Indians fastest-growing illegal immigrants in U.S.
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Indians fastest-growing illegal immigrants in U.S.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009, 11:20 Hrs   |    18 Comments
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Indians fastest-growing illegal immigrants in U.S.
Washington: Indians in the U.S. are not only the fastest growing Asian community, but also have the dubious distinction of being fastest-growing group of illegal immigrants in the country.

According to the American Community Survey of the U.S. Census Bureau, the Asian Indian population in the U.S. grew from almost 1,679,000 in 2000 to 2,570,000 in 2007.

With a growth rate of 53 percent the highest for any Asian American community, and among the fastest growing ethnic groups in the U.S., Indian Americans are the third largest Asian American ethnic group, after Chinese Americans and Filipinos.

When it comes to illegal immigration, Hispanic illegal immigrants largely outnumber other undocumented immigrants. Mexicans make up nearly 7 million of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants.

The next largest group of Hispanics are Salvadorans and Guatemalans. But Indians are the fastest-growing group of illegal immigrants in the U.S., according to U.S. Department of Homeland Security report.

There are 270,000 unauthorized Indians in the U.S. - a 125 percent jump since 2000, the largest percentage increase of any nation with more than 100,000 illegal immigrants.

Many Indians get into the U.S. with an H-1B Visa so they do not have to cross the border illegally. Indian illegal immigrants tend to have attained a higher level of education than other illegal immigrants in the U.S.

In addition, many immigrants from India can speak English fluently. Immigrants from India often work for high-tech companies and perform highly skilled jobs such as engineering and computer programming.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(18)

The term "LEGAL" is applied in the context of a person entering the country "WITH INSPECTION" or "WITHOUT INSPECTION". The problem is because of the deliberate plan conceived by the U.S. Corporations and the U.S. Government to lure qualified Indian Personnel to work in the United States at cheap wages. This is as bad as the 'SLAVE TRADE' of the past. Indians are getting hired and they are not getting the benefits that they are entitled to. They should demand better wages and better terms and better contracts to come here as EXPATRIATES. Indians are getting cheated because they are given a false hope of getting their "IMMIGRATION STATUS" adjusted after arriving in the U.S. as non-immigrants. I had worked in Sultanate of Oman as an Indian expatriate and my contract had given me the following benefits.
1.Free medical, dental, and vision health care benefits to myself,my wife, and children.
2. Sixty days fully paid vacation per calendar year with two free trips to India which includes taxi/cab fares, transfers and land journey from the airport to home address.I was allowed to make two free trips to India, and more at my expense.Free airline tickets at the time of hiring and at the end of the contract.
3. Free car and gas and unlimited mileage. Car is totally maintained free of cost and is replaced if a repair is needed. I was allowed to use the car for any purpose, official or personal, during week days and during holidays.
4.No State or Federal Income Tax. The pay is totally tax-free. No Social Security or Medicare Taxes. No deductions. No limits on my cash remittances and freely convertible to any foreign currency.
5. Rent free accommodation with free utilities and phone for local and long distance calls within the country.
6.No Sales tax and several items I could just purchase at a subsidized rate at stores meant for emloyees.
7. I was able to save eighty percent of my income. In addition, a month's salary is given as gratuity at the end of each contract year.Fully insured against job-related injuries.
Indian Expatriates are getting cheated in the United States. Indian workers paying Social Security and Medicare Taxes should be allowed to adjust their Immigration Status.
Posted by:Rudra Narasimham Rebbapragada - 12 Aug, 2009
2: When U overstay your visa (whichever), without a pending application you are illegally staying in the US period.
Posted by:Pratap - 11 Aug, 2009
3: It will be very funny to see Indians rounded up at Ellis Island and put on cruse ships back to India. However with the economy, the way it is, many will leave voluntarily as the land of "milk and honey" is past its expiry date. This would boost the Baltic shipping index

Oops, I forgot - Indians would destroy the toilets, sinks, start fires, stink the place out, and bring in the cockroaches and mice due to their stingy and lazy behaviors - better put them on a fire proof freight liners instead.

Retrofitting the ships will be expensive - never mind, bad idea...
Posted by:Samuel Adams - 11 Aug, 2009
u crazy dawg .we indians are not stinky shithole like u .we are very smarter thats why we r working here.stop us if u can with ur brain.oops iam sorry which u americans dont have.just u know to eat and f..k. and breaking up with girl friend.which is said to be our neighbours ex wife.answer me back us s.n of a bitch
katu puli Replied to: Samuel Adams - 12 Aug, 2009
I pitty u samuel. For u r info many of the scientists in NASA are Indians and the top eschelons of many reputed companies are held by Indians. A day will come when people like u will come to India for jobs. Had we got stingy and lazy behaviours we would have never landed in u r country. Try search u r own country where in how many people have been successful in their life.

The creator of USB is an Indian mind it u should have seen the ad of intel.

