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MPs Armed with iPads: Is This a New Beginning?

By Binu Paul, SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 05 September 2011, 16:18 Hrs   |    38 Comments
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The heaps of paperwork and the dragging administrative process is said to be the reason behind this idea. Anil Madhav Dave, a Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Madhya Pradesh says, "Technologically advanced devices such as Apple iPad will reduce the use of paper which in turn will reduce the laborious red tape." The MP who uses the wonder product from Apple to organize his personal tour planning, managing parliament works and news reading, feels it will reduce the paper work by 89-90 percent and will put an end to the delay in administrative process.

Ipad or Galaxy tab

A prominent leader of All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazagham Dr. V. Maitreyan says, "It's an effort to minimize if not eliminate the use of paper. Various reports from the parliament including debates, question lists and similar programs are compacted in iPad and I can access every program of parliament in this device. It's easier to handle and is very user friendly."

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Reader's comments(38)
1: iPads, if permitted inside the parliament will be used as missiles. However, transparency in the political system will only come if the politicians understand that there actions are no being watched by the public, and they can be questioned. Their articulation is now as important as the content of what they speak.
Posted by:mike rana - 09 Sep, 2011
corrections, there = their, no = now,
mike rana Replied to: mike rana - 09 Sep, 2011
3: computer allowance to 200,000 rupees. are they buying super computers or what
Posted by:Lathish - 06 Sep, 2011
4: what about MPs' who are using thump impressions?how an we expect some Illiterates to use Ipad?how can our MP will give the traditional methods of rioting the parliament?why there is no tenders to acquire the same?Rs,50,000 isn't more for an ipad or galaxy tab?
Bulk purchase will reduce the cost,yeh to jaise bander ke hatom mein jhinjhuna dene ke barabar hai.
Posted by:ghaus - 06 Sep, 2011
Fully agree and love your comment.
nityanand Replied to: ghaus - 10 Sep, 2011
6: Given the quality of education of our MPs it would be expecting too much from them. The MPs are not at all committed towards their ward. The neglect is everywhere in India to see.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 06 Sep, 2011
7: Son of MP: Papa, I need Tablet PC.
MP: Arrre..... bachua hum parliament me awaaz uthaunga... Humka Tab milna chaiye.... Chinta nahin karo 1 din me bill pass ho jaayega je koi lokpal ka bill thode hai jao chain se so jao...
Posted by:Hemant - 06 Sep, 2011
Son of Common Man:Peetaj, i need Tablet Pc.
Mango Man: Abe , Sas.. ke nati, 2 waqt ki Roti nahin milti ... crosin ki tablet kha le .. Maaf kar
Rakesh Replied to: Hemant - 06 Sep, 2011
Narrow minded people ...shut your mouth
Harry Replied to: Rakesh - 06 Sep, 2011
10: they too want to play angry birds :)
Posted by:atul - 06 Sep, 2011
Let them play angry birds or whatever. Doesn't matter. As long as they learn to use technology, which will ultimately bring in efficiency.
Aubrey Replied to: atul - 06 Sep, 2011
12: shameless creatures
Posted by:boss - 06 Sep, 2011
13: It's purely wasting of money which meant for public works. some of MPs are sitting in parliament for formality shake. God please save INDIA from these white dressed public fund violators
Posted by:RP Singh - 06 Sep, 2011
14: does govt of India had any deal with Apple. co? wasting our income TAX money.
Posted by:muktakesh - 06 Sep, 2011
15: As i could see this clearly shows the how baboons rules The state, this step has been taken at the time when Government itself is developing a new Low cost similar device for poor children for same purpose which has been proposed for this step. like taking notes and e-learning, would have been a great move if they would have been equipped with that, similar thing happened earlier when this government was in tussle with blackberry devices operator RIM and at same time whole Income Tax department officials were distributed with same devices. This small decisions clearly shows that this government doesn't work in cohesive manner synergistic its actions and policies which is harming tax payers and the state at large
Posted by:Arunabh - 05 Sep, 2011
The question is how many MP's are Computer Literate? Laloo I am sure will use it as a Spittoon.
Mahen Replied to: Arunabh - 05 Sep, 2011
This is not a fair comment. Aubrey
Aubrey Replied to: Mahen - 06 Sep, 2011
18: It is a good idea if it's purposed is achieved. If it fails, it is just like giving an IIT seat to those who achieved or scored '0' marks.
Posted by:Prakash - 05 Sep, 2011
19: The Govt just finds unusual ways to misuse taxpayers money. Some years back many MPs, MLAs and Ministers were touring foreign countries in the name of learning their administrative system. I really dont know what they have learned. They must've learned new ways to bang our money. Govt will be ready to spend not just 50,000 bucks but 1lac on 30,000 worth goods and eat the rest of the money like bandicoots and rodents feeding on crop.
Posted by:surya - 05 Sep, 2011
20: Well said, Langoor k haath me Angoor
Posted by:Izu - 05 Sep, 2011
21: We can only hope that it would not lead to more scientific and efficient way of doing nothing...
Posted by:Bharat Shodhi - 05 Sep, 2011
22: wasting our money
Posted by:Abhijit - 05 Sep, 2011
23: Is ipad really required for them, when almost half of them are not educated. I think they will not use it , instead pass it to their near & dear ones. Sheer waste of money.
Posted by:Naveen Mathur - 05 Sep, 2011
Please, please, most of our MP's are educated folk. it is the system that is at fault. Also, it is educated people who get them into Parliament by not casting your vote.
Aubrey Replied to: Naveen Mathur - 06 Sep, 2011
they cant even use a cell phone properly. And they want to use a tab. and they make rules saying, "you cannot drive without a license and bull sheet"
surya Replied to: Naveen Mathur - 05 Sep, 2011
Naveen is 110% right. Many of MPs have nothing to do with
English & education. Add corrupt & criminal record of some 30% or more who look for ways to manipulate realities. To make them technically sound has more prospects of using it
other way means for upgrading corruption. The value paid is
higher to much higher while these lootere already earn more
than they deserve. They have a lot of room to equip themselves the way they want rather than wasting money on renovations of office and temp residences. In short there is no end to WASTE public money in near future Alas!
Bharat Replied to: Naveen Mathur - 05 Sep, 2011
If Goverment wants them to use TAB's let them shelout money from their own pocket why use our money & instead of giving them 50,000K fund some money to build a School for poor children who are the up-comming leaders of INDIA.

