Indians, Second Largest Bribe Payers in South Asia
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Indians, Second Largest Bribe Payers in South Asia

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 29 December 2011, 12:43 Hrs   |    30 Comments
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Indians, Second Largest Bribe Payers in South Asia

Bangalore: Indians grabbed the second position for bribing among the six South Asian countries. 54 percent of the Indians have said to bribe policemen when they messed up with them, reported by anti-corruption organization Transparency International. It also stated that more than 1 in 3 people pay bribes in order to deal with the public servants, institutions, policemen, to access basic services, to speed up their work or sometimes to avoid problems.

A survey was done with 7500 people from Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka, by Transparency International in between 2010 and 2011. This report helps to explain why these countries have high corruption rates. Some of the countries score less than 3.5 out of 10 in the list.

In this list of six countries, Bangladesh tops the list followed by India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Maldives. 66 percent of the Bangladeshis prefer bribing, whereas this is 50 percent in Pakistan. People in these countries mostly pay to speed things up. It shows how corruption is rising high and hence becomes a barrier to business expansion in many countries.In Sri Lanka, people pays bribes to tax authorities rather than for any other services. In Nepal and Maldives, Customs services are mostly paid bribes.

Mostly the bribe takers in these countries are the policemen, the political parties, who are the most corrupt institutions according to the reports. This list is followed by parliament and public officials. They entrusted to oversee deals related to buying, selling, inheriting and renting land were the next likely to demand a bribe. But mostly the viewpoints of these people across the countries is that this problem of corruption is getting worse and worse and they need a solution for this. But people in India and Pakistan are most reluctant about the fact. Thousand of Indians are demonstrating for strong anti-corruption laws since August but less than a quarter on Indians thought their efforts to fight against was effective.

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Reader's comments(30)
1: Yesterday on Jan,27,2012 Ms.Srestha Thakur (SHO) Joginder Nagar,Himachal Pradesh was caught redhanded taking bribe of rupees 40,000 from both the accused paties in Lad Bhadol arae about 45 kms away from joginder nagar,district Mandi(HP).
Now the best part of the HIMACHAL POLICE will be to protect the LADY AT ANY COST,and you will see it.....

Posted by:Amit Bhadra - 27 Jan, 2012
2: Choose your MPs, MLAs and Corporators carefully(Honest) so that you can go and report these matters to them. Dont choose people who thinks they are bigger then then Electorate and your problems will be solved immediately.
Posted by:Baburaj Nair - 08 Jan, 2012
3: Dont tell me all thoe guys who have ritten so many comments have not taken bribe during their life ime.
Infact who taught the world people to take the bribe.or give bribe. the americans and the british. till human race exists this issue cannot be eradicated. it is a disease associated with literacy and education. some foolish silicon india wants to sell their pages and time so they want to prove they are clean. another - no work organisation calls himself transparency international conducts a small population stucy and writes a absured report.
beyond this foolish computer buffs who read silicon india writes their foolish comments........just keep ur trap shut and do ur duty and contribute what u can for the betterment and dont waste your time writing all such rubbish
Posted by:apathodharana - 04 Jan, 2012
4: hai friends we are the future of india please friends dont encourage the corruption &we dont feel same as this.
all other countries are trying to decrease indian power
in tese time we are the protection for these india please try to avoid corruption
Posted by:kiran - 01 Jan, 2012
5: We copied all the advancements from the West ... why do we refuse to copy their moral values? No other country lies, cheats, and worships money so rampantly and consistently like we do.
Posted by:ashamed - 30 Dec, 2011
6: Every one saying morals to others, but the actual fact is no one agree and take oath to himself that I don't do the corruption or encourage the corruption. country means not the political parties, entire system and administration. country means it is a bunch of people. every one take oath to himself that I don't give bribe or encourage and educate their kith and kin about this fact. one single Anna Hazare can do nothing. We should have to join with him. We, being the Indians, should have to respect ourselves. Mere flattering other countries is a waste of thing. Every one, in their life, atleast try to curb/prevent the corruption once. Later things goes normally.
Posted by:Girija prasad duggaraju - 30 Dec, 2011
7: During the time that the West was innovating, discovering, and investing, we in india were busy producing kama sutra and the population explosion -- and then added to it, rampant squalor, corruption, and the killing of human dignity. Can we clean up now?
Posted by:Sakti - 30 Dec, 2011
8: wait wait!

