Most controversial women politicians in India
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Most controversial women politicians in India

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 29 June 2011, 12:07 Hrs   |    38 Comments
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Bangalore: Today women in India have ventured in every sector and not only have been achieving great heights but have been able to dominate in each one. Politics is one field where today's women have attracted the most eyeballs. The World's largest democracy has been one of the primary countries who witnesses a meager women participation in the political field and India felled in the lowest quartile with respect to the number of women in parliament with 9.1 percent in 14th Lok Sabha with respect to other countries like Rawanda (56.7 percent), south Africa (44.5 percent), UN's 2008 survey of women in politics. The Congress party, led by a woman and supposedly pushing for reservation for women, has only 10 per cent of women among the candidates announced so far. For the BJP the proportion of women candidates is even lower at 7 per cent.

The rise of women in politics became even more significant with the emergence of some of the most controversial women in Indian politics.

Although as per the statistics and number India lacks far behind in women participation in politics but still India has produced women politicians who has always able to snatch the limelight and grabbed the headlines from her male counterparts and have kept them on their toes with their controversial statements.

Here are some of the most controversial women politicians that we have brought forth for our readers.


Mayawati is controversy favorite child and she caught the eyeballs with a controversial statement, where she mentioned B R Ambedkar and not Mahatma Gandhi, who worked to erase caste from Indian society. She went on to say that Gandhi's use of the term Harijan was against the Constitution. She further state that Gandhi tried to divide society into two groups and even gave a name to the weaker sections. ''He called them Harijans which is against the Constitution. In the Indian Constitution, the weaker sections are called Scheduled Castes and Tribes,'' said Mayawati, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh.

In Jan 2008 she sent euphoria in the Tollywood actors by commenting that film stars were good for 'song and dance' and not for public service. Veteran producer and former NFDC (National Film Development Corporation) Chairman LV Prasad, demanded that she seek apology from the Telugu film industry in 48 hours. In 2008 Forbes magazine named her as one of the world's most powerful women. Mayawati has also grabbed news for investing huge money on statue construction which created huge hue and cry in the state.

She is famous for her controversial speech especially during her election campaigns. She tells them that she is proud to have been born into a Dalit family. Her speech follows the popular line where she says, "I am the daughter of a Chamar (a Dalit). I am a Chamar. I am yours."

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Reader's comments(38)
1: It is a common practice to cast the entire blame on the party leader if the govt. shows any kind of corruption at any level.But what matters at the end of the day is what actions the leaders take,and how dynamically decisions are taken and implemented.And in this respect Mayawati and Manta Banerjee win the race.

