Furious Ramdev hits out, talks of murder and rape

Furious Ramdev hits out, talks of murder and rape

Monday, 27 June 2011, 03:01 Hrs   |    115 Comments
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Furious Ramdev hits out, talks of murder and rape
New Delhi: Three weeks after he was ousted amid bedlam, yoga guru Baba Ramdev returned to the capital and accused police of having tried to kill him and rape women when they broke up a protest by him and thousands against corruption earlier this month.

Vocally and visibly aggressive, Ramdev denied accusations that he had illegally organised a massive protest at the Ramlila ground here and also challenged the government to unearth black money if he had any.

The government, the saffron-robbed man said, was not keen to wage a war on corruption or bring back black money stashed abroad by Indians.

'At Ramlila Maidan, the police did not come to arrest me, they wanted to kill me,' Ramdev told a news conference here, detailing events that shook the city after the midnight of June 4.

He added that police attacked his supporters when they tried to extinguish the fires that erupted on the stage after tear gas had been fired at the gathering.

'The attempt to set the stage on fire was again an attempt to kill me. They attacked my supporters trying to extinguish the fire.'

And in new allegations sure to spark outrage, Ramdev said security personnel who cracked down on him tried to rape and molest women. He vowed to come out with proof and details later.

CBI begins probe against Ramdev's aide

There was no immediate reaction to Ramdev's allegation from the government or Delhi Police.

This was the first visit by Ramdev, who heads the Haridwar-based Pantanjali Yog Peeth, to Delhi after June 5 when police ordered him out of the city and told him not to return for two weeks.

Ramdev lashed out at the government's fury over his protest. He argued that if he had done a wrong, then why did four ministers go to the airport to meet him when he arrived in Delhi and why did Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee write to him.

The yoga guru denied he was in possession of illegal wealth. 'If the government finds any black money with me, they can declare it as national property,' he said.

At the same time, he dared the government to come clean on black money.

'If its not their money, then I ask, why are they afraid of declaring it as national property? I have uploaded all the details of our accounts on the website. The government should do the same.'

Ramdev's visit came amid a standoff between the government and civil society over a Lokpal bill that seeks to battle corruption in high places.

He said he was in Delhi on 36th anniversary of the imposition of Emergency rule that saw the government suspend democratic rights. The situation now, he said, 'was very much similar to the Emergency'.

Earlier Saturday, Ramdev visited 51-yar-old Rajbala, a woman who has been hospital since June 5 after suffering serious spinal injuries in the police operation against the yoga guru.

'Rajbala is in very critical condition. Only a miracle can save her if the ventilator is removed,' he said. 'If she lives, she won't be able to walk again.'

He said if he had not urged his supporters to stay calm when police broke up his fast, there would have been bloodshed.

He insisted that he was not communal and he was not aligned to the Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS).

'I am not the face of any party or organisation. I am not communal. I am only the face of billions of Indians.'

After being asked to leave Delhi, Ramdev continued his fast in Haridwar and Dehradun till June 12.
Source: IANS
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Reader's comments(115)
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4: Accountabilty for the last 63 years is a must from every individual or institution, recognized or fraudulent and from every Indian in India or abroad, dead or alive, without which there can be no prosporous prospects to remedy and build a great future for INDIA.
Posted by:M aN - 02 Jul, 2011
5: Donot belive Ramdev,Sibaldev,Digvidev and other chors of Hindustan....
Posted by:Balakrishna - 30 Jun, 2011
Catch him BalKrishna if you dare ? your name is krishna the Makhan Chor :) ur mentality will never change & that kind of people make India a Shame a Shame on u & a Shame on India of your kinds who sits in AC ,sleeps in AC Tatti Pisab Sab Karte hain Garibo ko lutt kar Swiss bank me bharte hai,... I am asking whats wrong with Isuue that Ramdev is Asking ? Any one else have not dareed to do that even Opposition parties they are also corrupt .... do u understand :)
jeet Replied to: Balakrishna - 01 Jul, 2011
then whom should v believe?
hbabel Replied to: Balakrishna - 01 Jul, 2011
8: if baba (not even 10th pass) can make 1200 cr in few year than why not Indian can make lakhs of cr in 60 yr.......
who has make fast growth
Posted by:Cpt rajeshwari - 29 Jun, 2011
At least he has given the figures. He asked the govt to prove if he has done any thing wrong. This money is owned by the trusts. Please tell your corrupt poiliticians to declare their assets in India and abroad befor they can raise finger against simple person who wants for the country.Please dont show your ignorance by linking education to riches or patriatism.Bill gates also did pass only tenth class. Where MMS is doctorate but helped to loot the country.
V V S Prasad Replied to: Cpt rajeshwari - 30 Jun, 2011
you are absolutely correct.The corrupted politicians of india should not raise fingers on baba Ramdev, whois the face of India's 90 percent population.If the politicians have courage, they should give their individual account statement in mass media like TV and news papers.
S.K.C Replied to: V V S Prasad - 16 Jul, 2011
11: Let every debate on who is Ramdev and which organizations support him set aside before some crucial questions are answered by the Govt.

For whatever deal Ramdev did with Govt and backed out as they say, what gave them right to lathi-charge innocent people for hours ?

The Govt said they were ready to accept most demands, why they are not announced now ? If they considered most demands were just and if talks with Ramdev went ahead they were going to announce it, they should announce it now even after all this circus.

Govt should answer all questions on corruption first and not divert attention of public on what Ramdev does. Even if Baba is fake, does it give the Govt right to carry on rampant corruption ? Answer everything people are asking you.

Instead of sticking to main business of resisting corruption, stupid and coward people of India can be diverted to talk just next day to shift focus if Balakrishna's passport is fake or not.

