Indian firm gives handset biggies run for their money
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Indian firm gives handset biggies run for their money

Wednesday, 28 April 2010, 10:39 Hrs   |    47 Comments
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Indian firm gives handset biggies run for their money
New Delhi: When four friends planned to diversify their IT hardware distribution business and start making mobile phones, which would specifically suit Indian consumers, did not know that after two years, they will be giving mobile handset majors; such as Nokia, Samsung and LG, a run for their money, reports Economic Times.

In the two years of span, Micromax grew to become the third-largest GSM mobile phone vendor in India, after Nokia and Samsung, with a market share of six percent. According to research firm IDC, this 1,600 crore brand, which sells around one million mobiles every month, has a presence in more than 500 districts through 70,000 retail outlets. Speaking on this subject, Vikas Jain, one of the four founders of Micromax Informatics, the company that owns the Micromax Mobile brand, said, "We saw that the MNC brands were not selling phones that suited Indian consumers' requirements. This void had to be filled. So in April 2008, we forayed into the handset market."

Targeting specifically at the rural masses, the company has also started selling handsets that come with features appealing to urban consumers such as music phones, qwerty and internet-enabled handsets. "We wanted to approach the market in a different manner by first going to rural and semi-urban areas, establishing a good distribution base and then targeting the big cities," said Vikas Jain.

Recently, the company came up with a universal remote control phone, one that can be paired to household appliances like the TV, AC, to act as a remote control for them. "We have to be quick in launching new products as competitors can also copy a lot of this soon enough," reasons Jain.

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Reader's comments(47)
1: I want to know about SAR specification about Micromax mobiles. They are providing a lot of features but do all of them work fine ?
Posted by:Deepak - 11 May, 2010

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Posted by:Saurabh - 04 May, 2010
3: Yes, its good to have an indian brand on board.But they need to compete with international gaints in technology.But as an indian brand and having base at rural market where there is a huge growth options and low cost this desibrand has an edge over the MNCs. keep going...........JAI HO..
Posted by:prakash - 03 May, 2010
4: I did see the advt of this brand in tv,but never knew it is an indian brand great going for company which started operation in yr 2008
Posted by:krishna kumar - 30 Apr, 2010
5: Its really a good thing that one of the Indian company is giving competetion to international brands and making phones as per the need of Indain masses.
Posted by:Vipin Garg - 29 Apr, 2010
6: Are Micromax phones manufactured in India? Just being curious. Because I know lot of companies who actually procure their phones from China, with exclusivity. Which means, the Chinese will make designs exclusively for you, put your brand name on it, and sell it only to you. All that the Indian company needs to do is to build a sales and service channel.

In sincerely hope Micromax is not one of them. In any case, besides offering good phones at reasonable price, they are forcing biggies like Nokia to drop prices. See the price of latest Nokia C3!

Posted by:Sunil A.S - 29 Apr, 2010
my dear frien am sorry by micromax is actually procuring mobiles from china and selling in india....its a bania owned company yar what else can you expect. but still whatever they are giving mnc companies a run for money
himanshu Replied to: Sunil A.S - 29 Apr, 2010
8: I am already using Micromax mobile.. The happiest part is the fact that it is an Indian brand and which is now being preferred over the global brand like nokia & samsung.. I m sure, it has the thrast to be a global brand...
Posted by:Jitendra Kumar Singh - 29 Apr, 2010
Its not truly Indian...!