I thought , we Indians are born corrupt. Good to hear that few people are on top of us.

In India you need to bribe to authorities to prove you wife as your wife and even need to bribe to call your self Indian.

Policemen accept bribe as their right.
Posted by:Satyapal Yadav - 30 Dec, 2011
9: SupriyO,
The westners relish this fixating and grabbing too. Wait wait, wait a second, you mean Indains HONESTLY didn't know this till date?
Posted by:elitevenkat - 30 Dec, 2011
10: Change? That already happened. Don't one see, instead of tables, covers, envelopes and greasing hands, now internet transfers, no cash transactions and money laundering are in vogue. Perhaps more change in near future.
Posted by:elitevenkat - 30 Dec, 2011
11: When we travel to Western countries, we should stop being fixated on grabbbing money, but learn some basic human traits like HONESTY.
Posted by:Supriyo - 29 Dec, 2011
Read Chetan Bhagat's column in Times of India ... he shows how we've been lying all along that we're better when in fact we have been so poor in every area of morality.
Rajan R. Replied to: Supriyo - 29 Dec, 2011
13: Corruption is unavoidable disease! In UK corruption is under the table! In the US on the top of the table! In Singapore at the left hand side of the table! In China it is on the right hand side of the table. BUT, in INDIA it is INCLUDING the table.
Posted by:Ramachandran - 29 Dec, 2011
14: Stop being ashamed of your nationality and take a oath on New Year that you will not pay even a single penny as bribe. I am proud to be an Indian and Yes I had got my Driving License without paying bribe
Posted by:Amit - 29 Dec, 2011
Pennies in England, so,...... naturally in Rupees.
elitevenkat Replied to: Amit - 30 Dec, 2011
16: What makes indian culture so dirty?
Posted by:ashamed - 29 Dec, 2011
Culture vulture dirtied!
elitevenkat Replied to: ashamed - 30 Dec, 2011
18: Both morally and physically, we are one of the dirtiest people on the planet. How do we change?
Posted by:Arputha - 29 Dec, 2011
I told you not to wear those tattoos moral and physical on both hands. Stop cribbing, there are more in queue who dirtied prior to us.
elitevenkat Replied to: Arputha - 30 Dec, 2011
20: Please make poorani zootha ka mala and send to Sonia and Rahul for successfully introducing Joke Pal Bill in Lok Sabha and Choreographing with sycophants the "Fraud in Rajya Sabha". If they sincere let them declare the source of their FUNDS into CONGRESS Party? Can they set an example? Do they have the GUTS? If they are Honest, they can do it in one day!

Wake up Indians wake up, do not expect any Justice from Italian Mafia and their family!
Posted by:Ravi Parthasarathy - 29 Dec, 2011
21: The Congress run by Nehru Family is Corrupt and they have institutionalized Corruption since 70's and after emergency!

They brought out a Joke Pal Bill and passed an infirm, unconstitutional bill in Lok Sabha by bulldozing opposition and their amendments - Not one of BJP or Left amendments were accepted! In contrast in Rajya Sabha they played time wasting tactics, colluded with RJD and made a mockery of Parliament Democracy right in front of Dr Man Mohan Singh, who was a silent spectator. The Congress did not agree to face Voting as they could not muster TMC and other allies. Instead they played a Stage Managed and Choreographed a Drama! It is a shame!

The Congress thinks it can fool the People of India. Anna Hazare was right, the Govt is not sincere and has corrupt thoughts/deeds and now we all know.

