India role model to the world: ISRO Chief
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India role model to the world: ISRO Chief

By Sudarshan Kumar   |   Tuesday, 30 March 2010, 06:14 Hrs   |    49 Comments
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India role model to the world: ISRO Chief
Bangalore: Gone are the days, when India used to look at NASA or other satellite centres to launch satellites. Today, India is the first country to orbit 10 satellites in one single mission and the facilitator for a major discovery of water molecules and water ice on the lunar surface. Also, it is one of the six in the world with capability to make satellites and launch them from its own soil.

Speaking at 34th Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore convocation, Dr. K Radhakrishnan, Chairman - Space Commission, Secretary - Department of Space and Chairman - ISRO said, "When I entered ISRO, it was in nascent phase, and now the heights we have reached in the space sector, is achieved with a shoestring budget as low as three percent of NASA's expenditures on space programmes." Adding to it, he also said that India is a front runner in the global comity playing pre-eminent roles in the International forums of space agencies and space-faring nations.

According to ISRO's report, India is developing a winged reusable rocket, and the ISRO has configured a Technology Demonstrator as a first step towards realizing it. Scientists have already configured a winged Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator (RLV-TD), and ISRO believes that it is the first step towards realizing a Two Stage To Orbit (TSTO) fully re-reusable launch vehicle.

The Indian satellite centre has also received foreign proposals evincing interest to send their instruments for hosting by the Chandrayaan-2 which would be jointly developed with Russia. According to ISRO, the Megha-Tropiques satellite, an Indo-French joint mission for the study of the tropical atmosphere and climate related aspects, is expected to be launched later this year. It is set to join a string of global spacecraft designated to study climate change.

Radhakrishnan, who was conferred Post Graduate Diploma when the first convocation was held 34 years ago, with some of the renowned names like Kiran Karnik, Sudarshan P, Prof S Chandrasekhar (representing IIM-Ahmedabad and Calcutta) and many more, joined ISRO in its nascent phase and saw it evolve into a great team providing valuable and self-less service to the nation.

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Reader's comments(49)
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2: just looked through the topic. Amazing work. reviews
Posted by:valeepherge - 16 Aug, 2011
3: Sub: Space Vision-Necessity-Demand- IDENTITY
India needs to go a long way.Technology Management, Inventions Promotion and Space- Cosmology Research
Identify 100 steps -the first ten steps will show the direction.Vidyardhi Nanduri[Cosmology Vedas interlinks]
Posted by:Vidyardhi Nanduri - 05 Apr, 2010
4: If some one asked me if I'am proud to being Indian, I could still say yes because of some these few Indians who are saving face of India.
Otherwise, with the politicians, political system and the our entire system would have made India and Indians laughing stock in world.This time is to save what ever we have, and grow. Grow stronger and self reliant atleast some were closer to countries like USA.
Posted by:vishnu vardhan - 04 Apr, 2010
5: I have not yet reached the heights, from where I can comment...But being a citizen of democratic India all I would say is, Sara Jahan Se Accha...Hai Hinduatan Hamara.A grand salute to all you dignitaries who have inspired us and made us feel proud. Jai Hind.
Posted by:Debashish Ghosh - 04 Apr, 2010
6: ya its really a progessive step towards the development of our country..........this inspires many youngsters to get into ISRO and work for our nation development and to learn more things relating to space.........
Posted by:anusha - 03 Apr, 2010
7: This is a achievement which shows rest of the world the capablety & knowledage we are having.with this achievement we are going to be super power in next 20 year. I salute the great scientist of india.
Posted by:avinash b. deshpande - 03 Apr, 2010
8: Proud to hear such good things
Posted by:Ram - 03 Apr, 2010
9: Speaking as an ordinary Indian....I believed that we are far behind in any matter compared to foreign countries but never gave up a thought that we can catch up with them ...Today i am happy and would like to congratulate and thanks to the ISRO for doing it for our country for our flag for our peoples and for the youth who has to take lesson from these extraordinary Indians who are doing such a great work silently without wanting to be in fame or limelight ..We have to think that what we can offer to our country not for fame of ours but of our country....Thankyou once again ISRO and the unsung heroes of India.I Salute to you ....From a youth who is desperate to give his best to give a small Contribution to our Country...
Posted by:SUNIL CHOUBEY - 03 Apr, 2010
10: this is a great news. India has much development. we can not forget role of dr. Vikram Sarabhai and other prominant Scientist who show the lead and done excellent work for the ISRO and for India.
Vikram Sarabhai was one of the greatest scientists of India. He is considered as the Father of the Indian space program. Apart from being a scientist, he was a rare combination of an innovator, industrialist and visionary
The year 1957-1958 was designated as International Geo-physical year (IGY). The Indian program for the IGY had been one of the most significant ventures of Sarabhai. It exposed him to the new vistas of space science with the launching in 1957 of Sputnik-I. Subsequently, the Indian National Committee for Space Research was created, of which Vikram Sarabhai became Chairman.

