Indian LPO firm helps in winning U.S. legal battle
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Indian LPO firm helps in winning U.S. legal battle

By Benny Thomas   |   Friday, 15 May 2009, 11:55 Hrs   |    8 Comments
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Indian LPO firm helps in winning U.S. legal battle
Bangalore: A libel case in the U.S. has been won with the help of legal expertise outsourced from India. Lawyers at Mysore-based SDD Global Solutions a Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) firm drafted the motion papers and conducted legal research for this case in Los Angeles. The litigation was against 'Da Ali G Show' produced by HBO starring Sacha Baron Cohen. "Most of the paperwork for this case was done in India," says Padmavathi Shanthamurthy, who led the team in Mysore.

The case was filed by the plaintiff after she watched the video on Youtube, uploaded from a Finnish Television Channel. "The program was licensed to Channel 4 and we were representing Channel 4," said Shanthamurthy. According to Shanthamurthy, the lady who had previously filed a couple of lawsuits against HBO was claiming in this case that Cohen, whom she claimed to have known earlier, had libeled her while playing the character Ali G.

The plaintiff had claimed that during the show, Cohen had said that he had been having an affair with her. The defense argued that the statement was made by a fictional character and this cannot be considered for any legal action as per the California and U.S. constitutional law. Shanthamurthy says, "This whole thing was a joke, a comedy should be taken in context and the actor never comes out of his character throughout the show." The decision in the case has resulted in protection to comedians, comedy writers, broadcasters and producers.

The team in Mysore consisting of five lawyers was supervised by a U.S. Attorney Russell Smith. They had worked on this historic case on a cheaper rate compared to their counterparts in U.S. The case is one of the first 'libel-in-fiction' cases in the context of television and it is also the first time that a major U.S. media litigation has been outsourced to India. "It was really exciting to work on this case and we had to do a lot of research", says Shanthamurthy. The LPO firms in India have been drafting a brief for many cases in the U.S.

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Reader's comments(8)
1: is there any count on how many cases drafted in India have been dismissed in USA courts?
Posted by:Prem Airson - 16 May, 2009
2: I am an Indian residing in Texas (USA) and have been fighting a case against American Citizens who owe big money to me they are rich people with big contacts who can manage judges i would really appreciate if this firm can help me in getting there anyway i can get the info of this Lawfirm
Posted by:R R - 15 May, 2009
why just look for them you get in touch with others like legalsys mindcrest true legal partners or best would be get in touch with a some lawyers who can do it
CNH Replied to: R R - 18 May, 2009
It is easy to find out this firm in Mysore.
Write the name of the firm clearly and ATTN:The president of bar association C/O The BAR ASSOCIATION,SESSION COURT BUILDING,mysore 570001,Karnataka India.
I am sure your letter will reach the right person in the firm.
Thank you
IBF member Riyadh
Pasha Replied to: R R - 16 May, 2009
Do a google on the case "Da Ali G Show case" and you will get all the links.
By the way, the name of Indian firm is SDD Global Solutions Pvt Ltd.
friend Replied to: R R - 15 May, 2009
6: This is a very good achievement by our lawyers, hope they carry on the good work even in Indian cases that are pending in courts.
Posted by:Girish - 15 May, 2009
May I request this law firm to come forward to help the Indians who are suffering in the GCC countries in the hands of the so called sponsors with a variety of problems.The courts in saudi Arabia have no power to control in any way,the criminal or the accused to implement the court order.
Also the Indians are facing language problems too and in ddition,the Indian Government is least bothered about it's citizens who are suffering without being charged.Their Families back home have no word from their kin in saudi Arabia which is clear violation human rights.
I request this law firm to form a NRI protection NGO and do somthing for the good cause.
Once the NGO is formed,the same can be informed to the NRIs for donation and at the same time for publicity,so that the laymen can know that there is a NGO to protect the NRIs.
Thank you
Pasha Replied to: Girish - 16 May, 2009
8: We are witnessing the start of a positive, paradigm shift in the way that legal services will be delivered in the West. Several law firms are embracing the change, and reaping rewards from it.

SDD Global Solutions
High-End Legal Outsourcing

Posted by:Anna - 31 Dec, 2010