Hazare to fast again from Aug 16

Hazare to fast again from Aug 16

Friday, 29 July 2011, 12:12 Hrs   |    4 Comments
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Hazare to fast again from Aug 16
NEW DELHI: Gandhian activist Anna Hazare on Thursday said he will fast again from August 16 because the government had failed to keep its word on drafting a strong Lokpal bill to fight corruption.

"I stopped my fast at Jantar Mantar (here) because the government assured that our demands will be met. Now that the government is turning its back on the promise, I will fast again from Aug 16," Hazare told reporters.

After Hazare's April 5-9 hunger strike, the government set up a 10-member panel to draft an effective Lokpal bill to curb corruption in high places.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(4)
1: Let Hazare fast and hope he continues until he succeeds in his objective or returns to his Maker if he fails.

It may even be more effective if his followers also fast instead of gathering and creating a mess for the ordinary citizens especially the workers who need to go to work to get their monthly income. Let him and his followers not bring the city/country to a standstill.

This will confirm that hie 'fast' is genuine and not a trick and the support of his followers is not just an act for publicity.

Then Government politicians will have to face the consequences of Hazare were to die.

Posted by:Gursharan Singh - 29 Jul, 2011
2: Let not one man fast for the good of all, let the whole nation declare a fast, let the foreign press be invited and let the world know what non violent extremes the people of India are forced to go to stop Government Corruption.
Posted by:Prem Kumar - 29 Jul, 2011
Hazare wants to fast to include PM and judiciary in Lokpal bill. Including them or passing the Lokpal bill will not have any effect on corruption. Instead, Hazare should educate public not to give any money to politicians or government officials to win favours. If the supply stops, demand will automatically stop. Politicians will take money as long as there are people to give it to them. If people stop giving money, corruption will end.
Vn1 Replied to: Prem Kumar - 29 Jul, 2011
4: the gandhis have blood of so many people on their hands. so many congress rivals of gandhis have been killed in "accidents". the gandhis, in colonial style, are not going to relent. they must live off taxpayers' money, unaccountable to any one. the main purpose of the e.v.m. is not to produce fast efficient election results, it is to keep gandhis in power through fraud. when will india wake up and get rid of congressi colinialists?
Posted by:shilpy - 29 Jul, 2011