Mobile phone popcorn 'hoax' hits YouTube

Mobile phone popcorn 'hoax' hits YouTube

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 25 July 2008, 03:13 Hrs
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Bangalore: After Gods' video hoaxes like Ganesha idols drinking milk offered to them, it is the time of videos of technology hoaxes doing rounds in the web world. Some home-made video clips on YouTube showing corn being popped by the heat generated by ringing mobile phones are getting thousands of clicks, reported Telegraph.

The four recently posted clips show corn kernels exploding after just a few seconds of being surrounded by ringing mobile phones.

Despite the scientific fact is that mobile phones do not produce heat anywhere near enough to cook popcorn, some YouTube viewers comment they are convinced that the clips provide more evidence of the dangers of technology.

However, most bloggers who watched the videos agree that they are hoaxes, but opinion is divided about how and why they were staged. The suspicion that they are part of a viral advertising campaign has been fuelled by similarities between the clips. The bloggers say that the videos' amateurish, home-made feel is contrived. "Each of the three videos have a similar stagey look and feel with three or four people sitting around a table," commented Steve Bass on his PC World blog.

Though the videos seem to be filmed by groups of friends in different countries - including the U.S., France and Japan - the clips were all posted by the same YouTube user, who set up his account last week and has posted no other videos.

Watch the video here.

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