The IC (Chipset) is made by an Taiwan (geographically sandwiched b/w japan & china) company called MEDIATEK ( and 50% of the Taiwanese electronics company's products are not reliable.
Pravardhan Replied to: Jitendra Kumar Singh - 29 Apr, 2010
10: Great work, I know a lot of friends who are using micromax mobiles which is having great features and some above par with their counterpart like sound and video with great battery life at lesser price. We are seeing a lot of Indian companies are coming in this space such as Spice, videocon, Max mobile, etc
now a days people are preferring this over China phones as China phones doesn't have IMEI number and guarantee at the rates near to Chinese phones.
Thumbs up to you all guys and now I will be leaving my US company and I am going to Join Indian company for the benefit of country.
Posted by:Vishal - 29 Apr, 2010
Thanks to MacroMax mobile founders, because it is a great answer to the china market and other brands too. Chinies mobiles get f..ked.
Rohit Vaidya Replied to: Vishal - 29 Apr, 2010
Hi Rohit,
One difference I have seen in Chinese products is you cannot beat their finishing aspect. They have quality in it. I don't think any Indian products (manufacturing) is closer to that quality finishings. I live in North America and I specifically see the difference between Indian products and Chinese products.
Raj Replied to: Rohit Vaidya - 29 Apr, 2010
13: Great work. We need more product bases hardware & software companies like this to be real genious & capture Indian as well as world market. WE DON'T NEED SERVICED BASED INDUSTRY ANYMORE AS WE NEED TO BECOME SELF DEPENDENT.
Posted by:Ankit Singh - 29 Apr, 2010
You are absolutely right Mr. Ankit. It is very much required to grow the part of products in our economy rather than just focusing on Services. In tough situation, our indigenous products will help us to face the world. We can not always be dependent on other countries for high-tech products specially in Defense, Space and similar hi priority areas.

When we provide the high-tech services to other countries, they have right to use work-product, they have the patents and though, being inventor we don't have any right on those inventions.

We need more entrepreneurs who can give our country something original and Specially "MADE IN INDIA and MADE FOR INDIA"
Kirti Patel Replied to: Ankit Singh - 29 Apr, 2010
yess thats the point

priyank Replied to: Ankit Singh - 29 Apr, 2010
16: good to know that even are no less than the others if only we make a decision. way to go , caaryon with the good work by getting us newer models with enhanced features
Posted by:anita singh - 29 Apr, 2010
17: It feels really great to see an Indian Company competing so well against global brands leaving some of them behind
Posted by:Rajnish Jamuar - 29 Apr, 2010
18: Congratulations to Micromax Founder. It is proud to see an indian company competing to Global one.
Keep moving forward with more and more innovative ideas and features.
I wish Micromax should urgently plan to create a 3G mobile phone device with touch screen, internet, Map of cities, email, scheduler, planner, FM, picture, music, video & Text viewer etc.
Posted by:SKG - 29 Apr, 2010
19: Wonderful job guys. Please do not end up selling your brand just for money to foreign companies.

Keep good work up...!

I will encourage my family members, friends and relatives to go for this brand.

Posted by:Raghavendra - 29 Apr, 2010
20: Samsung provides better features than Nokia at 50% price.
Micromaxx type of brands will surely make the kill, since there were no QUERTY phones in Rs 3000/- range.
Nokia's 54% is not a correct report. Worldwide market share has dropped, drastically.
All recent launches are flops. If the creativity does not improve, the company will continue to post losses in their annual reports.

