Java vs. .Net: Java programmers gain the edge
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Java vs. .Net: Java programmers gain the edge

By Benny Thomas   |   Wednesday, 30 December 2009, 09:54 Hrs   |    57 Comments
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Java vs. .Net: Java programmers gain the edge
Bangalore: With the markets soaring towards recovery, IT companies have started hiring again. A quick survey of the recruiting trends has revealed that amidst the hiring spree Java programmers are gaining the edge over .Net professionals. Though, this trend has been present in the market for quite some time, the cost-cutting factor has led companies to prefer Java programmers more. "Java is more in demand because it is open source, which is comparatively cheaper than using .Net, so companies have started adopting Java," says Anuj Agrawal, Director of Zyoin.

The flexibility that Java brings through its open source framework, has made it more popular. .NET in its complete form can only be installed on computers running a Microsoft Windows operating system, whereas Java can be installed on computers running any operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, Mac OS or Windows.

Rishi Das, Co-founder and CEO of CareerNet Consulting feels that the increase in the number of online startups is also fueling the demand for Java programmers. "Java is in demand because there are more companies developing user interface and web applications for their clients. The rise in popularity of software as a service (SAAS) model is also giving the edge to the Java professionals," he says. Das also adds that only major players like Dell, Sapient, Citrix and MindTree are hiring .Net professionals because they have been using the Microsoft platform for a long time now.

Though, the trend shows that Java programmers are gaining over their .Net counterparts, there are some who feel that there are verticals where .Net has its own advantage. "Though there is an equal demand for both Java and .Net programmers, our clients in verticals like BFSI and telecom still prefer .Net," says Namitha Vyas, Team Integrator at an IT recruitment firm.

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Reader's comments(57)
1: Hi friends,
I am pursuing MCA. I had basic knowledge in both Java & .NET. But now, i am in a little bit confusion to choose either Java or .NET and make my career in that language. Please guide me in this context.
Can i switch over from one language to another after gaining experience in one particular language, or not ?
Will the experience in one language(.NET) put any effect while going for an interview for other language(Java) ?
Posted by:Hemant Kumar - 20 Dec, 2011
2: I m a M.C.A student . i do 6 month project so what i chose java or .net or web designing.which is better for my future career.
Posted by:anita - 25 Aug, 2010
It's easier with Visual studio and .net.
Also on the desktop .net has the edge in design tools and runtime performance. See:
john Replied to: anita - 03 Sep, 2010
4: I made my first project in MCA in .NET 2005 I got it is a easy to learn and Programmer friendly While now Im doing work on Struts framework then I feel java is not easy as much as .NET and now I want to make my last sem project in JMS java messaging... Its tough.
Then frnds if u want to learn how logic s are apply and u dont have tym to know about how I have to write code in java/any other language then u should choose easier one because ultimately outcome matters, how effective is this not platform.
Posted by:Priyanka Singh - 28 Jan, 2010
Programing is not an easy job and .net IDE makes you only operator of ms office not sw developer so if want to accept the scale of programing then java is vary better then .net
Bhawesh Jha Replied to: Priyanka Singh - 12 Apr, 2010
6: Nice post.
I learned .Net 3.5 and C# 2008 during my academics. but in my internship i got a project in JAVA(J2EE). Ann from almost a year, I'm working with Java. So I am experienced with both of them and I believe that both of them have their own importance. Java is platform-independent whereas .Net is more simple from development perspective.
It depends on the type of application we want to develop.
But one important thing is 'Java is a free of cost and open source'.
Posted by:Tejas Shah - 19 Jan, 2010
7: i think java is far more forward then .net bcoz it is open source ,plateform independent,and most of the big application developed through the use of java and the most important factor for java is the use of SWING. but we can also say that .net tech also have there advantage .
1.easy to start with .net plateform .
2.better GUI then java.
3.easy language to start for students.
but as for future aspect java consider to be more demanded then .net.
but i dont bother with these languages bcoz i m doing databse and wanna be DBA.
Posted by:piyush - 16 Jan, 2010
hey.. i share the same interest as u do(DBA). please do tell if u are doing any type of certification for this.
dakshi Replied to: piyush - 24 Mar, 2010
9: Thnx nice post...
i'll go 4 java..
I want to create small apps r games 4 practice,can anybody suggest me some free ebook
Posted by:M.S - 15 Jan, 2010
10: I have read all the comment,some people says that java is in demand and some says that .Net in demand,but according the market senario .Net have higher chances of getting the job for fresher.because java required the experience to get the job.
Posted by:shail - 06 Jan, 2010
thank you!
i just found the right words in your speech
Suvam Das Replied to: shail - 08 Jul, 2010
12: the survey is exactly right.... Java developers are more precious than the .Net developers..... Java developers can alone be used for Research and Development....
Posted by:Srinivasan Krishnamoorthy - 05 Jan, 2010
13: hi guys,
i had learnt java but i was told that it is useless for getting a job without any work experience in it
so i had skipped to information system as my professional course
so can any one suggest me whether i can still succeed in getting a job with my basic java knowledge
Posted by:ranjit ravindra - 03 Jan, 2010
.NET and Java have their own pros and cons. I hate guys like Srinivasan praising Java without even having any fundamental knowledge on .NET.

