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Is the World Isolating Muslims?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 03 October 2011, 02:35 Hrs   |    56 Comments
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Bangalore: 9/11 was the day that changed the way the world looked at Isam, a day that spread Islamophobia like a virus, and a day that Muslims chose the path of self-designed social isolation. However, this day of historic horror should also be seen as a milestone on the long road the world was already travelling.


Is Social segregation unavoidable to protect the Muslim identity? The conservative Muslim communities ask the believers to be segregated from the secular society to be truth to their faith. "We need to be protected," they argue and the only way out is to live apart from cultures other than that of Islam. However, isolation as a strategy has proved defective and failed to make the Islamic-way of life any better time and over again. Many surveys have highlighted the increasing divide and feeling of isolation among the Muslims, which is many believe is by and large brought about by the same community with its self-designed social isolation and self-estrangement. According to a survey on coexistence by pollsters Gallup, the European Muslims fear far more isolated than those living in the United States. A report on British Muslims finds that nevarly 80 per cent Muslims in the country suffered Islamophobia. Another study says schools run by Muslim boards in Britain are becoming increasingly disconnected from society, and some are even going the extremist line.

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Reader's comments(56)
1: Anybody of any race who is running against humanity will be isolated by others.. after all god has sent us on earth to live and let live, not for live and let die..no religion teaches hatred, they only teach us love.How anybody violating the basic rules of his own religion, can survive with other holding their's principles?.
Posted by:Sushant - 07 Oct, 2011
2: this is all foretold by our elders this is where we are coming to the end.Muslims will definetly be isolated and the true muslims who have not gone astray from the path of quran and Prophet will have a test.Of course everybody here are for a test.No one can live forever in this world.Muslims who think that Islam should change according to the modern times should know one thing that when prophet (PBUH) Declared Kalima the situation in Arab at that time was worst than current situation.At that time also People relatives of prophet told him the same thing which Modern Muslims are telling,But Allah only supports the pure.Islam is a religion of sacrifice and this was shown by Prophet and his followers.So what if people publish stories that Muslims will be isolated,vanish,perished etc..Even non believers will also die one day.So don't worry about these articles be a true muslim whether its there or not or whatever we believe in allah,Prophet,aaqiraah,angels,judgement day there is no second thought about it.
Posted by:Shaik Abdul Kaleem - 04 Oct, 2011
You are right my brother.
a Person Replied to: Shaik Abdul Kaleem - 06 Oct, 2011
4: Well, none religion needs to be protected or prove...religion in itself is a proven & authentic. Regardless to speak about its association with any voilent activitees.
Posted by:Mudassar - 03 Oct, 2011
5: Bin Laden is not Allah or he is not the representative for the entire muslim population of the world.We Indian should not forget APJ Abdul Kalam-one of the best president of our nation,A.R Rahaman- legend of music world and many more are from muslims. If muslims try to isolate then their going to be the looser. When you serve whole heartily for the betterment of our country and the betterment of human kind only then you are real musilms. No religion preaches terrorism every religion educates us to love every living creature. Isolation is just a suicide attempt and i would say that the most worst path.I know musilms are very united thats their mantra for survival and you should use your unity to unite further with the world rather than isolation. Its upto the musilms whether they choose the path of bin laden or APJ Abdul Kalam. Good is always loved and evil is always hated so try to be good...
Posted by:B.Dharani Pathi - 03 Oct, 2011
Do you know who recommended APJ for presdent? pl leave ur anger trust in human welbeing and peace. Misunderstanding is fact leads to diverse the actual.. pray for ur welbeing
khursheed Replied to: B.Dharani Pathi - 08 Oct, 2011
7: Islamisation of the whole world is in fact is the hidden agenda ever since it originated in style and substance. To a great extend in fact it achieved results as of now.
But over the last few decades the objectives came out public demonstrated thru their erreoneous moves, and ever since rest of the religions realized about it and would automatically regulated from further enhancement in all parts of the world in due course. So dont worry about it anymore.
