It is Worth to Exit the Business to let it Grow

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Fremont: Entrepreneurs struggle to launch a business with full enthusiasm and motivation. But sometimes it happens that after achieving a certain level of satisfaction and goal, they lose focus on their business and especially when they have a new and brilliant idea to pursue. At those moments, even if the existing business has potential to grow in the market and earn a larger share of profit, it does not happen due to the negligence of the entrepreneur.

Being the CEO of the business, the executives wait for them to take all the decisions and sometimes fail to grab the best opportunity for their business. At such moments, it is better for the entrepreneurs to leave their business to let it grow, because they care for their business, for their family and for those associated with the business like employees, vendors and clients. An entrepreneur will never want his goodwill to be damaged in the market and among the customers which he had created in the long run and with great efforts. In such situations, it is better to exit the business and let it grow under the shade of someone experienced who can take the business to the next level.

If the business is build to get acquired in the future date, then it is worth exiting it during a time when the entrepreneur fails to provide attention to it. This might help the acquirer’s business to add a new service or product line to their business or by enhancing an existing service or product line through the addition of the entrepreneur’s company, thus bringing additional value to your company.
It is not enough to build a business worth a fortune, but it is important to let it grow even if it costs your exit. The entrepreneurs should have an exit strategy to get the money back out from the time he plans to build the business. An exit plan prepares the owner for the inevitable transition of his business, whether it is expected, unexpected or the result of undesirable circumstances that can and do arise.

The exit may be expected or unexpected. An unexpected circumstance occurs due to biological events such as death of the entrepreneur, becomes ill or disabled, becomes lunatic, or too old to run the business efficiently. Due to sentiments attached with the biological reasons, few startup entrepreneurs do not make an exit strategy; as a result, they are left to deal with the muddle of unknowns amid the highly emotional and sometimes financial losses of the owners.

A good exit plan will pay off by helping the owner to maximize company value, minimize tax implications, better enabling to achieve business and personal goals and insuring business continuity, thus focusing on the growth of the employees and associated persons too. It will help the entrepreneur to concentrate more on his new project thus putting in more time and energy along with resources.

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