It is very prominent that there are more openings for Java, but .NET is newer compared to Java - 7 years younger - and we should keep it in mind.

I started my career in .NET and moved to Java later. I find .NET as more programmer friendly with excellent APIs and IDE. Certainly, .NET is as stable as Java (I must say .NET web server is more stable than useless IBM web servers).

At the same time, Java is economical from customers' point of view - in terms of license - and is platform independent. Even the coding cost is lesser as there are plenty of open source options available for common functionalities.

The market is driven by customers, not by programmers. That is why Java gains the edge.
Ben Replied to: ranjit ravindra - 05 Jan, 2010
thanx man.. very clear and excellent answer
Mahesh Replied to: Ben - 07 Jan, 2010
Great Reply i do agree.
M Islam Replied to: Ben - 05 Jan, 2010
17: .NET - Standardization, Rapid Application Development, Integration
Java - Open source, stable, slightly slower to development(thanks to eclipse), flexibilty

With these distinguished set of features, companies try to make balance between competition and cost. Market conditions make the pendulum swing.

Posted by:venky zealous - 02 Jan, 2010
18: java is rocking than .net because you can make money if you know java ....who said there is no GUI FOR JAVA ....SWING IS THERE .....Netbeans and Eclipse IDE'S helps to create java projects ...everything is an opensource in java technology but in .NET?
Posted by:SRINIVASAN - 02 Jan, 2010
19: java and .Net think are poles apart with respect to hw they work. .Net is more user friendly having a well designed GUI which is not present in JAVA. And .Net makes your work a lot easier providing u wid all the tools u require. I was a .Net professional bt nw shifted to unix/c plus plus
Posted by:Deepjyoti - 01 Jan, 2010
20: I m a M.C.A student and wanna chose one in which i do 6 mnth project so what i chose java or .net
Posted by:yogeesh - 01 Jan, 2010
yogesh go over java if nt getting project on java then select .net
i prefer first java even right now working on .net
ashish Replied to: yogeesh - 05 Jan, 2010
Hi Yogesh,
select the platform i.e java 0r .Net to start your carrier first? take enough time & expert advice... For a beginner Java will be little difficult to cope up but if start early you will be ready for the java market when you come out from college turn .Net also same here. but .Net seems to be more exciting when you learn initially. But both are like pillars best suggestion is go for .Net... .. as i am a java developer and currently working on .Net
Adithya Replied to: yogeesh - 05 Jan, 2010
23: but i'm an iphone developer :P
Posted by:abhinav - 31 Dec, 2009
Google will ruin iPhone soon...
Dean Replied to: abhinav - 31 Dec, 2009
can't happen, mobile devices are highly based on hardware. As far as I know Apple is far ahead of Google in this field where their OS and hardware integrates best. Provide longest battery time so far compared to their competitors.
Google,Microsoft and other based on other vendors for hardware related task, while apple don't. Android developer can't develop freely since their are so many different type of android devices available and they have no idea for what they are developing for(screen size and memory), same dilema that symbian developer use to face. But with iphone you know what you are developing for. Market tells the story look at iphone and ipad sales, while nokia and android phones are popular too but they are too fragmented.
Dhawal Jaiswal Replied to: Dean - 27 Aug, 2010
26: Thanks GOD am a database expert.....:)
Posted by:piyush - 31 Dec, 2009
can u give some idea how are database expert.
i mean in order do job on database platform we should have some experience. how u achieve it?
Akheel Replied to: piyush - 01 Jan, 2010
Database needs some front-ends... So you need to be either Java or .NET dev... :D
Praveen Kumar Replied to: piyush - 31 Dec, 2009
This is not the tension of database expert to develop front end......So i dont think tht a database expert needs to know java or >net
baljinder Replied to: Praveen Kumar - 01 Jan, 2010
30: java Vs .net its end less discussion
let's guys concentrate on your Job whom so ever is perfect in any technology will get good hit hard on the technology u are...All d best

Posted by:Ranjeet Kumar - 30 Dec, 2009
You hit the nail on the head buddy! What matters is not the technology but the business problem to be solved and the time at hand. Given the two constraints, whichever technology suits should be adopted.
Sudh Replied to: Ranjeet Kumar - 03 Jan, 2010
32: GOLMAAL Remember Work is God n Health is Wealth.
Posted by:Gods must be crazy - 30 Dec, 2009
33: The best thing I personally find about Java is that it's core architecture has remain the same since the first initial version some 12-15 years ago. For .net, Microsoft had been changing technologies frequently. The options on Microsoft platform's are very little. There is vendor lock-in. In Java, you can have many open source tools available for free of cost.
Posted by:Pratik - 30 Dec, 2009
@Pratik, please also consider the steep learning curve involved in mastering Java and developer productivity when assessing/deciding the technologies. As far as options go, there is little that can only be done in either Java or .NET and not possible in the other technology.
As far as vendor lock-in goes, it will be your bane unless you follow Google's not-invented-here philosophy.
Sudh Replied to: Pratik - 03 Jan, 2010
35: Open Source is for Clients having less money to invest on development, whereas the big Clients always prefer paid solution so .NET is always has its Advantage.