Posted by:humanrace - 03 Oct, 2011
8: Yes, it is true, they are isolating because of their acts and wisdom. No Muslim wants to raise voice against Kashmiri Hindus nor Brutual Killings at Kerala, Illegal immigrants looting Assam, and other North Eastern States. They want separate Law, Separate treatment etc, still wants major cream from majority hindus by just blackmailing thepoliticians in the name of Votes,Black Monet, Terrorism. they do not thing first they are Indians and then they are Muslims. Their below proverty status, illetricy , Social Status all because they belive in their religious heads rather than what ISLAM stands for. No rich Muslim wants to join hands for the upliftment of socially and educationally backward Muslims only joins them in mass prayers or on the eve of Muslim festivals to show the social bond. Still the intellectuals in Muslim community changes the minds of their community brothren to become more educated, Social Importance and alligience to their country which is more than any religion will definitely makes Muslims one of the finest Human brotheren in this world. Think and act.
Posted by:mrao - 03 Oct, 2011
9: I have love for Muslims,they are nice people, i grew up with Muslims as my best friends.I am an Hindu but I love all human beings irrespective of their religion, caste or colour. Among all religions there are good and bad people.There is no need for Muslims to be feeling isolated as they too are part and parcel of our world culture and society.
Posted by:solitairebala - 03 Oct, 2011
10: It is upto Muslim community to uplift the poor downtrodden by educating them not through madrassa which gives conservative education but to open children mind to the present world. Teach them the right way to compit in the world. What the poor muslims (the terrorists) are doing is as follows: A teacher drew a straight line on the black board and asked the students in the class to make the line short without erasing the part of the line. No one could do it but a wise student got up and drew a line longer than the one on board and said the first line is shorter than the one he drew. All over the world all influential muslims shoud get united and use the funds of Osama bin Laden to bring up muslims and remove their poverty. The Gulf muslims can follow USA & Europe and can build universities and educate their own people and also can remove muslim religious ban on their female counter part. Do it and see No one will have hatred for Muslims.
Posted by:Aspi Nirumvala - 03 Oct, 2011
11: TOLERANCE - that is what one has to have to the other's practice - be it due to religion or a custom or due to region or a language. Once have it in abundance, we will live in peace. Indians belonging to any minority group - Muslims or christians or any - have the full right to be a citizen as any Hindu does. It is unfortunate that some muslims of India instaed of chalking a path for themselves are sympathising with the misguided muslims elsewhere. Indian Muslims must take the leadership of muslim world and teach every non-indian muslim tolerance. If Indian muslims preach the non-violence method to world muslims and succeed in it, western countries willl find it difficult to eploit them.
Posted by:proud_indien - 03 Oct, 2011
I do not know why one has even say that muslims have as much right as hindus to live peacefully in India. This is not required to be stated because it shames us to even think some group has to state this. Our country did chart out a course after independence to isolate any community. The litmus test of any nation is simple. Muslims themselves can isolate from the mainstream. No one else can. This is isolation started from the infamous speech of Syed Ahmed Khan at Meerut in March 1888 where he espoused One Country, Two Nations. He asserted that muslims constitute a nation within a country. This philosophy was later espoused again by at Dacca by Mushtaq Hussain in December 1906 on the inaugeration of the Muslim League. Again the same repeated by Mohammed Iqbal, the famous poet of "saare jahan se achha". I wish Syed Ahmed Khan was alive to see the state of his sect of muslims in Pakistan as also in Afghanistan. The sunnis are literally hell bent on removing the Shias from amongst them. So if the Shias of Pakistan and Afghanistan talk of wiping out sunnis because of their intolerance towards them, I wouldn't be surprised. The famous speeches I have quoted are from very respected elders of the Muslim Community of those days. Compare all the speeches from that period of the muslims which are totally isolationist, exclusivist rather than inclusivist. As against that, go through the speeches of Nehru, Gandhi, which are very philosophical in nature, less political and very sensitively philosophical. On the other hand, the above named muslim stalwards speeches are so devoid of philosophy, they are loaded with undercurrent of intolerance and selfish politics. India had 7% muslim population at the time of Independence, today it stands at around 17%. It is inconceivable that if the muslims received bad treatment at the hands of majority hindus, this would happen. On the other hand, West Pakistan at the time of Independence had double digit % of minorities now reduced to less than 1%. They have even managed to unislamize Ahmedia sect. Today's world is a world of diversity. The faster the sunni muslims realise this the better. No Saudi Arabia is going to take them as immigrants with citizen status. Migrant workers yes, citizenship, no. Let Saudi Arabia take in non muslim immigrants and offer them citizenship, like the British, American and many European countries have done? Muslims want to have the cake and eat it too. It is just not possible. The change has to come from within and forced from outside. But the world too has its limit of tolerance which should not be lost on the Muslims.
