India's population touches 1.21 billion
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India's population touches 1.21 billion

Thursday, 31 March 2011, 09:28 Hrs   |    34 Comments
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India's population touches 1.21 billion
New Delhi: India's population rose to 1.21 Billion people over the last 10 years an increase by 181 Million, according to the new census released, but significantly the growth is slower for the first time in nine decades.

The population, which accounts for world's 17.5 percent population, comprises 623.7 Million males and 586.5 Million females, said a provisional 2011 Census report. China is the most populous nation acounting for 19.4 percent of the global population.

The country's head count is almost equal to the combined population of the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Japan put together, it said.

The population has increased by more than 181 Million during the decade 2001-2011, the report said. The growth rate in 2011 is 17.64 percent in comparison to 21.15 percent in 2001.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(34)
1: Of course population growth is always there in india but what about growth rate in 2011 is 17.64 percent in comparison to 21.15 percent in 2001. Is this little bit contradictory to our theory of population growth.
Posted by:GHN - 22 Apr, 2011
2: india is poor country full of beggers and should not surprise when india become the most populated country of the world leaving china way behind.Its dangerous situation for world because this can really inbalance the ecology of the environment.
Following are set of rules that leads to increase in indian population and poverty.
1.For hindus: This regime keeps on giving birth a child until they don't have the son.(on avg:3 child in metro city,5-6 on town,>6 in villages).
2.Muslims:They don't follow any rule.The only thing they know is keep on increasing the population and this will finally make islam strong.

I am american and i believe america should banish indian govt. to take some strict action.Otherwise these indian beggers will spoil the whole world.
Posted by:martyn - 01 Apr, 2011
Oh, what about families... my guess is that your country have lots of families, perhaps more than us, what with the single mom, single dad, emancipated minors and of course the ignorant young adults who hate their parent coz its the "cool" thing.
nambir Replied to: martyn - 21 Apr, 2011
You have my sympathy.... these Indian beggars you talk of...arent you and your Govt. of the opinion that they take away the jobs of your countrymen, eh? I wonder what the american beggars look like.
nambir Replied to: martyn - 21 Apr, 2011
shut your mouth ... we will prove our self all americans health is depends upon by us
ram Replied to: martyn - 08 Apr, 2011
India also comprises talent which drives your country Mr Martyn. India has tremendous man power so you should fear of us.
Vishwa Gaurav Replied to: martyn - 02 Apr, 2011
What the hell! Please do not interfere in Indian matters! Yes evevn I know that Indian people are of the similar mentality as you said, but we are working on the same & people have started to think over these issues (I mean,population explosion). We are the way we are! And I honestly think that you should not have any problem with the beggers here. After all it's our problem not yours. Why the hell are you talking about banning Indian people & all. Mind your own business Mr. whoever you are. And remember one thing Indians are way ahead of americans as far as intelligence is concerned & that is the reason you need Indians every now and then. Are you jealous? at least I can see it. I don't care of others. We are capable to deal with our problems. You don't need to care!
Pawan Ingale Replied to: martyn - 02 Apr, 2011
In India people live in harmony and peace becuase of the well established Family systems and values learn by the new born from the family. Its an accet for the Nation. If u dont get this point come ro india and live here for two weeks , you can feel the difference . you are totally mistaken my dear. here its not full of beggers and garbage , while you go through india you can see hilly and green every where. we call " GODS OWN COUNTRY"
PRAVEEN.M.P Replied to: martyn - 01 Apr, 2011
India and china is not the Country of immigrants and Opportunist. Civilization started here millions years ago and then started spreading all over the world. This part of the world is still civilized and has strong belief in family system.
As an American, you need to understand the foundation of your economy. These so called poor countries are feeding your economic and technological development.
I am in America and i dont believe u r an american(your english wirting is not at all American).If you really an American, then i am sure , your Mom will be living with some other man and you might have not met your biological Dad yet. you might have slept with few of your cousins but not commited to any girl yet.
Suman Kumar Replied to: martyn - 01 Apr, 2011
very well said suman.really a good one for these type of racians.
gaurav Replied to: Suman Kumar - 01 Apr, 2011
Bravo................Right said Suman
amit verma Replied to: Suman Kumar - 01 Apr, 2011
Hey cancer american how are you?
john Replied to: martyn - 01 Apr, 2011
13: The rise in population is very high. Will the Census Dept. inform the Income Brackets of this population ? In Mumbai, only the slum population keeps on rising. The high income educated citizens do not opt for more than one/two children whereas we observe that slum dwellers have more than three per family.We should not breed poverty. Birth control must be implemented in the right places.
Posted by:R.V.SHAH - 31 Mar, 2011
y we are so much worried about these thing, if we belive in GOD then let him decide.
i hope some may agree with my comments and not all
Meezan Replied to: R.V.SHAH - 01 Apr, 2011
It will not matter to you. All muslim people only know is how to increase the population.
Sunil Replied to: Meezan - 01 Apr, 2011
16: We obviously need to cut down on our population - it lowers the quality of life when there's too many people!

