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Is Narendra Modi's Gujarat Really Vibrant?

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 10:42 Hrs   |    15 Comments
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Bangalore: Everything is black and white somewhere! Gujarat's grey areas are now being increasingly noticed. While Gujarat may have a high per capita income leading to the rhetoric of a 'vibrant Gujarat', much on the lines of 'India shining', its economic model seems to be faulty somewhere with glaring deficiencies in certain developmental indexes. Few are aware that Gujarat has been faring poorly in many areas for many years now. About two decades back, Gujarat's growth story was quiet different. The state had grown between 12 and 13percent when the national average was only 6percent. Gujarat today has an average growth rate of 11percent with the national growth rate at 10percent. This should tell some of the story. Gujarat is now very much rich. In What? Poor People!

Gujarat may be creating some of India's wealthiest, but it is not known widely that the state has the highest percentage of poor population, an incredible 31.8percent. 31.8percent population of Gujarat are below the poverty line, followed by Andhra Pradesh (29.9 per cent), Tamil Nadu (29.8 per cent), Himachal Pradesh (22.9percent), Punjab (20.9percent), Kerala (19.7percent), Jammu and Kashmir (13.2percent) and Haryana (2.1percent).

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Reader's comments(15)
1: Data provided in this article is incorrect.
Posted by:Sahil - 12 Oct, 2011
I am trying to provide actual statistics from National Council of Economic Research but the system keeps giving me error message.
Sahil Replied to: Sahil - 12 Oct, 2011
3: I really fill pity about the author.
I don’t know from where this author has collected this data. I really doubt about authenticity of the data shown by the author.
Posted by:krimish - 12 Oct, 2011
4: Super article. The Gujarat shining story is such a load of BS. Nothing, nobody can ever change the fact that Modi has perhaps been to Gujarati minorities what Hitler was to the Jews of Europe!
Posted by:Reshma Kumar - 11 Oct, 2011
I am from Gujarat and lived in other parts of country also.
You only know the difference if you live in Gujarat or atleast visit it for sometime.

Compared to Gujarat most of the other states of India will look like HELL.

Like Ratan Tata said 'those who are not in Gujarat are idiots'.

Propaganda AGAINST Gujarat is BS, Reshma.
Jagruti Replied to: Reshma Kumar - 12 Oct, 2011
hi i am rakesh from Gonda UP . i lived in Gujrat nealry one and half year in diffrent part of gujrat . its really like a developed country . i measury focused there on infrastructure , developments, roads, power, health .... gujju peoples are very cooprative and simple people n high thinking.
Rakesh Tiwari Replied to: Jagruti - 12 Oct, 2011
7: i drive down to gujarath twice a year for the last 10 years and i have personally noted the development and speed of work in gujarath. earlier we wasted a lot of time in traffic jams it is not there , the flyovers were constructed in record period of time and during the construction alternative tarred road was there where as in maharashtra it takes several years to make a flyover. in jamnagar we could play cricket between two buildings, today an ant cannot crawl between the same buildings, standard of living has improved.
Posted by:faria - 11 Oct, 2011
8: I came across an interesting article.
It was headed
Telling the wrong story
DIPANKAR GUPTA Oct 6, 2011, 12.00AM IST Times of India
Is the Congress afraid of winning in Gujarat?

Nothing else explains why it lets Narendra Modi tom tom development when it should have been the Congress banging the drums. The economic achievements of governments before Modi's read like an award citation, but too much secularism has since led the Congress astray. It should have been the showcasing its past performance to regain Gujarat.

Look also at the good memories the Congress is erasing.

In 1991, a full 10 years before Modi arrived,
as many as 17,940 out of 18,028 villages were already electrified.

The Ukai plant, which uses washed coal to generate power, was also pre-Modi as was the asphalting of 87.5% of Gujarat roads.

In 1980 to 81, Gujarat's share in manufacturing at the national level was only 16.29percent, but by 2000 to 01 it rose to an impressive 28.71percent.

· Not surprising then that between 1994-2001, well before Modi, Gujarat's state domestic product grew at 10%-13%, way higher than the all-India average.

