IBM plans to develop 'smarter buildings'

IBM plans to develop 'smarter buildings'

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Bangalore: As part of the Smarter Planet initiative, IBM wants to develop more 'intelligent' buildings. The Smarter Planet initiative is part of IBM's wider agenda to create a world that is more efficient in its energy use and lower in its greenhouse gas emissions, reports Rosalie Marshall from

Also, IBM said that it will partner with Johnson Controls to offer customers pre-packaged solutions that will lower the energy consumption in their buildings. Johnson Controls' Metasys Sustainability Manager combined with IBM's business analytics software, for example, can offer a better view of where organisations can cut down on energy consumption, the firm said. Customers can also use Johnson Controls' Energy and Emissions Management System with IBM's analytics software to estimate the level of a building's greenhouse gas emissions.

IBM will also partner with Ricoh on an advanced printing management system, allowing businesses to monitor print-related costs in real time to save money and reduce carbon emissions.Buildings will be the single largest energy consumer and emitter of greenhouse gases on the plant by 2025, according to IBM.

"The heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, the lights, the water, the elevators, the power and cooling for technology, the heating and cooling for people all contribute to making buildings a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, and a leading energy user," according to Florence Hudson, IBM's Energy and Environment Secretary. "We can think about buildings differently, seeing homes not just as living spaces but as living systems. Seeing offices not just as static environments, but as dynamic ecosystems of people and intelligence."

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