How to Put on Weight in Just 5 Months!

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 11:29 Hrs
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Bangalore: To all you girls out there who have been fed up of the contempt and mockery you receive from society, here's some help to get into good shape.
This is especially for those frustrated from the advices on getting a size zero body and craving to look sexier.

Ask anyone today on how could you put on weight and all you would get is that sarcastic laugh and bizarre look telling 'Aaw lucky you, you cud fit into anything! I wish I had a body like yours!' All the magazines and food shows these days focus more on how to lose weight.

Here's something to help you fulfill a small desire.

* Milkshake for breakfast
Keep all those parantas/chapattis/dosas/idlis/bread toast etc aside for 3 months and try this milkshake every morning on an empty stomach - Beat two eggs in a glass of milk and add 2 small bananas. Add some chocolate sauce to get rid of the horrible smell of the eggs. This will keep you full for at least 2hrs. You could switch to having some 5 cheese slices and a glass of milk, just in case you get bored of the milkshake. You will feel yourself heavier in just 2 months.

* Build up some muscles
You need to focus on your proteins in order to build up muscles. Enroll yourself at a gym closer to your home and inform your instructor you are here to put on weight. He will suggest a few exercises and a protein supplement. The workout will tone your body in a way and religiously following the diet/supplement suggested by your trainer will get you normal in 4 months. Remember do not take the protein supplements without consulting your doctor/trainer.

* Increase calorie intake
Now this is something you hear on a daily basis but have you really given a thought on the amount of calories your diet includes in a day? The increase in weight for women mainly depends on the diet plan and nutrition. Women hesitate to eat a lot as they fear it would only make them fat. However, this will happen when you take a huge amount of calories. The body metabolism for slim people works comparatively faster, thus resulting in a caloric deficit. You can neutralize this by increasing calorie intake which would help you develop some muscle tissue and thus gain weight. A diet without the necessary calories cannot supply the protein and nutrition that is required for the muscles to grow.

* Maintain a balanced diet
Eat healthy food at regular intervals, around 5-6 times a day. You could separate them with 3 larger meals and 3 smaller meals by at least 3 hours so that each meal is digested completely. Do not keep your stomach empty for long. In a way you have an advantage here, coz you get to eat all that you want and just not bother about the fat!

* Sleep more!
Now who doesn't love to do this?? When the body sleeps, it produces growth hormones which help repair muscles and thereby help in muscle mass and weight gain. These hormones are secreted highest during deep sleep and hence it is important to get a good night's rest. Avoid as much stress as you can from your daily life and spend your day smiling.

* Stay positive
All skinny girls have an upper hand when it comes to going for an adventure, climbing a rock or even doing their household chores. Since the body doesn't weigh much, we are pretty much active. So stop complaining to yourself that you are thin. Enjoy every bite of food you eat and stay positive!

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