Indian Villager became source of MIT tech idea
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Indian Villager became source of MIT tech idea

By SiliconIndia   |    45 Comments
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Indian Villager became source of MIT tech idea
Bangalore: Mahatma Gandhi once said "The soul of India lives in its villages' and today a villager from Guwahati has made his vision true and acceptable to the world. Kanak Das, resident of a remote village near Guwahati has created a simple device which converts the shocks received by his bicycle into acceleration energy, so he doesn't have to peddle for a few metres after negotiating a pothole, reports Prashant Thakor of DNA.

Finally the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, U.S., has taken up by his idea and is conducting further research on how to channelize the energy created in shock observers of vehicle into the acceleration.

Anil Gupta, Professor at IIM-A, who presented his idea to the MIT said, "Kanak Das came up with this innovation to seek a solution to the bad roads of his village, and when I showcased his idea to the students of MIT, they immediately adopted it, as it can bring huge change in automobile technology across the world."

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Reader's comments(45)
1: This is all great, but HOW DOES THIS IDEA WORK?
Posted by:Pankaj - 21 Dec, 2010
2: Hello everyone......My Name is Nikhil. I read all the comment & ideas,they were really great. what we need is only 1 chance & platform to show our ability & creativity. I had 1 plan by implementing which the loss due to Flood & Droughts can be prevented simultaneously...but due to politics in our country this will not be implemented I know it very well.. So if there is any other alternative to implement in which political leader cant interfere then please let me know I really want to implemented this idea...thanks
Posted by:Nikhil Agrawal - 19 Dec, 2010
3: This instance goes to prove that thinking and innovation does not require a degree from IIT but logical thinking. Kanak Das's idea has seen the light because MIT has taken the ida forward for research. Unfortunately this is the status of many useful ideas that emanate from Indian brains locally. I hope the scenerio changes soon in our country.
Posted by:Viswanatha - 19 Dec, 2010
4: dear Sir,
It is great to feel excited but how many kanakdas are being encouraged.In india there is shortage of 6 crore houses.80% of us spend their life in 100 sq ft area as living space.
Why sand of rajasthan can not be used for making bricks
and remove the housing shortage ?
We have so many many million scientist and engineers ,yet why we can not buy a made in India NAIL CUTTER.Even if we are able to locate one made in ludhiana,It will cut the nails only once WHY?
WHY when our GODOWNS are full still we have very poor nutrition intake?
WHY all the time we are importing weapons when doing local R & D for developing Fighters/submarines ?
At least if we import only we can still save money by not initiating local indigeneous product capabilities which do not have a finishing date let alone a product specification which change frequently. H.S.sharma,IIT Bombay graduate 1963 m-09873020599
Posted by:H.S.Sharma - 19 Dec, 2010
5: really its one of the great ll encourage the youth to brng up their ideas...congrats
Posted by:subash - 17 Dec, 2010
6: wow gr88 i also once tought of the idea but cant reshed to the expected goals congrats...............kanak bhaina
Posted by:submit - 15 Dec, 2010
7: Dear Kanak Congratulation, Really India Need more persons lika as you, really i think that its a best & best of best research because in recent speedy time nobody has any interest in new research. this research are also helpful to environment. O.K.
Posted by:Krunal - 15 Dec, 2010
8: Now corrupt politicians & road contractors get an easy excuse to eat money create potholed roads.
Posted by:name - 14 Dec, 2010
9: Congradulations Kanak, U open a new way to indian youngsters. i appreciate ur hard work. not only for invention, also u brought ur idea upto MIT na. Superb. Great man. Bt dont sit, we expect more from u. All the best for ur brightful future. - Rajendiran.c
Posted by:Rajendiran.c - 14 Dec, 2010
10: This is great news. Let's appreciate and recognise this brilliant idea. It may be very simple concept but will have huge benefit to automobile sector. Thanks to Silicon India news blog for making this news.
Posted by:Anthony - 14 Dec, 2010
imagination and implementation gives new pathways.......
Yedhukrishna Menon Replied to: Anthony - 14 Dec, 2010
12: Gr8 concept. It wil b vry useful here in india, lukin 8 d situation of our roads. Well done Mr. Kanak das.
Posted by:Vineet Sharma - 14 Dec, 2010
13: Well, the person in news here is not just a simple villager.
He has innovated a lot more things.. and he was always in the local news... He had designed some kind of a hovercraft, boats from which energy can be derived. Unfortunately, I dont know in details about him, even after being from Guwahati. I will definitely try to find about him.
Posted by:Gopal - 14 Dec, 2010
14: It is horrifying to see that a good project is recognized by MIT and not by any IIT or a leading technolgy institute like IISc and other so called deemed universities who can boast only tie ups with foreign universities but fail to recognize the sparks in our own local brains. What a pity! It is sad that even the professors who have done their doctorates in foreign universities also behave like ordinary people once they take up jobs in India.
Posted by:Viswanathan - 14 Dec, 2010
Neha Replied to: Viswanathan - 16 Dec, 2010
16: Thatz Indian Brain.Great work !
Posted by:sindhoor - 14 Dec, 2010
Also....I dont understand why Indian IIT's & other institutions won't come forward to accept his idea & promote it further! It is the only thing that feels bad about India.So many brainy are there in India.But due to lack of opportunities they work for other countries.
sindhoor Replied to: sindhoor - 14 Dec, 2010
I agree with you. Ous institution are not not may be as proactive as the 1st worlds one. We indians always accept which is already accepted. Very small fraction dares to come out of the comfortzone and not a slave of what others think.However i think this number is increasing steadily........hope for better future for our village innovators.....
utpal Replied to: sindhoor - 14 Dec, 2010
19: It is a greatly innovative thinking resulting into utile process. However, my worry is what this gentleman would get out of it from MIT. Great many Indian inventions, ideas, conceptions, innovations, and treasures from the past including those like ayurveda, herbal medicine, yoga, have been stolen for encashment by the western world. Hope, this one bucks the trend. I know an Ayurveda MD who has 100 year old ayurveda formula for leucorrhea medicine which would cost 100 times less than allopathic drug, with guaranteed non-recurrent cure, but he is scared of sharing it for fear of getting pittance for it, or multinational pharma giants killing the formula after buying it! Regards.
Posted by:Anant Ghanekar - 14 Dec, 2010
20: Great news! I have heard about this quite long time back by this person. Now that it has been accepted by MIT is something the scientific community will be eager to know more about this. Yes our country doesn't lack talents, but to put them on the platform where people accepts them is something we need to do more.

