India cannot do without nuclear power: Principal Scientific Advisor

India cannot do without nuclear power: Principal Scientific Advisor

Wednesday, 30 March 2011, 04:12 Hrs   |    1 Comments
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Mumbai: India cannot do without nuclear power if it wants to improve the standard of life of people in the country, Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India, Dr R Chidambaram said.

"Making technological choices requires foresight and forecasting as per the country's needs and in order to improve the quality of life and standard of living of people India cannot do without nuclear power," he said.

Both India and China do not have enough fossil fuel and to provide electricity the countries will have to go ahead with the nuclear energy, Chidambaram said speaking on the topic 'India's technology needs - Nuclear to Rural'. Both fast breeder reactors to feed the Grid as well the food processing industries for rural India are important to enable the people of both urban and rural India improve their quality of life, he said last night at the annual function of the Institute of Chemical Technology(ICT).

Chidambaram also stressed on critical technology development and equilibrium among their development. Research, development and delivery has to reach rural areas and science agencies must emphasise on innovation, he said. It is also important to realise that the evolutionary changes are more important than revolutionary changes and therefore for more industrial development in the country it is important to have enhanced academia-industry interaction interfaces, he said.

He said India should optimally use visible technologies, identify and stimulate latent capabilities and leverage international collaboration to fill the knowledge gap. ICT director and Vice-Chancellor Prof G D Yadav said ICT will come up with a new Academic and Research Centre and the entire project is expected to cost Rs 42 crore. A large portion of the fund will come from the Department of Atomic Energy, he added.
Source: IANS
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1: Dear Sir,
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Mem ASME USA Membership 1970
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Ex National Energy Consultant FAO UNO for India ForWild Life Protection
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20th ShriRam Memorial lecture In memory of late Dr Lala Shriram Founder of DCM was deliveredd in 1984 by Dr Raja Ramanna in Delhi on Indian Fast Breeder Reactor
I have had experience on Project Work at Hinkley Point B Nuclear Reactor in UK at Dounrey Fast Reactor and have had adequate knowledge as I had completed a two year course in Nuclear Reactor Technology from Aston University in Birmingham After the lecture there was question answer session I asked Dr Raja Ramanna why we have chosen the scale up ratio of 37 to 1 in Designing the Fast Breeder Reactor The ratio between prototype and the commercial size
The size of prototype is 40 MW thermal and 13.5 MW Electrical while commercial size is rated at 500 MW Eectrical The Scale up ratio is 500 by135equal 37 to 1
However in the design of the Fast Breeder Reactor in Dounrey UK Phenix Super Phenix France JoJo in Japan & in Russia they have never exceeded 4 to1 ie they would design a prototype of certain size and upgrade it four times the size It is not possible to design a SHATABDI engine based on the design of a Toy train engine The details were given in the lecture of Dr Raja Ramanna itself I may add here that in the designing of Nuclear Power Reactor of ARIHANT
THE FIRST INDIAN NUCLEAR SUBMARINE they did not want to take any chance hence they had a scale up ratio of 1 to1 ie they designed a prototype and commercial size of same size and had run it for one year in KALPAKKAM TAMIL NADU for one year to be sure of its operation ability
Dr Raja Ramanna had no answer He was very angry instead of answering my question He asked personal details like where I worked etc
I was working as a Manager in Project Engineering Department of Ms Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd BHEL HOUSE Hauz Khas New Delhi 110049
He telephoned Mr BS Samat CMD of BHEL The Personal Department issued me a meno through MrKC Vaishya E D PEM Mr N Gopalan DGMPEM asking me whose permission I had taken to attend the meeting I answered that as the meeting was after office hoursI did not need any bodys permissionto attend the meetingWhy did I ask this question and what other question did I ask etc My BHELS EMPLOYEES STAFF NUMBER IS 2095882All these details are available in my file with BHELNeedless to say my ACR ANNUAL CONFIDENTIAL REPORT Was spoiled and I was not promoted for 14 years
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Posted by:hari Sharma - 01 Apr, 2011