Posted by:mobile mantra - 29 Apr, 2010
21: I wasn't aware that Micromax was an indian brand before this... Hat's of to you guys... hope to see more good quality products from Micromax..
Posted by:Gejo John - 29 Apr, 2010
22: Reading these I would like to actually try one... Good job guys.. All the best..
Posted by:Raj - 29 Apr, 2010
23: Congratulations Micromax.
You may be interested in a suggestion:-
I am looking for a phone with Dual Sim and WIFI connectivity. But this kind of phone is nowhere available.
Posted by:Gurpreet - 29 Apr, 2010
try spice qt-66
nikhil Replied to: Gurpreet - 29 Apr, 2010
25: More reasons for Micromax in grow at fast speed that there products are available in market at price of chinies mobile but yes with higher qualities like other samsung and nokia that Indian needs(as Indian mentality says pay less get more quality products)
Posted by:Deepak K - 28 Apr, 2010
26: The biggest pain nowadays, is to work in India, but for the US or other countries.
feels like their slaves.
Can't we use our knowledge for India and for Indian Companies?
Hats off to micromax, who's utilizing their knowledge for India.
Posted by:Aman - 28 Apr, 2010
27: Good Job done, hope u'll be the next milestone for orther's sector.
Posted by:Sanjay Sharma - 28 Apr, 2010
28: good work, will be even worth if the price band is low and quality to the international standard.
"Proud to be Indian"
Posted by:Tushar Desai - 28 Apr, 2010
29: congratulations my Indian brothers. U have made India proud with your achievement. Honestly speaking i came to know about our Indian product after reading thru Silicon India article. All the best.
Posted by:syed ameer hamja - 28 Apr, 2010
30: Its not always tough to compete with big brands, what all matters is innovative ideas and determination.
Keep it up.
Indians have big brains. Its just that we don't believe in ourselves.
Posted by:saloni - 28 Apr, 2010
Yes I agree with you but what I feel the report should publish the figures for the better understanding of the readers as we know from the report of march that Nokia has around 52% share in GSM segment and Samsung has around 16% then its sony ericsson is having 13% share and LG is having 10% shares and then Micromax is having 6% shares. So it is quite impossible that within a month of time a company can raise its shares upto the third position so I guess there should be the figures to prove it. I am not against the growth of the company but I am not in for of the report without the fact and figures.
Subas Giri Replied to: saloni - 28 Apr, 2010
Nokia had 52% share is thing of past. Their basics , they have lost in last 2 yrs. Devices like E63, do not even know , how to display the number of the sender, when 'sms' message is received. A phone costing Rs 10 grand, can not perform basic things like display name and number below each other while you browse the directory. Its market share has dropped world wide to 26% and in India from 37% to 2x% in last year. The company is in RED as per the published financial reports in last 2 quarters.
Selling free music will also not save them any more
mobileman Replied to: Subas Giri - 29 Apr, 2010

That page quotes IDC India. As per that Nokia is at 54.1%, Samsung and LG are at 9.7% and 6.4% respectively. The local players were all clubbed together at 17.5%. Micromax is at 4.5% may be at 4th or 5th after Motorola.
Suseelan Replied to: Subas Giri - 29 Apr, 2010
I agree with this point...
Ashutosh Replied to: saloni - 28 Apr, 2010
35: great!!! good work, certainly big brains involved. ( just to mention i work for NOKIA)Nice to see indian brains coming up and being recognized. best from from me take your foot further form local to global.
Posted by:brijmohan singh - 28 Apr, 2010
36: hi i am from usa it is great,do you have a touchscreen E-Health samart phone for blood doners, 4G connectivity.
Posted by:bharat b lal - 28 Apr, 2010
37: Great success, this is really a great motivation, to think out of box, to think big.
Posted by:Ashish - 28 Apr, 2010
38: Still there are many bugs...The main things for a mobile is voice and audio which is not clear in micromax
Posted by:Chandra - 28 Apr, 2010
39: IPL has given a real platform to catapult it to next level!
Good luck
Posted by:Srinath - 28 Apr, 2010
40: As i wanted as an Indian instead of working for MNC's....joining together strating our own enterprise...dat's wat u exactly did and succeeded ....good keep going guys...may de future b yours...and B example to many....ths
Posted by:ANAND RAJSHEKAR DASARI - 28 Apr, 2010
41: It is really a good job.
Posted by:Promod Kumar - 28 Apr, 2010
42: Good job ppl... finally some indian taking the fight to the others.. indian taking on the fight in the gadgets also..

all the best guys...
Posted by:Raven - 28 Apr, 2010
43: It has still to go long to compete with company like Nokia.
Posted by:graintu - 28 Apr, 2010
Great Jo keep going India
Mahesh Prasath Replied to: graintu - 28 Apr, 2010
so nice to know about this indian brand competing with other foreign players.really feel proud that india is catching fast.hope for more great achievements.
nisha Replied to: Mahesh Prasath - 29 Apr, 2010
excellent,its good to see that third one brand in mobile hand set is an Indian Company so keep it up and become number one soon in Indian market.
sanjay Pandey Replied to: nisha - 29 Apr, 2010
Well, you may be right that, the component in making of these phones have come from China. But we must encourage these initiatives and i am sure in 10 years from now we shall be making the components as well. Jai Hind !
Dr.Deepak K Tibrewal Replied to: Rohit Pahalwan - 29 Apr, 2010