talk about relieving letters & poaching.....No employees leave if you have good work environment and decent pay. We should make all these NASSCOM companies CEOs stand in one line and shoot them till they die 200 times. Where was this f--king NASSCOM when they firing people.
Posted by:ITEmployee - 28 Apr, 2010
fantastic and great comments.where was NASSCOM hiding when 1000's of people are fired...
lachu Replied to: ITEmployee - 29 Apr, 2010
Fantastic and agree with ur comments, most of time feel HR policies are really sucking as is employee unfriendly but wat the bullshit can be done unless our govt appointed IT ministers suffer the same as we did, till then NASSCOM related will do their own things to get good kickbacks are earn profit for self. THis is total shit
rocky Replied to: ITEmployee - 28 Apr, 2010
15: Don't make policies for policy sake.
Posted by:hr1 - 28 Apr, 2010
16: ok i accepted it...

but i came out from previous company because of too much harassment and bad words..

they asking 1 lakh for my experience and relieving letter..
i am from lower middle class i can't able to give that amount..
now i have experience but no dreams and hopes are collapsed...

i lost my bright future..

the company BM is a good drinker he offended too.
MD of that company scolding me using bad words..

how can i work from there..
but i tolerated everything because
i am sole provider of my family...

but finally i can't tolerate one thing..that is they offending about by poor background..
they didn't give last month salary also...
how can i show exp proof in future..
i am a good human being..i would like honest for everybody..

NASSCOM should consider about employee ethics also...
Posted by:tears - 28 Apr, 2010
17: an employer relieving letter as a mandatory HR best practice is it going to be a good idea?
Posted by:Levin Jacob - 28 Apr, 2010
NASSCOM is nothing, it's just an another face of Indian IT companies... ,these NASSCOM people are too good for nothing.. These useless, blind and Pathetic person should be imprisoned for supporting more and more employee harassment within IT organization..Udda do inko..Dhichkiyaan
prs Replied to: Levin Jacob - 29 Apr, 2010