With active support from Homi Bhabha, Vikram Sarabhai, set up the first Rocket Launching station (TERLS) in the country at Thumba near Thiruvananthapuram on the Arabian Coast, as Thumba is very close to the Equator. The first rocket with sodium vapour payload was launched on November 21, 1963. In 1965, the UN General Assembly gave recognition to TERLS as an international facility.
there are other so many scientist who has done poiner work in this field and put India in list of top countries.
However there is lot more thing is left to be done. Loyalty & honesty towards the country & work. India has capacity to achive those Landmarks.

I do agree with Mr. Gaurave view that Money and resources are only contraints, talent is available in plenty in our country.

With limited resources,we have to make the optimum utilisation of the resources we already have.

politicians and beauraucrats of the country are only involved in self benefits and thriving swiss econonmy by depositing lakhs of crores of money in their banks.

inspite of flying of telented scientist ISRO has done much work. we all have to apreciate the org.and all the persons who are involved in it.
Posted by:Jayesh Sanghav - 03 Apr, 2010
11: We are proud of our achievements in certain selected areas existing as "islands of excellence". However the concern expressed in some of the comments are also valid. The problem is that in any speech,particularly ceremonial ones, usually only achievements are highlighted to boost the morale of the audience. Our people are familiar with the obvious weaknesses and in spite of that they are puting up with them in the fond hope that well meaning among our ruling class are going to take appropriate action to set things right. If all involved in the developmental process resolve to work honestly and selflessly we can overcome the hurdles on the way. Let us wish them well.
Posted by:Piyush C.Sharma - 03 Apr, 2010
12: Totally agree with you sir, and India is a role model to the worlld, you arr role model to all of us.
Posted by:kraun - 02 Apr, 2010
13: it is good news and we have touched another milestone in the area of space research. but we have see it as whole our potentials are better than compare to others as we are doing much better for other countries why can't we do anything for own country to prove our potentials and let be the India a world leader.
well said Dr. K Radhakrishnan.
Posted by:vikash gupta - 01 Apr, 2010
14: yes sir radhakrishnan said the correct thing with all these aspects our country going to be a developed country and not a developing country. I am also interested to join in ISRO.
Posted by:Narasimha D L - 31 Mar, 2010
15: yes it is absolutely true.
Posted by:Damodhar - 31 Mar, 2010
16: The Indian space programme is the most civilian oriented and civilian controlled of all the major space programmes in the world. If you look at the history of the US, Russian, Chinese, German and French space efforts, they were all heavily military oriented or military controlled, either in the past or in the present. There was a clear connection between their military power and their space research. ISRO has very limited military activities. The focus is on research, and civilian use of technologies related to remote sensing, information and broadcasting, telecommunications, telemedicine etc.
Posted by:Varun Shekhar - 31 Mar, 2010
17: If we have conquered the “skies” why can’t we be “victorious” within our mother land: “earth” in every front or sector? May be its easier upward where no devils rule, resists, throng or hinder.
We are entities of the earth more than the skies and the seas. We have to be conquering them all. The whole world looks upon us Indian for providing those solutions and view upon us as super role model as an emblem.
We cannot afford to fail. We have all that is to achieve it.
If we keep up empowering all fronts in a similar scientific, professional and intellectual oriented system, we soon will make it.
InshaAllah !
Posted by:Mohd Shafiq Mohiuddin - 31 Mar, 2010
18: Money and resources are only contraints, talent is available in plenty in our country.With limited resources,we have to make the optimum utilisation of the resources we already have.
But alas politicians and beauraucrats of the country are only involved in self benefits and thriving swiss econonmy by depositing lakhs of crores of money in their banks.

