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India's top dirtiest cities

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 08 July 2011, 11:50 Hrs   |    14 Comments
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India's top dirtiest cities
Bangalore: Home to more than one billion people, India is marked with a number of historical monuments, fascinating beaches, foggy hill stations, golden deserts, countless pilgrimage sites, serene backwaters. India is simply beguiling and magical. But what is the other side of the story? Let us look at the dirtiest cities of India

Kolkata that starts from Howrah subway; this is the gateway of Kolkata. Kolkata is considered as the cultural capital of the nation and is also known for its passion for sweets. Every single space in this city is occupied. Buses are scattered everywhere, there is no particular channel for special buses. Howrah is more like Kolkata's dirty backyard. The narrow lanes lined by old buildings, open over flowing drain, heaps of garbage rotting on the streets this makes Howrah look more like a vast and putrefying slum.

Varnasi is next in list. Supposed to be the holiest place, because of the Ganges which is famously one of the most polluted rivers in the whole of India. The streets are filled with cow manure making it difficult for the pedestrians to walk. The sacred river Ganga is filled with human corpse, sewage waste and other pollutants. It is difficult to define Varanasi, a place that is filled with poverty, filth, pollution and an inflated amount of people crammed into a very small city.

Mumbai one of the richest cities in India is infact the seventh dirtiest city in the World, according to Forbes Magazine. Asia's largest slum Dharavi that is nothing but narrow dirty lanes, open drains and cramped huts, is in Mumbai. It is impossible to neglect the crowded trains; Any lane you pass you will witness red spots of Pan and Ghutka. Here people litter everywhere. People have lived with this notion of Mumbai being the most Populated and dirty city.

Chennai visit is incomplete without a trip to the Marina beach. But this place presents a picture of an urbanized blend of forced cleanliness and reckless pollution. It is difficult to find a clean place on the beach and relax with your family. The moment the traveler reaches Chennai station he is flooded with people around him, the air is filled with unpleasant smell. It is difficult to get out of the crowd and manage to the transport zone. Like every city this is also filled with narrow lanes.

Delhi, beyond the heart of the city is one of the worst cities to live in. The old Delhi is a chaotic and dirty place. The city lacks proper infrastructure, waste removal mechanism etc. This small city is overcrowded giving you a claustrophobic feeling. The travelers are being looted by the pushy travel agents. Delhi is famous for its painted lanes, covered with Stains of pan, and the sewage that can't be ignored . This is the common sight in most place of the city.

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Reader's comments(14)
1: Es conforme, es la frase entretenida

Posted by:yamil - 05 Sep, 2011
2: Thanks for tris interesting information! I found it very useful =)
Posted by:seroquel - 05 Sep, 2011
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Posted by:buy provera online - 25 Aug, 2011
5: All these show how dirty our peoples minds are.
Posted by:Fulltoss - 12 Jul, 2011
6: Really shameful all are so called Metro politan cities of India and Varanasi our Most religious place. I do not know
whom to blame, as politicians never accept it.


Posted by:Rajesh Dutta Mathur - 12 Jul, 2011
7: What a shame to compare "dirtiness" instead of cleanliness. I would blame the citizens first and then the civic authorities for causing such a shame... If education has not improved our social responsibility what else would.
Posted by:John Manoah - 10 Jul, 2011
8: Though from a totally different profession, I happen to stumble upon this SILICONINDIA site. It is highly appreciating to read such healthy discussion. I would expect as these IT knowledgebank of our country, has uplifted the financial status of a huge part of the society, the same population will be able to use their financial strength, to effect implementation of such honest desires in the society. If the mass demands honesty & work, from their politicians, then that is bound to happen. Otherwise they need to be thrown out from their public.
Posted by:Deba Banerji - 09 Jul, 2011
9: The whole country is stinking foul smell aired from corrupted politicians/ministers. The nation has become filthy dust bin and aam aadmi, sincere, honest people unable to bear it and are hapless and helpless, just going through headlines of dailies, watching idiot boxes.

It's time the youth like Sachin Pilot, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Ms.Sangma, Kum Selja, Omar Abdullah, all young ministers and politicians come out openly and support youth to revolt against the so called old corrupted politicians and put them in cell, debar them from politics for ever, confiscate all the public money looted by them by illegal means and use the same for society development, infra development, poor and down trodden upliftment etc
Posted by:Shyam - 09 Jul, 2011
10: I totally agree with you :-)
Posted by:Ram - 09 Jul, 2011
11: The whole country is dirty and filthy with stains of pan and smill urine everywhere. It is just getting worse with western style consumption by the few without the infrastructure for gargabe disposal. People tell me how india is progressing with all the new cars on the road and new household gadgets. All I see is that material progress is simply reducing the quality of life for the masses. People need to read Ghandi again. India's solution for increase in quality of life may not lay with western style consumption and waste.
Posted by:Sami - 09 Jul, 2011
Fly to Mumbai to arrive there at dawn. When landing, you will notice through the window of your plane, tens of thousands of shanties covering the entire other side of the landing strip reaching the horizon. After landing and you are alighting the plane, you are hit on the face with the highly dense filthy stench of a mix of crap and diesel. The airport itself is absolutely filthy with red and brown betel spit all over the walls and floors. DO NOT USE THE AIRPORT TOILETS. Traveling out of the airport, you will notice people squatting along the railway line and at some places, along the roadside, doing their "morning business" without any shame. Driving along the streets you will notice thousands of homeless people and beggars sleeping along the pavement and on steps of businesses. If you have the misfortune to divert to the smaller lanes, you will be encountered by the cows and dogs - and their dung and crap all over the place. As the sun comes up, you will hear the continuous tooting of horns of almost every vehicle. At any traffic stop, beggars will rush up to your vehicle and thrust their filthy hands into the vehicle almost touching your face begging for "paisa". You will notice piles and piles of garbage on every street corner uncleared for days. At this juncture, the best thing you could do is immediately get your taxi driver to turn back and take you back to the airport. Pay extra to buy a new air ticket back to wherever you came from. If you do not do this and decide to remain, its best of luck to you. If you survive and find your way back home, make sure you quarantine yourself before you see your family.
DEVONECO Replied to: Sami - 03 Aug, 2011
Time for 'Waste Management' to go to India. I wonder why they are'nt there yet.....well they cant compete with municipalities on corruption I guess. who needs cleanliness if it does not pay
MrClean Replied to: Sami - 09 Jul, 2011
I fully agree with you as I have seen it myself, people and civic bodies, you find people urinating everywhere. Developers show beautiful catalogs to investors, but go and check street to street and see the filth on the roads, drains, buildings etc. Its just filth everywhere.
Bangar Replied to: MrClean - 06 Apr, 2013