Half of the educated terrorists are engineers
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Half of the educated terrorists are engineers

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 31 December 2009, 02:59 Hrs   |    49 Comments
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Half of the educated terrorists are engineers
Bangalore: After the recent attempt by a Nigerian terrorist to blow up a U.S. plane, it has been brought to light that almost half the educated terrorists have studied engineering. The terrorist suspect, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, earned a degree in mechanical engineering from University College London in 2008, just over a year before he tried to demonstrate his skills by detonating an explosive device aboard the Detroit-bound plane, reports Sphere.

In a study published this year, European sociologists Diego Gambetta and Steffen Hertog researched more than 400 known violent jihadists since the 1970s, including the 25 men involved with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Nearly half were known to have received some level of higher education, and of those, 44 percent were engineers - including eight of the 9/11 plotters and hijackers. Engineering was by far the most popular field; the percentage of terrorists who had pursued it was more than twice as high as the second-place field, Islamic Studies. "The bottom line is that while the probability of a Muslim engineer becoming a violent Islamist is minuscule, it is still between three and four times that for other graduates," Gambetta wrote in an article in the New Scientist that summarized the pair's findings, which were published in August in the European Journal of Sociology.

Al-Qaida and other terrorist groups are always on the look out for recruits who can make bombs and engineers fit this criteria pretty well. Their study found that engineers serve the terrorist organizations they join in many capacities than making or deploying explosives. A significant number held higher-level posts that didn't directly involve their engineering training at all.

The authors conclude that the phenomenon is explained by a combination of mindset and professional circumstance. Citing studies finding that engineers as a group are more politically conservative than other professions, Gambetta and Hertog write that engineers by nature are more likely to be drawn to the kind of rigid, hierarchical worldviews that radical Islam provides: Their governing mentality "inclines them to take more extreme conservative and religious positions everywhere."

Engineering community in U.S. however declines any connections. "There's got to be some big difference between what goes on in the U.S. and what goes on in other countries," said Larry Jacobson, the Executive Director of the National Society of Professional Engineers, which counts about 45,000 members across the country. Jacobson agrees with the notion that engineers are a politically conservative bunch, but not the type of conservative that tips over into radicalism. American engineers, he said, "just don't take risks. ... The hard-wiring of engineers makes them very cautious." Defending the profession's contribution to national security, Jacobson also noted that engineers across a range of specialties "become the government's first defense against terrorism."

Jacobson does give credit to Al-Qaeda for its logic and HR strategy. "If I was to recruit terrorists, engineers would be the first guys I'd want," he said.

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Reader's comments(49)
1: HI every body.As every thing has some advantages and some disadvantage. Study of Engineering is not except from this.
It's depend how you looks on the phenomena. As easy to say your views.

When Bush(dam shit U.S. president)made a war in Iraq,Vietnam etc then respected persons are say nothing. their also general people died, Woman are raped brutally then no country support them . Now if they are use their skills for throwing the hates on U.S. then what is wrong man. I know in their also general people died, for that reason I not support it but whatever also going on that is also not supported by me.