People are dying of cancers, but a lady at your own will by giving her 100 Rs. could help in curing cancers...these are something which we need to bring to lime light....
Posted by:Surajit - 14 Dec, 2010
21: Great innovative idea! Now potholes will be a necessary supplement in all the developed and developing nations for building roads. Any Contractor challenging that? Remember "Work is God n Health is Wealth"
Posted by:Gods must be crazy - 14 Dec, 2010
22: Good.Go India go....:)
Posted by:Kushal Joshi - 14 Dec, 2010
23: Hi the 5th comment is correct. Please change it.
Posted by:Mohan - 14 Dec, 2010
24: gud man keep it up! congs
Posted by:Madhur Temle - 14 Dec, 2010
25: True Newton also saw the fruit falling.Innovations during the evolution of human beings has been only with the existing resources, happening,actions which were slightly modified by thinking with a difference.Be it Japan, who started from scratch following the innovations in Europe in particular Germany and started step by step upgrading technologies.But the present generation of technologists or scientists or research scholars have ample access to happenings, thesis , publications , statistics hence we dont exert ourselves instead just use those database, and produce so called innovations
Posted by:RVGIYER - 13 Dec, 2010
26: Good job, and to bring to your notice a surprising fact, read the below shloka, water formula written in Indian scripture 2000 BC...
Posted by:Nitin - 13 Dec, 2010
27: Amazing what people can do when they put their minds to something.
Posted by:jonny - 13 Dec, 2010
28: correction:

'in shock observers of vehicle' - should be 'shock absorbers'
Posted by:jpj - 13 Dec, 2010
29: This is an old idea which we are already applied for patent ... the only attention is the idea again given by the villager.. now we are happy to here a acceptance from some organisations like MIT..