These people just want some or the other reasons to waste our money 7 make the country poor.
Aussie Replied to: Bharat - 06 Sep, 2011
No use of any comments,they will charge you with attack on their priveleged status.They wont stop looting helpless public.An other example Delhi MLAs have doubled their salaries,at whose cost
Ripin Replied to: Bharat - 05 Sep, 2011
And these sons of honey BEES and BASKETS cant guarantee a basic price for agricultural produce to farmers. They dont pay excracia to victims of terrorists attacks, survivors of Police and Armed Personnel, they cant bring back our soldiers in Pakistan and they give speeches at RED FORT about integrity and nationality and other stuff. I wish i could hang them at the very fort like wintermelons used as nazar
surya Replied to: Ripin - 05 Sep, 2011
30: I think they are paying much more than required. The price of an I-pad or Galaxy tab is not more than 30,000 rs. then why are they paying 50,000 bucks. Government should think before funding.
Posted by:Shiva - 05 Sep, 2011
31: Any damn facility comes to mind, they will be given. Why not to use ? Coward Indians will keep paying for it.
Posted by:jks - 05 Sep, 2011
32: haha.... lamgoor ke muh me angoor.... :P
Posted by:Dinesh singh - 05 Sep, 2011
33: The remarkable move by Rajya Sabha made it mandatory for all the MP's to own a tablet and increased their computer allowance to 200,000 rupees.

Buying and giving the I-pads at taxpayers' cost to politicians.

is easy but who will teach them how to use them? Intelligence needed to use them cannot be mandated as it needs expertise which may be a rare commodity among the majority of politicians.

This culture of possessing technological items is international but most of these publicly funded gadgets have been observed to have ended in the hands of children and young relatives of those who received them or just remained unused until they became obsolete or new models come and then they are replaced again.

It was reported that some of the film stars replaced their hand phones every three months or when the telcos gave them their latest models as a promotion. It is never stated as to what happened to the older models.

The film stars can do this as there is never any need for accountability but the politicians get theses expensive 'toys' at tax payers' expense.

The C & A G India should look into it as the total cost for the Central and State Governments, not to mentions other organizations can be in several crores of public funds.

Politicians may also be doing the same thing.
Posted by:Gursharan Singh - 05 Sep, 2011
Poor fellows unable to buy one from their swiss accounts
SUDESH Replied to: Gursharan Singh - 06 Sep, 2011
35: how many can read/write English....and how many know how to switch on the ipad
Posted by:selvan - 05 Sep, 2011
Mr.Selvan, u r absolutely correct.Even people who knows english may not be knowing to use this kind of gadgets.It is a pity that these law makers r looting the country.Computer allowance of 2lakhs is daytime robbery.How many more allowances r there which we public don't know yet.BHARAT MATHA KI JAI. np
NPNAIR Replied to: selvan - 05 Sep, 2011
Their children can use
sudesh Replied to: NPNAIR - 06 Sep, 2011
These MPs should be given a Slate atleast they could learn how to write English
Kiran Replied to: sudesh - 06 Sep, 2011