Indian companies call for strong anti-terror measures
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Indian companies call for strong anti-terror measures

Friday, 28 November 2008, 11:50 Hrs   |    7 Comments
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New Delhi: The following are some quotes from captains of Indian industry who have condemned the terror attack in Mumbai since Wednesday night and called for strong anti-terror mechanism and laws:

Ratan N. Tata, chairman, Tata Group: "We must show that we cannot be disabled or destroyed, but that such heinous act will only make us stronger. It is important that we do not allow divisive forces to weaken us."

K.V. Kamath, president, Confederation of Indian Industry: "This is a new type of attack and I am sure the city has to adjust to this attack."

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, president, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry: "It is a clear and unambiguous attack on the Indian economy. It is time we demand stronger and firmer leadership and approach to the threat of terrorism, including better laws."

Sajjan Jindal, president, Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry: "Such a heinous act has no place in any civil society; anti-national forces should be dealt with iron hands."

Vijay Mallya, chairman, UB Group and Kingfisher Airlines: "In our political system, we soft-pedal issues and try to please many factions but this kind of national disgrace needs to be dealt with a very firm hand. It is not fair to us as a community, as a nation."

Rahul Bajaj, chairman, Bajaj Auto: "Whether it affects business, whether it affects tourism, whether business bounces back is to my mind secondary. The financial meltdown has hurt everybody but whether it becomes twice as bad is to my mind secondary."

S.K. Birla, director, Birla Brothers: "It is no more an issue for the government alone. The attack has targeted the hub of the corporate world and we will speak in unison."

Deepak Parekh, chairman, HDFC Bank: "Blasts are bad for investor confidence."

Anand Mahindra, vice chairman, Mahindra and Mahindra: "The attacks were targeted at the nerve centre of the Indian economy, (and) designed to create panic."

Habil Khorakiwala, chairman, Wockhardt: "This has happened mainly because we have not responded adequately to combat terrorism. I think it is time for politicians not to make terrorism a political issue and consider it as a war on our country."

A.M. Naik, chairman, Larsen and Toubro: "How the international community will view this from the point of view of investment, travel, tourism and staying in five-star hotels to conduct multinational business that is something one has to worry about."

Vijay Thakur, President, Indian Association of Tour Operators: "This is certainly going to mar the sentiment of the tourism industry."

Harsh Pati Singhania, managing director, JK Paper: "Terrorist attacks in Mumbai are shocking. These should make every Indian citizen stand up and support the cause of secularism and pluralism, the values that have been cherished by all of us."

Sushil Gupta, managing director (west), Asian Hotels: "There will be some effect (the hotel industry) which we can't quantify at the moment."

Raamdeo Agrawal, joint managing director, Motilal Oswal Securities: "I don't think these attacks pose a big economic issue."
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(7)
1: Its no more a political responsibility alone... Our politicians are extremely hopeless and we just need to ensure that nobody within our territory is supporting the terrorists.. They are living amongst us with the support of few amongst us....
The common ppl are subjected to so much security check even while entering malls, hotels and shops.. i fail to understand how can terrorists make it to such places with so many explosives and weapons...
The politicians should be brought to roads.. their security should be loosened... let them face few blasts and they'll know....
Posted by:hoping_against_hope - 03 Dec, 2008
2: It took 3hrs for the NSG aircraft IL-76 to reach Mumbai Airport form New Delhi.It took 40 mins for the bus to the destination place in South Mumbai.By the time they were ready for their Job it was nine and half hour after the terror strike.
Many Lives would have been saved if this delay didnt happen. The Question here is why is NSG camp only in New delhi and no where else. Done you think there shoule be one in every city.
what will happen if terrorist attacks way in the south of India. It will take years for them to reach them
Posted by:Suraj - 29 Nov, 2008
One of the laws that could be implemented If I may suggest should be don't grant any visa to any of the terroist supporting nation for India. There should be strict background checking for all foreigners visiting India.
Posted by:Rohit Pillay - 29 Nov, 2008
4: These events and dangerous developments have caught Indians foolish. There has to be forces within the govt. for this act to happen. May be govt. knew this bloody well.

The perpertrators of this act (who planned, executed, funded etc.) have to be destroyed If need be by stealth.

It is not just an attack on Indian economy but a direct personal attack on those citizens who died.

Posted by:foolishkingdom - 28 Nov, 2008
5: This attack is the most reprehensible act but more than anyone else, our politicians must realize that it takes mettle to take on such forces rather than passing the buck to each other.
Mr.Manmohan Singh...we want to see something concrete done from your government rather than seeing your familiar face on the TV every time after these type of anti national acts.
Posted by:Hardeep - 28 Nov, 2008
6: These are very buttered statements without asking Govt to act on terrorism. These so called business leaders are asking civilians to take their own care.
We need to know from the government what they have in their mind to tkle terrorism. Inspite of so many attacks , govt has not come out any time that they are planning to upgrade weaponary, communication systems,training etc but the lone stale statement is issued that we will not tolerate terrorism. Home secretary says he is learning from the terrorists. Can we Indian citizens expect anything from such insensitive representatives.
God bless India.
Posted by:Ram Mohan Agrawal - 28 Nov, 2008
7: Well after such great words, they seem have taken a huge role themselves in the war against terrorism..
Posted by:messenger - 27 Nov, 2008