That is the game of POWER .And in here general innocent people are effected we,you and me also.we are nothing to do accept watching this game on our 24 inch and try to solve out the strategies .
Posted by:Poulastya - 06 Jan, 2010
What is jihad. As we know . its a must for a every muslim to pray 5 time a day and visit the mosque . his basic fundamental. if he is stopped . the fight for his right is Jihad. . Education is just a basic tool .. today as we have goons as politicians , outer ther are leadres but inside a goon, mafia , so onnn.... it was the USA who had created the terrorists when the russians where trying to expand the set up they base in afghans. the US support the group who where aganist the russians , by suppling wepapons and all the facilitys. And once the russians where out US want to set up they base and take all the oil . then the aftgans woke up and they went aganist the americans... when US does some act it for they NATIONAL SECURITY... the americans have done the same with the south america... veniculla. chile, and mexico . just see the history well ... ... . its just bcoz of the these rich politicians, are creating these pro ....
SBb Replied to: Poulastya - 07 Jan, 2010
3: When Islamic Jehadies killed Russians in Afghanistan, they were called FREEDOM FIGHTERS.Same is the case with LET terrorists who used to kill innocents in Kashmir. All Pakistanies called them FREEDOM FIGHTERS.
Now they are called Terrorists as they kill americans in Afghanistan and pakistanies in Pakistan.
All hte terrorists who hit Mumbai 26/11 were clean shaven as also the ones who hit Indian parliament as also all the 9/11 bombers because they believe in wahabism which allows killing of Jews, Hindus ,Christians and even Muslims who disagree with their view like Ahmediyas, Shias etc as Allahs duty
Posted by:captainjohann samuhanand - 03 Jan, 2010
4: "Whatever" - God gave Land to live I.T. Came to INDIA. Many of them went U.S. worked in Big I.T. Gaints,Saved the money is their Hometown and What happened? I.T. Came INDIA called big MNC. Working in Big I.T. Corporates suddenly "Land" value increased like Dubai rates, were the money comes from? all these happend in very recent, some 10 years back only. Due to this not the increasing the Land value but Rent and everything Damit.
Like Engineering we have to use "Agriculture" as the main source to live and let live everyone. How people lived 300 years back i hope with "Lamborgini,ipod,mp3.... living the life with luxurious. Culture nowdays becoming Mixture with all kind of what is not to be..... Try to do someother's properety, we mean this is not the life to lead. "Whatever" this is INDIA people use to say now also "cultured" people means not here "u.s." and "u.k."
Posted by:usukindwd - 02 Jan, 2010
abey dhakni ke...... english to likhna seekh pehle... phir apne views dena....
Munna Bhai Replied to: usukindwd - 06 Jan, 2010
6: Being an Engineer, As we r more creative why not destructive if situation demands. Abuse of power by higher govt. officials is a main reason for this. No of reasons r there for this shot of happenings.Now adays i am also facing those so ....................................
Posted by:Jitendriya Raul - 02 Jan, 2010
7: Dear all
Can you think pls. why terrorism introduced and why new young educated blood are joining it,This is lack of our system and due to rich and political persons monopoly.
Nobody want to be join such like groups as well as there family do not allowed, but the circumtences give the way to join it. Some rich and political peoples first create bad circumtances then take benefits.Needs to change system to make a terrorism free world. Newyork is a good movie in that subject.
Posted by:Ravi - 01 Jan, 2010
8: Terrorism has nothing to do with with education,when someone get frustreted with system ,he becomes a terroristand anyone can become frustreted with todays complex system and get involved with terror groups which are fighting their own political battle.
Posted by:ASAD KHAN - 01 Jan, 2010
Rubbish, have you ever heard of OSAMA BIN LADEN. Was he a poor man? Was he frustated of inequality? Was he frustated with todays complex life. Was he a victim of lac of our system?
It's nothing like that. It is that bullshit in your mind that all religious leaders use to pour in it.
Gopal Replied to: ASAD KHAN - 04 Jan, 2010
Engineers taking this route is the offshoot of not providing them a good opportunity in their professional life and treating them at lower ranks with poor salary ,increment and promotion.

Provide Job employment for many talents in the space of engineering and then see the dramatic and phenomenal degrowth and decline in unrest in public.
Historyrepeats Replied to: ASAD KHAN - 01 Jan, 2010
11: Terrorism is the war of poor.
And War is the terrorism of rich..

In both the case we are losing innocent human life
these innocent killing should be denied in any form...
Posted by:Human - 31 Dec, 2009
Stop juggling with words poverty has nothing to do with terrorism
Gopal Replied to: Human - 04 Jan, 2010
Very well captured the ethos of war. It is all artificial and designed to benefit the rich community at the cost of poor.
Mahesh Replied to: Human - 01 Jan, 2010
14: "The bottom line is that while the probability of a Muslim engineer becoming a violent Islamist is minuscule, it is still between three and four times that for other graduates," Gambetta wrote in an article." Fcuk this Gambetta...Whatever whoever writes is being posted in this site here. ?

