Indian women in U.S. aborting female foetuses?
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Indian women in U.S. aborting female foetuses?

Wednesday, 08 June 2011, 11:35 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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Indian women in U.S. aborting female foetuses?
Houston: Under cultural pressure to have sons, some Indian immigrant women are using reproductive technologies and liberal abortion policies in the U.S. to abort female foetuses, according to a study conducted by University of California.

The women used sperm sorting or in-vitro fertilisation and implanted only the male embryos. Others aborted female foetuses.

The study doesn't mention how widespread the practise is, it covers a small sample group. Researchers interviewed 65 immigrant Indian women in California, New Jersey and New York who pursued foetal sex selection between September 2004 and December 2009.

Of the women, 40 percent had terminated prior pregnancies when carrying a female; 89 percent who found out they were carrying a girl during the interview period, had an abortion.

The women came from various religious and educational backgrounds and approximately half the women interviewed held jobs outside the home.

These results were consistent among all education levels; thirty eight had finished high school, 12 had graduated from college and 15 held advanced degrees in medicine, law, business, nursing and scientific research.

In addition, women who carried a female foetus said they were subject to varying degrees of verbal and physical abuse.

"Health care providers often are well-positioned to intervene or suggest options, but may be hesitant to approach issues perceived as 'cultural'," said lead author Sunita Puri, a resident doctor in University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

The researchers sought to understand how women exposed to cultural pressures to have male children react in an environment where reproductive choice is allowed and sex selection technologies are openly marketed and available.

The Indian government prohibits using ultrasound and sperm-sorting technologies explicitly for sex selection. In contrast, choosing an abortion for whatever reason, as well as selecting the sex of a child through various medical techniques, is legal in the United States.

Women identified female in-laws and husbands as sources of significant pressure to have male children. This was especially true when in-laws lived nearby, but also occurred if they remained in India, according to the study.

The study participants immigrated after age 18 from the Indian states and territories of Punjab, Haryana, New Delhi, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(11)
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Posted by:phoebe123 - 30 Jun, 2011
2: No wonder why the craze for green card, settlements through migration to such countries on that very basis, for that very reason that many a nations gone cases are exploited through.
Posted by:crazy - 09 Jun, 2011
3: aaj se 1400 saal pehle arab main ye hota tha
log female child ko zinda dafna dete they
islam qabool karne se pehle khud Hazrat Umar ne apni beti ko zinda dafnaya
lekin ab masha Allah muslim main ye nahi hota
Posted by:Syed - 09 Jun, 2011
4: if we authorize idiots, they will make us idiots with in a time. Same thing the indians are doing in USA. Of course i am an INDIAN :)
Posted by:sasi - 09 Jun, 2011
5: Shame. In India, the richest and highest per capita is in Delhi, Haryana and Punjab - where the sex imbalance is highest. Around 1000 Male to 820 females. Since, Indian Government banned officially the sex diagnosis labs so they are sending their wives to Bangkok & Singapore for abortion. Muslims are less educated and poorest of poor on BPL, but female infanticides and bride burning rarely reported.
Posted by:Shaeista - 08 Jun, 2011
yes as far back as 1785 the female infancticide was highest in punjab so much so that british got alarmed at this tendency and then asked ranjit singh in 1799(who was a british stooge) to enact law agasint female infancticide. so punjab has been leader in this abhorent act for a long time-delhi has high number since 1947 because of high number of punjabirefugess from paksitan.
there is one irony. the most female infancticide happend amosnt the Bedi calmn of punjabs and we have the first ever police ofofice of IPS cadre kiran bedi a proud example of womenhood in India.
avatar singh Replied to: Shaeista - 08 Jun, 2011
@Br. Avtar Sing, let's me Muslims and Sikhs join hands to eradicate this evil from brethren Hindus.
Shaeista Replied to: avatar singh - 09 Jun, 2011
8: Indians are going to change into a nation of 'Khusras' as there will be no females left to marry
Posted by:Satinder Bancil - 08 Jun, 2011
Education seems to revert us back to the caves.This is utterly disgusting and disgraceful.
kamalika Replied to: Satinder Bancil - 08 Jun, 2011
MATHRU DEVO BHAVA....there is no differnce between boy and girl, both are equal in every aspect. leave the ignorance, and try to be open minded.
kanti Replied to: kamalika - 09 Jun, 2011
very nice comment
m.raja Replied to: kanti - 10 Jun, 2011