Country of stupid cowards. 120 crores. BJP says Govt is Facist and Sonia and Manmohan are behind torture on innocent people, why they are not filing a case in International Criminal Court against them in same way Col. Gaddafi is being prosecuted now for torture on his citizens ? Have they filed FIR against Rahul, Sonia and Manmohan if they are sure ? Where are coward Pravin Togadias, Singhals, Bhagwats, Madhavs hiding if that was shameless attack on democracy ?
Posted by:kpr - 28 Jun, 2011
PARVEEN Togadia is interested in just enjoying crores of rupees VHP collects from the people in the name of religion.

menu Replied to: kpr - 28 Jun, 2011
13: All said and done,one point that has emerged clearly is that the crusads of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdeo might have ended in a fiasco, but their movement has created greater awareness among people against corruption.
Corruption can not be curbed by crusades ,. every individual has to resolve to shun corruption and corrupt people around them, and resist the temptation of currying favour from the corrupt ruling class. this would require greater self control and perseverance to put up with resulting inconveniences.
Posted by:Piyush - 28 Jun, 2011
14: as usual, a lot christians here, using fake hindu names, to spew their missionary bile against native civilizational values and spiritual leaders.
Posted by:shilpy - 28 Jun, 2011
Mother teresa is one eg of christianity. so helped and nursed leper's. when she breathed her last, she had no bank account, no gold, silver & diamond left with, but she had love, respect and many lepers & poor people in her account. Serving others, loving mankind, loving others as ur self is what christianity teaches. By name no one becomes christian, but by character, attitude, and by knowing God.
If u know living God, who created u and the whole universe and the elements of earth, u vl know what I am saying.
So before commenting learn the basics of it.U can comment on any person but do not generalize.
rohen Replied to: shilpy - 01 Jul, 2011
16: Dear Universal Brotherhood, I appreciate the sensible comments. Every Indian has to fight against the evils like corruption and religious fundamentalism.Both are equally equally demonic for a democratic country. Now what is happening is the religious fundamentalist use this as the paltform to promote their theocratic state as we can make out from the way some of the responses. If peoiple are vigilant, the evil of corruption and religious fundamentalism can be controlled as we can see in Kerala. Both are substantially low in comparison with other states. So let us conscientize ourself of this issue by following "What I can give" movement instead of using this as a platform to promote their political interest as we can make out intentions of BJP from the hip dance of Sushma Swaraj. It is also increasingly theocratic to think all Indians are Hindus and it is also important think about Ambedkars question "Who is a Hindu?"

All Secular and true citizens of India should fight against the corruption as it has taken a demonic shape and we have to be vigilant at the same time that it should not give the space for the other demon of religious fundamemtalsim to enter through the backdoor.
Posted by:N.Rajasekaran - 28 Jun, 2011
17: Ramdev is a proved coward salesman, it is good for him to shut his mouth and mind his business ...
Posted by:Kurup - 28 Jun, 2011
Kurup, as your name depicts you are 'Kuroop' [means Ugly] in understanding the benefits of the nation and belong to coward communities, which actually has nothing to do with the Nation and Motherland.

Even if that guy named 'Baba Ramdev' is salesman or what, but the problems he was trying to fight with, are actually problems of common people like you.
Ryan Replied to: Kurup - 29 Jun, 2011
Better you keep your mouth shut ......
ade Replied to: Kurup - 28 Jun, 2011
20: when some laws will be formulated to control these baba,swami, sadhu misdeeds. most of them are fake like banlore swaminand, ashrambapu, sudhanshu maharaj.what is the contol machenism for them? do any thing and roam free.

Ram dev is shrewed buisness man advertising his product in diguise of yog guru, saling product like shampoo, vigra etc
AND most important he teach some thing without telling side effect of yog if not practiced in correct way shall be counter productive.
These jhola chhap doctors should be banned immidiatly
Posted by:ARUN - 27 Jun, 2011
Kurup, Arun and others like... Baba Ramdev is a yogi, he teaches yoga and his ashram/organisation makes many desi medicines. He has mae himself available to be investigated
for any wrong doing. Whatever the Govt.'s stand it was very highly wrong and illegal and shameful for the Govt. to use brutal force at midnight to lathi charge and injure and drive away sleeping people- ladies, children and men old and young and devotees. Govt. should investigate Baba Ramdev an come clean about his possessions and his doings. If he cherges for his 'shivir' he should be questioned and enquired about the money aspect. Govt. has to come clean on several issues.
vinod Replied to: ARUN - 01 Jul, 2011
ur correct This baba is no dout best marketing manager.
cpt rajeshwari Replied to: ARUN - 29 Jun, 2011
23: Before he goes totally nuts Govt would do well by getting him mentally examined by psychiatrists at AIIMS or NIMHANS.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
24: he gets funnier and ridiculous by the minute! HA HA!
Posted by:godwin - 27 Jun, 2011
Yes, the we as Indians are so used to giving bribes to the curropt officials that when there is a person who speaks on our behalf we call him 'rediculous and funny'...Keep feeding the corrupt dear!
jyotsna Replied to: godwin - 27 Jun, 2011
1. "we as Indians are so used to giving bribes" = you give bribe = you are corrupt as well

2. "a person who speaks on our behalf" = in this context it means a person who supports you = a person who supports corruption.
godwin Replied to: jyotsna - 29 Jun, 2011
Godwin, its not just a matter of supporting or not supporting Curruption.
Okay lets take an example of Skyhigh fuel prices, I think you must be bothered of this, right Godwin?

Ryan Replied to: godwin - 29 Jun, 2011
Ryan, I interpreted the statement made earlier by jyotsana, that's all.
Though I am worried by the fuel price hike, I don't think that it is the result of corruption.
Further, I believe that the activities of Ramdev is more sinister and has a hidden agenda. I however support the fight put up by Anna Hazare.
godwin Replied to: Ryan - 29 Jun, 2011
we should stand behind peoples like Anna and Ramdev although it is true that they have no power to ammend out constitution but yes they have guts to say what we think
devashish Replied to: jyotsna - 28 Jun, 2011
so that they keep earning 1000 cr everytime..
Ahay Replied to: devashish - 28 Jun, 2011
31: the ugly politicians want to give the power to public once in five years only ,remaining period no need to tell what they will do.
but lokpall wants peoples to be powered throughout the non election time also.
now it is lacks peoples support only.
Posted by:kittamani - 27 Jun, 2011
32: Silicon India has found great recipe in publishing stories on Baba ramdev and Politics. Initially I have signed up for SI to get latest and accurate perspective on Indian economy.SI is just another wasted platform which lately have become the spectre of political discussion.
Posted by:Bharat@U.K/London - 27 Jun, 2011
Title of article is published. If you signed up for tech matters, why read fking politics ?

