Games most downloaded application for mobiles

Games most downloaded application for mobiles

Wednesday, 29 June 2011, 13:12 Hrs
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Washington: Games are the most downloaded application for mobile phones , a new study says which reiterates that the cellphone has become an inseparable part of life which offers unlimited entertainment rather than just being a communication tool.

"The cellphone's no longer just a cellphone; it's become the way we communicate and a part of our life," said Professor Esther Swilley , who conducted the study. She teaches technology and marketing at the Kansas State University.

So it comes as no surprise to Swilley that games are the most downloaded application for cellphones, according to a Kansas statement.

The majority of participants in the study were college students, aged between 19-24 years, 52 percent of them males. More importantly, 99 percent owned a mobile phone.

They said they are attached to their phone because of its functionality as an entertainment device rather than as a tool to communicate.

With the adoption of more smartphones and the introduction of apps, Swilley has noticed that for many owners, their phone's entertainment factor has become a source of pride and joy -- similar to that of a lovable new pet.
Source: IANS
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