Intoto inks pact with D-Link India

Intoto inks pact with D-Link India

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 27 May 2004, 07:00 Hrs
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HYDERABAD: Intoto Inc., a leading provider of security software, today announced a partnership with
D-Link India to offer a state-of-the-art intrusion prevention products based on Intoto’s IntruPro solution.

As a result of the collaboration, D-Link India will offer IPS security appliances optimized for the Indian region, suitable for both SME (small and medium enterprise) and enterprise customers. Intoto demonstrated the IntruPro IPS solution integrated in a D-Link India designed hardware platform last week at the Networld+Interop tradeshow in Las Vegas.

IntruPro IPS represents the next generation in intrusion prevention systems, and enables complete proactive intrusion prevention. Based on Intoto's patent-pending application-aware Inline IPS technology, IntruPro provides greater intrusion detection and prevention accuracy for reduced false positives and higher performance than traditional IDS and IPS approaches. The IntruPro solution is enabling D-Link India to go to market with enterprise-class IPS functionality in record time.

The increasing number of security incidents and exploits are causing substantial losses to corporations. Network intrusions should be halted before network and data assets are compromised. Intrusion prevention systems have become a necessary next level of defense in network security measures. As a result of the growing need for attack defense, network intrusion detection & prevention (IDS&P) appliances will grow 18% (CAGR) from 2002 to 2007, with total vendor revenue of $345 million by 2007, according to IDC research.

“Intoto’s IntruPro solution offers a complete IPS solution including not only the sensor and manager software, but also the intrusion signature development service and the automatic signature updates infrastructure,” said Capt J.V.Avadhanulu, Director – Software Technology, D-Link India. “The IntruPro solution is superior to other IDS/IPS systems in the Indian market today, and offers us a compelling competitive advantage as we enhance our network security product line.”

D-Link’s Sentinel series hardware platform is based on Intel IXP-[425] – 533 to IXP-[425] – 800 Mhz communication processors. It incorporates operational features like NAT, PAT, static and dynamic routing and packet filtering. “D-Link India’s Sentinel series of security appliances uniquely address needs for more sophisticated network security," said Sathyan Iyengar, president and CEO of Intoto Inc. “Intoto is excited to help D-Link meet their customer requirements for increased protection against attacks and intrusion.”

The IntruPro Solution
The IntruPro solution includes both platform software and value-added services. The platform software includes both the IntruPro integrated sensor that runs embedded in a network security appliance and the IntruPro manager package which is a sophisticated configuration and forensic analysis tool. Real-time signature updates from a central server and system certification are two Intoto services that complete the IntruPro solution.

The IntruPro services provide value in the form of added confidence. The IntruPro signature update service does not rely solely on publicly available open source signatures as many SNORT-based IDS/IPS systems do. Intoto’s team of dedicated engineers continually develops signatures for new attacks by combining custom-developed signatures with hand-optimized open-source signatures. As OEMs complete the integration of IntruPro, Intoto thoroughly tests each new system for quality and robustness to ensure the integrity of the IntruPro marque.

Patent-pending IPS Technology
The IntruPro solution is powered by Intoto’s Inline IPSTM technology, which is based on a unique application-aware architecture. Stateful application engines and a combination of advanced detection techniques enable a high level of accuracy while simultaneously boosting performance. The Inline IPS architecture leverages the benefits of both signature based techniques and anomaly based detection to provide both intrusion detection and intrusion protection.

The Inline IPS technology uses sophisticated transport and application intelligence to classify traffic based on protocol/application state, service type and traffic direction. The architecture tracks the state of the session by employing network, transport and application protocol engines. Application intelligence minimizes packet processing because only relevant rules need to be checked. This dramatically boosts the performance over traditional pattern matching and anomaly correlation techniques. The result is high detection accuracy with a minimum to zero false positives.

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