Maharashtra, India's Home to Domestic Violence

Maharashtra, India's Home to Domestic Violence

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 31 January 2012, 12:49 Hrs   |    5 Comments
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Domestic Violence

Bangalore: Maharashtra has registered the highest number of domestic violence cases in India during 2010-11 time period followed by the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. While physical violence such as beating up under the influence of alcohol to routine slapping and emotional and verbal assaults are the most common domestic violence against women under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act (PWDVA), sexual abuse by husbands are found on the increase, reveals a report titled ‘Staying Alive: 5th Monitoring and Evaluation 2012 on PWDVA, by an NGO called Lawyers’ Collective Women’s Right Initiative.

The survey done with in collaboration with the International Centre for Research on Women and UN Women reveals that economic abuse is the most rampant form of violence in Maharashtra while Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka registered highest number of economic and physical abuse.  The state of Maharashtra reported 2,433 cases, Andhra Pradesh came second with 1,174 cases and Karnataka third with 1,013 cases.  Madhya Pradesh and Kerala came in fourth and fifth positions with 882 and 631 cases respectively.

The NGO drew the findings on the analysis of various orders issued by the magistrate and sessions courts for a time span of one year, from April 2010 to March 2011, in 16 states. The comprehensive survey analyzed over 7,500 orders and it was found that married women filed most number of cases followed by divorced women and widows.

The survey reveals that despite the increasing number of women filing complaints relating to sexual abuse, the courts do not seem to have noticed the existence of sexual violence in India in the orders passed by them. While forced sexual intercourse is the most commonly filed sexual abuse in the country, illicit relationships, refusal to have sexual relationship with wife, and forced to watch pornography are some of major forms of sexual abuse.

Being thrown out of matrimonial home which results in dispossession, is the most common economic abuse; however, demanding dowry, denial to maintain wife and children, denial of medical care, causing starvation and confinement are also reported in many India.

However, the report did not have a pleasant take on the budget allocation as it was quite critical on the lack of adequate schemes for the implementation of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.

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Reader's comments(5)
1: 631 for 1.5 crore female population of Kerala is pretty high. In such studies one should look at crime per 10000 or 1 million female population.
Posted by:Prof (Maj) VK Premanthan - 01 Feb, 2012
2: In my opinion, Maharashtrian women are aware of their rights than other women in the country. Therefore, they come forward and filed the complaints. If you see the north indian women, they are still undergoing lots of domestic violence, they dont have say in their house and male dominating families. Therefore, these women dont come forward to file the complaints. Even well educated female from well established houses are undergoing through these type of treatments. We Maharashtrial always come forward to change the society and fight for the injustice. You can go through the history of Maharashtra for the same.
Posted by:manisha - 01 Feb, 2012
3: Basically the Act is stupid. The number of cases has not much connection to what really happens. Where actually there is stifling and violence, there will be no case.
Where there is less stifling and more capacity for the women and her parents' family members, there will be cases.
The number of cases just point to some other malaise, not neccessarily connected to what is propounded in the stupid Act.
The very fact that Maharashtra, which houses Bombay, Andhra Pradesh which houses Hydrabad and Karnataka which houses Bangalore came into the forefront of these cases also point to this fact.
Posted by:Ved from Victoria Institutions - 31 Jan, 2012
Child harassment also come under domestic violence where the adopted parents beat them like hell with out giving proper food and leaving them on roads. Child shiver in cold, burn in sun and starve with out food walking bare foot on roads in a hot summer. Where her real parents are far away from her at the age of 5 to sleep in moms lap and play with sibling. Act is of utter waste.

Act is there only for the name sake. But there many situations where the victim can not go and file a complain against the person. Not only wives even sisters and mothers are facing same kind of problems, where the person can not come out and speak about it due to some interlinked relationships.

May be due to male dominance these kind of violence still exist.

abc Replied to: Ved from Victoria Institutions - 31 Jan, 2012
Nonsense! It is not a male verses issues, but of the overall meanness of the Indian culture. Women are also terrible to other women. Basically Indians are terrible to other Indians.
See my blog post on Silicon India: Idiocy of the
Indian Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act!
Ved from Victoria Institutions Replied to: abc - 31 Jan, 2012