keep sucking britishers. never ever ever return to India. And change your name to Bob or something today.
y32ybj Replied to: Bharat@U.K/London - 28 Jun, 2011
Religion & Politics are integral part of Indian society and techies are as much part of it. Just going on a working visa to UK does not make you a British citizen and right to comment about in this way. Kudos to SI for touching relevant subjects other than technology. Remember I.T. is only a support system!
Kishore Mudiraj Replied to: Bharat@U.K/London - 27 Jun, 2011
If ur email id is set correctly, and u do reside in uk, then please dont come back... we dont need external criticism from here... what you want, I imagine is to invest your money (may be white or Black) into profitable business over here and reap its returns. that all you know ...
Dont take it personally, it is for all such people... not for you.. people who will blame and blame, then leave the country, make lots of money, and then blame from there... and the cycle rotates.

subhayu Replied to: Bharat@U.K/London - 27 Jun, 2011
36: Every Indian knows that our politicians & Govt. Officers are one of the most corrupt ones in the world. The black money slashed in foreign banks either belongs to then or big businessmen. How do you expect then to make a law where they would have to surrender their ill gotten money. This is like asking a robber to make a law against robbery. Whether Baba Ramdev have got any political admissions or not a point. The point is why the Govt. is some reluctant to unearth the black money.
Posted by:Virendra Gupta - 27 Jun, 2011
In facts, the gentle face of many of the government ministers are now unmasked. They are proven robbers having account in Swiss bank. They are making the last and best effort to fight the forces against them.

Anyhow, the truth will be known.Ramdev is just representing the people's voice. We must appreciate his courage.
Sana Replied to: Virendra Gupta - 27 Jun, 2011
38: India's Swiss Bank is Sai Baba's personal chamber. Similarly there are so many Swiss banks are being operated by the living gods and so called Gurus like the Ramdev, the fraud. He fasts by taking lemon Juice and Honey and in Ramlila Maidan he ran like a third rate criminal. That too into the women's crowd with the Saree tagged. Now again starting the same type of drama transpires his real intentions. This type of frauds should be treated with iron hand so that they dont convert the secular democratic nation into another Pakistan or religious fundamentalist state.

All the Swiss banks in India being run by the living gods, sankaracharias, Swamijis like Nithyanada and others should be first checked to bring out the black money being parked there and misused for promoting religious fundamentalism. The so called sanyasis, living gods and Sadus should be restricted to spread spiritualism if some one believes and they should not use them as shield to create commotion and religious fundamentalism in India.

There should be a separate commission or white paper on the trusts run by the sankaracharias, Sadhus, living gods and the NGOs also so that huge amount of black money being used in India could be brought out firt of all.

The frauds like Ramdev should not be allowed to destroy the communal harmony of the nation and national integrity. The CNNIBN and NDTV should function more rsponsibly rather than acting like the mouth piece of BJP and RSS. As Abdul Kalam SAys, we should start the movement like "What can I give?". Rather than using this as a political vendetta. Let us join Abdul Kalam' movement against corruption, not the frauds like Ramdev.
Posted by:N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
Abe Sale Rajsekaran ,
Kis Communal harmony ki bat kar rha hai tu... do u see how the normal people are living paying tax by their blooded own & u are making them bank ballance in Swiss bank...
Ask Abdul kalam that He have any method to make common india to leave a normal life to be proud without destroying corruption & u corrupt people dont want to loose so u are using ur govt power to destroy whoever goes agnaist you
jeet Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 01 Jul, 2011
very nice...... Indian should beawre of this babas 1 st. swiss banks money will not go any were....
this babas are intrestted on swiss money because that money will come via trust of this fraud babas.
cpt rajeshawri Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 29 Jun, 2011
I pitty on people like you. GET WELL SOON My dear friend , I will pray for you.
Naveen Sharma Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
whats the matter dear... do you know, what is 'secular' .. I , frankly dont think so... which party worker are you- congress or CPM?
You must be one of them I think, because these are the two parties who have raped the secular word in its true sense... and misused it in every way...

You must be getting handsome salary er moth from either of the two parties..
subhayu Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
Man is the most intelligent animal on the earth however can be most foolish animal also..you are right my Frnd,the way these babas,saints,sadhus,religious head n parties earning money from common people,becoming powerful,n spreading hatred it's really harming our country n mankind. To me it's all about EGO (haumea), taking about corruption WHO is not currupt in india...is congress not currupt or BJP is not currupt or any other political party or organization is not currupt..corruption will always be there becoz if the way our social structure n funcuntainilty, we can only control it not abolish it. Anna hazare has done a great job so far I respect his motive an intention ,however i doubt baba's motive and intention(his action are reflection of his EGO n pride), if he was so interested in this matter he could just simply join Anna and Anna's stand would be more powerful, however what baba did was same as a old saying " billi bad main malai khane challi aayi" "cat was only after the cream of the milk". Intresting fact is the how people reacted to you comment, however the best thing is to respond not to react.
Universal brotherhood Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
100 percent correct but billi ko malai nahi mili.......
their are few people in india who are fool, they are following babas.......
who make them fool and make cr rupees......
cpt rajeshawari Replied to: Universal brotherhood - 29 Jun, 2011
i am ready to accept you if you tell any about swish bank account holders (if you not have account in swiz bank)
kittamani Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011