Dear SiliconIndia admin don't you think you should be monitoring ?
Posted by:BeVigilant - 31 Dec, 2009
15: Several people have repeated the catcheism - "terrorists have no religion". I ask everyone to ask themselves the question - if a person finds basis and inspiration for his fight (Jehad) in his scriptures and in the life of his Prophet, can we afford to dismiss the religious link as irrelevant? These terrorists do claim to have a religion and act in its name with full pride. It is the duty of the Islamic scholars and community to re-interpret the scriptural passages that inspire violence. It is necessary for the wider Islamic community to condemn not the kafirs and their associates, but those terrorists that claim to annihilate them in the name of Islam. Is it too much to ask?
Posted by:mks - 31 Dec, 2009
16: I don't see where Jacobson gave any credit to Al-Qaeda at all. How did you get that?
Sure (mechanical and electrical) engineering would be where recruits for Al-Qaeda would be pulled because airlines and bombs are mechanical and electrical. Don't let that fool you though they recruit seniors, mothers with babies, all ages male and female to carry off their work. So your article is not a surprise. Casing a place, taking pictures of strategic points, securing maps, learning to fly an airplane, strange people who look out of place and trial runs is what people need to watch out for initially.
Posted by:Christie Fox - 31 Dec, 2009
17: This does not mean that only engineers become terrorists. In fact that the extremist section of terrorists chose engineering as profession so that they know more about the modern complicated science of the terror equipments. In fact a number of educated terrorists are not able to execute the terrorism. This is also a fact of history that islam was spread throughout the world not by easy consents of the converts but by force and the invading and looting other religions was their part of culture. This is what the history says.
Posted by:OD Sharma - 31 Dec, 2009
18: Fight against invasion is the major self diffence muslims are doing now , but from history we can understand that muslim invation to other countries was the greatest since the muslim religion was established in 7th century. As far I understood well planned efforts for spreading muslim religion to other places was taken over after the establishment of this religion under the leadership of Mohd. If we take the account of distruction caused to other religions, lives, religious sculptures, worship places during these period by the invasion of muslim leaders will parmount the entire damage caused to muslim community (which should have been avoided).
Posted by:rajesh - 31 Dec, 2009
19: this is absurd.. what about the engineers who are not terrorists.. this is same as saying... half of the irresponsible people are journalists or columnists...
Posted by:xyz - 31 Dec, 2009
20: Hi all,

From all these responses we learn that we are more than happy to blame the education and religion, but has any one bothered to point or talk about the system that forces all this to happen, a system set by ourselves, leaders causing these turns - leaders that we elected, stamping their voting sheets blindly without a thought,just because we wanted to get on with our sorry little miserable lives.

We will agree on this when i say that rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poor and the education or religion is not playing a smallest conceivable role in this situation. As a matter of fact education is the victim and religion is the medium and not the cause.

Engineers are easily selected as carriers of terrorism for the following reasons,
1) it takes heavy donations to get into a renowned engineering college.
2) Common man can not afford these figures.
3) any company prefers a candidate with a degree from a big college, experience dose not count here(for a respected job and designation).
4) small companies require experience, experienced people generally do not come back to small firms.
5) almost all the engineering colleges are owned by either politicians or by rich people.
6) their motive of setting up a college is to make more money and not educate.

So what diff does this present. well LOGICS simple and plain logics. Companies that select a candidate is to make more money.terrorist selects a candidate to fulfill a purpose, experience or no experience one quality that is foremost important is DEDICATION.

I believe in the 1st law of thermodynamics and the law of motion and the zeroth law.

This is the third of Sir Issac Newton's laws of physics, and one that is very important. Here's how it works.

If you push on anything, it pushes back on you. That's why if you lean against the wall, you don't just fall through it. The wall pushes back on you as hard as you push on it, and you and the wall stay in place.

If you throw something, you put more force behind it than just leaning on it, so it pushes back with more force. This is hard to observe, because usually, if you throw something away from you, the friction between you and the floor makes resistance to keep you in place.But if you take away the friction and try again, you will move away from the thing you threw as much as it moves away from you.

and the 1st law of thermodynamics states that.