Uma bharti has got nothing but only two points to speak about(everybody knows which two) and doesnot know or has got nothing to do about economy,social awareness,women rights,dalit rights,inflation,corruption etc.What she knows is only Sanskrit which has got no application apart from reading orthodox Hindu texts.Thus somebody who is so narrow minded and restricted to one or two points,is just not fit to be a leader.She would look better only at some temple as a Sadhvi, or it would be a good alternative for her to share stage with Ramdev.
Posted by:Rationale - 01 Jul, 2011
2: Iam a chennai guy and many of us know the character of jayalallitha. A greedy woman, one who tried to isolate MGR with the help of Rajiv. But it doesn't happened and now the brahmin lady whose commuinity is having only a meagre percentage in tamilnadu, with the help of devar community and deceiving the MGR fans by saying that she is the political heir of him. Actually MGR once coming known about her greedy character, he announced to his party not to have any truck with her. He even removed her telephone from her office. But the deep south people those who are MGR fans and with illeteracy followed her and she gained the p0wer in 1991 that too because of Rajiv's death happened here during the election campaign. She never respected either Rajiv or Sonia her only ambition is to sit in power and amass wealth which is enjoyed by her girl friend sasikala and her family, which is almost jayalalitha's family. But she says that she has no family. During 1991 to 1996 she amassed wealth in several ways many landlords were cheated and lost their lands many traders lost their gold ornaments once she and her sasikala were called as "nadamadum nagaikadai"it means walking jewellery shop. Only because of karunanidhi's mistakes she has become as CM once again. But it is not a good sign to us. Our great leader MGR ruled TN several years during that period karunanaidhi couldnot become as CM. But after MGR he phoophooed jayalalitha thrice. There is no alternative and that made jayalalitha as CM. It is the fate or sin of our TN people to suffer from this greedy lady, she started her career as an actress which made MGR to support her. She had truck with many actors such as shoban babu, jaisankar and more. As she earned much more by performing with these actors still she has the greedyness for money. No doubt 2011 to 20-- is period of vengence, hatred etc., but not developments.
Posted by:Jai - 30 Jun, 2011
u F#@*&%..first know the facts and then post ur comments... ur English is pathetic....ur writing shows ur a illiterate f#*&@#..Even MGR had his share of do Karunanidhi, Mayavathi,Sonia Gandhi,Rajiv Gandhi,Mahatama Gandhi,Hitler,Stalin,Mussolini etc. Even the Moguhls, British and the entire history of politcs of Human kind is ridden with controversy and brutal murders. First get ur facts right and then post ur comments. Pls do get educated again
anonymous Replied to: Jai - 17 Jun, 2012
Exactly said about Jayalalitha. She behaved as if she is the queen of the world and as if a celestial being. Let her think herself even above but the people of TN should not have been treated as loafers after having become CM with the vote of poor innoscent ignorant people. TN Seshan would not have imagined and forget in his life time the reception he has meted out. What a comment against Chenna Reddy, the Governor by this lady. Scant respect
chandran Replied to: Jai - 01 Jul, 2011
Mr Chandran and Jai keep it in mind that the qualities enlisted by u both about Jayalalithaa too is most aptly applicable to Karunanithi or Sonia Gandhi or anyother politician of that matter as all politicians are greedy after wealth and power. In such case i dont understand why should these u single out Jaya as a greedy woman. Can u point even a single politician in Tamilnadu who is in politics for not making money? Forget not the womaniser called, M K Stalin, who kidnapped the news reader Fathima Babu. So let's not try to find out a `Mahathma' among our existing politicians. It will prove foolish. Therefore lets try to find and support a leader, who can lead this country in a much better way than his other counterparts. An to u Mr Jai, dont have the prejudice that people in the southern districts of Tamilnadu are illiterates and lack political awaremess just to elevate Jayalalithaa to the post of chief ministership this time. Mind that people from our region are great literarians and teachers. Pls read the freedom struggle