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Indians taking away American jobs is a myth

Monday, 22 March 2010, 02:35 Hrs   |    22 Comments
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Indians taking away American jobs is a myth
Bangalore: Asking the U.S. government to reform the visa policies, Union Commerce Minister Anand Sharma said that paranoia of the Americans about Indians taking away their jobs, especially in the IT and services sectors, is a myth, reports Financial Chronicle.

Sharma said, "There is an incorrect perception in the U.S. that Indians are taking away the jobs of Americans, which is driven more by the fast-paced growth India in the IT and services sectors, Sharma told newsmen." Giving the example of recent reports, Minister said that Indian BPO companies have created income worth $106 billion inside the U.S. in the past three years ending 2009, and generated 3,00,000 jobs out of which 2,50,000 were filled by Americans. "These are jobs for Americans created in America but by Indian companies. This is a myth that jobs are being taken away by Indians," added he.

He also asked American corporate leaders to create greater sensitivity and awareness among ill-informed politicians who seek to create barriers in the trade between the two countries. "I have been urging U.S. corporate leaders that since you are aware of these facts, go in a delegation and sit with Congress people noting that accurate information would cause politicians to stop pushing forth unhelpful amendments," said he.

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Reader's comments(22)
1: Why only IT? Nurses, doctors, iron workers, carpenters, taxi drivers, typists, agricultural workers, electricians, in fact everybody in America can be replaced by Indians. A pittance of what is being paid over there is enough, for the due to cunningly treachery called currency rate devaluation, there is magic in the air. For a small amount over there turns a king's ransom over here. Even staying over there can help, for over here, the same persons is a near divinity.
Posted by:Ved from Victoria Institutions - 24 Mar, 2010
2: Indian Embassy, various Indian consulates and visiting leadership, and so also the available media should be mobilised aggresively to correct the misconceptions in the US and the myth that prevails here if the facts are otherwise. We see very little of it even in the DESI papers published in the US. There are various ways to correct the misconceptions. Merely making a statement like the one made by the hon'ble minister is not sufficient for bringing the change. I do believe that what the Minsiter has stated is true and should be propagated widely and repeatedly till it is heard.
Posted by:shant jain - 23 Mar, 2010
I agree wid u Shant. These American are big time lunatic jerks that's why they dont understan such simple fact......to be honest cuz they r so big Paranoids they dont even deserve to work.....
Namit Replied to: shant jain - 27 Mar, 2010
4: If it is so...why not America cancel visa & send our indians back to home. We also have good work to do in india.
Posted by:babu - 22 Mar, 2010
5: Mr. Sharma's facts about the number of opportunities created by the Indian companies in US might be true. Looking at this context, it's good to see that Indian companies are making a good progress and creating good market even outside India.