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be transformed from one form to another, in this case from good to bad.

and let us not forget the zeroth law.

When two systems are put in contact with each other, there will be a net exchange of energy between them unless or until they are in thermal equilibrium. That is the state of having equal temperature.

1st they create engineers or educated people farcing that education is the most important thing required to develop our community.

then they discard these educated people because they don't need us in their perfect system any more.
and when these people rebel they tag these people as terrorist not fair...

we learn cause we strive to bring a pleasant change to this system. and when we are pushed away from what we were molded to do you are bound to create a resistance but now in order to hide your mistake you blame them terrorist and pin all the bad things on them as if you are all but dedicated in improving the community by doing only good and good only. as if you never did any wrong all wrong was done by the terrorist.

How pathetic are these leaders that forget those who sacrificed their lives not bothered what would become of their families.

everyone wants a share at blaming the wrong. but none watns to set it right
Posted by:Abel Daniel - 31 Dec, 2009
21: This is only the race for material world. We expect our children that being young they will earn more & more money so that our all problems can be resolved. Young genrations think their main aim for life only to earn more & more money. They are not learnt to right aim of lives, kindness, selfrefinement,service for others, respect for elders as well as all human beings. To go to wrong way are a lot of reasons for which all of us are responsible not a single person. All of us will have to change ourselves, then all things will be changed automatically.
Posted by:sudha asthana - 31 Dec, 2009
22: Some of the students are from rural areas.
They are not getting right jobs. At that time they are attracted by terrorists by giving more money to them to join with their teams
Posted by:Kishore - 31 Dec, 2009
23: Yes, some of the students attracted by their speech & show bribe, etc... Main persons see the loop holes for selected & wounded persons. They automatically interested to do all these type of explosons...
Posted by:T.R.S - 31 Dec, 2009
24: Why no one thinks about a simple question " Why these engineers are working so easily for these terrorists"?

Please think in this way also.
from Last 2 Decades what problems Muslims are facing?
Afghanistan invasion by Russia, Palestine captured by Israels. Iraq destroyed by US Forces. Chechnya , Bosnia, Somalia, Now Yemen ?

What do you thing we Muslims are Coward We will not do any thing to save our people we will do every thing that we can do to save our people Inshallah.

You can call it terrorism but we know it is self defense.
Posted by:Ahmad - 31 Dec, 2009
You people unfortunately link everything to religion and live in a sudo world, even though all these wars are caused due to other reasons. If you want to make a struggle then why can't you do like Mahatma Gandhi or Martin Luther King in a non-violent way. Whatever may be the reason violence is not acceptable by any well cultured human being.
colaroon Replied to: Ahmad - 31 Dec, 2009
Organisation whose primary motive is to create terror in the world just survive on these ill conceived events called terrorism now established deep roots in Pakistan with the involvment of USA just to give a fight to Russia like Congress in India created Sant Bhindrawala to give fight to divide the sikhs in Punjab for a vote bank but it took ugly turn resulting in blue operation.So argument of duress is no excuse and it is just a legal lucana, brother.
Ashok Replied to: Ahmad - 31 Dec, 2009
Ahmad what is self defence? hurting the innocent killing the unwarned and un prepared... and you call that the way of lord... i was trained to be a naxalite once...i killd quiet a few my self...but only those that were a problem to me
abel daniel Replied to: Ahmad - 31 Dec, 2009
It is self defense?. Do it for your home country.what india did for u.Attacking mumbai is self defence.Think man India is pease loving country.Not like papistan...blody terror country.you people always have a reserved place in hell.Eventhough allah won't bless you blody guys.That is why we r calling you as terrorist.

