Hackers find it easy to barge into smart phones

Hackers find it easy to barge into smart phones

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 22 July 2008, 05:52 Hrs
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New Delhi: Smart phones, new sensation among mobile phones, are now facing a big threat from hackers as the new technology can be easily hacked by anyone who has some knowledge in the operation of computer networks, reported The Times of India.

Any smart phones such as iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and symbian phones can be hacked by a nerd with a little bit of code and some cunning. Right from the data and identity theft, hackers can send viruses to the operating system of mobile phones.

Apart from that, hackers can steal bank information, copy one's secret files and spy on every call or SMS going from one phone. They can even modify SMSes before it actually sent out to contact.

Moreover, Hackers are even capable to switch on one's mobile phone without the actual user's knowledge. By doing this, they can activate your mobile cameras, and by sending a SMS command they can simply record your confidential meetings and other dealings.

Tower Group, a U.S based research firm observed that 200 mobile viruses are on the loose and more are being spawned every day.

In India, where 50 percent of the total mobile subscribers are using smart phones, the problem created by hackers might affect the annual growth rate of mobile market. "Smart phones are easy targets for hackers. And study shows the threat is doubling every six month in India," said Anand Naik, Director, Symantec India.

IBM has found that a cell phones security card can be cloned in minutes. The hacking technique, known as partitioning attack, analyses power fluctuations in a phone's SIM card, allowing the hacker to read the security codes stored inside.

Rajat Khare, CEO, Appin Group, an information security company said that the message can even be disguised as a SMS from the service provider. The moment you click on it the spyware or virus gets connected. It starts working quietly and the user has no clue that someone is trapping everything he does. Once the virus is in, it can block or modify SMSes , intercept calls, upload data, delete or copy the address book.

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