in Tamilnadu and u will find great leaders pivoting the struggle rose from the southern districts. Dont just think that enjoying sophistication and speaking in English despising one's mother tongue is literacy. Pls either try to know about people or at least don't just restrain from showing off ur ignorance. And one more thing as u said MGR was not a good leader but a just a charismatic actor, who had the capability to keep up his image as a super human. Had he been now with hundreds of media around him to peal his natural being his cinema image would not have worked out. So lets look for better administrators like Rajaji, Omanthurar, Kamarajar, Bakthavatchalam and C Subramaniam for Tamilnadu as our leaders.
ravisankar Replied to: chandran - 05 Jul, 2011
Dear Sir, I do not understand when you have allowed unspecific charges agasint Jayalalitha, Sohan Babu, Jaishankar, Stalin Fatima Babu (all imaginary/personal/not provable etc) you have not allowed my comments about samacheer kalvi, that too I quoted for adamancy only. And regarding the comment against Kamaraj by then DMK during 1966-67 in connection with Swiss Bank a/c. Pl let me know
chandran Replied to: ravisankar - 06 Jul, 2011
Mr Ravishankar - Criticism is only against Jayalalitha,s administration. Of course no body is equal to Kamaraj in administration as CM and AICC leader. Among Chief Ministers of Tamilnadu we are able to compare only with Kamaraj only,that man died with 4 sets of vesty and shirts and Rs.300 plus. Think of other CMs after Annadurai. To attract poor children to attend school mid-day meal scheme and free exucation were introduced. For political popularity and gain it was extended later as Nutricious meal scheme and now it is extended upto housing, cycle, laptop etc. During 1983 to 1987 a totally disabled person ruled this state. What progress the state would have made during that period -Despite all JJ won with brutal majority and we all witnessed a group amassed wealth agst whom lot of cases were filed . Being a commanding leader whether Kamaraj allowed such things. Remember Kakkan, Ramaiah, CS RV, Majid,Simon etc. Not necessarily a bad CM continue to be bad. During 2001-2006 whether any extrodinary things were done. Failure of planning during the above period only caused the electricity failure in TN since 2008 and still continues. Reminds me the kural Idipparai illa emara mannan....Adamancy, command and dictation are required only when warranted
Right from Poolithevan Kattabomman ........ till VOC Bharathi southern district people ONLY fought for freedom struggle. Kamaraj too from then Tirunelveli dist only. Regarding literacy and education only three districts are dominating over a period of 70- 80 years. Of course Mr Jai has understood wrongly. Our main criticism is only against Jayalalitha only that too based on her past administration. d. Both are from same dirty ponds, as Kamaraj said. WE HAVE NO ALTERNATE but to support among these two only.
chandran Replied to: ravisankar - 06 Jul, 2011
To Mr Ravishankar and all: Regarding Kamaraj which I witnessed while I was a student then. In a public meeting held in Tirunelveli during 1967 Nedunchezhian commented about Kamaraj " what economics this man, a school left out knows regarding the price rise, whereas I am an MA". Next week in the same venue Kamaraj said regarding the election manifest of DMK (Three measure per Re.1) when there is inadequate/no produce, on account of demand the price will go up. He questioned the public whether I shall ask the Govt to print currencies and supply to every house one bag of currency. Can you eat that paper?. Simple economics - colloquially communicated. Another incident held in Madras Medical College - during his visit some doctors requested/suggested transfer/posting for a cardiologist and a neurologist in respective dept. These medical terms must have been irritated him perhaps - his reply was " this man studied for head (mandai) and that man for Heart (nenju)- you post mandaikku padithavarai mandaikkum, nenjukku padithavarai nenjukkum transfer pannunga. May be colloquial. Immediate on the spot decision. But this man was criticised as if he maintains account with Swiss Bank but left the world with just Rs.300 plus.
chandran Replied to: chandran - 06 Jul, 2011
9: Interesting from Silicon India. I have sought to nominate Medha Patkar and Vandana Shiva for the most honorable women in Indian public life, as opposed to the corruption pinncles like Jaya and Mayawati, . . .