Pl see the Astha channel for realty of baba ramdev.
Govt want to just divert the mind of public against black money.
jagdish Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr.Rajasekaran,u seem to be either Raja,Karunanidhi,chidambaram or Maran supporter.Because of few ppl like you Congress and its alliance are enjoying the time.Your comments are more on Hinduism,Living Gods,Sadhus, Shankaracharis,and RSS.Thats the belief what Hindus have in them.The greatness of Hindus is that they tolerate ppl like you even after making such a nasty remarks,plz try the same in Saudi Arabia or Middle East against fundamentalists over there.If Swiss Bank accounts are run by the ppl mentioned by you(I think you are from CBI-who know everything but still acts like slaves of Congress),then I think Govt. should be openly willing to agree what Baba Ramdev is pleading for.Why Congress does not want to disclose?
And Regarding "What Can I give?"..Every citizen is forced to give bribe in every stage.
Who has made the situation so worse?
Its the Govt and nobody else.If you are a real Citizen of India,pls stop paying bribe from today.And I bet you cant live in this atmosphere for more than 10 days.Politicians have completely polluted it.Its okie if you cant stop paying the bribe,please atleast follow the leaders like Anna Hazare,Ramdev who are fighting for Aam Aadmi.Have you seen Manmohan Singh from past 3 months.Even I feel ashamed to tell him leader of the nation.He is just a puppet in hands of Nehru family who have spoilt the nation.Why do u think Congress is hell bent on not to include PM under Lokpal ambit bill.Its just because they want to make Rahul Gandhi The future PM .Rahul Gandhi was already caught by US customs for holding 10 lakh usd cash.Where did that money come from.Enjoys 100 days in a year o/s India with Foreign Girlfriend.There are lot of things to say abt our future tagged PM.But I am busy and dont want to spoil my mind or yours by these.Inflation is going higher and higher,rates of every commodity are increasing day by day.If you want to see India an advanced nation,please bring back the black money from Swiss bank and start decreasing the prices and remove taxes .We want to see ppl who are poorer to be richer,which I have hardly seen till date in India.It doesnt mean that rich will become poor.Only robbers will become poor or punished.Please support anything which is beneficial for normal citizen.
Shettyz Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear Shettyz In India every one knows who is the seniormost man better known for weakness in "Wine and Women" and in which party he is in. The corruption in high places has to be addressed but by whom and for what purpose is my concern. Every one knows about the corrupt politicians including the fellows who have taken the commission in the purchase of Coffin for Kargil war victims. So dont politicise the important issue and use it for cheap publicity. Every one of the politician irrespective of colour is a robber in form or other but which place they are parking their money is different.
N,Rajasekaran Replied to: Shettyz - 27 Jun, 2011
why we blame politicians only.......
we are the person make them corrupt no 1 esle.
1st we should start change from our self. baba is showing his ego, becose we have only given him power to show.
cpt rajeshwari Replied to: N,Rajasekaran - 29 Jun, 2011
You may be a politician or friend of politician, thats why saying so baad against ramdev baba. People like you should be hanged in public and shoot openly. People should split on your face rather than dustbin. You should be thrown out of INDIA because your words refect, you are not a man who should be allowed to live in india.
Subrata Ganguly Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
Issue is bring black money and fight against corruption, but some foolish people are raise the issues against who are against those things. These like peoples are living in india, India will never change, still now 52%(BPL) poor people living in india and if Government seriousle concern about black money and corruption really everybody appraise the govt. But what is going on?. Some Educated peoples are acting like uneducated, because their grass root from political. If any body supprting these Govt. really they are like donkeys. Fools are supporting foolish Govt.
pramod Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
N.Rajasekaran is not a supporter of those robbers. He might be one among them using false email id as Ranasekharan.
Sada Replied to: Shettyz - 27 Jun, 2011
One special characterisitcs which distinguishes human beings from others is love and affection. those who breed hatred and dividing people on the basis of religion, caste and other features are not human beings nor even animals. they are not to be called animals which have some love for their breed. These peoples who are supporting these type of things are not only fools even their paternity is questionable. In the neame religion and now as important issue like black money and corruptioon is being used by these type of mean minded or mean background in their birth only I am gquiestioning. Let all the human beings support the movement of Abdul Kalam not this type of political vendetta. Let us love beings by being , not breeding hatred politics and involving in political vendetta of such people
N.Rajasekaran Replied to: pramod - 27 Jun, 2011
Hello Mr.khan or mr.x alias Rajasekaran if u r a true indian why cant u publish your original name dont divert people by giving false statements me too respect abdul kalam and his words. By seeing your message one can understand you are keep on mentioning dividing people on the basis of religion, caste but actually your are speaking like an true follower of your religion. Try to behave like an indian atleast from know i will pray god to give you good health, wealth and importantly to spoil your religion feeling that you have.
karthik Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
r u dare to do .0001% wht BABA did last 20 yrs for nation, better do not without any base..

rastriya Replied to: N.Rajasekaran - 27 Jun, 2011
56: Every person is putting their comments. There was a case study. One painter had made a painting without flaw and tag it in the morning on a crossing stating that if you find any mistake please mark it. End of the day when he visited the place each and every point was marked. He was very sad and met one of his friend in the night. The painter told his friend that from today onwards he will not make a single painting as quality of his painting is very bad. His friend had asked him that can he show the painting he made. He had handed over the painting to him. After few minutes his friends said, do one thing make the same painting again and state that if you find any mistake please correct it. He made the painting again and tag it on the same crossing. End of the day for his surprise there was no mark on it. The moral of the story is, we don’t know the basics and making comments freely to any problem. We don't know what is going on behind the scene. Media either directed by politicians or directed by corporate are not giving us correct picture. It is completely money game depending upon who is going to lead the game. We as a common man can think only. We are not the deciding factor for this kind of high political eagerness. When Anna had taken the charge every media people was supporting him and at the time of Ramdev they are the only team who were against him. When the cause is same why media is communicating to us in two different manner. It is my observation that Anna had came with support of few people. Govt did not fear to him and his protest. Once our protest added to it, the scenario was completely different. But Ramdev is having around 10% followers across the country. Govt credibility was on the stake. Rest you are the better judge. Decide and support.
Posted by:Saurabh Kumar Srivastava - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr. Srivastava, you are correct is Assessing Ramdev. He has massive followers across rural areas of India and also a formidable network which can challenge any parties in the years to come. There is nothing wrong in becoming politically ambitious. He is a citizen of this country. He can be Baba, he can be politician. No one has right to stop him. Tomorrow if he becomes corrupt, we can again go against him. At this moment he is doing the best.
Sana Replied to: Saurabh Kumar Srivastava - 27 Jun, 2011
To raise voice against corruption is a good step leading by Baba Ramdev..But the way he is doing is not correct.His motto is politically motivated.he wants to get the support from the people to gain his popularity as a political leader later.
His supporter are only his follwers not the common man
jitoo Replied to: Saurabh Kumar Srivastava - 27 Jun, 2011
I do understand that the way he is doing is not correct. By the way he is not a Baba involved in spiritual preaching. He is a man who is teaching Yoga to common people in a user friendly way so that mass can get the benefits in simple way. He knows only that part which he is sharing with us. Commercialization done by other people made the empire under his banner. He is not having any political background. He is not having capability to use his words as a tool as politician is doing. His voice is same as common man who don’t know that what kind of repercussion will come if he do what he did in last 3 to 4 weeks. Because of his empire he is in a position to support us. How many common people can do what he did for us? Put yourself there and then think his doing is right or wrong. Sorry! I am not his supporter. But as a common man I think like this
Saurabh Kumar Srivastava Replied to: jitoo - 28 Jun, 2011
Thanks For your comments. How you come to know that Ramdev is supported by Political people not Anna? The communication is coming from Media only. On their judgment we are analyzing and putting our comments. Not so?
Saurabh Kumar Srivastava Replied to: jitoo - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr Srivastava,