But, the so called myth (or whatever) - "Indians taking away American jobs": This is actually related or talked about (a lot) in the context of "Indians working in American companies in US". Lot of Indians went to US and got settled down there in two ways: a. Direct jobs (H1, L1 etc.) b. Study and then job (first F1 and then H1 etc.). Whatever might be the reason and purpose, the rate of growth of increasing number of Indians (foreigners for that matter) settled in US vs number of unemployed Americans in US, is bit alarming for Americans.
Posted by:Satish - 22 Mar, 2010
6: There must be a reason for the Paranoia!?! Build competence and crush competition. There is a business reason why companies do what they do - nobody has personal agendas, at least when it comes to doing business...my 2 cents. I hope everyone gets my message
Posted by:Shiv - 22 Mar, 2010
7: indians a great... no one reach their miles
Posted by:Karthikeyan - 22 Mar, 2010
8: If you belive this is the case! Unite all IT businessman in India. Ask them to boycott American busineses, Do business only with the europians, canadians. Better yet, cancel the passport of all IT professionals destined to be in USA. Issue waiver to this policy only after IT services seekers from USA bring change in rhetoric, and US govt. leaders beg the needed services!
Posted by:Mike - 22 Mar, 2010
If it is so...why not America cancel visa & send our indians back to home. We also have good work to do in india.
babu Replied to: Mike - 22 Mar, 2010
I would ask readers not to take things personal. Nobody begs anyone - its a global world of competition - survival of the fittest. US has always outsourced most of everything - their country is built by immigrants - IT outsourcing is only a recent trend and is one of the thousands of industries being outsourced.
Shiv Replied to: Mike - 22 Mar, 2010
Mike, I think u r rite...we r'nt suppose to take things personally as...whoever deserves whatever has the right on that ...it cub be a Job..food...car...home...etc...we are not asked before taking Birth in this world....which country do we wanna take birth in...A Simple fact of i dont know why people dont understand..is...at the end of the day we are all Human Beings....We talk about Commonsense..but it seems Commonsense is NOT SO COMMON......
namit Replied to: Shiv - 27 Mar, 2010
Sounds like IT War....... :)
Nisha Replied to: Mike - 22 Mar, 2010
13: Yes they cannot stop but facilitate outsourcing as Outsourcing was the result of high cost.
Posted by:Gods must be crazy - 22 Mar, 2010
14: It would not do America or Americans any good if outsourcing is stopped. They cannot stop it, even if they want to.
Posted by:vishnu vardhan - 21 Mar, 2010
anna i tkink its u.... m i correct
Kaarthikheyyan.m.r Replied to: vishnu vardhan - 22 Mar, 2010
I dont agree with Vishnu. This will create hugh differece here for job seekers.
Nisha Replied to: Kaarthikheyyan.m.r - 22 Mar, 2010
Other side of the aspect is american companies will not afford to give job which cost them almost 4 time more to complete the job back home. For any business man, they don't like any more expense on their back.
Nisha Replied to: Nisha - 22 Mar, 2010
18: Indian BPO companies created income of $106 billion inside America and generated 250,000 Jobs?.Mr.Sharma are you addressing any election meeting or Mr.President Obama who is all out to tax the `Bangalooru`outsouring,is not that wise enough to understand?.
I think Mr.Obama got that right as all these success stories of Table top IT `service` industry is all because of Tax Concessions available both in host and sourcing countries.All the so called wealth and growth of IT industry is not achived by their balance sheet earnings (Tax free) but only by their share prices in stock market.
Posted by:Shyam Prabhakar Kunte - 21 Mar, 2010
Are you a mind reader or something? Theres a position out there for you in the psychic industry. How can you co-relate the 2 events when Mr. Sharma didnt even mention president Obama. He mentioned miconceived notions of the american public. Thats what the article is about.

Do your research sir, outsourcing and offshoring creates more jobs and more capital in america. The success and wealth of the IT industry is not created by the tax free idea you mentioned. The capital earned in savings is much more than these taxes. The bill was just a way to appease the public that the president is doing something to keep jobs in america.
Truthbuster Replied to: Shyam Prabhakar Kunte - 22 Mar, 2010
Mr.Truthbuster (Nice Name)
Please be decent while writing if you think you are educated.Just think why Mr.Sharma has to talk like this.He has to talk to protect indian Interest in outsourcing business because since recent past President Obama`s administration has been in the process of withdrawing tax concessions available to the American companies for the `expenses on outsourcing` to de-subsidize to see that no job is shipped, to tackle US unemployment problem.
If you can not understand the co relation,I am sorry.Also
note, This service Industry is surviving just because it is backed by Tax concessions and stock market pricing.The people who know about stock market,Private Equity,STPI,IT sections 10A,B, will understand my comments.
Shyam Prabhakar Kunte Replied to: Truthbuster - 22 Mar, 2010
21: Oh feeling pity on paranoid Americans!
Posted by:ramya - 21 Mar, 2010
MR Sharma wants us to believe an absurdity unless he comes forward with credible data and prove his pet theory before the American industry leaders and front running politicians.
By analogy,if the IT companies can outsource their work by engaging workers in countries like Philippines or Srilanka at even cheaper wage cost,the same companies who are protesting the proposed protective legislations and tax amendments in the USA,will themselves ask for similar protection from the Government.How will then MR Sharma or Pranab-da will react to that?
Baladeb Sen
Baladeb Sen Replied to: ramya - 21 Mar, 2010