Rational Indian Replied to: proud_indien - 03 Oct, 2011
13: 1 scientist ne gusse main kaha tha jahan jahan muslim hoyengay wahan Petrol hoga
Insha Allah India main bhi petrol hoga
agar talash kiya jaye
Posted by:Syed - 03 Oct, 2011
14: Islamophobia should be countered with debates and talks. There is responsibilty for every one.Muslims must reform its community internally....Non-Muslims must learn to respect muslim values....media must project islam positively....muslims should be encouraged to learn modern education,if possible scholarships be given......muslim women should be encouraged to take part in social affairs.
We are the equal citizens on India and Hindus must come forward to get us out of crisis.
Posted by:Mufti Shahid Hussain - 03 Oct, 2011
15: Dear Question to All
3 tarah se aadmi ki pehchaan hoti hai
1 Safar karte waqt
2 Khana khate waqt
3 Mamla karte waqt mean Business dealing , Wada , kahin koi kisi ko pareshaan kar raha hai tu usko rookna ya mana karna

aap logon ne in 3 main Muslim ko kesa paya agar sahi paya tu acha warna hum muslim main abhi kami hai
Posted by:Syed - 03 Oct, 2011
16: Its a challenge for every one who thinks "All Muslims are Real Terrorists" why don't gather all of your best scholars & bring out one verse of your own just like in Al Qur'an ?
Posted by:MUSTAFA - 03 Oct, 2011
17: World is not UK, Europe and USA . There is India, Pakistan and other countries with a large population of muslims. How come the survey was not conducted in those countries.......?

Opinion is not fact!
Posted by:ananth - 03 Oct, 2011
18: I ahve a few muslim frends, and we are close to a few muslim families. But they are all educated,even their girls are either Engineers, doctors or MBAs.All are well to do. But the general muslim population is poor, unemployed, or doing petty thing to just live on.Threi biggest problem of not getting good jobs is madarasa education. Those who got educated in modern schools, are in better jobs.And general poor muslim masses follow the advese of mullas and dont go to good schools,. then again good education is costly and poor even if they want,cant afford.Rich people should come forward and offerfinantial help to those who want to go to modern schools
Posted by:aharjeet Singh - 03 Oct, 2011
19: They voluntarily opt terrorism and they want to isolated from the society. Nowadays, the Hindu extremists are also doing like that only. See, every religion is having their own ideology to follow their God. But no one get success to attain the purity of God. Which is almost in all religion including majority Christians. What the holy books of qua ran, geetha, bible, etc. are teaching about love towards fellow human beings and even love their enemy. But, no one is following the ways of the holy books. So, definitely God will be angry on human beings. If God is exists, He must be the almighty, powerful than us and 100% hold on us and we are all under Him only. So, beware, God will be against you when you are get into terrorism in respect of the religions you are having. Tsunami, Earth quate, hurricane and other natural disaster can swallow you soon. So, don't waste your time, repent your sins against fellow human beings and God will be pleased on us by controlling the nature on us.