the double std of media is well known they flashes news only according to their profit-trp and tie ups with politician and concern people media is never gives fair news even DD news 1000% support the govt and some news channels support different parties according to their tie up with them.
Media is major culprit for misleading people.lBut we have our own thinking, intelactual power to understand the right and wrong.
So in this episod it is clear that govt and their supporting people are currupt and do not want such revolution to start...

Jai hind
rastriya Replied to: Saurabh Kumar Srivastava - 27 Jun, 2011
62: Sri ramdev is a great personality. He has proved his talent which none can do. He is clean perfect great. I bow to him

Posted by:Mrs Balu Meenakshi - 27 Jun, 2011
63: The Govt. is not very strict on sadus and sanyasis and other religious leaders. They should put them into bar, such people, since they are deviating the people in complicated situation. A sadu using carter flight means, such a freedom the previous governments had given them to loot people. How comes the money to him. A yoga teacher is got such a huge money in his hand means, purely lack of CBI, IT and Govt. Last week Sai Baba is having lot of small Lingams and Gold coin and hard cash in his chamber means, the Politicians are in their back. Such an offense should be declared as National crime. But who will do it..simply the Ramdev is cricitising the Police means, what law and order prevails in Delhi and India. The Law to be taken in the hands of Police in the right manner. Let these kind of sanyasis to be taken into bar. Nithyanandha is escaping since he did lot of uncultured activities in India and abroad. India is become an uncultured country but doing lot of probagada on culture. What a pity civilians we are.....
Posted by:Sureshkumar - 27 Jun, 2011
You may be a politician or friend of politician, thats why saying so baad against ramdev baba. People like you should be hanged in public and shoot openly. People should split on your face rather than dustbin. You should be thrown out of INDIA because your words refect, you are not a man who should be allowed to live in india.
S. Ganguly Replied to: Sureshkumar - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear Suresh kumar, your facts & arguments are purely out of context. There should be no requirement of Charecter certificate from government to raise voice against black money.
If Baba Ramdev has earn black money, he will be also under scrutiny. But definitly it is not like that.
M S Janoti Replied to: Sureshkumar - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear SureshKumar, 1) Just ask yourself how much time you can draw from your busy life for fighting corruption and bringing black money back to the Nation.
Data says that if entire black money comes back to India, the country would be richer than any country in the world and that would be the great threat to USA which is always intruding into Indian policies in association with Congress and congress head. Not taking this black money back to India will favor to this party and USA both...
balendu Replied to: Sureshkumar - 27 Jun, 2011
Suresh ,U are forgiven because you are living in a country where love still exists coz' u know we are not a religion, we are the way of Life.Please try to say the same in Islam countries against fundamentalists over there.You would have been tied to a pole and thrashed with stones.You are very fortunate dear.Please fight for Poor India's cause who are trying their best to save India.
shettyz Replied to: balendu - 27 Jun, 2011
Suresh kumar,

Better, pl ask same questions to our politician about their black money and other facilities they are using and enjoying themselves from our tax paid funds and fooling us rather then BABA who did nothing wrong at least they invest maximum in healthcare for General public, but BABA did mistake of beliving the cheaters in govt.

Jai hind
uttam Replied to: Sureshkumar - 27 Jun, 2011
69: I m not supporting any person like Baba Ramdev or Anna Hazare.
But I m supporting the mission of above persons. Anybody who raises the issues like Black money and corruption i m with him.
So we must sopport their mission. This country is not the property of some Politicians an Berocrates. Its my country.

Jai Hind
Posted by:Pradeep - 27 Jun, 2011
70: We had shown much faith on Govt. and it is making us fool for a very long time. The scams and cases (with no results) running in courts is a proof. Govt. is nothing but a group of people of political parties, come to earn money and money. We MUST trust the people like RamDev and Anaa Hazare. We are with them not because of/ for their name and fame. We are with them for our own cause/ purpose.

Public will be with them also who are writing against RamDev. If he is culprit, please come forward and fight against corruption.
Posted by:Naveen - 27 Jun, 2011
Who ever loot the money of the people should be punished Mr.naveen, it may be a Politician, Hindu Sadus, Muslim leader or Christian Pastors. But the Govt. is showing soft corners on Nithyananda, Sai Babu, Ramdev for exploiting their activities and simply it is a simple way to loot the people of India and all over the world. In village my grand mother used to told me a story, that a thief should be the first man to inform the mischiefs in the village to the village president. But only after his death, the people realise the informer is the main culprit behind all scenes. .....Pl. realise....