And as u can guess now, I am a .net Programmer
Posted by:Manish - 30 Dec, 2009
It is not just clients having less budget. Since we are customers getting the same outsource in less money is the matter.

Java has more adaptability with any new technologies..
prakash Replied to: Manish - 31 Dec, 2009
37: There is no competition between Java & .Net
Both have thier own importance in there particalure fields.
Posted by:Aryan Amarjeet - 30 Dec, 2009
38: Bad news....where do we go then?
Posted by:SCV - 30 Dec, 2009
Java is a language which have actully a spirit of programming.A way to run in open road for open minded has rooms to share people from every background like O.S,Database,Web,Networking,OOPS,Mobile..etc.Working on java like a long race horse which has portabilty to run easily on every pitch(platform) but in start there may be some trouble to cope with pitch but ones you pick it up with good understanding then after a short run to long run you will be winner for all time in race of best programmer and will more in demand and highly paid. but if go with .net then think as a horse of short run after short run pitch will not be change but change will be in horse, because your new horse is able to run only one pitch window, Even Microsoft want then can also make .net to be able to run on every pitch but then who will prefer to run on window that a big problem.
Vikas Arora Replied to: SCV - 01 Jan, 2010
Update Yourself
Hemant Replied to: SCV - 30 Dec, 2009
Is there any button yo update..ourself
Dean Replied to: Hemant - 31 Dec, 2009
42: Yes you are right Mr.Rushikesh. Everyone will not go with open source. Many of business uses instant type of UI and wont waste of their time. So it wont affect any one. Moreover, if there is upcoming new versions of .net only means will sort out this situation.
Posted by:Lakshmi - 30 Dec, 2009
43: Ya now days the cost cutting factor is important.And for startup companies it is best option to go with Java & mySql combination with Linux.
Posted by:Yogiraj Mahajan - 30 Dec, 2009
@Yogiraj, please verify with your sources. Microsoft has a program to support startups and it is called Bizspark ( so the rationale that MS is not for startups is not true
Sudh Replied to: Yogiraj Mahajan - 03 Jan, 2010
45: Java is best because it is open source, platform independent.
Posted by:Manjuanth - 30 Dec, 2009
46: That is positive side of market :), open source is hardly matters for large enterprise application and solutions. No doubt about reliability, flexibility and interoperability of Java but .Net has more options for business applications. Lot of companies are following mix-match approach where UI and Business module they are using .Net and for Security and Database module they are using Java.

An Application Architect
Posted by:Rushikesh - 30 Dec, 2009
Yes you are right Mr.Rushikesh. Everyone will not go with open source. Many of business uses instant type of UI and wont waste of their money and time. So it wont affect any one. Moreover, if there is upcoming new versions of .net only means will sort out this situation.
Lakshmi Replied to: Rushikesh - 30 Dec, 2009
i agree with Lakshmi. a java developer cannot cope with .net product but a .net devloper can do same sort of programming in java. and moreover microsoft has added visual j in its studio. and same as java, i mostly prefer .net devlopment scenario as the product development is faster than in java.
As in .net we can prepare a front in almost a day, rather than wasting 3-4 days in java for same thing. although .net is not open source but the security features in windows apps and web apps are more powerful than in java technologies.
i am developer in both java and .net, i mostly prefer .net for production.
Jazz Replied to: Lakshmi - 03 Jan, 2010
49: i can't fully agree to that, what explains the projects being ported from Java to .Net then?
i have not done my homework, but then i can assure you that .Net has it's edge as well... this comes from a database developer :-)
Posted by:Allen - 30 Dec, 2009
.net has it's own advantages? such as what?

I am a PHP developer and fully support open source platforms and since Java went open source too that one fact alone pushes Java as a viable platform over and above whatever .net could ever offer.

It was like the same flame war a few years ago between RoR and PHP - RoR (obviously) lost out - my opinion is that .net is going the same way.

Learn from the past people - open source is the way of the future.
Les Replied to: Allen - 30 Dec, 2009
as per salaries concern and fast developement ..dotnet guys gets hi-fi salaries when compare with java..and for java technologies no more boundary and no more one don't know what to learn...but for dotnet ,guys gets good commanding over java.
kumar Replied to: Les - 30 Dec, 2009
I don't believe that .net developers get more salaries than java developers. It can't be.
Amit Replied to: kumar - 31 Dec, 2009
Allen the reason is clearly stated in the article man. Open source, free and no env dependency
Simrat Replied to: Allen - 30 Dec, 2009
what is future of php
gaurav Replied to: Simrat - 31 Dec, 2009
php has a bright future as number of web increase very fast, as it good looks and easy to understand.
pushpak Replied to: gaurav - 05 Jan, 2010
PHP can't survive no longer as it not suitable for heavy applications.
Tintz Replied to: gaurav - 31 Dec, 2009
so you think PHP was made for developing small applications .......
what do you think about Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube and Wikipedia ?
are those small applications ?

Think again ..........
rohit Replied to: Tintz - 31 Dec, 2009