We don't enter USA illegally. Don't also try to enter India illegaly. Better u people start retrofitting u r old ships, its going to be of good use as ur economy and jobless percentage are on the heights.
vikki Replied to: Samuel Adams - 12 Aug, 2009
I don't see enough evidence is available to say that there are Indians staying illegally in US. I never came across any such kind of incidents so far. Most of the Indians are coming through proper Visa and from reputed companies.

Also Samuel Adams doesn't know history of Cockroaches, please do a study on that.
VMD Replied to: Samuel Adams - 11 Aug, 2009
Its a very poor article and figures mentioned hare has no evidence. Furthermore, I think the writer forgot the history of USA. I am not defending the legal or illegal status of Asian people but throwing a neutral opinion. USA built as a result of immigrants from all over the world. Now, there is law that defines legal and illegal status of the immigrants. But, times back when Europe settlers invaded this country as an immigrants or as a warrior, fought with the local Indian (Red-Indian) or cheated local resident and took over their land and then became USA Resident. Look at your generation, ask your grand parents and they will tell you your origin. Your great grand parents struggle hard to came to this country and now you lazy bastard spoiling their dream. At least these Asian- Indian are doing something for the country. Some are may be in business, running subways or some are in IT Hi-tech. All are busy in doing something for their country (India) and the Country they temporarily resides in, not like you dummy bastard drinking and buzzing all the time and criticizing others because you are far behind in the race.
Zdunik Replied to: Samuel Adams - 11 Aug, 2009

If a person enters the country and is inspected by an agent of INS or Homeland Security at the port of entry, the person is present legally in the country. A person who overstays the visa issued, is still legally present but without status. Such persons could be only removed after a legal process and the orders of an Immigration judge. American Government should accept its responsibility for issuing a non-immigrant visa to a person who is trying to arrive in the United States to seek permanent residence. United States must not exploit humans for its selfish reasons and then find fault with the person for overstaying the non-immigrant visa. In the past, people had arrived here as slaves and they had stayed on. The temporary workers have a right to stay here as they had accepted the work with a legitimate desire to gain entrance and establish residence in this country. U.S. is blatantly exploiting a talented workforce for its short term gains and is willing to throw the Law Books on people who have the potential to contribute. If they had no such potential, my question would be as to how they were recruited and were issued visas for Legal Entry with Inspection.
Posted by:Major Retd Rebbapragada,AMC/PC - 11 Aug, 2009
9: This article is a joke.
SI get your act together... stop relying on hype and shock value if you would like to be taken seriously... reading this article makes me more suspicious about your reporting abilities/validity than be concerned about this serious topic - not good.
Posted by:Manju - 11 Aug, 2009
10: poorly written article. The numbers are probably correct as many Indians over stay and become illegal. However, the same group, especially H1B, talk about how good India is, salaries, comforts, etc. in India and other nonsense. They are all hypocrites and would do everything to stay in US while criticizing at the same time. They didn't go to US colleges/universities and are penny pincher with no community involvement. Everyone should be deported ASAP,
Posted by:Nick - 11 Aug, 2009
11: All indians are legal. Most of the mexicans are illegal because they will come by cars,they don't need show visa. All indians must and should have to show visa
Posted by:Silpa - 11 Aug, 2009
Just because you enter legally does not make you a legal immigrant. If you overstay your visa you are obviously illegal and can be subjected to deportation. By the way, H1-B us clearly a non-immigrant visa and is a temporary work permit for a given employer. If you change the job you have to get a new H1-B. I came here as a student and got a job and was on H1-B before my employer sponsored me for Green card. I am a US citizen now. So stop all this nonsense. The article is quoting the source of information go check it before you all make you accusations.
Vin Replied to: Silpa - 11 Aug, 2009
i think she don't got the chance to reach USA
ansh Replied to: Silpa - 11 Aug, 2009
when u don't have any knowledge u don't have the right to comment.
ansh Replied to: Silpa - 11 Aug, 2009
15: This ariticle is not clear, doesnt echo or substantiate the tite. A bit disappointed with the bad editorial content.

Can be better especially with a unpopulat title/topic like this.
Posted by:silicon reader - 11 Aug, 2009
16: I too am surprised to find the "illegal immigrants" tag attached to Indians, while mentioning that many Indians get into the US with a H1-B visa. Clearly, that is not illegal.

Or is the implication that once the visa expires, they overstay, and remain as an "illegal immigrant"? The distinction needs to be made clear.

Also, what is the graphic with a hand print on the US flag? What is it supposed to convey? IANS should be careful with their stories, grammar, and graphics.
Posted by:Krishna - 11 Aug, 2009
17: H1B's are not illegal immigrants, why is this article mentioning about H1B's as illegal immigrants?
Posted by:hhfree123 - 11 Aug, 2009
18: Well ya, the country is suffocating. People have to migrate by hook or by crook
Posted by:sagarika - 11 Aug, 2009