NCW to tackle abandoned NRI wives' complaints

NCW to tackle abandoned NRI wives' complaints

Tuesday, 25 August 2009, 10:38 Hrs   |    18 Comments
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NCW to tackle abandoned NRI wives' complaints
New Delhi: With a rise in cases of Indian women being deserted by their husbands on foreign shores, the National Commission for Women (NCW) Monday announced setting up of an NRI Cell on Aug 27 to tend to such complaints and counsel the victims.

"Parliament has designated NCW as the coordinating agency at the national level to receive and process all the complaints related to Indian women deserted by their overseas Indian husbands. We have decided to launch a NRI cell to counsel the women in this regard," NCW chairperson Girija Vyas told reporters here.

According to official data, the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has so far received 42 complaints of women being abandoned by their NRI husbands. In 2008, the ministry reported 55 such cases.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(18)
1: By law - make it equal both ways:
- Ban dowry across India
- Make divorces quick and painful
- Judge must be given clear guidance on 50% of total wealth
- Set child support amounts based on spouse's income
- Set a formula for paying spousal support for the number of years of servitude.

At the end of the day, this should be addressed promptly as both parties need to have closure and move on.
Posted by:Samuel Adams - 26 Aug, 2009
2: Everyone is giving their own suggestions. But mostly effected one's are ladies only as they don't have job atleast for their livelihood when they are abandoned by their husband's who are legal supremes who think their wife's as their slaves to them and their family even though she is educated and doing their daily chores by simply tying 3 knots. I can say for sure eventhough everyone is yelling that women got 33% reservation in everything and they have the equal rights still the harassment to daughter-in-laws and their parents hadn't stopped with their egoistic criminal motives and poising son's mind to demand and torture for their financial and other motives. Why iam saying all this is rclyicame across a similar incident in my close relatives family. she is educated in masters and doing job before marriage but for their sake they convinced that she would get job in US and after marriage started showing their cruelty towards to their daughter-in-law and her parents. Although she managed to get H1B visa he slowly brought her to India with his financial and cruel motive and he doesn't want his wife to grow in her career and secretly went back to USA without intimating to her when she was in her parents house.Iam the witness of their pain which they r going thru as their house is nearby us and because of this situation her father's health spoiled and they are all in tears and that too in this recession period even though she is educated how come she will get job in this mental condition and recession period.
And i can say Nowadays even government is not considering this as a big issue and taking necessary steps to eradicate this so that anyone fears to do this in future so that those basters and bitches who abandon their wifes of their cruel and financial motives.
Every one in world praises our matrimonial culture and nowadays NRI husbands simply abandoning their wives in India and simply roam to US and don't come back to their motherland for number of years. It became passion today. If we also behave like this how come our culture would be praised and what differs our culture to world. I think Indian wives who are abandoned by their husbands are facing the situation which no one want's atleast their enemies to face. If this situation happens in any other country the situation is different they simply go for divorce and happily marry other guy but in India i don't think there are men who are that great and good to marry abandoned innocent wifes understanding their pain and situation.
Posted by:raghu - 26 Aug, 2009
3: Can NCW give a number of how many NRI men are being implicated into women sided "Anti Dowry Law". This law is made to extort huge amount of money from NRI men.Many Indian women are marrying NRI men to get immigrated to developed country and if they dont feel like living here. They fly back to India, claim themselves as "Deserted Abla Nari" and file false dowry case. Result: Sympathy and 100s of thousands of dollar in extortion,Jail to old parents.Never marry an Indian girl from India.
Posted by:Saumya - 25 Aug, 2009
4: What is NCW to prevent trafficking of minors and women from WB, Orissa, Bihar, Nepal etc to metro centres on promise of jobs and forced into prostitution? These cases are in tens of thousands. Isn't it true that following cases of poor women gets less publicity for NCW. Which is why the Girija Vyas's of the world will personally go in a single rape case involving a bollywood personality. But ignore the rapes of thousands of women!
Posted by:yodha - 25 Aug, 2009
5: No this is partially true. I know some ladies who were married to professionals and after landing at Vancouver she disappeared with her boy friend and the groom who was a doctor by profession was weeping. It is girls who after landing in foreign land desert their husbands rather the husbands except where is some misunderstanding between them.
Posted by:Ashok - 25 Aug, 2009