Sureshkumar Replied to: Naveen - 27 Jun, 2011
Before joining politics, everybody is like Ramdev's and Anna's, but after they all become goons and loot the country, so it is better to have the experience goons around rather than to trst new ones
Ram Dev Replied to: Naveen - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr Naveen

their is lot of differencee in thinking of this RAM DEV and BABA Ramdev, tera jeena hi bekar hai bhai mere.... he bhagwan jara jaldi bula le ishe

jai hind
uttam Replied to: Ram Dev - 27 Jun, 2011
74: Ministers went to meet Ramdev to show that Ramdev was a respectable person for what he does - preach Yoga as well as to prove that the Govt wasn't after his blood. On the other hand a Yoga Guru should refrain from getting hyper as it proves that he knows nothing about Yoga - which is all about self control. Police acted against him as he along with a hoard of people got in the wrong side of law. Let Ramdev prove that he had not asked for permission for Yoga discourse with an expected participation of 5000 people. His letter is a give away. There are too many mistakes this man is making to be a leader.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
I agree with you. Lot of people have been disappointed with with his actions during that period. Unfortunately the cause for which he started the movement is so dear to India has got back seat now and various activities/associated people/his personal attitude are more focussed.Very disappointing. Let us hope some right type of people will lead this mission not RAmdeo.
Dr.N.K.Choudhary. Replied to: JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
Thanks. People misunderstand our postings. Due to jumping around by Ramdev many important issues, scams, price rise, etc. are taking a back seat. In any case a Yoga Guru should be calm and quite or at least should not be screaming like a mad man.
JB Padhi Replied to: Dr.N.K.Choudhary. - 27 Jun, 2011
Baba Ramdev is the face of a dwindling religion called " Hinduism " in India. We also see him practising Yoga in front of the camera.He leads by performance.He is not an empty vessel.We have seen lot of babas, saints , sufis and pastors preach around us they only talk since they only can do that.India is a secular country. Ramdev has not build his empire, the empire has been build by his disciples who worship his qualities.This has become threatening to some section of the govt.Baba had to press himself into action to save his legacy.There is no harm in it.Our present govt. unfortunately wants a unipolar country with one party democracy.Absolute power leads to corruption and there is corruption.Baba has asked a simple question, to unearth details of illegal foreign currency of Indians saved in foreign banks. V good question. Everyone can ask that. Anger means something is wrong somewhere.Govt should either publish a white paper or come out by saying that there is none like that.I will salute Baba Ramdev for his daring attitude.Lot of people prefer to see the game from the galary.He went to the field to fight.As Gandhiji addressed the Round Table Conference in England by saying "I am talking on behalf of the silent crowd, the teeming millions of our suffering countrymen that doesn't reach Your Majesty's voice'. Ramdeb is talking on behalf of all of us.Dont have to support him, but please dont decry him either.
LION Replied to: JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
When I am fighting corruption with my own might against criminals, police and politicians with none to help why should I support a non dis-crept? Even the RTI in such situations become useless. When you have a family whether your life is more important or ego? Poor memory... likes of Swami Nigamanand are true face of hinduism.
JB Padhi Replied to: LION - 27 Jun, 2011
Do you think corrupt government will give permission to hold demonstration against them? Baba Ramdev is talking about what he was said on 4th Jun since more than 2 years. When government did not pay attention, On 27 Feb 11 (birthday of Maharana Pratap) more than 1 lac people were there at Ramlila Ground but government used its power to not to show on any TV channels, you might not be aware. On 23 March 11 (birthday of Bhagat Singh) same demonstration was planned but government did not allow at the last moment. That was cancelled and on 25 March it was held at Nagpur. No one knows all this background. Search youtube with "Ramlila Maidan 27 february" and will go crazy to know the facts. Now government will only decide how many to protest against them? If only 5000 would have come, they would have said, people do not have support of this movement. I will say 1 crore people should reach Delhi to protest peacefully against undemocratic government. People have elected them not to do whatever they feel to do for 5 years. We demand even "right to recall" and "negative voting" for MPs and MLAs. Some MPs and MLAs even do not have more than 15-20% vote of their constituency. Are they real representative of our constituency? Almost 40-50% MPs in parliament have criminal background. It includes all parties. Is it real democracy?
Rakesh Chandra Replied to: JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
perfectly said, pl explain this to Mr. AK JHA

Jai hind
uttam Replied to: Rakesh Chandra - 27 Jun, 2011
I agree with Rakesh fully. It is sad that many educated people can not see through what Congress actually is. they have institutionalised the corruption. They have bought over the media and today the Jains and the Goenkas and the Aggarwals are the modern day Amichands and Jaichands. Media highlights wrongs of Congress for a couple of days till they get their pound of flesh. Remember the SAM deal with Israel signed just 2 days before the dates of last general elections were announced. 3rd day onwards print media was full of Central Government advertisements and the SAM deal disappered from print. In other words public money got used to gag the media who find it convinient to make money this way. Mr. Padhi is a well educated person going by what he has written about himself and if he can convince himself by a litttle bit of research then 14 villages can be disillusioned about wrong notions that they also may be carrying. I am not inclined to believe he is pro the current govenment or pro congress & not anit corruption. I am sure he also will begin to appreciate the truth & that a Baba can be supported if we can not ourself act selflessly. Sometimes we are so conditioned that we become resistent towards change in viewing things. Had it not been for the Bajajs and the Birla's funding Congress, we would have had fantastic Mass rapid transport system in the metros and we would not have been spending the major exchequer on fuel which is imported. We would have been an advanced nation already. But for the lack of vision in Congrss and their self centredness we have to suffer the plight our country is in. Congress is allergic to Hindus(majority) and the Bhagwa color. they are ruling the country by dividing the majority with the help of casteism perpetrated by the resrvation system, which was supposed to be discontinued in the 60s, and creating fear in the minority who are their vote banks. Hail Congress! Mr.Padhi, it is nice knowing that you are a well respected person who is visited by the MPS and MLA of his native place. I do not think as many people will come for my funeral as would come for that of a Baba of the kind of Ramdevji.
kanchan dwivedi Replied to: uttam - 27 Jun, 2011
ur right Kanchan,
A small event is sufficent to understand the nature of sonia, manmohan and Govt. that on 8th there wasn news on the assasination of MR. Jade at mumbai, the response from the Sonia(was in swiss) and Manmohan was immediate ( it was really good) but the response on 4th june issue was after 5 days by Manmohan that even it was very small and negative.
The reason was they are aware of importance of media and they know how to use such events, but they are not bothered about the so many people , who were in problem on 4th june and they justify the police operation of mid night.. this is nothing but clear massage to whole nation that not to try against govt , corruption and sonia want to show the her power like she is a mafia queen...
Rastriya Replied to: kanchan dwivedi - 27 Jun, 2011
We are with Anybody who is against Corruption. If you have the capacity , Please lead. But I doubt even if 10 People will be there to support you. I do not know Ramdev, But I know what he is doing. And he is Right in this Respect.
Indian Replied to: JB Padhi - 27 Jun, 2011
As expected typically cynical and egoistic...if you don't know a person why challenge him or her. I am happy that 14 well developed villages greet me when I go to my native place, local MP and MLA come to meet me, I take guest lecture of final year M.Tech. students ....and that is enough for me to feel human.
JB Padhi Replied to: Indian - 27 Jun, 2011
85: I think we should look at the issues raised and support the cause rather than finding fault with that person. There is nobody without faults but the question is: Intention - is it to loot the country or it was a mistake. we need to raise above petty issues to deal with reckless looters despite what party they belong to or what clan they belong too.
Posted by:Srini - 27 Jun, 2011
Absolutely right. We need to support anybody who is against corruption.
deepak Replied to: Srini - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear Srini
Perfectly said, Govt just want to divert the focus by raising silly issue and deputed digi and sibble, but an inteligent person will keep the focus on major issue not the small issue it is very sad the way govt acting on issue clearly indication their involment in black money.

