India will Fail in Kashmir as U.S. in Afghanistan: Imran Khan
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India will Fail in Kashmir as U.S. in Afghanistan: Imran Khan

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 31 October 2011, 07:14 Hrs   |    29 Comments
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Lahore: It was a real show of power from the cricketer-turned politician Imran Khan who with his 100,000 flag-waving supporters rallying near the Minar-e-Pakistan monument, saw himself establishing as a real force in Pakistani politics.

Talking up the issue of the rights of Kashmiris at the heavily electrified political rally, he said the Indian Army will fail in Kashmir as the U.S. army did in Afghanistan. "Did the Americans succeed in Afghanistan? Is the Indian Army more powerful than the U.S. Army? When the Americans couldn't succeed, how can you succeed with 700,000 troops that are involved in excesses?," he asks as the crowd cheered.

"No army has been able to solve any country's problems at any time," he said demanding that the Indian troops should be withdrawn from Jammu and Kashmir. The chief of Tehreek-e-Insaf also asked Hindustan to give the people of Kashmir their right to self-determination. He said his party would "stand with the Kashmiri brothers and speak for their rights at all forums".

Khan who founded his political party 15 years ago is trying hard to translate his fame into votes. Focusing on the core issues in the country such as corruption, lack of education, rising prices, inflation and unemployment, the cricketing legend is expanding his political base ahead of the 2013 general election. A poll conducted by the U.S.-based Pew Research Center back in June sees Khan as the most popular political figure in Pakistan.

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Reader's comments(29)
1: Who will listen to politically driven words?
You bout World Cup and That Good Sporting spirt is vanished
so you speak hurting Such Big Contry emotions...
Why don't you be active in your CRICKET?
Cricket to you might be Afganithan to US?
Posted by:Lokesh - 07 Nov, 2011
2: beep beep beep beep beep beep Imran Khan....
someone very well said - “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
and now you are at last stage...
Posted by:neo - 07 Nov, 2011
3: There goes so called Imran playing Pakistani ISSTYLE Cricket, and to let you know: 3 to 4 even an ex-Paki-cricket captain are in a WHITE man's Jail in Great Britain. At least the white British are NOW realizing where these Pakis belong after a so called Independence from the British. pramodkaimalgmail
Posted by:pramodkaimalgmail - 06 Nov, 2011
4: @Ram: Indeed. Even better, don't talk Kashmir at all. That goes for both India and Pakistan. Freedom, honour and dignity are human values we all cherish (in some shape or form). Indians and Pakistanis must recognise the Kashmiri's right to have what India and Pakistan have.
Posted by:Tanveer Ahmed - 05 Nov, 2011
5: Imran Bhai Slamwalekum aur haalchaal thik-thak hai. Political shop in good Potion? Kashmir ki choodo woo too is leye bol rahe ho ki hamre Manmohan jaise prime minister educated hai nahi labhadur ke jaise aajayenge to kanha bhago ge. Aab briten bhi saran nahi denewal kyu ki tum logo ne briten ke logo ko bhi gumrah karke apne liye gaddha khod liya hai.
Posted by:krishnakant - 02 Nov, 2011
I wish that Imran Khan is next President of Pakistan. At the time of total destruction he will be proper person to take the country to ruins.

Idiot fanatic Imran. You and your stupid party is sunk already. Paki public dont want you then why keep barking ?