Posted by:Sureshkumar - 03 Oct, 2011
20: when you blame or look outside for fault in you, you live in a world of eclipse. there is no dark portion in moon, but it is that you look at moom where shadow of moon is on earth and you are looking at moon finding as eclipse. so is void in human being. gap created. treat as silence power and dont add or subtact any thing from it, look as they are. those who give importance to void, negatively, approaches with 'avoid' approach. look at it neutrally, you will percevie as a part of science or fact none can dispute.true for any priest hood that did not clarify the disciple the right reason and perspective to look at nature as they are. prof ak subramaniam.
Posted by:prof ak subramaniam - 03 Oct, 2011
21: Muslims have purposely isolated themselves & are averse to any kind of modern education.Even if you try to teach/ impart them with free modern science & mainstream cultural education, they do not accept it as some kind of FATWA, given by their various Muslim leaders. In India we have about 32% Muslim population. During partition of India we had about 4 crores of muslims & 29 crores of hindus. Now out of total 120 crore we have a Muslim population of 38 to 40 crores, which means that within 64 years they have multiplied 10 TIMES, where as Hindu population is presently about 70 crores. Hence Hindus have multiplied by 2.5 times within the same span. What does this signify? Kindly look at all ex- Soviet union countries, the moment their population became majority, they declared themselves as Muslim nations. Actually Muslims do not have the basic concept of secularism,Still they follow Shariat Law & can marry & keep upto 4 women as wives. Unless Muslims themselves come forward to get modern education & try to join the mainstream, India will also be divided into pieces. We must have uniform civil code immediately for all castes creeds & religions in INDIA, to keep our beloved country intact.
Posted by:BANIBRATA MUKHERJEE - 03 Oct, 2011
Dear BANI, plz check the data again, still no. of muslims (from India nd Pak together) r less than Hindus...and also ther was no significnt increz in Muslim population..In Saudi Arabi, they marry more thn 1 woman but neve population problem..ther is geographical reason tht long back human being migrated to indian sub continent nd here is huge populatio...Does Chinese marry more than 1 wife..MOST IMPORTANT, in 2005 , polygamy was calculated more in Hindus than Muslims in India..Marrying 4 wives in islam is quite natural becz Male is polygamous..and in all over th world there r 50 million woman r more than males..if u make 1:1 than remaing will go becming prostitute or having non-permitted relation (may b it is ur mothr or sisters)..thus isalm legally permits marrying 4 wives (nd it is also nt compulsory nd nt easy, it needs some criterias to ful fill)..thr is objectn on 4 wives but not on extra marital and pre marital relation..Brother the fact is tht Media portrays Islam in wrong ways becz sensible people are increasingly accepting Isalm without preesure or incentives nd thus 9/11 dramma was played..whch still is not proved whether was done by OSama or some 1 else..and US killed millions of innocent in Iraq nd Afghan--which is not the terrorism..Don't get in illusion shown by media and don't beleive on me..Go study Islam, find facts and figures, ask Why and How..u will get answer itself.. I m secular Muslim and done it myself so I am confident abt the truth of Islam..my beleif is not blind but with open eyes..u also open eyes..
kaifz Replied to: BANIBRATA MUKHERJEE - 03 Oct, 2011
23: so, the writer of this article asks people of the world to learn to live with muslims when they themselves are responsible for their isolation.why don't he advice the muslims instead?.
Posted by:Murugan - 02 Oct, 2011
khursheed Replied to: Ahmed - 08 Oct, 2011
people like u are mindless and lethal to society which never do, nor will ever able to do any good thing to india execpt polluting and contaminating the harmaony and intigrity of the country ur thoughts create a rift between humans.
always indian Replied to: ravi - 08 Oct, 2011
First of all, the percentages mentioned in the article are completely incorrect! France only, has about 8 million muslims, Germany about 6 million, UK around 10 million, Spain has 3 million, Italy has 2 million, Switzerland and Austria have around 2 million, Bosnia around 4 million, Albania has 3 million, Kosovo 2 million, Macedonia about 1 million, Greece and Bulgaria have around 4 million, the rest of the European countries have around 7 million muslims, calculated it means there are some 50 million muslims in Continental Europe.....which creates some rough 8% of the European population excluding Turkey which is also a Eurepean country with some 70 million muslims. All in all, the number of muslims in Europe is above 15%!