Can any one tell how to show my innovations to the world..
Posted by:Vijayakumar - 13 Dec, 2010
vijaykumar, u r crap dealer i think..have u applied for patent of this 'old idea'..u idiot, u dont know how to showcase yor crap innovations to the world, who the hell would trust u hav got some ideas..go and polish the shoes of kanakdas, u will be highlighted..get lost..
pushpen mishra, buxar, bihar Replied to: Vijayakumar - 07 Jan, 2011
willy Replied to: Vijayakumar - 13 Dec, 2010
Mr Vijay, it will be better if you also tell from where you heard this and tried to encash this?If your patent is due,I hope you must have got prototype/model.Pl sent to DST at delhi for details.
drsyals Replied to: Vijayakumar - 13 Dec, 2010
As per the report As on 30th June, 78,792 patent applications are pending with the Indian Patent Office. And most important how to employ our kith and kin in order to dispose of the pending requests for examination, the government has created 200 new posts of Examiners of patents and designs, said Sharma. If not Such persons with ideas, someone down the generation may survive to see the day of its recognition and use. Though by now some where its prototype and design would have been copied already and with some name of Amar Akbar Antony will go into production in some other Nation
RVGIYER Replied to: drsyals - 13 Dec, 2010
Hi, may i know the patent application number of your invention please?
Premraj Replied to: Vijayakumar - 13 Dec, 2010
35: INNOVATION LEADS TO CREATION. As again being proved by one of small village big town idea. Really if we think some scope of attention towards the village INDIA there are many great heroes who are still unrecognizable. Great Idea Great Creation.
Posted by:Varun Bhatia - 13 Dec, 2010
36: There are lot of unsung heroes in this country.Recognition & accepting we can do it still something yet to be seen in my India.I agree with Dr.Jagadeesh. Visual Media has time for _olly ood news and the personal life of Celebrities - how unfortunate we are?
Posted by:S.Kabaleeswaran - 13 Dec, 2010
There are people that can help to develop such inventions.. Like.. see this site...
jee Replied to: S.Kabaleeswaran - 16 Dec, 2010
India had always great heroes, please read about Mr.GD.Naidu, i have copied from Google and pasted here for the reference of all readers.
"Naidu invented an Electric razor (Rasant) that gave users more shaves than the other existing options in the international market. Among his other inventions were super-thin shaving blades, a distance adjuster for film cameras, a fruit juice extractor, a tamper-proof vote-recording machine and a kerosene-run fan. In 1941, he announced that he had the ability to manufacture five-valve Radio sets in India at a mere Rs 70/- a set. In 1952, the two-seater petrol engine car (costing a mere Rs 2,000/-) rolled out. But production was stopped subsequently, because of the Government's refusal to grant the necessary license. His inventiveness was not confined to machinery alone. He is said to have grown ten feet high Cotton plants, millet plants with high yields and several injections for plants that made possible what Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (Sir C. V. Raman) called "Botanic marvels" "
S.Kabaleeswaran Replied to: S.Kabaleeswaran - 13 Dec, 2010

There are geniuses in rural areas. It is NGOs,Government,Scientific Bodies etc., which should help them to identify and support their creative thinking and ideas to blossom. Often we think rural is bad urban better and foreign best. It is not always true. Are not TITAN Watches popular while cheap brands from China are available. I purchased 8 CFLs manufactured in India and they have been in use since 8 years while Chinese stuff which costs one third goes out of use in less than one year. As pointed out by me earlier, during 80s 50 Wind Chargers were imported by erstwhile DNES Now MNRE at an exorbitant price and installed across the country under NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION SCHEME. None of them worked beyond a year. On the other hand an ILLITERATE BUT NOT ILL INFORMED person using palm tree as tower made wooden blades(2) and changed the windings of the automobile generator to utilize the power for a fridge, radio and one tube light! It has been working since 20 years. I saw it and was amazed by the ingenuity of the GREAT INVENTOR It is in Mandapam, near Rameswaram,Tamil Nadu.