Hussain gani bhatt Replied to: Ahmad - 31 Dec, 2009
you are right hussain the people in pottistan have differnet mentality they all are born terrorist.
yogi Replied to: Hussain gani bhatt - 31 Dec, 2009
Hussain you are wrong my friend... these pakis wont get a place in hell...their fore fathers are already inside and locked the doors from inside...thus it all comes down to us to punish these ars-holes.
Abel Daniel Replied to: Hussain gani bhatt - 31 Dec, 2009
You have a criminal mind, Ahmad. Did your mother drop you on your head accidently?
BozoTheClown Replied to: Ahmad - 31 Dec, 2009
32: Education starts from home(guardian). Corrupted family / religious education is responsible for such terrorism.
Posted by:Yogendra - 31 Dec, 2009
Every Religion Teaches Peace and Prosperity .
That to ISLAM is the Religion of Peace
Muslims cannot be Terrorists
Terrorists cannot be the Muslims at all .
Syed Aadil Replied to: Yogendra - 31 Dec, 2009
i double that brother...
Abel Daniel Replied to: Syed Aadil - 31 Dec, 2009
My friend Abel i also agree with Aadil ,I am muslim i learn from my Quran that killing a one person is like killing the whole humanity and i also learn from Hadith(prophets life) that if u r not good to your neighbour(no matter what religion)u r not a good muslim.whaever like for yourself like for your brother.I think my prophets love u all for his whole life because u all come under his Ummah(his people)I have a simple request if have whole life just try to research his life who he is.Whatever is happeing now-a-days may be some other people r doing who look like muslim or who thinks they r.In history also there are many people like this but they are not at all muslims.See the link in wikipedia :Hashshashin
hussaink Replied to: Abel Daniel - 03 Jan, 2010
36: The method of attracting the youngsters in to the organizations sposored by the international organizations is very obvious and the capacity of a government to eliminate these organizations is also well clear. Then the answer for why such organizations are still alive, should come from the top most countries and from their intelligence networks. Terrorists have not any religion but terrorism is itself a blind religion.
Posted by:abdulkareem - 31 Dec, 2009
37: yes true .Purpose of education is to create not to remeber the old book definitions education should enrich human values .Heart of eductaion is to education to the heart.and educated means no that who know all the things but who can act and implement his own ideas.
Posted by:RAJEEVA - 30 Dec, 2009
38: Mis guiding young engineers in the name of religions..
Posted by:sanjeev roy - 30 Dec, 2009
It is a race for rich people to mislead the world with the terms War against Terrorism. Real terrorist are Affluent clas people who for own interest masquerade the things and project the right people in wrong light to derive mileage out of it.
Those who deprived of moral values by birth on reaching top positions attempt to malign and tarnish the image of good people to remain seated at the helm of affairs. These people give birth to terrorism.
Neha Replied to: sanjeev roy - 01 Jan, 2010
40: What I feel the Good Educatio has to start from home. Then only a person can become a Good Citizan of this planet.
Posted by:Arjun - 30 Dec, 2009
41: hmmm same story as with Naxals,Hindu Terrorists in India, the christian fanatics of UK where almost all are educated.
Posted by:Rick - 30 Dec, 2009
42: Now the moment they get to know this fact 99% will use the FEAR factor of Advertising. Remember Work is God n Health is Wealth
Posted by:Gods must be crazy - 30 Dec, 2009
Engineer Candidate Replied to: Gods must be crazy - 30 Dec, 2009
44: Their Method of recruitment is fully of brainwashing the professionals by comparing the religion with fake proposals and using unemployment and recession as well...! even a person who likes to destroy terrorism will be joining after hearing their speech..! so it happens....
Posted by:Welwisher - 30 Dec, 2009
45: No commands. Because this and all happens due to the surroundings and environment.
Posted by:Lakshmi - 30 Dec, 2009
46: this kind of issues will arise mainly due to the unemployment
Posted by:Ponamirtharaj - 30 Dec, 2009
This is not due to unemployment........due to their that kind of thinking........
Kaushik Replied to: Ponamirtharaj - 30 Dec, 2009
48: This is really shocking, people should not use their skills for all these kind of terror activities.
Posted by:Frank - 30 Dec, 2009
forget those all...when hunger strikes people forget everything & look ahead in getting a way out for same in whatsoever method possible.Who bothers then iam using my skills for a terror strike or for something nice to mankind.
Soumik Replied to: Frank - 30 Dec, 2009