Beni Replied to: anonymus - 07 Oct, 2011
Educated people know the difference between reality and fiction...stories and fiction and actualities.
The Educated ones can use their own brains to see if the Politician or a Hindu Pundit or Muslim Imam or Maulana ..
dont get me wrong...Muslims are not the only illiterate, world is full of them and they come in all the colors, religions and fractions thereof ...
Educate yourself from the right sources and learn to see the difference.
You dont need anyone to show you what the truth is.
All Muslims are not Bad.
All Muslims are not Terrorists,
Some Muslims and Hindus and Sikhs and Jews and Christians and others are Terrorists for sure.
The biggest one is the Greedy Politician, who creates rifts for personnel gains and agenda.

And the King of all TERRORIST is the one who
Dilawar Singh Replied to: Vibha - 07 Oct, 2011
Awesome friend....Keep it up...I am of the same opinion....
I am a sikh, have quite a few Hindus and Muslims and christian friends....
we never hate anyone....in our group, we love each other...
These are just old folks fuming and unhappy that they were played by the dirty old politics for their own benefits...

Love the World, Love the People, Love the Nature, Enjoy your life....Move on. Be wise. We are the citizens of One World with many continents, rivers, oceans of the same planet earth.
Dilawar Singh Replied to: Shoeb Sayeed - 07 Oct, 2011
It is not true. The partision of the nation was called by Muslim fundamentalist leader Mr. M A Jinha. In the process this history is different, many many hindu families were looted by the gang of Muslims in (Present) Pakistan, the hindu's were left to leave their properties, wives, girl children in the hands of these fundamentalists. They auctioned the Hindu ladies.
Even today, take any Islamic nation you will find the fuedalism, fundamentalism is present but no path of progress is adopted.
The Islam in book is very good but the use of power by the Mulla/ Maulavi is not for the beneficial to the mankind. They are very shortsited, does not want the tremendous power to be off shouldered for the peaceful world and butifiction of world. The entire muslim community has to rethink now to go with them or Go with "Pavitra Kuran writings".
Vishram Replied to: anonymus - 06 Oct, 2011

Holy book have never changed since it came on the earth and no one can change a word in that. Hann. You might have read the translations, which would have given this impression to you. Please be aware of the truth before you talk because you cannot take back your statement.
A brother Replied to: Blondie - 06 Oct, 2011
People like you are more dangers than a bomb which kills some thousands of innocents. You contaminate more than thousands of minds and force those minds to contaminate millions of minds thereafter, without knowing. Please know your religion and society, you will understand Islam. If you have some time, please feel free to read Holy book even just to support your statements. We must sue Silicon India for posting such remarks about individuals without editing.
A brother Replied to: xxx - 06 Oct, 2011
You do not have any knowledge about Islam. If you get a chance read the Holy book and if get a leaf from the book, it will do wonders to your understanding about Islam.
One thing you must understand is that all the religions which came to existence to safe guard the poor and under privileged people in that society and provide equal rights to all the humans. So no religion preaches the violence.
- Your brother
A brother Replied to: UMESH - 06 Oct, 2011
We ask our women to wear burqa to save them from the perverts around.. Remember it is only a "Diamond" that is protected in a locker from the public eye not "Shit"... :)
Mr A Replied to: oho - 04 Oct, 2011
Go and see ur face in the mirror... Why do u have canines in ur mouth... if dont want them, then consult a doc to remove them permanently... :) u gain knowledge first....
Mr A Replied to: vinay - 04 Oct, 2011
@Udopia: Then you shud try to find out, why Pakistan was seperated from India. It is because the muslim mob started killing Hindus in villages and towns. You shud read some history
Indy Replied to: udopia - 03 Oct, 2011
There is a simple formula which Diplomatic Hindus follow with their fellow Muslim Brothers.
Musalman ko Uthne Naa do, Aur Uthene lage to Bitha do.

Musalman agar accha kaaam karen to bhi digest nahin hota, aur boora kaam karen to bhi digest nahin hota.