jai hind
uttam Replied to: Srini - 27 Jun, 2011
You are right Srini. We need justice and kick out Corruption. Because many Congress People themselves are Frustrated with the few Top Congressmen making all the Loot.
Indian Replied to: Srini - 27 Jun, 2011
It's all so easy to right in siliconindia.com..... just try to raise your voice against a traffic constable and see what happens. It is so sad that our great Country has become so corrupt perhaps because we have no unity. That is the reason so many outsider have ruled us for Centuries.
JB Padhi Replied to: Indian - 27 Jun, 2011
Posted by:ANIL L PATIL - 26 Jun, 2011
ANIL L PATIL is the biggest Dumber in this blog...hahaha...U better keep quite.Our politicians are getting support from u ppl..Mr ANil Patil I think u r a Congress Politician who is getting commission from politiciains or else how can u be so dumb..?Read books ,you will be enlightened .Baba is not popular in less time.He is there from many many years..its the politicians who did their best to not make him popular.But Truth always wins..
shettyz Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
himanshu saklani Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr Anil Patil,

If having property and money is an offense then put following in Jail, Ambanis, Tatas, Birlas, Bill Gates, Bajajs and all industrialists. I feel pity on your thinking.

Baba took 20 years to earn what he has and he is transparent to show everything. Why not all politicians declare their property? And they earn hundred crores in just 5 years one term without doing any business. It is out of looting our money.

Rakesh Chandra Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
Only CORRUPT People, or Desh Drohi Te rr o rists Can behave like the Government, the Police. Any Body Supporting The Gobernment s stand to be fixed in Corruption is also a Ma fia . So decide what you are befor passing comments on honest Patriots of India.
Patriot Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
So you mean that the corruption should continue in india. Do not say anything to baba without thinking anything at least he is doing somthing for country. Say only if you are doing somthing for country.
Devendra Pratap Singh Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
Dear Mr Anil,

Because of lots of people like you in INDIA, who can not think logically and properly, Government had dared to curb the BRING BACK BLACK MONEY movement on 4th June and trying to divert mind set of the foolish people from the MAJOR problem of INDIA.
Well wisher for INDIA Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
S.P.SINGH Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
It's written in Kautilyas book - Jaan hei to jahaan hei. The world exists if you exist. Neither Kautilya was nor Baba Ramdev is a fool and they know the meaning of this. you can bring the required change by living an not by stupidly becoming vulnerable to being liquidated/ terminated. Has one thought that what took place in the night at Ramlila ground could have caused a stampede and in that there would have been a possibility of bumping off Baba. that he is alive is a proof of his smartness and he behaved wisely by saving himself first. the cause is important. It is good to see the Santjan having come together due to his continuing the fast at Haridwar. what was the need. You or I or the Jahas and the Padhis are too small in front of the Baba to stand in judgement of him and his work. Don't forget you are against corruption. Aren't you? By taking up the fight agains t the black money Baba has not said or quit the basic task of propagating Yoga.
kanchan Dwivedi Replied to: S.P.SINGH - 27 Jun, 2011

RASTRIYA Replied to: S.P.SINGH - 27 Jun, 2011
Before calling anyone an idiot in a public forum, I would urge you to do your due diligance and homework. Swami Ramdev is a dignified person who has been working relentlessly to give crores of people a healthy life-style. He is a Yoga guru and also a National icon ! I request all to not utter such bad words for him without first knowing him. Also, instead of focusing on whether Ramdev is clean or not, it would be much wise to focus on how to bring back black money. Thats a much bigger issue than finding out whether Ramdev is clean or not ! We can deal with that later on when the black money has returned. He has clearly stated in public several times that he would never take a political seat. Then why is everyone looking at him negatively? What wrong has he done? He has been the voice of the poor and exploited ... is that something wrong?
Neel Replied to: ANIL L PATIL - 27 Jun, 2011
Well Said !
Amar Replied to: Neel - 27 Jun, 2011
102: While I agree and certainly want to see India more cleaner and corruption free, but still somehow I cant buy these kind idiot babas and likewise people. Everything has its own process, the process should be more civilized. We have a very bad history with these babas..... time and again these creeds has brought us shame to humanity... so I dont buy his comments. It is a move of cheap popularity, makeing things more communal... total stupidity...
Posted by:MMNAIR - 26 Jun, 2011
Mr. Nair,
Wht is the civilied way...

The way govt did on mid night or the people who had not responded in same way to the govt criminals...

When a politician earn money in a wht ever way is civilized
BABA doing even if business in a proper way to help our country and people is not civilized... or where it is written that BABA do not hv right to do business...

Digvijay, sibble, police, are civilized and BABA without any base is uncivilized ...

PL check your thinking and comment....

JAi hind
Uttam Replied to: MMNAIR - 27 Jun, 2011
I just have one simple question to ask you my friend?

If Lord Rama would have followed the so called "process" you are referring to, do you think he would have been able to get back Sita in a definite period of time from Ravana?

The situation today is no different. These corrupt politicians have been sitting on our heads since past several years. All they keep doing is playing around with the processes...which are all in THEIR control !