Posted by:kishan - 02 Nov, 2011
7: After reading this i just laughed on Imran khan...kashmir is a part of india and no country can take it away...India wil show his power when time will come..
Posted by:lipu - 01 Nov, 2011
8: The Real truth is pakisthan selfish leaders (who are not able to provide bread for their citizen- kasab) and create terrorism around the globe is going to be eradicated from the society by their own peoples.
Posted by:rajesh - 01 Nov, 2011
9: People of imrankhan stature should not indulge in cheap publicity seeking talks. Except his cricket base,the others are nil. He sought the charity for building the Hospital to the neighbour INDIA who all the time wished for the prosperity and happiness to neighbours. You have tried all tricks to win elections -FAILED- one more gimmicks it is.
A Person you should be recognised before politician and parlimentarian(you can never become one in your life time).
Any thing you talk some group of yours will cheer and forget it as they do in film and never get carried away by these. You must understand the history of pakistan and very long and solid culture based history of INDIA before making such cheap talk. You may be successful as a commentator if at all possible and be content with that and be a good Samaritan-Preaching for UNITY and Happiness
Posted by:Dr. G . Ananthapadmanabhan - 01 Nov, 2011
10: Pak's failing in Pakistan doesn't mean India will fail in Kashmir. Pakistani leaders try serve their purpose of making pakistani people fool by speaking against India.
Posted by:Madan Singh - 01 Nov, 2011
11: Seems Imran Khan is willing to be next President of Pakistan. He should remember that India will not fail in Kashmir and also in Pakistan.
Speak about Pakistan problems dude, not about India. You may get votes but you may have to face India very soon. :)
Posted by:Nitin - 01 Nov, 2011
12: Let Pak not Fail in Pak.
Posted by:satya - 01 Nov, 2011
13: What an absurd article this is. All these crap should not become a news in the first place. And how insane of him to compare 2 issues like these, US army in Afghanistan versus Indian army in Kashmir. How can these 2 issues be similar? There are more important issues that Pakistan desperately needs if he is running for the top post in Pakistan politics and all these are mere gimmicks for votes.

I pity his ideology and he is only making a fool of himself by giving such statements.
Posted by:Rakesh Menon - 01 Nov, 2011
14: Imran is talking philosophically. If Isreal didn't have a strong Army, it wd v been wiped by Arabs. As of Kashmir, is like a beautiful girl, all pakistani punjabi wants to flirt with, but not marry. Else why Pak has not given soverignity to 1/3 of Kashmir held by them.
Posted by:Amitava - 01 Nov, 2011
15: Imran Bhai,Pl try to convince Pak people to join with India to make it The Greater India.If hundreds of millions of muslims are living in India peacefully why u Pakistanis not.If muslims are living peacefully in anywhere in the world it is only in India.Pl study the history of all Islamic countries,then u will understand the truth.Pl try for that instead of pondering over Kashmiries.
Posted by:N.P.NAIR - 01 Nov, 2011
this is excellent words. and i feel every one should feel this and do it. May ur goodness will spread all boundaries
rajesh Replied to: N.P.NAIR - 01 Nov, 2011
17: Imran, agar terako apni Pakistan control karna hai, vote kamana hai toh Pakistanka development karke dikha na, India ka Kashmir par kiun nazar dalta hai, Guard your own boundary before conquering others, nahi toh agar war ailan kardia na India, toh tu to kia, tera voters vi kahinka nai rahenge.. sukar kar ki India loves peace and not war.. Peace promote karta hai bolke India ko Kamzor mut samajna. Just keep in mind that If India wishes, it has sufficient resources to overpower any of its neighbouring countries within seconds, whether US supports or not. So play the game tactfully and use neighbour friendly words while begging for votes
Posted by:Nayan - 01 Nov, 2011
18: "No army has been able to solve any country's problems at any time," he said.
We say: "PAK and Kashmiri Terrorism neither"
Posted by:Shaas Ruz - 01 Nov, 2011
19: the Indian army is not occupying foreign territory! It is there first of all because it is trying to curb the excesses of Kashmiri and PAK terrorists. Don't forget that. And Kashmir is an intergral part of India, which cannot be said of Afgh. and USA.
Posted by:Shaas Ruz - 01 Nov, 2011
20: do all of you guys think Imran will read your comments?NO NO..pakistanis are always obsesed with war, jihad etc..As they are totally depressed dont like to live anymore., they want the whole world to die..saudis have money and some of them want to live marrying 10 wives but in pakistan therez no budget for such if im not happy others shouldnt be happy as well..i've interviewed many muslims and i pickup this sublimal message from them.china is greedy ,so India should have supported US in the operation iraqi freedom,then they US would have helped all of us should be ready to die as both the nations have nuclear missiles..give up your fears and siliconindia should stop looking pak in a normal perspective..its a messedup perspective..and prepare to die.existence should have ended by enlightenment and merour souls with parmatma but one day all of us are going to be ghosts and we fight in a different way.
Posted by:vivek bn KannadaXXo - 01 Nov, 2011
21: this crook depends on india for donations to build hospital in memory of his mother but doesnot keep away from blaming india ... what a shameless guy , ver much porky.... shame pseudo secularists from india who donated crores of rupees for building hospital in memory of mother of inram khan must take a lesson
Posted by:Suhrud Patel - 01 Nov, 2011
22: Pakistan should win in Pakistan first, they cannot win in their own Country now., Govt is weak and not able to provide anything for the people of paksitan, first take of the people of Pakistan then talk about Kashmir..