They have summarily deleted my comment after yesterday.

I wonder whom Silicon India represents? Is it part of the propaganda wing of Congress party?
Posted by:harit124 - 30 Jun, 2011
10: Mayawati & Jayalalitha treat their party members no differently than what one experienced during the Third Reich. Without sounding gender biased, I would like to think that spinsters in India politics choose to walk down a very authoritarian road. Does it have something to do with our DNA?
Posted by:Chiranjit Banerjee - 30 Jun, 2011
I have personally known a case where the party henchmen and goons of Mayawati broke into the house of a doctor and beat him to death - only to learn later that they have mistaken the identity of their supposed enemy. So much for adulating the 'greatness' of these violent 'women' leaders.

The who Hindu nation should never forgive Jaya for the violent witch hunting saga enacted by Jaya around by the most revered Paramacharya Sri Jagadguru Jayendra Sarasvati of Kanchi Matham.

Seems to me that Si India is all about singing glories of the super rich and the powerful - democratic or undemocratic, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical.

I follow Si India regularly only to get some snippets of technology news from India. But, lately it is loaded more with political propaganda than anything else.
harit124 Replied to: Chiranjit Banerjee - 30 Jun, 2011
hai harit124, I cant understand how the Jayendra Saraswathi became so holy to people like u. I personally saw him(jeyendran)dragging his feet when a non-brahmin devotee tried to get his blessing by touching his feet. I heard of great saints like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Swami Vivekanandar and they never had a seperate cooking team (consisting only of brahmins) to cook his food. They go wherever this `godman' goes. Is this the simlicity of a priest, who is supposed to have avoided all sorts of sophistication like Ramakrishna Paramahamsar. The devotees of this jeyendrar, who curse Jayalalithaa for arresting this fellow at Kancheepuram however did not have produced proper evidences to negate the allegation that he had killed the temple priest Sankar Raman. Neither these men have evidences against the accusation that Jeyendrar has `very close' frendship with an actress.
Pragalathan Replied to: harit124 - 05 Jul, 2011
13: Why is it that the most controversial Women in Politics like Sonia gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Ambica Sony, etc left out .
Posted by:Indian - 30 Jun, 2011
yes your sure before making satement we have to see so many indain women like you said show what women power is and sttod as ikons
seshadri Replied to: Indian - 01 Jul, 2011
because he may be scared of. when every media is keen only on boosting Cong image e.g. mis-info of results on survey on Rahul Gandhi as PM, can you expect any decent coverage? kvm
Mani Replied to: Indian - 30 Jun, 2011
16: All 4 unmarried Deviya should first search suitable life partners and than sit on Sihasan. Then only they will realise the importance of a family and its expenses. They are using sarkari paisa. So, they don't know how many hurdles are in earning Hard Earned or Halal Money.
Posted by:Khamosh Tonki - 30 Jun, 2011
An exception is there my friend. That mname is Mamta Banerjee. She decided not to take salary as the CM of WB. Moreover, she is not using the cars alloted to her by the Govt. Please read about her in detail before making such wrong comment. On the other hand she is donating money to tha state Govt.
Anamitro Chanda Replied to: Khamosh Tonki - 30 Jun, 2011
18: mayawathi herself didnt follows the castism total indian educate people have been following the castism in democracy politician created by people taht people select as their leader belongs from their community because people have been feeling insecure in india
women politics now a days in every venture womens contribution is high this is good sign to develope contry but womens did not aware about politics and lack of aware about society 65 yers of independence one democratic contry did not give more than five members of powerfull ladies in india that is the sictuation in india.
Posted by:narsimha - 30 Jun, 2011
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Posted by:Chetan - 30 Jun, 2011
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BACHELOR DEGREE HOLDER Replied to: Chetan - 30 Jun, 2011
22: Mayawati herself is playing castism and being unsecular. If she is very much interested in development then she should stop castism and concentrate on development. All indian politicians and unsecular, because they all play vote politics either in name of religion or in name of caste. They say racism is wrong but what about vote politics in the name of religion and caste? They are equally wrong.