I welcome NCW and wish it a great success. This is not a recent problem. I had lived in AMBALA CANTT, Haryana State from 1976 to 1978. I had lived in Tribune Colony. My next door neighbor had experienced this problem. His sister was married to a NRI living in the United States. She was deserted. I knew his pain and I still feel that pain. I would request Ms. Girija Vyas to investigate some of the past crimes. I want to know about the wife that was left behind in India when Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row had migrated to the United States. If any of you happen to know, please let me know. She had lived in Rajahmundry and Dr. Yellapragada Subba Row had apparently forgotten his wife and kid. We should not bury the past mistakes. We need to learn from them. I do hope that NCW would safeguard the interests of women and children of NRIs.
Posted by:Major(Retd)Rebbapragada,AMC/PC - 25 Aug, 2009
If you are looking for an individual in the US you can give the first and last names and get their current address on multiple websites(intelius or for nominal amounts.
Srinivas Replied to: Major(Retd)Rebbapragada,AMC/PC - 25 Aug, 2009
Thank you Srinivas. I was posted out of Ambala during December 1978 and had lost my contact with my next door neighbor who had lived in Tribune Colony. But, the pain is real. Indian women cannot move on with their lives if they are married and the husbands desert them. From the comments that I am reading, things may have changed and the men are also getting a chance to shed tears.
Rebbapragada Replied to: Srinivas - 25 Aug, 2009
9: NCW chairperson Girija Vyas need to check all the data first . based on 55 complaints only she is doing like that . what about the husband how r deserted by ladies & they are trapped in false 498a & DVA 2005 cases
Posted by:rajeev - 25 Aug, 2009
Perfectly valid question. If you look at the NCW website, it says 'The National Commission for Women, the apex national level organization of India with the mandate of protecting and promoting the interests of women'. It should be clear from this statement, it is protecting and promoting the interests of women, the statement does not even mention 'welfare' anywhere (which should have been the primary goal). I have not looked at the other contents of the NCW website, however, the mission statement does not talk about welfare and talks about promoting interests of women. You can check this on . And as you have mentioned, 498a is mostly misused.
Sudarshan Replied to: rajeev - 25 Aug, 2009
yes you are absolutely right.
Ashok Replied to: rajeev - 25 Aug, 2009
12: Husbands tend to become more interested in making money, once they are in a foreign land and eventually desert their wives. Hope the government takes some strict action against such men..
Posted by:Frank - 25 Aug, 2009
Whats wrong with making money, what are the wives looking for, all these cases are going to end up with settlement money only. Honey its all about money. If you are not going to earn money, wife will automatically leave you or move to another guy or keep pestering you all your life.
Sam Replied to: Frank - 25 Aug, 2009
There's nothing wrong with making money my friend. And I beg to disagree that all wives are looking for monetary settlement from their husbands. Women are not the same always. I'm not after my husbands money (that is if he really has his own money to be proud of). My experience is very different. Being deserted without any fault or wrongdoings is very painful. Thee are no words to explain to you how I and my family felt after my mom died as a result of my husband stole and left me.
Gurmit Replied to: Sam - 10 Oct, 2010
I don’t know about ALL MEN.... But many husbands do ill-treat there wife’s once they know she is in his hands at his mercy... he can lock her in the house ask her not to talk to her parents...make her do all the work .Kick her, scold her, Say she is good for nothing. Makes her bleed.

But, what can she do she cant run to her parents .Even after his kicking she is forced to sleep with him because she obviously does not want to go to the hospital again....She cant really tell this painful saga to her parents who she obviously does not want to worry ....and here is this Animal (husband) feeling he is the KING ...THE BIG BOSS.. ALL POWERFULL... Deserves to be respected...

That’s how men are programmed from ages to be in POWER– that’s why we have had wars and now in the modern age Domestic violence…what a great way for these so called men to be in power.

In India at least the husband would think what my relatives will say if I behave this way...this guilty/social consciousness in barley there in a foreign land...

Such animals consciously commit these crimes praying on the weakness of women. Such men need to be seriously punished.



Fight DW Replied to: manmahon - 14 Oct, 2009
Frank is a scared and incompetent sob. More of such losers will make India and China great nation again because all the white woman will gravitate towards Indian men and you will get our beautiful face stiff women.
manmahon Replied to: Frank - 25 Aug, 2009
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