Rural solutions in all cases need not come from MIT as TECHNOLOGY IS CULTURE SPECIFIC.

There are very good brains in IISC IITs etc., But what is needed is COMMITMENT TO SERVE SOCIETY and COUNTRY AT LARGE.
For the last 3 decades I am striving hard to DESIGN,DEMONSTRATE AND DISSIMINATE basically a 3D approach) over 30 gadgets in RENEWABLE ENERGY,APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY,BIOTECHNOLOGY etc., Some of them are popular in African Countries.
Media like SILICONINDIA, REDIFFNEWS, THE WEEK, INDIA TODAY etc., should bring to focus the rural innovations so that they get financial support for Commercialisation.
Ideas float around in bewildering numbers and scores of designs ranging from windmills to the spinning wheel are available papers are circulated stating the wonders of intermediate not appropriate technology what could be done why it should be done what must be done and how the rural countryside can be changed if intermediate technology is implemented. Experts are called from abroad to tell people this.
In all this talk, there seems to be no place for the ideas generated by farmers and rural artisans A stand seems to have been taken that this transfer of technology for the socio-economic regeneration of the rural areas is a novelty for country folk. But rural communities have survived for generations without any help in ideas and materials from outside. They have developed a low cost technology of their own, suited to their own particular areas. It would be foolish to over look and take for granted methods used by farmers and artisans. When a ploughshare develops trouble on the field when a bullock cart breaks down on the road to market when a house collapses in a storm the villager uses materials available in the immediate vicinity to solve his problem. It is the scientist who must see these problems as challenges that must be met if there is to be development in rural areas. It is clear that the villagers and scientists will see the problems of the villages quite differently and it will not always be true that the projects proposed by the scientists will be meaningful to the villages. If projects are imposed on the villagers they are likely to be skeptical and may well resist rather than co-operate with the programme. Rural Development Schemes in the broadest sense, requires first a good sociological approach and as much psychology as scientific knowledge. After all ‘country means people and not soil’.

As late internationally renowned Scientist Prof.Y.Nayudamma put it our motto should be MODERNISE THE TRADITIONAL TRADITIONALISE THE MODERN.

Nayudamma Centre for Development Alternatives
2/210 First Floor
NELLORE 524 002
Andhra Pradesh

Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 13 Dec, 2010
Excellent piece doc, but too little is done in documenting and suitably remunerating the innovator, there is no database and even if some one wants to adopt a similar technology and adapt it to his needs he does not have a point to start from. We get across similar articles regularly both on national and local media but has somebody tried to tabulate them? I am ignorant of any such effort and if you know please let us know too. i fondly remember of an article a few years ago of a gentleman who had adapted his Bullet motorcycle into a mini tractor will all self developed attachments. But there was no data about the machine and where we can meet this gentleman and esquire about his machine.
Arindam Banerjee Replied to: Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 13 Dec, 2010
Very well said "MODERNISE THE TRADITIONAL TRADITIONALISE THE MODERN". I have never looked things this way that you have portrayed here.

But i am very dissappointed to read that MIT has adopted the idea and no INDIAN company took interest in it.
Saurabh Replied to: Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 13 Dec, 2010
Too much Updesh. Its like singing to the choir.
Kamal Replied to: Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 13 Dec, 2010
Yes. It is needed.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Replied to: Kamal - 13 Dec, 2010
Dear Dr. Jagaeesh,
Indeed it is true that most of our uneducated scientists are there in the villages. I am with you in saying that our so called media is not portraying them. I with media could do more on this, rather than some kind of masala news.
Shiv Shankar Replied to: Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 13 Dec, 2010
please help this one to any Indian company dont let american to take this
ajay Replied to: Shiv Shankar - 13 Dec, 2010