with limited budget more allocation should have been done to develop manufacturing sector and infrastructure, our poor rail minister mamta bannerjee is adamant to waste tax payers' money on virtually infeasible and over ambitious projects and that too in areas where train already running are getting blown off.
Developing indegenous technogies in manufacturing will help all sectors of research,space programs,defence sector,metallurgy,infrastructure,automobile,etc and will also help India to combat China in all spheres of technology.
India already leads China in Service sector but it wont last longer if dont develop our infrastructure. MNCs prefer areas with better facillities not ones being plagued by power cuts,jams,inaccessibilty,etc

Posted by:GAurav - 31 Mar, 2010
19: sir,there is no dought that India will be a role model to the world within few years. India(ISRO) launched all its satellites from its own efforts and wisdom.By observing this event evry Indian has to think about its monther land first.The govt of this land shuold take care of our intelligent students that they should work outside the nation does't mean that they do not go to other nation.if our wisdom, knowledge,hardwork are putted properly in our own soil then only we are become role model to the world. thank you
Mrityunjaya G H
Posted by:Mrityunjaya - 31 Mar, 2010
India certainly can become role model in speace programs in coming days. But we will have ensure that , The people of india will get equal opportunity to educate their child and are with good health. The country which is corrupt can't be come role modle to the world.
friends, lets remove poverty and corruption from india and it requires the political will power, Do our politicians have guts to remove these unhealthy parameters from our society.
Prabhu Replied to: Mrityunjaya - 31 Mar, 2010
21: It is great news. I see thee are two divergent views, one very appreciative and the other saying these are a waste. I belong to the former.
Do we get any returns immediately whenever we sow a seed or a child is born ( may be a great scientist , doc or a noble laureate in the making of future!) Let us celebrate as proud Indians!
I am sure at the heart od we all including ISROITES we have all the time the good of all of us as the focus
Posted by:G S Gundu Rao - 31 Mar, 2010
22: As a common Indian I don\'t know much about the achievements of ISRO, but i am clear in one aspect that any technology developed should ameliorate the poverty of India.If we judge it through this parameter then it\'s contribution is not seen apprantly on our important sector,agriculture.
Posted by:P.S.Thakur - 30 Mar, 2010
23: One of the g reat achievements by ISRO has been B’Bhuvan”.
ISRO will unveil its version of Google Earth, the iconic mapping service for the common man to zoom into any part of the world on their personal computer using satellite images.
However, the new mapping service — Bhuvan, which means earth in Sanskrit — will allow users to have a closer look at any part of the subcontinent barring sensitive locations such as military and nuclear installations.
Bhuvan will use images taken by ISRO’s seven remote sensing satellites at least a year ago. These eyes in the sky can capture images of objects as small as a car on the road to build three-dimensional map of the world.
Imagine if you could count the lions in Gir or fishermen find concentration of fish in the sea, just by dragging a mouse on a computer screen. Space Applications Centre of ISRO has just made that possible by an innovation called Bhuvan.
Bhuvan, meaning earth, is the addition to the numerous scientific innovations by SAC and is a satellite mapping tool, just like Google Earth or Wikimapia, but allows you to zoom far closer than the aerial view from a chopper. If Google Earth shows details upto 200 metres distance and Wikimapia upto 50 metres, Bhuvan will show images upto 10 metres, which means you can easily see details upto a three floor high building and also add information.