Aakhir kare to kya karen....
Mustafa Replied to: kamal - 03 Oct, 2011
Ho sakhe to Mahabharat bhi acchi taraah padho... start to finish Violence and Thriller... Ramayan bhi padho.... ek chor ki kitaab Mythology,,, War to re-capture a female...(SIta) Can this be a word of GOD?
Mustafa Replied to: Ramachandra - 03 Oct, 2011
My Dear Ramachandra , please read the Quran with context and not the literal meaning of verses. Aage piche ki verses bhi padho, gadho ki taraah bhe bhe mat karo..
Mustafa Replied to: Ramachandra - 03 Oct, 2011
Please Go and search the root cause of terrorism ....
US ... US .... and US only....
Mustafa Replied to: vinay - 03 Oct, 2011
How can you Muslims be always in the state of Denial? You cannot clap with one Hand only, if there are problems amongst Muslims and all other religions, why do you think only others are at fault? Don't they teach retrogression or thinking in Koran?
Devendra Replied to: udopia - 03 Oct, 2011
pointing fingers at others does not make you correct. some wild incidences cannot be generalized, but some common truths cannot be denied. Terrorist are produced in Madarsas, prove it wrong and then we will believe you otherwise shut the hell up.
Devendra Replied to: imran - 03 Oct, 2011
At least this shows Hindu women have freedom, unlike Muslim women where they are forced to sleep with everyone in the family.
Devendra Replied to: imran - 03 Oct, 2011
So you also accept that Muslim males are evils and they have evil eyes....
Devendra Replied to: udopia - 03 Oct, 2011
So you say there were no atrocities by Muslims on Hindus before Modi? How about systematic annihilation of Kashmiri Pandits, Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh, Thousands of Communal riots instigated by you during Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi before 2002. How would you explain that? Gujarat riots happened in 2002 because 50 Hindus were burnt alive by you Muslims, how dare you do that? Butcher Hindus in their own country. Now no one cares what Muslims think or suffer. You have got so many prior option to live in Harmony but you chose violence. so you shall get the same.
Devendra Replied to: anonymus - 03 Oct, 2011
Can you please tell why is your IMAM Bukhari against playing National Anthem, he is openly saying that it is against ISLAM and all the Muslims are following it blindly, what will you say about this IMAN and his likes.
Sachin Goraksha Replied to: An Indian - 03 Oct, 2011
Islamophobia... give us poor infidels a break Munawar-mia. When the Jehaadis constantly preach hatred for infidel, people like U do not even lift an eyebrow in protest. But when we call a spade a spade, it is Islaamophobia. Don't indulge in this hypocrisy. Even ur Allah will not forgive U for this.
Ramachandra Replied to: munawar - 03 Oct, 2011
The comments here on this forum rightly shows all how much Islamophobia has spread...
munawar Replied to: munawar - 03 Oct, 2011
You hit the bull's eye ...
munawar Replied to: Khan - 03 Oct, 2011
These are the verses of violence against non-Muslims from the Koran. Read carefully. -Kill unbelievers wherever they find them (Q.2:191),murder them and treat them harshly (Q.9:123),fight them, (Q.8:65), until no other religion than Islam is left (Q.2:193),humiliate them and impose on them a penalty tax if they are Christians or Jews(jiziya tax)(Q.9:29), slay them if they are Pagans (Q.9:5), crucify, or cut off their hands and feet, expel them from the land in disgrace. And as if this were not enough, "they shall have a great punishment in world hereafter" (Q.5:34), not befriend their own fathers or brothers if they are not believers (Q.9:23), (Q.3:28), kill their own family in the battles of Badr and Uhud and asks Muslims to "strive against the unbelievers with great endeavor: (Q.25:52), be stern with them because they belong to hell (Q.66:9). Had enough ? There's more in quran. Go and read it.