Since 1980, Gujarat has been India's poster state. Modi had nothing to do with the world's largest ship breaking yard coming up in Bhavnagar, nor with the setting up of the Ambani refinery in Jamnagar. Well before Modi, Gujarat accounted for 45% of India's petroleum products, roughly 18% of the country's cargo handling, 23% of our total requirement for crude oil and 30% of our natural gas needs from offshore basins.

In addition, Gujarat, since the 1990s, produces as much as 78% of the country's salt, 98% of soda ash and 26% of India's pharmaceutical products. Because of chief minister Chimanbhai Patel's intervention in 1993, port traffic in this state jumped from a mere 3.18 million tonnes in 1981 to 86.17 million tonnes in 2001. In the same period, Gujarat's share of national port traffic increased from 45.36% to above 76% and has stayed there ever since. Modi's decade has not made that percentage grow.

During the eventful 1990s, Gujarat successfully augmented 35% of its power generation capacity. It also closed down five major loss-making public sector units, initiating instead a variety of public private partnerships. In fact, an early short-lived BJP government under Keshubhai Patel in 1995-96 did some good work too. In particular, he was instrumental in setting up Gujarat's Industrial Development Board, but Modi has blanked him out from public memory as well.

If Gujarat's agriculture is prospering today, it is because the state has begun to receive Sardar Sarovar waters from 2002. Once again, Modi had little to do with the inauguration of this project, but he was at the right place at the right time to take the credit for it. If there was ever a person who reaped what somebody else had sown, then that is Modi.

Gujarat also is not alone in posting agricultural growth rates above the national average, even backward Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh handsomely beat the all India figure. Finally, it is not as if Gujarat is overall the richest state either, Haryana, Punjab, Maharashtra and Kerala are all much better off, primarily because they have lower rural poverty rates.

At the same time, to round off this number, it must be acknowledged Gujarat was never poor. True, it was a lowly eighth in terms of prosperity in 1960, but it has been at number three since 1990 and continues to hold that spot. Modi may not have self-started Gujarat's development, but he certainly kept the engine running.

In line with this, Modi should be credited for taking a few initiatives of his own. For example, while Gujarat's villages were all lit, it is also a fact that the state's electricity board was bankrupt in 2002. Loans were arranged to overcome this shortfall and power thefts too were curtailed by police monitoring. Gujarat also did well in making the central government's 'Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan' work, especially in connection with the girl child. Yet, the percentage fall in Gujarat's infant mortality and poverty rates are well below the national average.
Posted by:Buddhdev Pandya - 11 Oct, 2011
Gujarat's village are very lucky than Big City like Pune, Nagpur, Jaipur, as such village have 24*7 power supply and good drinking water, good road.....

you please come to Gujarat and study what is development.... I need not to write....

-we are very lucky we borne in Gujarat....
- we are more lucky, because we have Narendrabhai Modi as our CM.........
- we will be most luckier when he will be our PM of india
waseem jafar Replied to: Buddhdev Pandya - 11 Oct, 2011
Congress has not been ruling Gujarat for the most part since 1989 so the whole comment is extraneous.

I can tell you right now that this approach of pretending that there is no progress in Gujarat will not work
HHa Replied to: Buddhdev Pandya - 11 Oct, 2011
Gujarat is being developed by the fondation of congress laid.
anonymus Replied to: HHa - 11 Oct, 2011
Please read the article - it says that Gujarat is not developed. You people want it both ways
1. Gujarat is backward - educational level below Bihar (Ha Ha Ha)
2. If not backward Congress laid the foundation.
Do you see the contradiction between these two points?
HHa Replied to: anonymus - 12 Oct, 2011
.... Rajiv Gandhi Foundation - chaired by Smt Sonia Gandhi has given BEST CM award to Shri Narendrabhai Modi..... why?
- Why they have not given it to earlier congress govt of Gujarat ? or Congress Ruled CM?

They also agree that Shri Narendrabhai Modi has done best works in Gujarat..... If opposition party agrees, then why we are fighting amongst each other?
waseem jafar Replied to: anonymus - 11 Oct, 2011
Completely fake and false statistics Mr. Buddhev
Ajay Replied to: Buddhdev Pandya - 11 Oct, 2011
Facts are always fake for hindu extremists.
anonymus Replied to: Ajay - 11 Oct, 2011