While other mapping sites take four years to update, Bhuvan will be upgraded every year. “This will be able to give you an image from only 10 meters away”, Unlike the other two webmaps, Bhuvan will focus only on the Indian sub-continent.
“With Bhuvan we will be able to produce very local information which will be specific to only to our own country. This information available from this mapping system will be useful in addressing very local problems like floods, famines, infrastructure development, education and much more, The information on Bhuvan will be layer wise and the options of viewing filtered information will be available. Inputs from a lot of local players, like farmers, fishermen and likes who know the local area in and out, will also being integrated in Bhuvan. This is for the primary reason to make it of more use to the general public,”

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP
Posted by:Dr.A.Jagadeesh - 30 Mar, 2010
24: Dear Friends
Guess what IIT-Kanpur professsor's and students are involved in design and devlopment of lunar rover with ISRO validating it ,here is a good link
that you can access ,you can also type in google search box
"iit-kanpur moon rover" you will get hits where there is a link that you can download (a power point presentation that IIT-Kanpur presented to ISRO)
happy reading
rama mohana rao anne
sydney austrlia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 30 Mar, 2010
25: Dear Friends
We need to eradicate poverty at the same time as a nation to progress further we need science & technology infact ISRO's Telemedicine ,Teleeducation projects not only enhance the rural india ,even pan-african e-network uses these technologies ,also weather ,soil based data for better crops etc are already helping Indian farmers,fisherman etc.
What we spent on chandrayan's mission is peanuts ,the benefits are immense the spin-off technolgies ,various private sector farms benefit from such programmes.please access the following link that ISRO has about Chandrayan you can find everything you need(Why/What/How/Where/When) if you want more information please ask by posting here iam happy to provide .
Iam just a guy living in australia but keenly follow Isro activities and get inspired in my life
rama mohana rao anne
sydney australia
Posted by:rama mohana rao anne - 30 Mar, 2010
26: It's really an Honor for India that we have such a great talent in our country who jointly make it possible for the county to pride on them as well as placing a landmark in the area of Space and research.

thanks to all and congratulations India..
Posted by:Gaurav - 30 Mar, 2010
27: Congratulations to ISRO makes me more proud. The real heroes are the scientists engineers technicians and other personnel of ISRO.

It is not my intention to rain on Dr. Radhakrishnans parade... but this feat is NOT big enough to be a cause celebre. Consider the following facts before we all pat ourselves on our back.

1. India still doesnt have a home-grown propulsion technology -we still depend on Russian and American (what ever they allow for export) technologies to lift off and place payloads into orbit. The Chinese dont fare a whole lot better either in this area their technology too is based on Russian.

2. India is still years away from a manned space flight. The Chinese have already beaten us to the punch.

3. That shoe string budget has to really change if meaningful and tangible accomplishments in the space arena are to be expected. I would like to hear Dr. Radhakrishnan-s insights on how he would accomplish increased resources and funding needed to get to the next level.

4. Continuing point 3 above I would also like to hear ISROs strategy in commercializing to the next level supplementing its finances. We should be focusing on commercial ventures or liaisons that can leverage ISROs expertise/experience/accomplishments to drive revenue.

5. Educating the public particularly within India is crucial. There will be millions commenting/questioning why India should be spending crores on space race while millions more are starving lacking basic needs in life etc. ISROs contributions are monumental in helping farmers with weather forecast (thru the satellites it launched) but its contribution is largely unrecognized by the common often uneducated or semi-literate man.

6. Educate the public with ISROs vision and roadmap that are realistic. Give public a voice to air their opinions. Better yet hold periodic community forums where one can interact with your scientists and engineers the real heroes of this accomplishment. This gives our children an opportunity to look up to real heroes and hopefully repeat their accomplishments.