Indian political parties should stop the vote politics and concentrate on development.They play vote politics because they want the votes to gain power. With the power instead of doing development they do corruption. So they are all interested in corruption and for that they have to play vote politics.
Posted by:Neel - 29 Jun, 2011
23: everybody knows how Anti Dalit Gandhi was.History is full of evidences.
Posted by:Rationale - 29 Jun, 2011
Yes Indira Gandhi had started politics of vote bank.
shirish dave Replied to: Rationale - 30 Jun, 2011
25: Uma bharti-lol.I dont find any difference beteween her and Rabdi devi.
Posted by:pink floyd - 29 Jun, 2011
Uma Bharati is learned. She can even talk in Sanskrit. Rabdi Devi can even not speak pure Hindi.
Those who cannot find any differnce between these two are either illiterate or perverted.
shirish dave Replied to: pink floyd - 30 Jun, 2011
27: There is no singular politician in India who can match the guts of Mayawathi, a Dalit and Jayalalitha, a brahmin and ofcourse Mamtha.The former two openly announce their caste in caste ridden society dominated by Brahmins(UP)and Non Brahmins(Tamil nadu) respectively. Inspite of media hostility without any TV news channel to support her, she has withstood assault by media which highlight rapes in UP as if no rape is happening in rest of India.She immediately takes action against corrupt politicians and police whenever they come to her notice immediately unlike Manmohan. It is Brahmin Jayalalitha who had the guts to arrest women loving Shankaracharya of Kancheepuram.
Posted by:captainjohann - 29 Jun, 2011
rightly said Captain John, lets nurture analytical power to reasonably judge the calibre of women or men politicians in the country. Jaya may be a brahmin by birth but she demonstrated that she is not a castiest by arresting the jeyendra Saraswathi, a notorious castiest. I personally saw him avoid non-brahmins touch his feet while seeking his blessings. Jeyendran's arrest is an issue only for a few casteist and not of the people of Tamilnadu.
arun Replied to: captainjohann - 05 Jul, 2011
Yup. Arrest High Holiness Parama Poojya Sri Jayaendra Sarasvathi? And never be able substantiate anything against him & held him with no _provable_ charges.

These are the same politicians who could never bring the murderer & Sandalwood smuggler, elephant killer Veerappan to justice.

You are out of your mind Mr. captainjohann. You seem to worship violent power, no matter what its objective is, . . .

I have personally known a case where the henchmen of Mayawati broke into the house of a public servant and beat him to death, only to learn later that they had a mistaken identity of their enemy.
harit124 Replied to: captainjohann - 30 Jun, 2011
You are right Mr.captainjohn. Media creates a huge propaganda against UP government. However, public knows very well that how can happen lot of RAPE cases with in week. Is it created by opposition with help of media..? Mayawati also did a big mistake in last poll, she gave MPs MLAs tickets to whom, he came from another parties. Now they are creating such problems because they got elected from BSP but still they could not linked with BSP. They are now working for their old parties. In future, Mayawati keep in mind that things
Dr Mohan Lal Replied to: captainjohann - 30 Jun, 2011
31: Why we are missing some of them like Mrs.Sheela,Mrs.Sonia,Mrs.Mehbooba sheikh and Mrs.Vasundra Raje
Posted by:Love - 29 Jun, 2011
RAVI THAKUR Replied to: Love - 29 Jun, 2011
33: Mamata and Jayalalitha have mass support and they are actually fighting a cause in their respective States. Uma Bharti is an upstart, spoilt child and mostly without character in appearance and speech. Coming to Mayawati - not because she is dalit but a "women politician" - she is down right crass, all the time fuming maybe due to some deprivations in her earlier years, example of what a woman should not be, her list goes on as there is nothing positive about her and therefore perhaps she is heading the most unruly State in India.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 29 Jun, 2011
Posted by:RAVINDRA SHEGOKAR - 29 Jun, 2011
Ravindra seems to be very close associate of Bahan Mayawati (Most controvertial women on earth and highly curruptionist)
Chameli Replied to: RAVINDRA SHEGOKAR - 06 Jul, 2011
36: No politicians are free from controversies. They act and speak controversies to keep up themselves in the limelight. This is also a part of politics. To me, Mayawati Chamar and Mamata Banarjee are real politicians compared to Sonia Gandhi and late Indira Gandhi. The former two rose from the bottom with great struggle. The latter two got through with legacy of their family. Such legacies will continue till Indian women come to do jobs/business out of home.

Posted by:Maheswor Shrestha - 29 Jun, 2011
Right Mayavati is far better politician and social than these congressis and even Mamta Bannerjee, who get played at the hands of Muslim extremists for the political gains.
Gyani Replied to: Maheswor Shrestha - 29 Jun, 2011
it is very good time to identify our self and do work accordance to the instruction's of BABA Sahab .
By our pupils with our pupils and for our pupils.
Hitendra Replied to: Gyani - 13 Jul, 2011