Baba Ramdev followed all constitutional processes before 4th June. He wrote to the President, to the PM, to the finance minister. He submitted crores of signed documents from the people of this country to the govt. urging them to ACT on bringing black money back and stop further flow-out. But nothing happened. The Govt. just keeps saying..."We are working to bring Black money back". But there is sufficient proof that the most amount of black money is that of the Congress party workers ! Hence, it is evident that they would never truly work to bring it back. In this situation, on 4th June Baba decided to do a "Satyagrah" which is a constitutionally accepted and defined way of protest. Where did he break the process?

Visit www.bharatswabhimantrust.org to see all the formal documents submitted to the govt. by Swami Ramdev ji till date.

On the other hand, what did the govt. do? They suddenly attacked the peaceful protestors in mid-night most of whom were poor people who had come from various parts of the country and had no where else to go.

The media too is bought up by these corrupt people. Hence, it keeps showing every single thing that Baba does in a sort of Sarcastic manner.

Come on guys. Stop being fooled by these politicians and media channels. They are all worried about their revenue that comes from foreign MNCs!

Stand up....do some homework...see for yourself (and not what media shows you)...and then decide who is right and who is wrong.

Moreover, who cares about Ramdev baba is clean or not ! All I care is that the black money should come back and country should become corruption free.

Why doesn't the govt pass the rule advocated by Ramdev baba? Why doesn't it declare all "undeclared assets" accumulated outside the country as National property? Whenever this question is raised...why does the govt. try to distract the course of discussion towards figuring out whether Ramdev is clean or not. Who is Ramdev...he is a Sanyasi who has come to serve this nation. He is doing his work...will complete it...and die. He has no bank account till date so no question of accumulating any kind of wealth !

Why do we keep looking at Ramdev baba's so called negative side always? Why don't we focus on the issues he has raised?
Neel Tyagi Replied to: MMNAIR - 27 Jun, 2011
Are you a dog for BABA Ramdev ?
ajeesh Replied to: Neel Tyagi - 27 Jun, 2011
Rather you seem to be bitch.
Shekhar Replied to: ajeesh - 27 Jun, 2011
RASTRIYA Replied to: Shekhar - 27 Jun, 2011
Yes,as a responsible citizen of INDIA we may not care Ramdev, but we should concern about ISSUE raised by him and we should should support the ISSUE. Kindly don't give vague comment and dilute the ISSUE.
Basudev Replied to: Neel Tyagi - 27 Jun, 2011
Neel u are absolutely right. Instead of looking here and there, we should focus on issue.
Naveen Replied to: Neel Tyagi - 27 Jun, 2011
Absolutely correct Neel...fully endorse your views...This country can only prosper once this Italian Amma and her mafiosi ( bacchas and son-in-law included) is sent back packed to Italy and booted out of this country
Milind Arge Replied to: Neel Tyagi - 27 Jun, 2011
My point here is in India corruption is more of a name of household, some may be big and some may be small to his or her capability. I point was bringing back swiss money to india is not the end of corruption. We need a process to minimize the opportunity to be corrept. We need a system for the same. What had done Rama that was correct at his time. We should learn from our history and culture, not nessarily need to follow the same. As I have mentioned in my earlier comment, when I said civilised, I wanted mean, we enough example of corrupt free leaders in this country, we should follow them and practice corruption free activities. I just want to ask few question, how many of us dont bother to pay few rupees if our kids need to get admission in good schools or colleges. How many of us have really disagree to pay bribes to get our work done faster? How many us dont fodge rent reciepts to get rid tax benifits? I agree these charges are much lesser than of 2G or other scams, but my point here is corruption is a mind set, we need to build a society which corropt free at bottomline, so being a responsible citizen we need to do the right thing for our next generation.

MMNair Replied to: Milind Arge - 27 Jun, 2011
Mr.MM Nair, you need to study before making such comments. Do you know why you are forced to give bribe? This is just because India from top to bottom is involved in corruption. Who is responsible for the situations? Its not people , Its the system. Who has built the system? It’s Politicians who are ruling the country.
Do you know why we have to pay RTO inspector money? Its simple RTO inspector has given money in lakhs to the politician for his post. Please understand its never from bottom to Top. But its from top which is responsible for this situation. Every Govt.officials are indulged in bribe even a small peon. Do you think Politicians doesn’t know it? The poor peon needs to pay bribe for the same post. Not all peons have paid for the post, which means not all are corrupt. People fodge coz’ Govt encourages such activities. They want that.
That is Why ANNA HAZARE and team wants amendment(Severe punishment) in law against corruption which the government is against to change. They know that they will be punished first.
They don’t want to bring back black money coz’ they will be trapped and will get severe punishment.
Presently only rich people can afford to pay bribes which you have mentioned. People who cannot afford remain looser and poor. So the present trend is Rich person will become richer and poor will be poorer .Honest people like Anna and Baba are against the same. Whatever people say against them are just hurting the way to fight for a Cause a noble Cause which will benefit us, our children and Future India.
So my friend Attack the root cause then all will stop.
It is as simple as that.
Shettyz Replied to: MMNair - 27 Jun, 2011
dear all,

Baba is only the true citizen of india who has dream for new india which will be healthy, wealthy and corruption free.Those who citicising baba pl see Astha channel to know about realty of BABA and his dreams,

Some of the people compare him like other baba those who are pakhandi and donot bear any social resposibilty. But baba ramdev is the person who wants to make new india.
media is palying biased role. Media is asking so many question from baba why not from govt and curropted people.

Pl see astha channel to know more which is not shown by other media.
jagdish Replied to: Shettyz - 27 Jun, 2011
first of things I want to tell you all comments initiators what is wrong and what is correct in Indian people and Indian politicians both are same when the elections starts both of them wake up and when elections end both of them sleep and why it is happening know because we are all in corruption who ever every one involved in corruption even or poor also in corruption and all governments means BJP or congress or any other parties and specially Baba,s Sadhus all involved in corruption.
Raj Replied to: jagdish - 27 Jun, 2011
All these baba will always keep 1000 Cr in bank becoz of bhondu Indians ,they know how to use the people sentiments....
Ajay Replied to: Raj - 28 Jun, 2011