Manmohan can change Indo-Pak equation

Manmohan can change Indo-Pak equation

Friday, 31 July 2009, 10:44 Hrs   |    6 Comments
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Manmohan can change Indo-Pak  equation
Islamabad: Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh can change the sub-continental strategic equation if politicians in both countries "care to listen to him", a leading English daily said Friday while analysing his defence of the India-Pakistan statement issued in Egypt.

"He is now about to change the Indo-Pak strategic equation if the politicians on both sides care to listen to him," an editorial in the Daily Times said, noting that Manmohan Singh had "proved his political stature once again".

"Despite platitudes about Singh being a 'weak' prime minister, he has proved once again that he is indeed the 'paradigmatic' leader after Jawaharlal Nehru," said the editorial, headlined "Singh's statesmanship".

Holding that India "owes its new stature in the world to him" for the economic reforms he initiated in 1991 as finance minister, the editorial said that Manmohan Singh could now bring about a paradigm shift in sub-continental ties.

It noted, in this context, that "many people in Pakistan have framed their view" of India-Pakistan relations "on cue from" Manmohan Singh.

"At the same time what Pakistan has done to help India in the post-Mumbai phase makes it clear that insinuations from some quarters in India about the state's involvement were far from true," the editorial said,

It added that it was "this kind of attitude" that Manmohan Singh and his Pakistani counter Yousuf Raza Gilani had "tried to counter by showing statesmanship" by their July 16 joint statement at Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

"The Cold Warriors in India should take heed from what Singh has said. Indeed, the brave statesmanlike initiatives of the Pakistani and Indian leaders should be applauded," Daily Times contended.

Dawn wrote in the same vein, noting that Manmohan Singh had "attempted a delicate balancing act" in his speech in parliament Wednesday by taking on his critics and denying any change in India's foreign policy.

"Essentially," Manmohan Singh had "argued that the joint statement reflected his opinion that Pakistan, in the absence of the composite dialogue, should not claim that it cannot take action against transnational terrorist groups simply because the dialogue is on hold", said the editorial, headlined "PM Singh explains".

Asking whether Manmohan Singh's critics had "won and forced him to back away from what appeared to be an attempt to improve ties with Pakistan", the editorial replied: "Not necessarily."

Praising the prime minister's speech, it seems that he is still holding out one hand to Pakistan while trying to fend off his domestic detractors with the other, Dawn said.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(6)
1: It is next to impossible to expect any thing positve from this government. If really had MMS been capable he would had shown during his first term. But we have seen what had been happened in his first term. We have come across failure at all level. The RTI commissioners are trying hard to nullify the whole spirit of the RTI Act. And we are going to miss the last positive aspect of MMS rule.
Posted by:shirish dave - 01 Aug, 2009
2: He may be right, but are India's politicians relating to him? Is he relating to them? Are they relating to Indian needs - are they relevant at all?
Posted by:Frank A Hilario - 31 Jul, 2009
In a recent opion pole 58% of respondent have supported Mr.Singh. With the passage of time and on more debate people are convinced that his vision is right and this is the only way to improve relation.
N.K.Choudhary. Replied to: Frank A Hilario - 01 Aug, 2009
4: Mr. Singh is on right track. If politicians from India and Pakistan can rise above politics and think about ordinary people only, then pardigm shift is possible, it happened before in history. I cannot stress enough on the importance of getting along with neighbours for growth and stability. This is not only a noble idea, it is also a shrewd political step, endorsed in philosophical works like, "Geeta", "Bible" also. So let us all encourage peice,If we cannot leave clean air for our offsprings to breathe, atleast leave a peiceful environment.
Posted by:Rachna - 31 Jul, 2009
5: This Indian Prime Minister is the first one I know who's open to reason. It's very refreshing. He may be looked upon as "weak" because of his reluctance to engage in wars. I would say he's the most powerful individual in India at the present time because of his ability to reason through logic. He's a brave man.
Posted by:FirstOpinion - 31 Jul, 2009
6: ya u can assume all u want.How can u assume something like this? I dont think it lies in one persons' personality to chnge this issue. manmohan is nt
Posted by:sagarika - 31 Jul, 2009