Govt. plans $10 Billion e-governance program

Govt. plans $10 Billion e-governance program

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Govt. plans $10 Billion e-governance program
Mumbai: In an attempt to provide better services to its citizens, the Indian government plans to spend $10-billion on the National e-Governance program, according to Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Additional Secretary, S.R. Rao. "The government has committed about $10-billion to this program, of which composite of some investment is coming from private partners and also from the state governments," he said.

According to Rao, the current plan to spend $10 billion may go up as new investments come in, reports PTI. "In this current financial year, it could be to the order of 5,000-6,000-crore at the minimum but I think it would be as large as 8,000-crore," he said. In 2006, the government approved the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) comprising of 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) and eight components.

"E-Governance will be promoted as a centralized initiative, to the extent necessary, to ensure citizen service orientation, to realize the objective of inter-operability of various e-Governance applications and to ensure optimal utilization of ICT infrastructure or resources," Rao added.

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Reader's comments(9)
1: that is only annoucement no one is interested in real implementation they just annouce we will do this and that in coming future but all thing is just on paper

I don't know why still this thing in INDIA after UPA Govt.
I don't hope this From UPA
Posted by:Rakesh Rana - 25 Feb, 2010
2: I also agree with all of you that these politicians make these plans only to fill there own pockets.
Posted by:Sandeep - 25 Feb, 2010
3: Another easy way for some politician to get rich. I love these easy get rich schemes the govt has for the poliicians
Posted by:Rajiv - 25 Feb, 2010
4: Hope all this money is actually used for the development of the country and doesn't go into the pockets of our ministers..
Posted by:Jagdish - 24 Feb, 2010
i think only 20% of the money will be spent on the project and remaining will go into ministers pockets. In our country politicians are worst believable persons.
Shashiram Replied to: Jagdish - 24 Feb, 2010
20% is too high
Som Replied to: Shashiram - 25 Feb, 2010
I do agree wid Jagdish
Vishal Sachan Replied to: Jagdish - 24 Feb, 2010
These plans are mad only for ministers n politicians only, public is just way to get rich.
Nafisha Replied to: Vishal Sachan - 25 Feb, 2010
We always talk that all money is going to minister's pocket, it true. But these talks are from long back history, these comment's will not matter any bloody politicians. Its good but I suggest to go beyond.
ketan Replied to: Nafisha - 28 Feb, 2010