Join Anna Hazare's Anti Corruption Movement in large numbers. Let us not repeat what happened in MUMBAI on the 1st day of the fast! Let all Anna's Program be successful with People and their Support - Join India Against Corruption website on Facebook!
Posted by:Ravi Parthasarathy - 29 Dec, 2011
22: I get it now. The anti-corruption movement with Anna is aimed at the low level corruption that involves small bribes of 100 to 1000s of rupees. Lost in the translation is the bigtime corruption between the corporates, politicians, big builders, and rich/elite families which invite policies that are anti middle and lower classes. I guess going after the corporates would mean assassination for Anna, so he dare not touch it. Everyone ignores the elephant in the room and gets enraged by the petty things in life. go figure.
Posted by:Mitesh Damania - 29 Dec, 2011
Yeah exactly. Eliminate poverty is understood as eliminate/wipe off povertyridden. Now both the bribe-takers and anti-bribers join hands to eliminate lower/middle classes. Not much of a difference only just letters here and there. To begin with its from 10 Rs to 1000 Rs.
elitevenkat Replied to: Mitesh Damania - 30 Dec, 2011
24: It is not correct. India is the Number One country in whole world in bribe payers. No body can beat India till Nehruvian Congress of India Private Limited rules India.
Posted by:Shirish Mohanlal Dave - 29 Dec, 2011
25: I don't know why people are surprised or shocked to hear this. It is a open truth. It is part of Indian culture. It is embedded in our Indian society, it will never go away no matter what is said and done. This is the fact and we all have to accept it and live with it. India will always remain corrupt and broke country. This is the shame that we have to face when we face the civilized and industrialized countries.
Posted by:Sidhanth - 29 Dec, 2011
Namaste, this is a discouraging and unfair view . You victimize yourself first of all to believe that BRIBING should be accepted as a part of India s attitude and culture. Wake up people! Where is the Indian spirit ? It is the inspiration for respect towards the view of love and compassion that embraces the Indian kindness to fight with awakening hearts! Not the discouraging manners! Only awakening hearts should guides the mind.
My dear sir, Who told you that bribing is only happening in India? Stop taking things so nationally or feel inferior towards western world countries who have mess the whole planet through out certain wars, guns, drugs, human trafficking , and clear lies! Take action without a stop! Deal with it in a fresh and positive mind! Educate your people! All of them! and then allow them participate in decisions. Get rid of " the villager s corruption" It does nt belong in life but in past centuries. Open your eyes to see that bribing exists evrywhere, and it should not occur any more! Activate your will into the good will and the participation by the spirit of India towards the human evolution! Do not give up! India can have strong influence through out its spirit! Even from Indians that do not live in India. Moreover, There are people who are not Indians and they believe vividly in the Indian Spirit. Stop evolving national pride and get confused with inferiority issues.These do not belong in the better world! It is all trap! For only the good qualities of Indian spirit can be carried on by the people inside their minds and hearts. Act and change yourself do not give up with discouraging notions! Bribing occurs in most countries and it is illegal! The younger generations should be born and raised without it! Let s not allow corrupted rules kill the innocent quality of any good vision for us all and the next generations in the world !
lilly Replied to: Sidhanth - 29 Dec, 2011
27: i would say its 100% every person has to pay Bribe. Is that any one in India who got they Driving license with out paying Bribe? Is their any one contractor got his money without paying Bribe? is their any police in India who did not receive Bribe? Is their any Village Accountant who did not receive Bribe? you never find any one.
India is a Bribe Country. If you give Bribe anything is possible. I have friend's who has more than one passport. Just Bribe Rs 100 to police person who comes for inspection that's it!

People say No Bribe but Politicians say we don't want to Ban it. its our Democracy
Posted by:ganesh - 29 Dec, 2011
28: no matter what Anna does- India will not change untill each of us change.
Posted by:realistic Indian - 29 Dec, 2011
thanks. I agree with you. If every one takes the self responsibility or even educated people, corruption is not a problem. If we have to get the Government Job also, we have to pay money.
Girija prasad duggaraju Replied to: realistic Indian - 30 Dec, 2011
30: Being an Indian I'm ashamed.
Posted by:realistic Indian - 29 Dec, 2011