Also see:

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Posted by:jaya - 31 Mar, 2011
17: we would never have shortage of man power way to go! lol
Posted by:Arulprakash Ravindran - 31 Mar, 2011
but we must get shortage of food to feed the entire coontry...
santosh Replied to: Arulprakash Ravindran - 31 Mar, 2011
19: It has been noticed that this year the Cencus has done in a proper procedure/way. The Cencus Workers & the Co-Workers have done a good & appreciable job. This is true that some people are uncounted. So figure declared is less than actual. In my opinion the figure will be 1% to 2% more than the declared figure.
Posted by:C K Goswami - 31 Mar, 2011
definatly its true that some people r uncounted as we all knows how the gvt people works, how they collect the data, their honesty towards their work, nothing is hidden... as we know more than 10% of indian people living in slum ereas and i dont think our gvt visit ther to collect the data. if u think this year cencus had done in a proper procedure then u r absolutely rong becouse most of the data was prepared by the imaginery figures, they just collect the data by using small group of people according to that data baasis they put the immaginery figres...most of the uneducated family s not register the names of their newly borne child name even they do not resister if eny one die s in their family's... in all the elections politicians get wots on the name of dead people which unresistered ...i would like to ask quetion to gvt on what basis they prodused this figure..
santosh Replied to: C K Goswami - 31 Mar, 2011
21: Exactly! Census work has not been done properly! nobody came to me to collect data. Even i tried to get some information on offcial website, but no information. Moreover, no process for UID also. Process for census was also difeerent in different places. Its all a bull shit!
Posted by:Megha Agrawal - 31 Mar, 2011
That's Strange...'cos i was counted in the consensus and also have a UID.The process for getting UID took about 2 hours.
Clyde Replied to: Megha Agrawal - 01 Apr, 2011
Same is the case with me Megha..! None of them came to us for counting. So its but obvious that Census Figures would be low.
Vijay Nand Replied to: Megha Agrawal - 31 Mar, 2011
This is true that many people are uncounted. So figure declared is much less than actual.
Vinod Verma Replied to: Megha Agrawal - 31 Mar, 2011
25: All this Census work is bogus! Many people here complain that they were not covered - nobody came to their homes to collect data. Even if they did, they just asked how many people lived in the house and their ages. That is all! Later, these people filled in the pages with whatever they want! I have read several complaints in news papers too! Therefore, I feel all this is a big waste of money and time!
Posted by:Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa - 31 Mar, 2011
Instead of blaming the govt for this census disaster,we should give frame work like to how to count,assess and update the records,the more accountability need to put on shoulders of govt servants with the strong public force.Hope this works better than now.
vijaya sena reddy solipuram Replied to: Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa - 31 Mar, 2011
27: This is why we need some identification program. I am sure lot of this population is because of illegal immigrants.India doesnt have strict border patrol or something like homeland security, so lot of ppl from neighbouring countries come stay make mess in the country withtout going notice. On top of it politicians help settle slums in the country. I dont think this is a sign of a developed country, we are going back.
Posted by:Sushil - 31 Mar, 2011
I am totally agree with you. Any nation comes in developed category when every people of the country is taking very much active participation for self development so Government too. But Here in India, case is very different that actual.
India got captured by politics in every fields. If we have to do it right way, we have to be more active and make a big revolution change in a right way. For these, we have to control population too.
Raj Replied to: Sushil - 31 Mar, 2011
29: 17.5% of the entire world's population in India? Wow!

How about calling a time out?
Posted by:brindan - 31 Mar, 2011
Posted by:qwowuxov - 31 Mar, 2011
please control the muslim population & the slum areas also
put more tax on the peoples who make more than two children
krishna Replied to: qwowuxov - 01 Apr, 2011
Agree with you need to control the muslim population. Because they are the one who will not follow the rules to control the population. They only know to give birth.
Amir Replied to: krishna - 01 Apr, 2011
Only literacy and education growth can control mass uncontrolled population and poverty woes. It is unfortunate still a large muslim population doesn't believe in family planning.
sandeep Replied to: Amir - 03 Apr, 2011
Sandeep you will not understand, Muslims will not control and do the family planning as it is against our Islam. There is God who controls on everything.
China has made family planning long back, last time when there was earth quake, the parents who ever having only kids lost them and they were in age which cannot give birth to new kid.
Also China today facing the biggest labour problem due to there strict family planning years back, they don't have enough work force now.

Trust in God and leave upto him.

Khalid Replied to: sandeep - 07 Apr, 2011