Ramachandra Replied to: Ayyoob Sabir - 03 Oct, 2011
This Ayoob-mia is indulging in what is called as Taqiyya or lying to the infidel (read non-Muslim). On one hand his jehaadi terror brothers indulge in mass murder and mayhem of infidels as espoused in the Koran and on the other hand the so called moderates indulge in this game of subterfuge that Islaam is indeed a religion of tolerance and peace. And this charade goes on and on till the next terror attacks on innocents. And again the world condemns Jehaad and again the likes of Ayoob Syed start their mantra of Islaam is peace.. Whom are they deceiving with this good cop-bad cop retinue. Islaam espouses peace only for Muslims. But for non-Muslims it is full blown Jehaad and violence.. nonstop...And all these talks of peace completely stops once they enter the dominant position and then they mercilessly exterminate all non-Muslims as what has happened to the Hindus of Pakistaan. Ayoob mia.. kisi aur ko bewakoof banaao.
Ramachandra Replied to: Ayyoob Sabir - 03 Oct, 2011
forgot to count the terror attack by MAOist, LTTE, VHP in Gujrat riots and Malegano etc..KIlling of innocent Iraqis, Afghanis nd 30,000 combined graves of Bosniak muslims..while Indian Mujahideen is a fake organization to defame musim community..in Mumbai train attacks, cops suspected Qamruddin nd highlighted much nd after 4 mnths he was found innocent..many such stories where Muslims names are FED up in ur mind and U r brainwahsed by media and overlook other side..Islam means peace and it teaches only peace if u study urself islam nd dont beleive on me, others, muslims but urself ur own logic sceince nd ur own honest opinions u will get more clarity
kaifz Replied to: kamal - 03 Oct, 2011
Hi ma bros and sis... Islam is not Terrorism and its against Terrorism ..A gud scholar in Islam cannot tolerate Terrorism ...Islam is simple not complicated...Islam have rules not to freeze ur freedom but to expand freedom to all...nd ma bros in Islam ..how could you all be aggressive...nd u r Muslim....respect your nation its people..above creed and cast....Hazrath Muhammed (S.A.W) is Rahmathu lil alameen...and how cud dat made on peace be aggressive ..Make the world happy with a smile...May Allah bless YOu all..Assalamu alikum..
Ayyoob Sabir Replied to: hamdard - 03 Oct, 2011
What ever others hear its from the medias which they believe strongly. Only thing they are trying to do is they are trying to isolate us because of one reason "EQUALITY AMONG HUMANS". That is the reason we are being isolated in India. Any ways its our right to fight for our Rights LEGALLY & we shall follow that way.........
MUSTAFA Replied to: hamdard - 03 Oct, 2011
Its so unfortunate of these people, dispite knowing the facts and the current things happening in our own country they don't want to accept the truth. If we witness the recent act against corruption by Anna Hazare, the people's money stacked out in foreign banks is not by Muslims. The list of names available in the scams are not Muslims. So these politicians don't get highlighted with their religion and all the above people consider them to be HEROS. That's the very reason why its no use talking about the truth to all these people here.
Khan Replied to: hamdard - 03 Oct, 2011
Hindus birth rate is more than muslims, few muslims become extremists due to sufferings,don't u see muslims only criminals no hindus or christians,muslims are victims of other religions terrorism . kashmir millions killed , even no information or step to stop that naturally affected person get involve with self defence which is terrorism you mean.americans brought down their buildings for self benefit to invade middle east ,what gadafi did? why all western criminals entered in libya, all west is being religious criminals .in india muslims being killed ruthlessly no body asks or heals.do not comment any religion or community without insight
udopia Replied to: krishna - 03 Oct, 2011
All the articles given above shows the Love and Respect the Muslim community at large has generated for themselves. It is not only in India, it is virtually a whole world affect today. Time for them to visualize what they have gained and to act and to REBUKE their FATWA happy Mullas and get into focusing Muslim population to adjust and live happyly with all others. Teach them and get the kids on road for better future and not Butchers. As VHP President said sometime back - Every Muslim is not a Terrorist but every Terrorist is a Muslim, it is shigh time Muslim world acts and acts fast..
Vivek Replied to: Vibha - 03 Oct, 2011