'India can boost exports by better product designs'

'India can boost exports by better product designs'

Friday, 21 August 2009, 01:59 Hrs   |    6 Comments
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New Delhi: India's exports can only be sustained if large and small companies designed globally competitive products, said a global innovative solutions provider here Thursday.

"The product may be best in technology but it must also look good. For organisations to be successful, they will have to focus on research and development for innovative designs," said Kumar Bhattacharyya, founder of the Britain-based Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG), at a function here.

Bhattacharyya was speaking at a chief executives' roundtable organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

WMG, part of the University of Warwick, provides innovative solutions to industry through research, education and collaboration.

Maintaining that India must be recognised for its own products and not just for products manufactured in India, Bhattacharyya said: "Designers must think in line with business people and create like artists. Design includes all aspects of the products," he said.

He also referred to China, which had "very low exports" in 1998, but was today a key exporter worldwide. "India lags much behind China," Bhattacharyya said.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(6)
1: It is good a good start. Lot of improvemnet can be observed.
It is not required to Copy China or USA.

What is required a systematic development. If some one says
we need this or that . It is a simple talk.

We need iPhone- it can not be done over night.

Micro Banking is very critical for consumption of latest technology. The technology will eliminate red tape.

Posted by:Hillol Sarkar - 23 Aug, 2009
2: Dear Mr Bhattacharya sir

I am extremly agree with u. The time is innovative & we have a splendid opportunity to dominate in this world.
Posted by:ANIL KUMAR BIRLA - 22 Aug, 2009
3: Dear all,

I have recently started working with the FMCG sector in the M.East and i realize how lowly Indian Dairy products are percieved here... people would rather not use dairy products than using indian dairy products... i believe india has grt potential to become a large scale dairy products exporter , only if it improves its production technology and product design to match the International standards

Posted by:vikash agrawal - 22 Aug, 2009
4: Dear Mr Bhattacharya,
I agree entirely with your comments. Besides what you said and without comparing to China Indian policy makers in my opinion are not inclined to execute business ethics, workmanship quality, manufacturing Quality and Total cost of ownership. Internal consumption with sloppy products have given the goverment a false sense of economic growth and yes some recent cracks in high rise building and Metro pillars have started showing the lack of Quality control disciplines. They have to excel in basics first, competitive exports globally is a far cry. Building wealth through exports are not taught in IITs and IIMs : it needs a social revolution --the china way and the japan way!

Gautam Verma, VP of Mktg
APC corp
Posted by:Gautam K verma - 21 Aug, 2009
5: Dear Mr. Kumar Bhattacharya,
Thanks. Your suggestion is very good. Not only Indian exporters change designs but also switch to other products which World required.Over 50% of Indian exports target less than 11% of World trade. To make the matters more worse,India has less than 0.45% share in the products, which count for 65% of world trade.
Unless India builds up rapid manufacturing & Export base in the items that have become important in the world trade,India can hardly expect to become a significant player in World Trade.
Warm Regds
H P Singh
Posted by:Harinder pal singh - 21 Aug, 2009
Dear Battacharya,

I am fully agree with you on your statement. But I have some other point which could be helpful to improve the entire export quality of product. We are saying that we have better technology but in real sense this technology words meaning less because we have no good technical hand. All the technical hand is out of India and serve to the other country. No need to put up the example. We all know that this is the major problem in road of India development also. For executive the big company paying lot of money including other incentives but have a look to R&D section no growth and nobody wants to work honestly. What are the reasons? I know that a coin has to face but we have to concentrate on the truth and basic requirement.
Rakesh Kumar Replied to: Harinder pal singh - 21 Aug, 2009