Posted by:Ram - 31 Oct, 2011
Imran, you were a great criketer but when it comes to judging indian administration balls to you and your are in a country were youll guys are fit to suck U.S and china.Tresspassers into india will be procecuted.
josh Replied to: Ram - 31 Oct, 2011
24: So Pakistan win in Kashmir? like China won in Tibet? But Pakistan is sincere or strict like China..

China everybody has same rights and Govt didn't fail like in Pakistan.

Indian Govt never failed like Pakistan..

if Govts are Stable, India or China never loose in their external or internal affairs..
Posted by:Ram - 31 Oct, 2011
25: Imran ! you try whatever you may like to ..but my advise is to PEHLEY APNEE PANT BANDHANO SEEKHO ..phir hum hindustaniyon ko dhamki dena. I deal with many PAKISTANIS, and they are totally frustrated with the Pakistan govt rule. If you want to bring a positive change, then talk sensible ! that will be good for all neighboring state.
Posted by:Arvind Singh - 31 Oct, 2011
26: Imran..
teach your kind of 'Philosophy to Paki Army, they have not only Ruled so called pakistan, but also licked USA for Money and fovors. now that the ISI's dirty political game is Global, they want Lick China for support, but Chinese are clever, un-like Yankees. Better WAKE YOUR ARMY AND ISI, before your country is?
Posted by:Mohan - 31 Oct, 2011
27: Imran first you try to see Pakistan. How many percenatge of Pakisthan is under government control. i think may be 25% try to get 50 % of total Pakistan under your governmental rule. You Know in Pakistan any third country can come and put bombs to Kill the terrorism because your Pakistan is like prostitute house of terrorists. Okay first see your back before giving foolish comments.
Posted by:ananth - 31 Oct, 2011
28: Like every lousy Pakistani politician looking to carve a niche for himself in the psyche of the Pakistani aam aadmi Imran is using the K issue to project himself as more than a decent cricketer. Pakistani politicians still feel Kashmir is an issue which makes the blood boil. But it is absurd. There are 101 things the Pakistani aam aadmi would worry about, terrorism, floods, corruption, etc. But playing to the gallery is a favorite of the Pakistani politicians and the K issue gets them all worked up to grab a few news bytes. Nothing more than this should be read into the old playboy's speeches.
Posted by:CVKAMESH - 31 Oct, 2011
29: Mr.Khan has gone crazy.First he compared Inzamam Ul Haq with Sachin Tendulkar. Then he says no army is able to solve any country's problem, so what did Pervez Musharraf do when he ousted Nawaz Sharif govt.and took control ? And finally Indian army is involved in excesses, so what did ISI and Pak.Army do in Kargil ? He and his followers must be aware of the popular line "Doodh mangogey to Kheer denge, Kashmir mangogey to Cheer denge" Good Luck Imran.
Posted by:Sanjay Chandra - 31 Oct, 2011