Dr. MP Divakar
Posted by:Dr. MP Divakar - 30 Mar, 2010
That's totally false about depending on Russian or American launch technology. It's true that many Indian scientists/engineers trained or worked in places like France, Russia and the US. They returned with that experience and helped build the space launch vehicles. But the SLV's themselves were designed and manufactured in India, with a majority of Indian components. The cryogenic engine for the GSLV was certainly an import, but ISRO will be launching a GSLV with an Indian made one on April 15th, and with some luck it will be a success. As for borrowing technology,remember that both the US and Russia initially borrowed heavily from captured German/Nazi scientists, to get their respective rocket programmes moving.
Varun Shekhar Replied to: Dr. MP Divakar - 31 Mar, 2010
support to dr. Divakar, especially to point 5. what’s the use the millions spent on space technology if it doesn’t bring any good to common Indian? remember India is represented NOT by jeans/ T shirt wearing, cola drinking, pizza eating Yuppies. India is of millions of nominal farmers/ mostly landless and agricultural workers. by this note, I don’t meant we should stop investing in space technology. but equal emphasis is to be given to transfer the technology for the common good. otherwise it is useful only just to be proud of something which is useless.
wills Replied to: Dr. MP Divakar - 30 Mar, 2010
There are around 600,000 villages in the country of which at least 50,000 have no connectivity. The use of technology could solve the problems faced by the people especially those living in villages and setting up of village resource centres (VRC) had provided benefits of space and other IT-enabled services directly to common man. Tele-education and telemedicine facilities were being provided by ISRO to the villages. Through the tele-education programmes, classrooms were being beamed to villages and teachers could interact and communicate with the students. Likewise, telemedicine delivered healthcare at the doorstep of remote villages. Apart from all these, the satellites could also be used for planning local activities in villages.

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP)
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Replied to: wills - 31 Mar, 2010
31: ISRO is wasting money on Chandrayan.It could have been utilised well for the benefits of millions of poor people in the country. I dont see any benefit from this to common man.
Posted by:V V S Prasad - 30 Mar, 2010
prasad ji u r bewaoof
pnm Replied to: V V S Prasad - 30 Mar, 2010
I think you people are cut off from the ground realties. Inspite off all the budget ISRO has been provided ,can any body tell me what is return of investment? I dont see any thing here except words like they are making us proud. What is pride when millions are not having even two times meals and shelters.
Most of the peolple are NRIs and pesudo intelectuals.
V V S Prasad Replied to: pnm - 30 Mar, 2010
A moon mission is definitely a forward looking venture. It paves the way for more deep space missions in the future, including to Mars and other planets.It's a stepping stone for space colonies or outer space exploration, very important for our overpopulated planet. ISRO does obtain foreign exchange from launch services as well- the more they are successful, the more foreign exchange will be brought in.
Varun Shekhar Replied to: V V S Prasad - 31 Mar, 2010
What would happen if Millions were not given to Moon Mission and distributed for common man of India?

Another millions would disappear in corrupt system.
Bapi Replied to: V V S Prasad - 30 Mar, 2010
36: Proud moment for all of us, need to model DRDO on ISRO
Posted by:Blitz - 30 Mar, 2010
Posted by:avinav mohanty - 30 Mar, 2010
we should feel proud about our country..
kasi Replied to: avinav mohanty - 30 Mar, 2010
39: Sir, GRAND SALUTE TO ALL THE INIDIANS WORKING IN ISRO. They have made each and every Indian proud.
Posted by:dr ram - 30 Mar, 2010
40: Very fine review on our recent development, highly expecting more updates.
Posted by:Mrutyunjaya Mohanty - 30 Mar, 2010
41: Still I feel ISRO need to do a lot. We should leverage space technology in health care and other sectors.
Posted by:Anil - 30 Mar, 2010
42: WOW.
Posted by:Prakash - 30 Mar, 2010
43: Hats off ISRO people for your great achievements and contributions towards motherland and hope to see India flourish more. Good Luck
Posted by:vinodk - 30 Mar, 2010
44: Grand salute to ISRO..

Posted by:Gautam Bardoloi - 30 Mar, 2010
a very big salute to the ISRO team
Ram JAgadish Replied to: Gautam Bardoloi - 30 Mar, 2010
46: We take this opportunity to salute each and every one of those Indians whose contributions, hard work and devotions are making such missions successful, so as to make INDIA a TRUE ROLE MODEL for the WORLD!
Posted by:Mohd Shafiq Mohiuddin - 30 Mar, 2010
47: We take this opportunity to salute each and every one of those Indians whose contributions,hardwork and devotions are making such missions successful, so as to make INDIA a TURE ROLE MODEL for the WORLD!
Posted by:Mohd Shafiq Mohiuddin - 30 Mar, 2010
Shafiq Bhaee
I agree with you
Hats of to ISRO
DINESH Replied to: Mohd Shafiq Mohiuddin - 30 Mar, 2010
NITIN SINGHAL Replied to: DINESH - 06 Apr, 2010