India develops first Laser Guided Bomb
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India develops first Laser Guided Bomb

Wednesday, 20 October 2010, 15:28 Hrs   |    22 Comments
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India develops first Laser Guided Bomb
Dehradun: India has developed its first Laser Guided Bomb (LGB), a weapon that can hit a target with greater accuracy, with technological support from city-based Instrument Research and Development Establishment (IRDE).

The development of technology for producing Laser Guided Bomb is part of ongoing research towards achieving self-dependency in the defence area being done in IRDE, a lab of DRDO, Scientist and Public Relation Officer of IRDE told PTI.

The LGB uses a laser designator to mark or illuminate a target. The reflected laser light from the target is then detected by the seeker which sends signals to the weapon's control surfaces to guide it towards the designated point, he said.

Bangalore-based Aeronautics Development Establishment (ADE) has developed the guidance-kit for 1000-pound LGBs and these are designed to improve the accuracy of air-to-ground bombing by IAF.

The guidance kit of LGB consists of a computer control group (CCG), guidance canards attached to the front of the warhead for providing steering commands and a wing assembly attached to the aft end to provide lift.

India had already carried out two successful flight trials of LGB for the IAF to test the effectiveness of the guidance and control systems at Chandipur integrated test range in Orissa early this year.

LGBs are manoeuvrable, free-fall weapons requiring no electronic interconnect to the aircraft and attack the target with higher accuracy and reliability.

The LGBs were first developed by USA in 1960s. Later, Russia, France and Britain also developed them.
Source: PTI
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Reader's comments(22)
1: 1960 technology folks.... we're at least 50 long years behind everybody else.... even "der aye durust aye" is also not applicable in this case, too much "der" :D .... we were capable of achieving this in 1990's if not 1960's, time to wonder why we couldn't....
Posted by:Bharat - 25 Oct, 2010
2: Congratulations guys! can we test it on our politicians instead of Chnadipur range?
Posted by:Ravi Khatana - 24 Oct, 2010
3: india moving.......gr8 news......
Posted by:sammy - 23 Oct, 2010
4: yep no problem sir
Posted by:rama anne - 22 Oct, 2010
5: congrat........! JAI HIND
Posted by:sanjay singh - 22 Oct, 2010
6: The age old epics of India talk about weapons that were much more sophisticated than the ones that we see or hear about around the world. Those weapons were handled by celestials and the epics would not mention them if India as we know today did not have such weapons in its arsenals eons ago in a different age and time and perhaps before the last Mahaprayala. Celestians and warriors were able to travel vast differences in an instant and even into apparently different dimensions of the Universe. This being so, is it not pertinent to say that India still has a long way to go to reach the age of the epics - Mahabaratha and Ramayana?
Posted by:Paramasvaran Kandiah - 22 Oct, 2010
7: Whom are we defending? Do they include the squatters on the banks of the yamuna in delhi? The Dalits denied access to well-water in Satara and Shimoga? The Kuravas of Madurai who are fenced out by the other castes?The mothers of Kalahandi who sell babies for Es.100/-? The famished children of Rayalaseema?
Posted by:Buddha - 21 Oct, 2010
Hi Budha
stop attacking india and its issues ,,it is not just right everytime to just attack ,,we are aware of the issues ,,laws and steps are put in place ,,it will take time.
As I have told numerous times ,,but people like you never seem to get it ,,or just seems interested in attacking India ,,you have lots of prejuidice and jealousy and it is a shame you are even abusing Budhas name .What is your actual anme revela your dark side .
Also whichever country you were born is everything perfect there .
What about Aborginees in Australia ,,are they all looked after .
What about millions effected due to floods in Pakistan ,,have they been rehabilitated ,,or even for that matter millions that get killed in drug related violence in one of the american continent countries are they monitored and looked after for .
Is all peace established in Iraq and Afghanistan .
Has people lives there better now ,,than before ,,or is it same as usual .
Fortunately ,,it was india and Air India that evacuated millions in Iraq kuwait conflict.
It is also same India ,,that has accepted millions who crossed over during border crisis in one of indias neighbouring countries.
Hail mother India and be atleast loyal to your motherland first ,,we can then talk aboutsolutions
rama anne Replied to: Buddha - 21 Oct, 2010
sorry ram that message is actual for that budha it is not for i am extremely sorry man ha that fellow is making our country bad so i got angry on him but i am sorry man
naidu Replied to: rama anne - 22 Oct, 2010
ni yayya evadu bey nuvu india gurinchi antha cheap ga mataladuthunnavuu naruku tha bidda emanukuntunavu ra nuvemaina pedda potugadiva bey cheppu nuvu inthavaraku emi chesavo chepu ra buddha haa cheppu bey ....... barathadesam chala goppadi raa
naidu Replied to: rama anne - 22 Oct, 2010
yes the are defending them along with rest of the Indians. Agreed we ave shortcomings that need be addressed immediately but that doesnt mean we should stop developing or caring abt our security. People like you will always find some or the other thing to abuse the country.
Sam Replied to: Buddha - 21 Oct, 2010
12: 1. What is the point of developing a weapon and disclosing it to the public. Defeats the whole purpose of developing it.
2. Why pursue a technology that has already been developed in the 60s? Invest in something more innovative.
Posted by:Jao - 21 Oct, 2010
Hi Jao
1. whether india reveals or not ,,it will be out ,,in one way or the other some one in test site or in any way invloved with development programm may willingly or otherwise talked about it to friends .News travles very fast ,,it is even greater speed in internet age.
Article says 1960s USA developed it first ,,that does not mean it is now modified and equipped with more precision based guidance systems.

2.Especially with terror realted and other issues along with Indian border ,,it will be effective against bunkers (underground) ,,unlinke other conventional weapons like missiles etc.

rama anne Replied to: Jao - 21 Oct, 2010
Keep rocking Guys

Best of Luck , I would appreciate make more sophisticated cameras on our borders with latest technology so that as soon as there is any intervention then the bullets will be triggered itself.

Also start putting some efforts to build WAR SUITS so that we can get minimum causality during WAR times and not

But Still you all are doing a lot

Best of Luck

Ankur Replied to: Jao - 21 Oct, 2010
15: I am really happy and proud of our technological successes. Just wish if we could test this LGB on our corrupt politicians. lol

Posted by:Vick - 21 Oct, 2010
16: About Bloody time ..... have we finally realized that we must fight our own wars ? this remains to be seen
Posted by:Krish - 21 Oct, 2010
17: Congrats to India. Great Going.
Posted by:Vikrant - 21 Oct, 2010
18: Very impressive, Our defense system is getting advanced not just for the sake of showing great military power but for self-sufficiency. Keep up the good things
Posted by:Anthony - 21 Oct, 2010
19: wow india greate..................
Posted by:Anas k - 21 Oct, 2010
20: Great
Posted by:sarvesh - 21 Oct, 2010
21: Really tears in my eyes,wow fantastic
Posted by:VISWANTHAN KARTHIKEYAN - 21 Oct, 2010
22: I am very proud abt my nation and our people
Posted by:VISWANTHAN KARTHIKEYAN - 21 Oct, 2010